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Talking Me Into It

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This is simply the story of how my daughter and I came to have the relationship we have now. If you are looking for juicy sex details, I’m sorry. I like to keep some things in my life private. As usual, this is totally fictitious.


At the time, my daughter Kaley was 22. She had just recently graduated from college, majoring in psychology and a double minor in business and sociology. My wife and I decided to let her move back in to the house she grew up in since she was trying to find a job in our city. It would basically make it easier on her to save money and at least let her have something comfortable in her life while she was out there trying to find work in the tough job market. Besides, I loved having her back in the house anyway.

Kaley was a complete daddy’s girl from the day she was born. Not that she didn’t get along with her mom, she did, but Kaley and I had a special bond right from the start. I tried not to spoil her and make her earn her rewards, but sometimes it was hard when she would tilt her head and shoot those big blue eyes and cute little smile at me. I would just melt.

She had been beautiful her entire life, to me at least. She felt like an ugly duckling during her maturing years, all gangly and awkward. She was my special little girl though, so she was still just as cute as ever to me then too. She developed later than most of the girls her age, so I think that was a little tough on her, but she managed. Compared to all her friends now though, she is the number one stunner, although I may be a little biased.

I had never intentionally looked at her in a sexual way, although I have to admit, thoughts did slip in and out of my mind when she would be sun-bathing in the yard, I am a guy. The thoughts were only fleeting though, and I never thought any more of them once she would leave my sight. Although, and I’ve been called slow to pick up signals, I think she’d purposely do things to get me to notice her in a sexual way (her mother had to practically jump on me when we first started dating because I didn’t feel like she liked me enough to make a move). Kaley would do little things whenever Sara (my wife) was gone like wearing skimpier clothes, bending over in front of me, a little more and lengthened physical contact than usual. But like I said, I’m a little thick-headed sometimes and never really picked up on any of this while she was growing up.

So now that Kaley was back living with us, I was excited to catch up with her. My wife and I hadn’t seen too much of her in the past four years except for holidays and a few weeks out of her summer breaks. It was a lazy Saturday and I saw her relaxing in a lounge chair with a lemonade on our patio and figured I’d join her. She had on some short light blue jogging shorts and a navy blue sports bra (I think she had just got back from a run) and as usual she looked beautiful in it. The bra flattened out her full B breasts and the tightness of it accentuated her nipples. Her flat tone tummy (not a six-pack or anything, but firm) melted right into her beautiful bubble butt and long, smooth, slightly tanned legs.

“Hey sweetheart,” I said as I came out on the patio, “just taking it easy today?”

“Yea, I’m worn out from running all over the place this last week.” She had been busy non-stop it seemed trying to find a job as fast as she could. I knew she was a little nervous about getting out into the “real world” for the first time. She smiled at me, took another sip from her glass and said, “Why don’t you try mixing in a little color?” She was referring to my pale-as-can-be skin. I had used to be tanned when I was younger, but now I didn’t get outside enough to keep it up.

“Well, I might as well try to get some color while I’m out here,” as I pulled off my shirt, “You have to let me know when I start turning into a lobster though.” I was in good shape for being 46, running most every day and getting a decent lift in every now and then, Sara always liked how I looked and that was what mattered the most. But I noticed how closely Kaley was staring at me as I took my shirt off. I swear she might have been checking me out. bostancı escort bayan Kind of embarrassed I looked at her, “How’s your old man looking now-a-days,” trying to break the uneasiness I felt with sort of a jokingly, rhetorical question.

“You’re the best looking man in my life,” she said with a big playful smile and a hint of sarcasm. While I don’t know how, but somehow Kaley didn’t have a boyfriend right now. And oddly enough, she never really did. She’d date every now and then, but nothing seemed to last much longer than a few months. Then her look kind of changed to that of a more serious nature. “Dad, I can talk to you about anything, right?”

“Of coarse you can, anything on your mind?”

“Well, yea, and it’s been on my mind for a while, but I don’t even know where to start.”

About a million things went through my mind when she said this. Was she trying to tell me that she was a lesbian? That wouldn’t be a problem; we’re an open-minded family and raised our daughter to explore anything she wanted. Maybe she was pregnant? Although a little disappointed that she didn’t use protection like we taught her to, I know we could help out. Maybe she wanted to go back to school and she felt bad about asking us to help her pay for more education. Those and so many other things went through my head. “Well, whenever you are ready, you can always talk to me.”

“I think I’m ready.” She looked right into my eyes and told me, “Daddy, I’m a grown woman now. I’m not a little girl anymore.”

“Awww, you’ll always be my little girl, honey,” I said trying to kind of break up the mood a little bit.

“Daddy, I’m serious, I want to tell you this, but I’m afraid you might be angry with me. Maybe not treat me the same anymore.” That eliminated some of the things that went through my head earlier, but I was still clueless.

“Well honey, no matter what you have done, or have to say, or anything else, you must know that I love you no matter what. You are my little girl and will always be.” Trying to ease her a bit, I could tell whatever she had to say had been easting her up for a while and I really wanted to be there for her.

“Well, there’s no other way to say this than to just blurt it out I guess.” She had sat up in the lounger next to me and was kind of fidgeting with the drawstrings on her shorts and not looking me in the eye anymore. “I’m attracted to you,” she blurted out and looked up at me with her head still down.

That was the last thing I could have imagined that she would say at this point and time. I was incredibly taken aback. It felt as if my heart and stomach switched places and then went back again. I opened my mouth to reply, but nothing came out.

“Daddy, I’m sorry, but I’ve felt this way for so long. Ever since I can remember I thought you were the best looking and most caring man I have ever seen. And now after spending time away at school and not finding anything close to you, I felt like I couldn’t keep this in anymore. You aren’t upset are you?”

Upset? I don’t know what I was. Shocked maybe. Like I said before, I had glanced at her a few times and thought wow, she is an incredibly sexy woman, but that was just the normal guy instinct whenever you see a beautiful girl. It would always be immediately trumped by my dad instinct telling me that she was my daughter. I was looking down at her legs now, but not so much looking as just blankly staring.

“Daddy? Are you okay,” she said as she reached over and put her hand on my thigh trying to comfort me. I knew this wasn’t sexual in any way, we were fairly touchy-feely anyway. I looked at her and nodded my head yes. I still couldn’t speak, or at least find the words I wanted to speak.

Finally, “Wow, um, okay.” Basically, I was stalling. I didn’t know what to say. I knew this was hard for her. I also knew this was something that she felt like she had to really get off her chest. I didn’t want to make her feel more awkward or embarrassed than she already did, but I also knew that this wasn’t something that I could fulfill for her. “Um, so what should we do about this?”

I ümraniye escort looked up at her and saw a glimmer of a smile shoot across her face. “Well, you could, I mean we could sleep together?” I don’t know if she meant it as an actual remedy for this situation or more as a question to let me answer.

“But isn’t that illegal?” was the first thing that came to my head. It definitely would be incest and highly illegal.

“Illegal how?” came out of her mouth like she had already planned this out in her head.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you can get arrested for doing anything of a sexual nature with your relatives.”

“Incest laws were set up for two reasons daddy,” she said as matter of fact. “The first reason is to lower or stop the instances of child abuse occurring. Parents have a dominant position of power over their young children and can manipulate them to do all sorts of insane and terrible acts. I am a grown woman of sound mind with a college degree, so this facet of the law dealing with the parent taking advantage of the child is moot.”

She had always had good reasoning skills. From an early age we had allowed her to make decisions rather than telling her what she should and shouldn’t do. That, on top of her psychology degree, she could make nearly anyone see and believe her point of view. So kind of playing along with her and kind of not having an intelligent response to her first point, I said, “And what’s the other reason these laws were made?”

“The other one deals with marriage and procreation. Very early in human history they found that too many genetic mutations come from inbreeding. But I am not in love with you. I don’t want to marry you or have babies with you. All I want is a more physical relationship on top of the already wonderful relationship we have now.”

I didn’t really know what to say. “But it’s just wrong,” was all I could come up with we knowing she probably had a counter-argument for that as well. And she did.

“Who says it’s wrong?”

“Society in general. No human societies condone incest.”

“Society? First of all, more people engage in this than you are aware of. In the studies I’ve done in the last four years, the cases that the general public hear about are the ones that break the parts of the law I mentioned before. The abuses and the intermarriages. You don’t hear about the consensual cases. Why would you? The people who consensually agree are having a good time. They are simply extending the boundaries of their relationship. What society doesn’t know won’t hurt them.” She leaned back again and folded her arms across her chest in a moment of triumph. “Besides, many royal families in every culture throughout history have engaged in incestual relations just to maintain bloodlines.”

I knew the ancient Egyptians as well as many other great civilizations had done this: fathers with daughters, sisters with brothers, etc. I couldn’t really deny those facts and I couldn’t successfully argue lawfully with her, maybe morality would work. It had to. “What about your mother? Wouldn’t this be cheating on her?”

Seemingly stumping her for a moment, she gave it a moment to sink in and I gave her a moment to try and retort. “Well, don’t I look like a younger version of mom?” That was all she came up with? She did look like a younger version of her mother. Both were incredibly beautiful but Kaley was a little shorter with a much better bubble butt. Sara, although still gorgeous for her age, was “in the mood” less and less as the years went on which was kind of wearing on me, but never leading me to think of cheating on her.

“Yes,” I said, “your mother and you are nearly twins, but you are different people, so that would still be cheating.”

She looked up at me coyly with a little grin and said, “I know you and mom don’t have sex as much as you used to.” I had nothing to say to that. There were a couple of ways she could have known this. First, our house was an older style home with older heating ducts. Many times, we could use them as a type of intercom system to talk to anyone in the house from nearly any room, you just escort kartal had to talk loud enough. She could have easily heard the noises of sex, or lack there of, coming from our room since she’s been home. Another way she could have found out would be simply talking to my wife. Like I said, we are a very open family and sex is one of the topics of discussion from time to time. Sara could have very well filled her in on how she has been feeling lately towards sex.

“That’s true, but it would still be cheating on your mother.” It was all I could come up with considering all the thoughts flowing through my head right now.

As if anticipating this also, she said, “Well, what do women hate most about their men cheating on them?” Other than the fact that they are with someone else, I thought. Before I could spit anything out, “The emotional attachment that they believe the men develop with their mistresses.”

I had heard that somewhere before, but never really believed it. As a man, I felt like the thing I would be most upset about is the fact that my wife would be getting fucked by some stranger. The fact that I wasn’t good enough would kill me. Sure the emotional attachment she had to him would bother me, but it certainly wouldn’t be one of the first or most nagging things that pissed me off.

“Since we already have an emotional attachment there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like you would run off with me. I don’t want that. All I want is a more physical relationship with you.” I didn’t know what to say. “Besides, if you were to look for sex from someone other than mom, why shouldn’t it be me? I look just like her. You love me and I love you. And there is no possibility of us taking it farther than just sex.”

She had made her point well. Inside, I thought it was wrong still, but why? This is occurring all over in society, albeit quietly. The law is there to stop inbreeding and provide protection, neither of which would be broken in this case. And I was getting tired of pleasuring myself all the time. I missed a woman’s touch. A prostitute would be a good alternative, but something about paying for sex with a stranger (of which I have no idea about their cleanliness) always really bothered me. This could strengthen our relationship, but by no means surpass the one I have with my wife. Could I possibly be entertaining this idea?

In this long pause, she had sat up again and placed her hands on my knees. “Daddy, please, what’s the harm in just trying it once? I know you love me and would treat me like a princess. Just as I love you and would treat you like a king.” What was the harm in trying it once? She was one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever seen. I know it wouldn’t feel bad. She seemed like she really needed to at least try this to get over it also. I would be helping her out.

“Kaley, because I love you so much and I can see that this is and has been tearing you up for quite some time, we can try this. But only when your mother is out of the house for an ample amount of time.” I was trying to keep this serious but it was hard when I saw the huge smile flash across her face. As she smiled at me, her nipples became that much harder and she could see that I was focusing on them now. A jolt of nervous excitement went through me, like the first time you kiss someone you’ve had a crush on for the longest time. My stomach was full of butterflies.

Right then, Sara poked her head out of the sliding glass door to the patio. “I’m heading downtown for a while, big sale at the mall right now. You guys want to come along?”

Kaley spoke up before I could get the frog out of my throat, “No thanks, mom. Daddy and I are just gonna lay around and be lazy out here all day.” I could see her smiling and wink at me slyly.

“Ok, well, give me a call if you want me to pick anything up for you.” And with that, she was gone. It took about thirty minutes to get to the mall with traffic. With a big sale, Sara would be gone about four hours at least. As soon as she heard the car start, Kaley grabbed my hand and dragged me inside to her queen-size bed inside her room.

Sorry everyone, the rest is private stuff between Kaley and I, but you get the idea. We still have an amazing relationship (on more than one level now) as do my wife and I. Kaley has moved out but comes over to check in often. Oddly, most of the times she comes over are when Sara is out of the house.

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