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Taming Michelle’s insatiable lust

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Waking up the next morning my heart stopped a little as I looked up at the ceiling and not recognizing where the hell I was. Now, because of my job this is a common thing. A new city, a new hotel just about every night when you are on the road as much as I am you truly don’t remember where you are. As I rolled over there she was – my vision – my fantasy – I’ve been lusting after for over a year now. Then last night all the hot steamy phone sex that we engaged in over the last year finally hit the pinnacle. We finally got to try the craziest things that we’ve been talking about and were hotter together than fantasizing about them over the phone for the past year.

I rolled over and with a smile on my face as my angel lay next to me in bed. I maneuvered over Michelle and gave her a slow passionate good morning kiss. Michelle also woke up forgetting that she had a man in her bed and had a freaked out look on her face. It took her a second or two and then she realized who I was and moved her lips back up to mine and before she kissed me and said, “Good morning lover – sorry – I’m sorry – you startled me a little, I’m not used to waking up with a man in my bed.” Then Michelle returned my passionate kiss with one of her own with a little slip of the tongue, which made it a nice touch.

“What time is it baby?”

“Hold on and let me look. Hold on – hold on – the clock isn’t working.” I looked at my watch and I told her “It’s 7:30 in the morning.”

“Whew that was a close one. I usually get up at eight. Look I’m going to take a shower and get ready for work. Remember that your flight wasn’t supposed to come in until this morning at 10:30. Jerry (our boss) is expecting you to come from the airport into the office today with bags in hand. You need to make it look convincing. Just like you just flew in and didn’t spend the night with the sexiest woman in the wooorrrld. Whom by the way you rocked, you rocked my world last night baby. Thank you by the way studly. Call a cab and get to the office by 11:30 and make sure you have your bags with you. Danny – Look I don’t want anyone in the office to know that you’re staying here with me, okay? Please remember you don’t see these people everyday and I do, so don’t take this the wrong way. After you leave the office go and check into your hotel, so they know, then I’ll meet you back here.”

I felt a little hurt by what she said about how she didn’t want anyone to know about us, but I cowboyed up and said, “I understand don’t worry. Listen while you take your shower I’m going to get something to eat.”

I kissed her on the cheek swallowed my pride about it and made my way to the kitchen. I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat down. I heard Michelle rummaging through her drawers and then her closet trying to put her outfit together then she took everything and went into the bathroom. I heard the door shut and a minute or so later the toilet flushed. Michelle came hopping into the kitchen and kissed me on the neck and wrapped her arms around me. “I am so excited that you’re here don’t be upset please!!! I know you feel a little hurt but I have to deal with these people. (Michelle gave me a sexy little stare and put her finger to her mouth) Let me make it up to you. I’m really hungrrrryyyy do have anything here that I can eeeeeeat?”

Michelle straddled my lap and then reached down between my legs and grabbed my cock and with a coy smile she said, “Here move around I’m hungry I want some cock and spunk for breakfast.”

Wow, what a way to apologize and make a guy feel better than getting head for breakfast. I sat back as my underwear went down to my ankles and my hard cock swung like a pengelium back and forth. Then her wide-opened-mouth engulfed my cock and then I watched as it disappeared into her mouth, then down her throat. Her lips hit the bottom of my shaft and her eyes opened and she looked up at me. A couple minutes later with my hands on the back of her head forcing it down on my cock as much as I could my spunk began to bubble up from my balls.

“Oh yes, Michelle, you’re going to make me cum.”

Michelle let my cock slide out of her mouth and smiled at me. “Come on baby jerk it off into my mouth, all over my face, I want to taste you, I want to feel your warm spunk on my face.” My hand went to my soaked shaft and stood up over top of her, Michelle opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, her beautiful eyes gazing up at me. I continued to jerk my rod and I shot a huge load in her mouth. Michelle using her fingers collected the cum that landed around her mouth and swallowed the rest and then stood up and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Come on let’s go we both need a shower now. I like taking showers with you. I had to figure out a way for you and me to take another shower together. I really like the way you play with me.

”Well, all you had to do was ask, I like being naked with you. On the other hand though the blowjob was a nice surprise, besides playing with you is so much fun.” We took a shower together and just like in the movies with the roles reversed this time, I was the one that walked Michelle to the door and kissed her good bye and sent her off to work.

Arriving at the office with my bags I was greeted by Michelle and others. They got me set up at the hotel and a car for the next couple of days. The rest of the day I went from meeting to meeting, I wanted so bad to take Michelle out to lunch but that wasn’t possible. Gretchen happened to be one of the trainers that helped me when I first came to the company. Not knowing that I was spending time with Michelle she offered to take me out to dinner that night and sightseeing through Raleigh’s nightlife. I bowed out gracefully and told her that I was tired from my sakarya escort flight and all the meetings but maybe later in the week.

Later that night when I finally made it back to Michelle’s house she asked me about Gretchen and it was kinda cute seeing that she was a little bit jealous but I told her that she hand nothing to worry about. Not wanting to chance at the fact I might be lying she pushed me down on the couch and straddled me kissed me and said, “Come on let’s go get something to eat.”

At dinner I teased her a little bit about how she was jealous about Gretchen and how I found it very cute. She told me that she would put an end to me wanting to flirt with her tonight when we get back to her place.

When we got back to her place, once again she told me to sit on the couch and relax. She went into the bedroom and when she came out she told me to close my eyes because she had a surprise for me. She blindfolded my eyes and then put on some music Luther Vandross if I remember correctly. Then she told me to hold on for a minute.

When she returned I could smell her perfume from a distance. She straddled me again and began kissing me all over. My hands started to wander all over her body. I couldn’t see her but the blindfold heightened my other senses of smell and touch. Her skin was so soft and she smelled incredible as she writhed overtop of my cock that was still imprisoned inside of my pants. I could feel that she changed and she was wearing lingerie, as my hands ran over her smooth baby like skin.

Michelle said, “Uh-uh-uh no hands, this is all about you, not about me.” She then took off my tie and grabbed my hands and tied them together. Just as I was about to say something Michelle interrupted me, “Shhhhh – let me take care of you. No hands it’s my turn to take care of you since you did such a good job last night. So tonight it’s all about you.”

“Whew this is sooo incredible you’re starting to make me so hot….”

“Well, then let’s help you out of these stuffy clothes”

“Oh yes, let’s. Come on baby let’s get naked and do the wild thang.”

Michelle’s hands wrapped around my neck and her mouth went to my earlobe and she blew very softly inside my earlobe. “I guess you like what I’m doing I can feel your hard cock between my legs honey. I’m going to rock your world – I want to feel you deeeep inside of me – I want to feel every inch of you inside of me.”

Her fingers went to work on my shirt buttons as her lips were kissing my neck. The sensations of her soft kisses and her warm breath on my neck made me so hard I truly believe that my cock could’ve hammered a nail through rock.

I didn’t want to let her have all the fun as my tied hands went down her back and then cupped her ass, which was soft, firm and bare. Not knowing whether she was wearing a thong or not made this moment more exciting than I could have imagined. With my hands squeezing her firm ass and her mouth sucking on my nipples, she began to grind her pussy over top of my pants. Feeling her tight and very warm slit grinding on me then her soft kisses were more than I could handle.

“Come on baby untie me and let me help you.”

“No, No, No I like you just like this, completely helpless and I’m in control. Just sit back and relax.” Michele slid off of my lap and her hands went to my belt, her mouth on the other hand found my cock and she began to lightly bite my cock through my pants. A few seconds later the belt came sliding out as her teeth bore down and gnawed on my cock.

My moans became full blown groans as the excitement of being totally out of control took over. Michelle mistook it as I was close to cumming so her mouth came up off of my cock. Her hands went down and the shoes and socks came off. Her hands began to run up my legs and massaging my calves. She had a nice firm touch; I was really enjoying the treatment she was doling out.

Her finger went to my mouth and said, ”Are you ready to fill my entire mouth with your cock? You want me to get it nice and wet? Or do you want me to just play with you and jerk you off baby? I’ll do anything you want.”

Before I could answer her hands had my pants button already undone and my zipper down. “Do whatever you want my cock is in your soft hands.” Her hands went to my waistband and as I raised my ass up off the couch, with one fell swoop my pants were off. Then with a simple hop she was back up on my lap and my burning questions as to whether she was wearing panties ended as I could feel her small moist pussy lips grinding up and down on my shaft.

Michelle’s moans were soft as a whisper as she was kissing my neck. “Come on untie my hands, please, I need to feel all of you.”

“Not a chance in hell.” Her pussy was grinding nice and hard on top of me. Her pussy lips began to spread open and her juices began to coat my shaft. Her warm pussy juices and the way she shifted her hips so that the tip of my cock was catching the very top of her pussy and clit began to grab my head and was driving me fucking crazy.

“Oh shit baby just put me inside of you I can’t take it anymore, I have to have you, right now.”

“No way not yet I’ve got so much more in store for you.” Michelle came up off of my lap and stood up on the couch and grabbed the back of my head and with the smell of her pussy right in front of me all I could do was stick my tongue out and eat her. As my tongue split open her tiny and thin pussy lips, I was greeted with the sweet taste of her pussy. With only my tongue to work with I pushed it as far inside of her and tried to bring her love tunnel closer to my face.

Michelle noticing that I really wanted to eat her said, “You want my pussy? You want to eat me?” I shook my head up and down sakarya escort bayan then she grabbed my head then pulled me into her crotch that made it easier for me. Her hips began to thrash about over my face. My tongue went from her asshole to her pussy then to her clit but she didn’t stop there as her clit ran over my nose then her pussy and finally her asshole. “Oh fuckin’ eat me – taste everything – smell everything between the crack of my ass Danny.”

Her hips began to squirm now in all directions and her fingernails dug into the back of my head as she violently began fucking my face. I was totally helpless as she fucked my face but it turned me on. Her breathing and moaning grew louder and louder only after a minute or so she screamed out. “Open up – Stick your tongue out just like I did this morning – I’m going to cum on your tongue.”

She released my head and I stuck my tongue like I was told to. Then to my surprise she sprayed my face with her warm cum all over my face and then dripped down into my mouth. Michelle was convulsing over me and I could hear her crying as her whole body continued to tremble. She couldn’t handle it anymore and collapsed down on top of me. “Whewwwww that was awesome baby.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Can I get a towel – “

“Just hold still.” Michelle’s tongue began to lap up her pussy juice that was on my face and then we began to French kiss each other. The taste of her cum on my tongue and hers was phenomenal. At this point I didn’t care what she was going to do, I was in, all in. She then took my shirt and dried whatever was left of her cum on my face. She pushed me down on the couch and straddled my face again. This time as my tongue was inside he pussy the tip of my nose was buried in her asshole.

“Come on keep eating me Danny.” Her hand went to my shaft she kissed the head of my cock. As she opened her mouth she swallowed me. Then her hand and mouth worked together as her hips once again began to twist back and forth over my mouth and nose once again. I could care less at this point that I was eating her pussy I was totally into it and the way she was making love to my cock with her mouth, turned me on all the more.

Now, I don’t know if it was the fact that I could barely breath or that all the blood in my body was rushing to the head of my cock as she sucked on me. All I know was that I was getting really dizzy and seeing stars as my tongue was flicking inside of her tiny little slit. Michelle finally came up off of me and as I lay there she slid back on top of my chest and began kissing me. I said, “Please for God’s sake would you please fuck me I don’t think my cock can get any harder.”

“Good, now just lay back and let me rock your world.” With her tongue she began again at my ears gently blowing in them as her one hand was jerking me off. Then her tongue went to my neck then over to both of my nipples where there was a little delay as she sucked each one of them. With a soft giggle she whispered in my ear and said, “You like having your nipples sucked don’t you?”

“Yeah, it feels so damn good and the way your palm is going over the head of my cock is driving me crazy, PLEASE stop teasing me.”

“It’s all in the tease baby.” Her tongue moved down my hairy chest to my belly button and her hand was moving faster and faster the closer her tongue got to my cock. Then finally her tongue went back in her mouth and she spit on the head of my cock and opened her mouth and engulfed my cock all the way down to the bottom of my shaft. “HOLY SHIT, I love when you do that it feels so damn good all buried in your throat.”

Her tongue continued it’s journey down my balls and then down each of my thighs and finally to my toes where she began to suck each one. I never had a tongue bath before so, as my first one I would have to tell all of you, if your woman knows what she is doing then turn her loose. After a while she reached down again paying attention to my cock as she sucked on my big toe.

With my hands behind my back I was totally giving in to her every whim. Then she pushed my knees back up towards my shoulders and she began her journey back up my legs. This time instead of sucking on my balls or spitting on my cock Michelle spit on my asshole. Now, I don’t know if she was ever with a woman before or not but she really new how to toss a salad.

With her hands pushing my knees back exposing my asshole to her, all I could feel was her head slowly bobbing up and down and her tongue going deeper and deeper into my asshole. “Michelle that feels so good don’t stop – come on and keep jerking me honey you are making me so damn horny.”

“You okay? – I love the taste of ass on my tongue – I hope you don’t mind but when you ate my ass last night and kissed me – then I smelled my ass on your breath it just turned me the fuck on. And when you fucked my asshole and then shot your load in my mouth and I could taste my shit hole on your cock – I swear to God I was ready to cum again.”

“Get back to work eat my ass and lick and suck my cock and balls baby.”

“This is all about you tonight so I will do whatever you want.” Her head went down between my legs and for a couple of minutes it became a hodgepodge of sucking and licking me. I tried like hell to get my hands free then with all of my squirming I finally got my hands free. Just as she opened her mouth to swallow my cock again I was able to get my hands on the back of her head and push it all the way down on me. I then began to pump my cock up into her mouth and pulled her head down on my cock. All you could hear was Auck, Auck, Auck as she was chocking on my rod.

I grabbed her arms and pulled her up on me and with my slippery wet cock she finally maneuvered escort sakarya her hand down between my legs and let me enter into her love tunnel. I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down and we kissed. Our tongues were dueling between our mouths for supremacy as she began pounding my cock nice and hard and fast.

“Now this is what I’m talking about Michelle fuck your man – fuck him good – you like that ride don’t you?”

“More then you could possibly imagine – your cock is making my whole body tingle all over. It is so hot and hard and it feels so good the way you fill every inch of my pussy and stretches it wide open.” She continued to fuck me, as I didn’t have to do a thing, this was all her she was the one that wanted to take care of me.

There was silence as she fucked my brains out over the next few minutes. Then the silence was broken by her soft groans and she leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Hold still baby you’re going to make me cum.” Once again there came her warm rush of pussy juice all over my shaft. Her breathing became heavy and labored and tears began rolling down her face as she finally collapsed on top of me.

“Did you cum inside of me? Please tell me that you shot your load inside of me.”

“I was close, real close but you stopped after you came, besides I didn’t want to spoil it for you.”

“Okay what do you want? I’ll do anything that you want.”

“I want to cum in your mouth again, I love the way you suck every last drop of my cum from my tiny little hole and swallow every drop. That really turns me on.”

“Okay, I’ll suck you off but I want you to eat my cum out of my pussy, deal?”

“Yeah, you’ve got a deal.”

Michelle lifted her pussy up off of my still very stiff and throbbing cock. She took the blindfold off of my eyes. I looked down at my cock and it was beautiful as it glistened in the low lighting that Michelle had set for us.

I said, “I want to be on top this time.” Michelle didn’t hesitate at all as I she let me slip off of the couch and she laid down waiting for me. As I straddled her face and my cock slid into her mouth, I pulled her legs back and the crack of her ass looked like someone just threw a glass of water all over her pussy. Her cum was literally everywhere. I had my work cut out for me.

I started down on her clit and very carefully licked up every sweet drop her cum. Michelle wrapped her arms around my ass and pulled my ass down forcing my cock down her throat. The longer I was able to hold my cock down her throat the more my cum began to bubble in my balls. I finally got all of her cum cleaned up on the outside of her pussy now it was time to get everything on the inside.

My fingers separated her pussy lips and my tongue dove in. When my tongue was finally all the way in Michelle was trying to scream with ecstasy but that just opened her mouth and throat all the more and my balls were now finally hitting her on the nose. I realized that if I wanted to deep throat her then my tongue was going to have to be just as deep tunneling out all of her pussy spunk.

I couldn’t help myself as my tongue was like an eager miner who just found gold and my cock was like a jackhammer trying to breakthrough the rough barrier to it’s goal. I would like to tell you that it took a long time but the truth is it only took about a couple of minutes to lick all her pussy juice on the outside and about a minute later I was ready to shoot my load.

I pulled my throbbing cock out of her throat and quickly spun around and instinctively Michelle knew what was coming next as her mouth opened up and her tongue came out ready to catch all my spunk. I straddled her chest and her tits felt awesome under my ass as I jerked of load after load on her face. Michelle then reached up and took my cock with her hand and pulled it down into her mouth and sucked what was left out of the shaft of my cock.

Now it was my turn. I couldn’t stand up as there was no power in my legs, I just fell off of her and down onto the floor and just laid there panting trying to catch my breath. “So, did you like my little surprise?”

“Oh yeah, it was worth the wait that’s for sure.”

“Come on let’s take a shower and get some sleep, we both have to be up early in morning if you’re going to fuck me again before we get into work.” Michelle smiled at me and grabbed my hand. She pulled me up and led me to the shower. When my head hit the pillow Michelle whispered in my ear and said, “Nobody and I mean nobody has ever tamed my pussy like your cock does. I want to fuck you again right now but I have absolutely no power left but you better be ready in the morning.”

“I look forward to the challenge but I think it’s going to be all about the ass in the morning.”

“Promises, promises if you think you can get your cock hard enough to fuck my ass then bring it on hahaha”

We both lay there holding each other laughing and barely able to move when we kissed each other goodnight. I have to say that night I slept like a new-born-baby. Over the next several days Michelle and I spent most of our time in bed but we connected better than I thought we ever would. We both decided that we would continue with the phone sex but being exclusive was going to be hard being three thousand miles apart. We agreed that if we hooked up with someone else that we would keep it to ourselves and continue on with our relationship unless something became very serious with someone else.

As I was ready to leave at the airport Michelle began to cry and said, “Fly back to me soon. I really am falling for you and will try to take some time next month and come out and see you.”

“No problem I would love to show you around.” As I boarded the plane I realized that our connection that we had made was stronger than I thought.

Here ends (escapades of a horny man pt 10) Taming Michelle’s pussy part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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