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Tara’s Descent Ch. 02

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Mark’s Perspective…

The crisp air of early spring was behinds us as spring was trying to slip into summer. The play that I had been working on had come off beautifully. After tweaking the designer’s plans and pushing my crew into overtime, which they didn’t mind too much, the set was ready for opening night. Of course, there was wet paint on the set as it the tradition with the theater, but the rest of it was done.

The hard thing about working in theater is that once you finish one job, it might be a while before you start a new one, and since I was continually employed by the theater as the head Technical Director, that wasn’t something that I had to worry about. My problem was that I didn’t want any of my crew getting picked off before we started our next project, which had been secured, but I couldn’t legally announce it before the patrons donated their money. So I came up with an idea that might endear me to the guys, and keep them hanging around for a while.

My family had a pretty large cabin, which was actually more like large house, in Big Bear. I figured that I would invite three or four of my crew to spend a weekend drinking, fishing and Bar-b-queuing to kind of lock them in for at least the rest of the year. Spending some time up away from it all might give me the chance to show the guys that although I was a pretty young boss, they could count on me to get them a consistent load of work.

The three guys I thought that were most important, and also the three guys I could deal with, we Lenny, Kyle and Greg. Lenny was a guy who had been in carpentry for close to twenty years. I’m pretty sure he was in his early forties, but worked and acted like he was much younger. The only things that gave away Lenny’s age was of course the fact that he was named Lenny, and the salt and pepper hair that made him look like a middle-aged Sears model with a tool belt.

Greg was just a few years younger than me. Somewhere in his late twenties, Greg was the pretty boy, with a square jaw and a steady stream of women circling around him. To complement his square jaw, his brown hair that was longish and always looked perfect. His tight shirts were the butt of many jokes, but I think those jokes mostly came out of jealousy. Kyle was the wild card of the bunch. He had huge shoulders and shaved head. It was like he knew he was about to go bald, and decided to shave it before it had the chance to fall out.

These guys were the best workers and held a lot of sway with the rest of the guys. If I could get these guys to hang around a bit longer and trust in my leadership a bit more, I could put together a core that would see me through the next few years. While it wasn’t a deal breaker, it would set me up for accolades, raises and more notoriety.

Over the past few months, things with Tara and I have been great. The sex was almost other-worldly. She was taking a class on stripping, so I often walked in on her practicing. Needless to say, when I did walk in on her “exercising” I not only got a great show, but she made sure each gyration, ass grind and X rated dance move was felt in the bed right afterwards. I was in heaven.

I spent the day at the theater getting everything ready for a mid-season break between shows, so there wasn’t too much work to be done, just a lot of tying up loose ends. I talked to the guys and scheduled the guy’s getaway for this coming weekend. I knew it was short notice to just throw at Tara, but this was the only weekend all of us could go.

To avoid as much resistance as I could, I figured I would bring home a couple of bottles of champagne and some flowers for Tara. I dropped by a local wine store where I knew a guy who give me great deals on Tara’s favorite Champagne Rosé and maybe another few bottles for the next day. With flowers in hand, two chilled bottles of Champagne, and red and white wine I opened the door to our apartment.

Tara was bent over, revealing the tiniest red lacey thong I had ever seen riding straight up her perfectly sculpted ass. The tight grey skirt that had bunched up above her hips, was so tight it looked it was part of her skin. She turned towards the sound of the door opening. She had on a grey blazer that was open, revealing a tight lacey red camisole, a choker and a pair of thick rimmed black glasses. I nearly dropped everything.

“Excuse me Mr. Roberts, I didn’t know you wanted me to work late.” Her tone dripped with sensuality. We had been role playing a bit recently, but I was not prepared for this.

“Well…uh…Mrs. Connor, I uh… I am going to need you to stay…and work late tonight.” I did my best to recover as she stood straight up and pulled her skirt down towards her knees, smoothing out the wrinkles from being hoisted up over her perfect ass.

“What do you want me to tell my husband, Mr. Connor?” She began to walk towards me. I felt like prey being circled. “I mean, he’ll be so angry if I’m not home on time. He might even spank me. What should I do?” Tara shifted her weight onto one güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hip and pouted. I scrambled for an answer.

“Mrs. Connor, if you don’t wish to stay late this evening then you might as well find a new job.” I put my bags down and stood as upright as I could.

“I suppose you’re right Mr. Roberts.” Her hand ran down my chest and towards the chilled bottle of Champagne. “Now, what’s this sir?” She grabbed the bottle by the neck, and all I could think about was how good my cock would look in her hand right now.

“I purchased this to make up for having to make you work late.” I reached for the bottle to open it for her. “Would you like some? I can open it for you.” She smiled and took my outstretched hand in hers.

“I would, but you should sit down sir.” She led me to the couch and placed me where she wanted me. “I know you’ve had a long day, so I poured you a Scotch sir, would you like it now?” She bent over and picked up a glass of amber liquid.

“Yes…yes I would.” She handed me the stiff pour of Scotch as I could now care less about the champagne.

“Good, I’ve prepared a presentation for you sir.” She handed me the Scotch and waited for my approval. I took a deep sip and nodded.

“That’s perfect Mrs. Connor. Please get on with your presentation.” I took another sip of the Scotch and placed it on the end table next to me.

Tara walked over to the audio system and pressed a button. Her body began to sway to AC/DC, You Shook Me All Night Long. Anyone who has ever seen a girl dance to this song can attest that it was probably written with strippers in mind.

Tara wiggled her sweet ass to the beat of the driving drum beat as she lifted her hands above her head. She took the ends of the two black chop sticks that held her hair in place and pulled, letting her beautiful chestnut brown hair fall to down her back.

She whipped around and kicked off her high heels. If there was a moment where I knew I was in trouble, this may have been it. She pulled off her blazer and threw it towards me. Her hands ran through her wild hair as she turned away from me, shaking her ass as the guitar solo ripped through the apartment. When I was younger and went to strip clubs this show would have raked in the bucks, and here I was with a private show with a girl I was almost definitely going to fuck, watching the sexiest dance routine I had ever seen.

Her hands ran down her sides and met at the top of her zipper on her skirt. Slowly she pulled it down, exposing the top of her lacey red thong. Tara looked over shoulder at me, smiled and then bent over completely straight legged and shimmied the skirt over her hips and down towards he ankles.

Turning around, she was only in a camisole, thong and a choker. I grabbed my Scotch and took a long sip as the chorus rang out. She let her hands run down her face, then to her breasts and finally to her hips, where she grabbed the bottom of the camisole and pulled it up over her head, releasing her two perfect tits. Her pink nipples were already standing straight up, like two pieces of hard candy.

She turned around and grabbed the bottle of Champagne. Her hand ran down the neck like she was stroking a massive glass cock. She put the bottle between her legs and popped the cork. Some of the bubbles spurted out onto the floor and she gave a little giggle.

“Oops! I’m sorry Mr. Roberts. I promise to never spill anything you give me again.” She put the bottle to her lips and took a long gulp. Tara let a small stream run down her chin, between her tits and find its way down to the top of her panties. She walked over to me and threw on leg over me, and then the other. I didn’t know how much more I could take.

My hand grabbed her hips and pulled towards me. My tongue ran up her body, tasting the sweet, bubbly Champagne as it went.

“Not yet, Mr. Roberts.” She pushed herself back with her hand and stood in front of me. “I spilled all over the carpet. My husband would punish me. Would you like to punish me?” She pouted, turned around and bent over. Her hands rested on the rectangular glass coffee table in the middle of the room. She looked over her should and wiggled her ass.

I don’t know how I did it, but I pulled myself to my feet and took in her offering. The red thong perfectly shaped her ass cheeks. I grabbed my Scotch and finished what was left. I rubbed her ass as if I was warming it up.

“Don’t spank me too hard; I don’t want my husband to get mad” She bit her bottom lip.

I raised my hand and let it fall on her ass. A loud clap filled the apartment as she let out a gentle moan. Her body shook causing her tits to sway slightly. She made eye contact with me and smiled devilishly. I raised my hand again and brought it down; another clap another moan. This time her legs parted a bit, like they were inviting me in. I’m usually able to keep my composure, but this was too much for me.

I grabbed the side of her panties and ripped. I think I actually surprised güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her, because she let out a startled squeal. I pulled her up and threw her over my shoulder and took her into the bedroom. With the other hand I grabbed her champagne. I felt her feet kicking as I made my way down the hall. I kicked the door open and threw her on the king sized bed.

Her hair was tussled everywhere. I grabbed her hips pulled towards the end of the bed and handed her the bottle of champagne. She propped herself up on her elbows and took the bottle from me, and a nice long drink letting another pink river slide down her body. I tore off my own clothes as she took the glasses off and threw off the bed.

My mouth traced from her lips down to her luscious tits. She doesn’t have the most sensitive nipples in the world, but when I do my job right she melts like butter, and today I was doing well. My tongue licked both of her tits, while my hands massaged the perfect mounds. I felt her hands on the back of my head. The trail of Champagne took me south, towards her pussy. I stopped for a moment and let my ravaging ease into caressing. I licked her pussy lips as softly as I could, causing her to shutter slightly.

I pulled her legs up in the air and licked from her ass right up the slit of her pussy. Her hands came down on the bed like she was looking for something to hold on to. Letting her two her two finely tanned and toned legs drop slowly and part, I let my tongue continue licking from the base to the top several times, taking in her sweet taste. Tara’s pussy was perfect. There was something about it that tasted like a mixture of candy and fine wine. I peeled apart her lips and let my tongue dive deep inside of her before I replaced it with two fingers. I started pumping in and out of her slowly, while my tongue flicked and fluttered over her clit. Her soft moans were turning in to low rhythmic grunts. Her orgasm was building, and I was going to make sure she came, and came hard.

I sped up my fingers; in and out, in and out. My tongue was trying to catch up to meet the pace of my fingers. Tara’s hands found the back of my head and pushed my tongue deeper into her.

“Oh God… Oh God…Mr…Mr…Fuck it, Mark…That feels so good….keep…keep going…” I knew that if I kept a steady pace, even pushing it faster, that I would have her at the edge of a climax in a just a moment.

Her breaths started to become rhythmic as I could see her tits heavy up and down with every sensual gasp and moan. I quickened the flutter of my tongue on her clit, making her throw her hand above her head, and grab onto the sheets clawing at them.

I’m cumming…I’m cumming… Keep going…Fuck…keep going.” I could hear her gritting her teeth. Her hips began to buck against my face.

“Oh fuck yes!!!…. Harder…” I complied and was licking as hard as I could while my fingers rammed her body at a furious pace.

With one last great buck her body came to a rest. Her chest was heaving up and down with each deep breath. I gave her a long deep lick tasting her sweet cum. She tasted perfect. I pulled myself up on my and hovered over her wet pussy with my ranging hard on. She looked at me and cocked her eye brow like she had completely forgot about my cock.

In an instant she pushed me down and was straddling me. Her pussy was sitting just between my stomach and my cock.

“You like the naughty secretary, don’t you?” She smiled and raised herself up slightly and took my cock in her hands. Methodically she took the tip and dragged it up and down her warm, dripping pussy.

“Yeah, maybe you can work late a little more often.” I smiled at her as I watched her tease my cock. Gently, her teasing slowed as she lowered herself on to my cock, taking it all in

“Mmmm…Damn that feels good…” I grabbed her hips and let my right hand rub her ass. I gave her a quick spank, making her gasp and giggle.

“Well, sir, if that’s how you want it.” Her hips began to rock back and forth faster and deeper. I could feel her muscles tightening around my cock as she bit her bottom lip. I loved it when she fucked me hard. I let my hands run up her sides and play with her bouncing tits. I kept one hand on her tit while the other one dropped and find her clit with my thumb. While I applied some pressure, with my thumb, she grabbed my other hand and began to suck on my finger like she does my cock.

“Oh fuck Mark…that feels sooo good…” One of her hands held my hand just outside of her mouth, while the other ran through her hair. My thumb swirled around her clit to the rhythm of her gyrating hips.

I could feel my balls begin to tingle. My orgasm was building as I watched Tara’s beautiful body work me like a machine.

“I don’t…know… how… but I’m cumming…again… of God…please cum with me baby… Cum in me…Do it…” She sucked my finger harder as I felt her pussy spasm as I released my first load into her. Her body rocked back and güvenilir bahis şirketleri forth, pumping spurt after spurt of my cum up inside of her. Slowly, the rocking eased and she slumped down on to my chest. Our sweaty bodies felt like a perfect fit. I could feel her pussy still pulsating around my dick as he gradually went soft.

I woke up the next morning to the smell of coffee and sizzling bacon. The bed still had Tara’s imprint in the sheets and the pillow. I stretched and walked out. As I turned the corner to the kitchen Tara’s cute little ass was poking out from the open-backed apron she was wearing.

“Morning hon,” she said as turned around. “I thought you could use some sustenance after last night.” She sauntered over to me and kissed me.

“You might just be the best girlfriend ever.” I kissed her again and sat down with a hot cup of coffee.

“Hey babe, this weekend I’m going to take a few of the guys from work to the cabin. We don’t have anything going on do we?” She placed a loaded plate of eggs, bacon and toast in front of me.

“Not that I can think of.” She sipped her orange juice. “Maybe Betty and I can hit that spa at the city center near the cabin. Would you mind if I caught a ride with you?” Tara batted her eyes lashes at me. Although she meant it as a cliché, it was working.

“Well, I was kind of hoping to make this a guys’ weekend babe. I mean…”

“No, don’t worry about it. We would stay at the hotel in town. The spa attached to it just got some rave reviews. It would just be a ride, that’s all. I’ll even wear that short summer dress you like so much, so you can show me off…Please…” She giggled her tits and swayed from side to side.

“Fine, we can take my truck and throw the stuff in the back. It might be a tight squeeze, but I’m sure the guys won’t mind behind squished between you and Betty.” I smiled knowing how easily I was defeated.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you baby.” She leaned over and kissed me as she sat on my lap. “I’ll make it worth your while.” She smiled and kissed me again.

Tara’s Perspective…

Everything had worked out perfectly. Betty and I were able to make last minute reservations for this weekend, and one of the guys had to cancel. Since our school was off for two week for Spring Break, I had chance to just relax and spend so quality time with Mark. I hadn’t met any of the guys that were going, but Mark made it sound pretty important that he impress them to make sure he has a good crew moving forward. I didn’t want to be the annoying tag-along girlfriend, so I made sure Betty and I had plenty to do so the guys could go do their thing.

We were leaving early Friday morning and staying until Sunday afternoon. Betty and I had several spa treatments set up each day, dinner reservations and I made sure room service delivered wine. After working at a school all year, and summer looming in front of us, the stress began to mount. The kids’ attention spans were smaller than a nanosecond, and the teachers, me included, began to get crabby.

Since we were going to walking around the spa mostly nude, I wanted to make sure I looked good and of course, groomed in all the right areas. I had some down time before the weekend, I was able to work out, tan and even do some shopping. I got a new large luggage bag, some shorts a top or two and some fun outfits for Mark and I. One was your classic slutty cheerleader that left little to the imagination, another was a beautiful black lingerie set with garters, fuck-me boots and a leather strappy choker that looked like it should have a leash on it. There were a few other toys and items as well.

It was Thursday, and after doing some shopping, trying on clothes and picking through sexy toys, I had to say I was beginning to get a little horny perusing all of the sexy toys and outfits. As I got home I started checking things off my list for my pre-travel to-do list. I had outfits, luggage, a new bikini for the hotel pool, and I decided to go and get my pussy waxed bare so I was nice and smooth for the spa treatments and there wouldn’t be any pulling of tiny little hairs I didn’t want. I usually left a small patch of hair right above my clit, because I love the look and it feels so god when Mark tongue brushes over it sending shivers through my legs, but this was actually more for my comfort than it was for him.

My Phone rang.

“Hey babe, where are you?” I put down a bag and sifted through it looking for an outfit I was sure he was going to love.

“I’m still at work. Did you get everything you need for the trip? Did you find anything interesting?” He sounded busy, but I was happy he called.

“Yes I did. In fact, I am looking at something you are going to love.” I looked in a full length mirror and held up a short white tennis skirt and a see-through white shirt. He had mentioned how good I must have looked when I played tennis in high school, so I thought maybe some time next week when he comes home he could find himself a naughty little tennis player.

“Great, I can’t wait to see it. Will you do me a favor? Will you make sure Betty will be ready at 7:00 tomorrow? I don’t want to start the trip off on a bad foot with these guys.” I could hear in his voice that he was working on something and hardly paying attention to the conversation.

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