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Tax Debt Solution Ch. 03

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This fantasy story contains scenes of a married woman fantasizing about another man while seducing her husband into extramarital sex. If that’s not for you, feel free to move on.

This story can be read alone, but you might want to read parts 1 and 2 to get the setup.


Lisa stayed with Marci for over an hour after Josh left. They went through the folder, the hotel info, the clothing instructions and list of stores. Lisa walked her through several free websites with hot pictures, videos and stories that she could survey for ideas to help her convince Bob. She gave her advice on hair removal, told her what to do, and how to do it. Marci was naked beneath the robe she’d wrapped herself in. Several times while visiting sample websites she’d seen things that made her nipples harden and her pussy tingle and moisten. And once or twice Lisa had given her a look that had done the same.

Convinced she had a plan, Marci told her that she needed to get busy, and walked Lisa to the door. Before saying goodbye, Lisa reached into Marci’s robe and grasped a nipple between her fingers and thumb, pinched it hard, and pulled it as she spoke. “You’ve got it under control, right?” Marci nodded, her pussy twitching from the painful stimulation. “You’ll be there Saturday, right?” She twisted, harder. “And you’ll bring Bob, and he’ll be ready to fuck me?” Marci nodded again. “Say it.”

Marci could barely form words, distracted by the pain at her nipple. There were bolts of pleasure shooting through her, straight to her pussy. “Yes, I- I’ll be there, with Bob, and he’s going to fuck you,” she heard herself say. Lisa released her nipple, and she felt a twinge as blood rushed back into it.

“Good girl, Marci.” She kissed her on the cheek, then looked directly into her eyes. “I want you to put it in me. I want you to aim his cock as my pussy and push it in, so you see your husband’s cock fuck me. Can you do that?” She grinned. “Do you want that?”

“Y- Yes, yes I want to put Bob’s cock in your pussy.”

They stared at each other, Lisa grinning, Marci hesitant. “Okay, then, Marci, I will see you Saturday night.” Lisa turned and left.

Marci stood in the hallway and stared at the closed door. What have I done, she asked herself? How could this have happened to me, so suddenly? So completely? Alone now, she thought maybe it had been a dream, but the soreness in her nipple, the ache in her jaw from stretching her mouth around Josh’s magnificent cock, the scent of his cum in her nostrils reminded her that it was all too real. She fought back shame at how easily she’d been seduced, controlled, compelled to act. She couldn’t back out now; she’d committed, and if she didn’t get Bob to go along they would send him the video, and they would post it on the internet where the whole world would see her confessing how much she wanted Josh’s cock, what she would do to get it.

She steeled herself. She WOULD get it, she would do whatever it took to get it. I will have that beautiful brutal monster inside me. She took a deep breath and shook off her indecision. Better get started, she told herself, you have three days to get Bob up for this, and you’re starting from square one. Unlike me, his sex life as of right now is exactly the same as it was yesterday, she thought, heading back to get dressed for the second time. Only his shameless horny wife sucked another man’s cock and had sex with another woman, including sucking cum from her cunt. She shook her head. I couldn’t just kiss another man and feel guilty, like a normal cheating wife, no, I had to completely lose myself! Dressed, she sat at the kitchen for a minute to plan her day.

What approach to take with Bob? Can’t just ask him, hey, want to fuck this woman I met so I can have some giant cock, can I? No, I’ll have to seduce him into it, but I only have three days. She stood. Three days to take him from regular sex to a level of depravity I didn’t dream existed when I woke up this morning. “You can think about it in the car,” she said out loud to herself. “You’ve only got three days, and you’d better get busy.”

While driving she called Bob on his cell. “I made plans for Saturday night,” she said when he answered.

“Great,” he said, “What are we doing?”

Fucking other people in front of each other, she thought. “We’re meeting my friend Lisa and her husband.”

“I don’t think I know Lisa, do I?”

“Maybe not, I met her at the gym,” she lied. “She’s nice, funny, you’ll like her. I think she’s a little younger than us.” And I licked her pussy today.

“Not too young, I hope,” he laughed.

“Relax, she’s really nice. She’s pretty, too, maybe prettier than me,” she teased. And a little wilder too. I hope you want to fuck her.

“I’m sure she’s not prettier than you, honey. Not to me.”

“You’re sweet.” But please, please, please fuck her anyway. “I only met her husband once,” at least that wasn’t a lie, “and he seemed nice too, we should have fun.” I’ll have fun when his giant cock is splitting my cunt wide open and turning it bahis firmaları to jelly.

“All right, I’ll see you later. Should be home around seven.”

“Okay, don’t be late.” She put on her teasing voice. “I’ll have a surprise for you.”

A few hours later she was back home, and glanced at the clock. Bob will be home around seven, she thought, I have about 5 hours. She headed for the bathroom. For the next hour she applied both razor and depilatory cream to eliminate all hair from the top of her butt crack to her navel, leaving only a tightly trimmed triangle that ended a half inch above her clit. Lisa had shown her pictures on the internet, styles from Barbie dolls to landing strips. Having touched Lisa’s, she now wanted to touch her own, but settled for rinsing vigorously under the tub faucet, allowing the water to bounce off her clit, making her squirm. But she stopped herself from cumming; she wanted to wait, to be so horny for Bob tonight. She had to take it to another level tonight, and make sure he came along for the ride. She wrapped herself in a robe, naked underneath.

She went back to one of the websites that Lisa had shown her, and checked out video clips, looking for wild things that she could tell him she liked, that would amaze and arouse Bob, but not shock him. She saved a few of the clips. If tonight went the way she planned, she’d watch some of them with Bob, while they fooled around. She could use them to steer the conversation. She picked some straight amateurs fucking and sucking, a few threesomes. A guy with two women, a woman with two guys. Some lesbian clips. Then the ones she wanted. Two couples switching partners. A man watching his wife get fucked by another man. A woman who gets her friend to fuck her husband. And lastly, a few videos of guys with giant cocks, getting them sucked and fucked.

By this time it was getting late. She made a salad for dinner, and then went upstairs to dress. She put on some light pants without panties (might as well get used to it, she thought) and print blouse. She wore the bra because she didn’t want to be too obvious right away. As it was she was so nervous she thought she might throw up, not because of the sex, but because she needed to seduce Bob out of their old life and into the new one she had chosen for them. What if he balked? What if he was disgusted by her lust, and horrified that she wanted them to share themselves with others? He might go along with the fantasy, but would he go along with the real thing? Would he walk out? Thoughts of separation, abandonment and divorce flashed through her head, and a wave of panic swept her off her feet. She sat shakily on the bed as her knees trembled and gave out.

Concentrate, you silly girl, you’re acting like a teenager about to give up her virginity. She thought back to this morning, when she was a confident, capable and in-control woman, who took no bullshit and made things happen for herself. Well, she reminded herself, like Lisa had told her, you are still that woman, one who gets what she wants. The only difference is that now you want the giant cock of a man who is not your husband. She took several deep breaths, calmed her nerves. She considered a stiff drink, but discarded the idea. She’d need her wits about her.

Instead she went to the full-length dressing mirror and practiced opening her pants to reveal her shaved pussy. She’d considered a dress, but it was too unusual for a weeknight. She’d selected dress pants instead of jeans because they were lighter, and once opened, would drop off her hips, and not need to be pulled down. She tried it several times, found a slight shake of her hips helped them slip off.

With only minutes to go until Bob arrived home, she re-dressed, went to the kitchen and poured him a glass of wine, and set the table for dinner. This will work, she told herself. It must work, it has to! She pleaded with herself. And finally, resolved, I will make it work, not matter what. I’ll do whatever it takes. But I will have Josh’s beautiful cock, and Bob will want it for me.

She started when she heard the car door, and moved quickly to greet him as he came inside. She kissed him, lightly, just a little more intimately than usual, so he’d know something was coming after dinner. He’d never guess what’s coming, not in a million years.

They chatted over dinner. He talked about his day; she deflected questions about hers. He drank his wine; she struggled not to appear too jittery, but he grinned at her over-compensated anxiousness. He knew something was up, she could see it on his face. “I can’t fake it, I tried,” she confessed. “I have a surprise for you after dinner.”

“No kidding? Really,” he joked. “I couldn’t tell.” He was grinning from ear to ear. “You look like you’re going to split wide open.”

If everything works out you’ll see that happen on Saturday, she thought, and her pussy moistened. She hoped she wouldn’t show a wet spot on her pants. “I know, it’s obvious, right?” She hoped he’d be excited when she started steering his desire with the videos. kaçak iddaa “Soon as you’re done, come into the den,” she said, in a casual seduction. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

She had selected the den instead of the living room or bedroom because that’s where the computer was. If her plan went correctly they’d be watching porn clips together within the hour. He went to sit on the sofa, but she moved him to the loveseat; it faced the twenty-two inch monitor. She gave him a new glass of wine.

“Okay,” she started, standing in front of him, her back to the computer desk, prepping her rehearsed story, “today, I was shopping online, not really buying anything, just looking, you know,” she assured him with her prepared story. “I got the idea to look for some sexy lingerie after checking out the Victoria Secret ads, and I did a search for sexy lingerie.” His eyebrows raised. “Right. I got more than I expected. Usually I just ignore them, you know? But then I saw a website that I had heard some of the ladies discussing in the gym, you know?” She paused, staying alert for a negative reaction. “So,” she continued, in a conspiratorial tone, just the way Lisa had advised, “I clicked on it. I figured, hey, who knows, right?” She took a deep breath. “Well, let me tell you, at first I was shocked, because, you know, some of the things they had were, you know …” He was grinning at her.”What?”

“Yes, I know. I’ve seen porn, honey, I’m just amazed that you haven’t.”

“Well, ordinarily, I wouldn’t watch, you know that, but that’s because some of it is a little extreme, you know. Like that time we watched that movie and everyone was spitting on each other? That was not sexy.” She paused, took a breath. Moment of truth time. Would he believe she liked these? She’d been careful to pick some good starters. “I clicked on the movie clips, and looked at some.” She blushed, she really was embarrassed. She shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the other. “And I have to admit, that I found some that were pretty sexy, pretty hot.” He seemed to be interested, that was good. He sipped his wine trying to act nonchalant. “So I watched a couple, you know, just regular sex, nothing crazy. I found some where regular people film themselves, too, you know, like homemade sex tapes.” She lowered her voice a little. “And I got a little excited,” she paused, “and I looked at more.” She lowered her eyes, and resumed her half-lie. “Then I found some more kinky ones, like blowjobs, and facials, and they weren’t gross, they were exciting,” she added, excitement creeping into her voice. He was hanging on every word now. “So I kept going, and looking at wilder and wilder ones, and I got so excited,” she paused, “I played with myself!”

His mouth dropped open and his eyes popped, but saying nothing, she knew she had him going. “I know, I felt so dirty, but I was so turned on, she lied. “I was rubbing myself through my pants, and then I opened them.” She paused. “And then I realized something.” She paused, and her hands drifted to the clasp of her pants, and she opened it as she continued. “Almost all the women, even the real ones, had their pussies shaved.” She opened the clasp and pulled down the zipper, and did the little hip shake, and her pants dropped, just like she’d practiced. “So I shaved mine,” she said, unnecessarily. She stood, pants in a pile at her ankles, her short shirt ending just below her navel. She watched his face, his gaze riveted at the space between her legs, staring. She waited, then asked, “What do you think?”

“Holy shit,” he finally managed, “I love it!” he looked up at her. “That’s so hot!” He looked back down, then up, then down again. “That is so sexy.” He put down his wine, reached for her, but she stopped him.

“Not yet, hot stuff,” she warned. “I’ll let you touch it, but before we get busy I want to do something with you.” She stepped closer to him, stepping out of her slacks, and stood with her legs apart a little. “Go ahead, you can touch, but only a little.”

His hand moved slowly, palm up, and she watched as he slipped it between her thighs, lifting it to gently stroke the smooth hairless labia, then press into her, feeling her entire crotch, groaning lightly as he caressed her. Her pussy reacted to his touch and she felt her moisture increase, her lips holding it inside her. “Feels good, right?” she asked, and he agreed with a moan, moving his fingers across the smooth skin. “It feels incredible. Wonderful. So sexy,” she said. “It feels delicious.”

“I- I-,” he stammered, “I can’t believe it.” She pulled his hand away, and he resisted. “Please,” he said, “a little more. Damn I want to fuck you right now.”

She moved his hand firmly but gently. “Soon,” she told him, “I’ll let you feel it, and then you can lick it.” His eyes shot up. “And then you can fuck me. But first,” she told him, “we’re going to watch some videos.” She smiled at him, unbuttoning her shirt. “I want you to be as hot as I was this afternoon,” she told him, dropping her shirt and reaching behind her back for the bra clasp. “Go get a chair kaçak bahis from the kitchen, and I’ll show you what made me so hot today.”

He leaped from the chair and was back in a flash. She sat in the leather desk chair and scooted it to the side, making room for him. She reached for the mouse and opened the browser, and went to her favorites. She saw the bulge in his pants as he sat and adjusted himself. Nice, she thought. It’s working. “I saved some of the hot ones.”

She started on of the tame ones, an amateur couple filming themselves. As the video showed her sucking his cock, she put a hand on his leg. “You like that?” The woman on the screen worked her tongue around the head of her man’s dick. “You want me to suck your dick like that?” He turned, looked at her.

“Where is this dirty talk coming from?” he asked. “You don’t usually talk at all.” He grinned, adding, “Now you’re not just talking, you’re being very, uh-m, bold.”

“I learned it from the internet,” she teased, “from the videos. It turned me on, hearing them talk dirty to each other, saying nasty things.” On the screen the woman was on her back now, while the man fucked her, up on his knees, her legs pulled up and wide. “O-oo, look at the way he’s giving it to her. That’s hot.” She stood, went behind him, and reached down to unbutton his shirt. “Will you do me like that? Hold my legs open to see my shaved pussy?” She took off his shirt, pulled his tee shirt up over his head, and ran her hands down his chest, whispered into his ear. “You want to see your dick fucking my shaved pussy, baby?” She was pretending at first, but his reactions made her enjoy it.

“Fuck, yeah, baby,” he replied, softly, “I want to see my dick fucking your sexy shaved pussy.”

“Look at her, see how much she’s enjoying that dick,” she continued. “Look at her tits, aren’t they nice?” She pressed hers into his shoulders as she spoke.

“Not as nice as yours.”

“M-mm, you’re so sweet.” The screen couple had moved, and he was doing her doggy style. The woman moaned and her tits waved back and forth as she took a pounding. “Oh, yeah, look at her, she loves it, she’s so hot. Do you think she’s hot, Bob?”

“She’s hot, baby, hot for that dick that’s fucking her.”

“Are you going to give it to me like that? I want to feel what she feels. I want to get fucked like her.”

Bob made to move, but Marci pulled away. “Not yet, baby, we’re only getting started.” She moved from behind him as the woman came, crying out. Marci went back to her seat, put her hand on his leg. She crept it up to his crotch as the woman on screen positioned herself on front of the man’s hard cock, and opened her mouth. “Watch this, it’s so nasty.” The camera framed her face as the dick spewed it’s load into her mouth and face, and she smiled for the camera, strings of white slime striping her. “Do you want to do that to me, Bob?” she cooed, and rubbed his hardness through his pants. “Do you want to shoot your hot cum in my face?”

Bob turned to her in wonder as the video ended. “You like that? You want me to cum in your face?” She wondered if she’d gone too far, too fast. He grinned at her like a man possessed. “I’d fucking love it!”

“You wanna see another one?”

They watched a short blowjob video, and she commented on the man’s cock. It ended with the woman taking the entire load into her open mouth, then swallowing it. Then another one where the woman let the guy shoot in her mouth as she sucked, and let the cum drip out. Bob groaned at that one.

“Oh, you want to cum in my mouth?” She leaned to him, pointed at woman on the screen. She lowered her voice to a hoarse whisper. “Or do you want HER to suck your dick, and cum in HER mouth?” She squeezed his bulge. “She can suck you, and I’ll suck him, he has a nice cock,” she added.

“M-mm, yeah, you want to suck his dick?” Bob asked her. “You want him to cum on your face?”

“Oh, yeah, baby, I want you to watch me suck his dick, and take his cum on my face and in my mouth while she blows you and swallows your hot cum!” In the past, they had occasionally discussed people they’d seen, and teased each other about whether those people were hot, whether they would do them. But it was mostly innocent, playful teasing. This talk today was more than just a step ahead of that talk; it was miles ahead, uncharted territory. She had to be careful not to push too far on the first try, and scare Bob. No, she thought, we don’t want him thinking that the naked woman grabbing his bulge is a different woman from the one he kissed goodbye this morning. Because she is, and he can’t know it yet. The video ended. She considered something even more spicy, but started another oral video while she considered.

This one began with a woman spreading her legs, and a guy licking her wet gash and clit. “What do you think, Bob?” she asked. “Is hers nicer than mine? Would you like to get your tongue busy inside there? Would you do to me what he’s doing to her?” Bob squirmed in his seat, and Marci tweaked his nipple, making him groan. On screen the man moved to the side, and a woman took his place, licking the wet open cunt on the screen. The camera pulled back to show the man kneeling next to the woman getting licked, feeding his cock into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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