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Teacher and the Students

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It was the first day of Freshmen Seminar and Greg did not want to go to this stupid class. He hated the thought of sitting through this class for three hours on a late Friday afternoon. All he wanted to do was go have a beer with his buddies and play some pool. Instead he had to sit here and take this pointless class. His only hope was that there would be some good looking girls in the class to stare at while he was forced to be there.

As he pulled into the parking lot of the college Greg saw this beautiful woman walking towards the building where he was going. Wow did she have some breasts and an ass. His only hope was that she was in his class. After a few minutes on wandering through the building Greg finally found his class. There were five people there already and they had taken all of the seats in the back row. He chose a seat on the left side of the room on the aisle in hopes that he would be able to see the entire room. The closer it got to four o’clock the more people came in the room. All appeared to have the same attitude that he did of not wanting to be there. Still no one had sat next to him.

At four o’clock Greg heard someone say hello to the people in the back of the room and the door close. He turned and looked to see who it was and saw that it was her; the woman from the parking lot. He had hoped that she would sit next to him, but when she went to the front of the room and introduced herself to the class he got a little chill.

Maybe this class would not be so bad after all. She was telling the class about herself, but her words just echoed through his head. He was not hearing what she said, but rather staring at her and taking in her body. She was a voluptuous woman, but very pretty. All he could look at were her ass and breasts; they were amazing.

All of a sudden Greg realized the teacher was staring at him. He faintly heard something and the girl in front of him tapped his desk and said “hello, introduce your self to the class.” Greg realized that he was spacing out and blushed as he introduced himself. As he did, he realized that the professor was staring at him. He caught her eyes and they locked. She had the most beautiful brown eyes. As the next student introduced himself Greg realized that the professor was still looking at him. Wow. This was going to be a long semester, but he decided he was not going to mind.

Once the introductions were finished the professor started to pass out her syllabus. She came to each row and gave the person on the end enough packers for the people his/her row. As she stood next to Greg he could see her panty line. He could tell that she was wearing boy shorts and it gave him a bit of arousal. How he yearned to see her ass in those boy shorts. He imagined her leaning in front of him with her ass in his face so he could get a full view.

Greg was so engrossed in his daydream that he did not realize that someone had taken the seat next to him. It was only when she touched his arm that he came out of his daydream with a startle and saw her. She introduced herself to Greg as Jen and asked what she had missed thus far. It was only then that he realized that he had no clue what had happened during the previous twenty minutes. He blushed as he turned to her and said “I’m sorry, I have no idea; I was a bit distracted.” As he did so he turned his head and caught the eyes of the professor who gave him a quick smile. Jen, witnessing all of this, smiled and said “ah yes, she is distracting, isn’t she?” Without thinking, Greg replied “yeah.” After which he had the realization that not only was he staring at the professor, but she was staring at him too.

After the course expectations and assignments were explained the professor had everyone choose a partner for the semester project. Immediately after hearing that they could choose their own partners Jen asked Greg to be her partner. He agreed and for the next forty-five minutes he could not help but look into her eyes as they decided how to split the work.

Once group work time was over the professor spent the last hour of class lecturing. During the lecture Greg could feel the professor’s gaze on him. As she wrote on the board he watched her ass move and as she faced the class he watched her breasts as they moved slightly as she inhaled and exhaled. He was daydreaming again; daydreaming of bending the teacher over the front table and sucking her nipples while he ran his hands all over her ass. He wanted to see and feel those boy shorts. bahis firmaları He wanted to take them off of her and go ravage her right there in the front of the room.

Greg was hardly paying attention to the lecture, but suddenly he was out of his daydream as he felt a hand rubbing his knee and inner thigh. He looked and Jen was giving him “the look” of a girl who knew what she wanted. He could feel himself growing hard as her hand reached his crotch area. As she rubbed his hard on Jen whispered “someone’s happy I’m here” and smiled. Just then the professor caught Greg’s eyes and asked if there was a problem. Greg turned beet red and replied “no” as he moved Jen’s hand. For the rest of the class Greg sat and held Jen’s hand under the table. He was aroused and decided that he would definitely be looking forward to this class for the rest of the semester.

At the end of class most of the students, Greg included, quickly packed up their belongings and were out the door. Once in the hallways Greg decided to wait for Jen, but she was up front talking to the teacher. Oh what a beautiful sight. The two of them were talking and laughing. All Greg could do was stare at their breasts and imagine himself pinching them. As he observed them he caught the professor’s eyes and quickly moved as he noticed that he had Jen’s eyes as well. They were both looking at him and smiling as they talked to each other. They were taunting him and they both knew it. Greg decided that that was it; these two women were going to be the end of him.

Eventually Jen had gathered her belongings and met Greg in the hallway. As they made their way to the parking lot they talked and exchange cell phone numbers. Greg asked Jen if she would like to get a drink. Unfortunately for Greg Jen had plans, but asked if she could have a rain check for another day. Greg obliged, but as he drove home all he could think about was how horny the professor and Jen had made him. He had a yearning; one that he did not foresee going away for a long time.

After a long, ice cold shower Greg met up with his friends for a beer and dinner at the local pub. Throughout the evening Greg’s friends drank, played pool and talked about women as normal. However Greg was distracted. He couldn’t get Jen and the professor out of his mind. All he could think about was how much he wanted them. Greg’s friends noticed his distraction, but much to their dismay Greg would not elaborate on what was holding his attention. They knew it was a woman, but they wanted details.

Across the bar Greg swore he heard Jen’s voice, but he kept telling himself that he was just imagining it. However on his next trip to the bar he saw her. She was sitting in a booth having an intimate conversation with someone; he just couldn’t see who. Greg could not help but stare as he saw Jen, seeing her aroused feelings in him he had not felt in a long time. As he waited for the drinks at the bar he tried his best to see who Jen was with, but it was no use; the back of the booth and the people standing around made it impossible.

The rest of the evening was a blur for Greg. All he wanted was to be with Jen. He kept thinking about taking her breasts in his mouth and sucking her nipples as his hands made his way to her ass. He wanted her; he needed her. All he could think of was being naked with her and slide slowly in and out of her as she begged him for more.

As he drove home, Greg tried to convince himself that this was ridiculous. He had just met this girl, yet his thoughts were consumed with images of him screwing her senseless. When he arrived home Greg got undressed, crawled into bed and had hopes of watching the end of the game. But he was too aroused, so instead of the game he flipped channels until he found some porn.

A few minutes into the movie Greg’s cell phone rang. He was going to ignore the call, but something told him to look at the phone, so he picked it up off of the nightstand and saw that it was Jen. Seeing her name sent a thrill throughout his body. He was instantly hard as soon as he answered the phone and heard her voice.

After the obligatory greetings, Jen asked about Greg’s evening and if he had enjoyed himself at the bar. Greg was startled for a second and did not quite have the ability to answer. She had seen him at the bar. She had been watching him. Damn he was aroused. He wanted her more than ever now and gently began rubbing himself as he talked with her.

Jen proceeded to tell Greg that she kaçak iddaa had been thinking of him all night, and that seeing him in the bar drover her crazy. She heard his tv in the background and jokingly asked if he was watching porn. Greg laughed and told her that indeed he was. She laughed and said she recognized the music. The drove Greg even crazier; so much that he began rubbing himself even more. After a brief pause in conversation Greg heard a slight buzzing sound in the background on Jen’s end. He asked Jen what the noise was that he heard. She giggled and then replied “what do you think it is? A girl has to use what she has to use when she needs an orgasm.” This made Greg let out a loud moan as he began to rub himself harder.

Jen asked if Greg was rubbing himself and he told her that he indeed was. Greg told Jen of the impact she had had on him and how much he wanted her breasts and ass. He could hear Jen moaning and using her toy on the other end of the phone. She told him she was imagining him in her and that all evening long she was longing for his member to be in her. Hearing this caused Greg to orgasm and come all over himself. Hearing Greg’s orgasm caused Jen to moan louder and have an orgasm of her own. Greg was instantly hard again and started to tell Jen how much he wanted her. This continued for about an hour when Jen finally told Greg that she was tired and needed to get to sleep. They agreed that they had a yearning for each other and made plans to meet the next evening for dinner.

Greg was beside himself. Had he just done this? Did he really just get off on the phone with this girl he had just met? This girl was amazing. If she got him off twice on the phone he couldn’t wait to see what would happen once they were together in person!

That night Greg slept the best he had slept in a long time. He had the most vivid dreams of both Jen and the professor. He slept in late on Saturday morning. When he finally awoke he was so hard he had to take care of himself. Oh how he wanted those two women. He had never before met anyone who made him like this; let alone two women at the same time.

All day Greg tried to do things around the house before his date with Jen. He tried mowing the lawn, working on homework, and cleaning. No matter how hard he tried to change them, his thoughts kept going back to his desire to bend Jen over doggie style and fuck her senseless. He wanted her so badly that he was hard all day.

At six o’clock Greg left his house ready for his date with Jen. Although the directions said it would take him 40 minutes to get to her house, it only took him 25. Yes, he was definitely in a hurry. When he arrived at the house Greg got out of his truck and went to the front door. He rang the bell, but no one answered. He rang again, but this time Jen answered the door in a bathrobe. Since he was early she was not quite ready. She invited him in and told him to make himself comfortable in the living room.

As Greg sat on the couch Jen brought him a drink and sat beside him. Instead of getting ready, Jen was sitting beside him in her robe, rubbing her foot up and down his leg. After a few minutes of chatter Jen kissed Greg and guided his hands to her curvaceous breasts. As she laid back on the couch, Greg began rubbing her nipples with one hand as he untied her robe with the other. Upon opening her robe he discovered she was wearing only a pair of black lace panties. Oh, how he wanted her.

Greg cupped Jen’s breasts as they kissed and eventually he moved down and started sucking her nipples. As he sucked them his hands started to explore her body. He teased he by gently tickling her stomach and inner thigh; making circles as she squirmed. Eventually Jen took Greg’s hand and guided it to her crotch. Greg could feel her wetness through the panties and began to suck her nipples even harder. As he did so he began to rub Jen’s pussy outside of her panties, thus causing her to grow wetter.

Eventually Jen had had enough and guided Greg’s hand inside her panties. As he started to rub her clit and finger fuck her Jen got wetter and wetter. After two orgasms, which she fought back, Greg pulled her panties off, slid between her legs and started to suck her pussy. The more Greg ran his tongue along her clit the more Jen moaned and wider she spread her legs. Greg began sucking on her clit and Jen had yet another orgasm. As she had this one she wrapped her legs around Greg and held his face closer to her pussy. She begged kaçak bahis him to suck harder. After the third orgasm this way Jen laid back, pulled Greg by his hair and begged him to fuck her.

Greg kissed his way up to Jen’s breasts and began to suck her nipples as he gave Jen a quick finger fuck to get her wet again. Jen moaned in delight and continued begging him to fuck her. As Greg guided his cock into Jen’s wet pussy she spread hers legs wide and wrapped them around her. She was so tight on his cock that at first it took him a moment to get used to it. He loved how she felt and as he began to slide in and out of her he buried his face in her breasts. Jen was moving with Greg and his thrusts began to go deeper within her. Gradually he sped up his thrusts. The harder Greg would thrust, the harder Jen dug her nails into his back. God it hurt yet felt so good at the same time. Greg could feel Jen get tense as she climaxed and her pussy clenched his throbbing cock tighter. So much that the tighter sensation and the feel of her wetness dripping on his balls made him fill her pussy with creamy whiteness. As he came, Greg looked Jen in the eyes and let out a groan.

No sooner was Greg pulling out of Jen that he could feel her rubbing his cock and balls as she kissed him. Greg was able to mumble “not yet,” but Jen’s only reply was “I want to your dick so bad” as she rolled him onto his back. Now on top Jen continued kissing Greg and rubbing his cock as she helped him guide her one of the bullet vibrators into her. As Jen slid down Greg’s body she turned on the vibe, handed him the controller and took his cock in her mouth.

The feel of Jen’s mouth around his cock got Greg all riled up again. He could feel himself growing hard again as she rubbed his balls and began sliding his dick in and out of her mouth. Jen began to suck harder as Greg grew harder. Greg loved this and continued to turn up the level of the vibe in Jen until it was at its highest setting. Greg could hear her whimpering as she sucked and with his hands could feel her wetness dripping out of her. Once he was fully hard Jen stopped sucking, told Greg that she was ready and took the vibe out of her pussy.

Greg had wanted to fuck Jen doggie style, but Jen was insistent on riding him. She had never done it before, and was determined to ride his cock. As she straddled him Greg helped to guide his cock into her dripping wet hole. Jen moaned in delight as she felt herself sliding down onto his cock. Once she was on him, Greg showed Jen how to move her hips and slide up and down his cock. At first she was nervous, but once she got into it Jen was moaning in delight. Greg held Jen by the tits as she rode him senseless. He loved the feeling of her being in control and the fact that he could watch her face as she reached orgasm.

The feel of Jen’s juices hitting Greg’s balls drove him wild. So wild that after a few minutes of him riding her he came. As he shot up into her Greg could feel Jen clench his dick even harder and grind it into her pussy. He moaned in delight as he pulled her off of him and began kissing her.

After an hour or so of more foreplay Greg was ready for round three. Jen laid back and spread her legs, but Greg informed her that he had other plans. He rolled her over and had her get on all fours. He wanted her from behind. Jen was nervous, but obliged. As Greg entered her from behind she realized just how much deeper her penetrated her tight pussy. It felt wonderful and she moaned even louder than earlier. While Jen’s moans grew louder, Greg slowed down his thrusts. He loved the feel of his balls slapping against her ass. Carefully he pulled out the beginner’s anal plug and put it in Jen’s ass with one hand. Jen’s moan got louder than ever and Greg began to pump her even harder. The harder he pumped, the louder the she moaned, the more Greg enjoyed it. Greg came yet again inside her and Jen began to orgasm yet again. Once Jen began to orgasm Greg grabbed hold of her breasts and began to tug on her nipples. This sent Jen into even more of a frenzy.

Greg pulled out of Jen’s pussy and immediately began to lick the sweet juices coming out of it. He ran his tongue up and down her clit and he began moving the plug in her ass in and out. Jen was loving this and begged Greg not to stop. After several more orgasms Greg collapsed on the bed next to Jen and removed the plug from her ass. She confessed to him that she loved it, and that she had a secret desire to try anal sex.

Greg wanted to fulfill Jen’s desire to try anal sex, but he was too tired. He needed a rest. While they continued to kiss and fondle each other he ensured Jen that they would fulfill her fantasy soon enough.

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