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Teased Out of Control

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It had been a long week. Between the recent stress at the office and the travel, this week could not come to a close fast enough. The bad thing is, the plane is just now pulling up to the concourse, and it was going to be tight to swing by and get her and still make our dinner reservations.

“Hey sweetheart. Yes, I made it down, but I am just now leaving the plane. Ok, I will meet you there in twenty minutes; it will be good to see you.”

God, I am glad she is still going. I have had to look at hot women all damn week at that show, and I need some relief big time.

The restaurant is not as crowded as I expected, there is her car over there.

“Hey baby, my God you look fantastic for these tired eyes.”

“Do I now? Well just wait til I get some food in you to get your energy up.”

I laid a huge kiss and hug on her, because part of me was so happy to see a friendly face and part because I love to feel her up against my body. She laid into me as well, so I knew she was happy that I was home. We turned to go inside the restaurant, shocked that there was not the normal line of people waiting outside this late on a Friday. This was our favorite restaurant. It is not too loud and not silent so we can carry on a private conversation without too much fear of snoopers nosing in on us. And our booth was open, just like Tommy had promised me it would be when I spoke with him earlier that morning. She looked absolutely incredible as we walked to the table. I had not been able to see her outside in the dark, I could only feel her jacket as she squeezed her breasts into me and kissed me, but she had on a new outfit tonight, one that I could tell she picked to get my attention. And it was working.

The coat was loose and flowing with two buttons, of which she only had one buttoned up to show off her new and semi-sheer blouse underneath. As I slid her jacket off at the table, I could see that when the light hit it just right, you could see her sexy bra underneath holding her perfect breasts. As I moved my eyes down to take her all in, I caught a glimpse of that skirt and shoes. My God, I could not have hand picked anything better for her. Dark skirt that contrasted with the white of her shirt, loose and silky and just draping over her tight ass, but not revealing too much to the eye, just enough. She had on a familiar pair of shoes, but they were my favorites out of her collection, inch heels with two thin straps that loosely held her shoe onto her foot and those sexy toes that she had painted a unique color, some sort of purple, bluish color, that really set off against the dark skirt even in that low light. And she had the toe ring and ankle bracelet on that I had sent her while I was in Chicago. “I believe the toe ring and ankle bracelet were the right size, huh?”

“Yes baby, where did you find one that looks like that?”

“Well the toe ring I found at a less than savory sex boutique downtown, but the bracelet was in the hotel shop, and I could not pass it up when I saw it. I did find some cool toys at the shop too, but that comes later.”

“Hmm, yeah I have a surprise for you later too.” As she winked at me and gave me that wicked smirk of hers.

The drinks were right on the money, as well as the food. It gave me a sudden second wind, as I was afraid on the flight down that I may run out of steam before I got to her. Just seeing her always put some spring in my step. There are not too many women out there that do that to me, but she was one, and tonight was especially going to put some spring in my step and other areas of my body. I had been thinking about it ever since I left her on Monday, and I purposely did not let my hormones get to me after staring at those show floor models all damn day. I held off the urges at night in the hotel room. My balls were about to throw me off balance they were so loaded with cum from the week of abstinence. I know she had to feel my semi-hard cock and cum laden balls against her thighs when she wrapped her arms around my neck outside because of the slacks I had worn and my assumption was right. She leaned forward over the table, “I sort of thought outside that you seemed like you have some swelling going on that needs to be taken care of.”

I just did not even say anything to her; I just gave her my look and my smile. She knew what I wanted and she was going to make me beg for it. As she finished that statement, I hear her shoe slap the ceramic floor under the table. All of a sudden I felt her sexy foot and toes on the inside of my calf and thigh, as she just continued to finish her meal like nothing was happening. I had to pause for a second because it sort of caught me off guard, even though this was a normal thing between us. She did not waste any time either, she slid her foot right up to my cock and balls and started flexing her toes so that they just brushed the expensive, thin wool of my pants, that I rarely wore around her after work. God, it sent chills up my spine to feel her stimulating me; thank goodness I did not have much food left to go. I am sure I would not have been bahis firmaları able to finish much because my cock was hard as a brick now, and she was enjoying every minute of it. She even had it pushed up to my belly and was stroking it up and down with her foot under my pants. I was concerned now because I was starting to feel cum boil up way down in my balls. I knew if she somehow made me cum it would be more than visible on the front of my pants and down my legs. Just then, she stopped cold. I was semi-relieved and also semi-disappointed. I needed to cum badly, my balls were aching now, and this teasing was not helping ease that pain at all.

Just then I felt fabric brush my ankles. “Oh damn, I just dropped my napkin baby, could you get it for me?”

“Well, let me get the waiter to grab you another one when he comes by.”

“No, I want that one, please.”

Damn I am too tired for this shit now. But I leaned down with my long arms to see if I could grab it off the floor. The damn thing was actually just out of my reach like that, of course. I gave her a look as I positioned myself to make a grab for it. I was not as pissed once I got down there though because that was the first time I had actually been able to see her toes and new jewelry up close. It looked great, and she knew I was looking too cause she stuck her right leg out so I could get a good look. I just flicked her on the shin to let her know my appreciation. I finally got the napkin, but as I started to take my head out from under the table, I ran into her left foot and she put it right into my cheek and forced my head up. Dear Lord, she opened her skirt to reveal to me that she did not have her panties on anymore. They were around her thumb and she was actually holding them out for me to take. I had to take it, because I knew I had been under that tablecloth way too long and she was not going to let me up without them. I snagged them and just rolled them up into the napkin until I could recover my composure and adjust my cock because it was blowing my pants up like a carnival tent. As I adjusted, I felt the wet spot that had begun to form on my pants, my God it was pre-cum. I could also feel her panties and they were soaked. I tucked them into my pant pocket really fast before I handed her napkin over.

I started pounding down the rest of my cocktail and the water that I had requested to try and cool off. She smirked when she saw I had broken into a sweat on my forehead. She knew I could not do a damn thing where we were, and she loved it. It was turning me on to no end, but it was also beginning to frustrate me somewhat. This girl knew what I was like when I had been traveling, but we usually just fucked as soon as I got home to get it out of my system. I am beginning to believe now that she planned a lot of this when I called her delayed from the snow in Chicago. I had my own revenge planned, but I had to get her out of there, and now.

She did not fight me too much when I requested the check. She wanted desert, but I convinced her to wait. As we rose from the table, I reached to grab her coat and put it on her. She took advantage of that knowing full well that I was not completely soft yet. She backed her sweet ass right into my cock and buried it between her cheeks while she leaned forward casually to give me room to get it on her shoulders, flipping her hair in my face and wiggling her ass on my cock as she moved away.

That actually caught me off guard. I did not realize she had the talent to move like that. I actually felt my cheeks flush, but I think it was more the scotch rather than her brazen attitude. I was glad at that point that I had on my long overcoat because before I realized it, my cock was at full attention again, and those pants are not sturdy enough to conceal. I even realized that she had managed to work my cock out of my boxers with her foot, so as I moved, the wool was rubbing my cock and stimulating me even more. God, I was soaked with pre-cum, it was actually running down my balls and inner thighs. I hated to tell her, but before that night was over, she was going to get one of my biggest loads ever, and I did not plan to be gentlemanly and point it away from her body after this episode, she has pushed my aggressive button. We were tight in that area of the restaurant, so I had to walk out first, which really upset me because I wanted to pay attention to her ass and feet as she walked in that skirt and shoes. She knew that too, that is why she pushed me ahead of her rather than crawling by me. Then as we broke free of the tight walkway, she really caught me off guard. I felt her hand slide into my side pocket. She actually manipulated her hand like a pick pocket into that pocket and then on into my pant pockets where her hand was laying on my rod. She just put her strong fingers around it through the sheer material and sort of pulled me along with it past the host stand and out into the cold night air. There was a wait now, and people were standing all over the outside, so I still had to control myself even with her leading me around like kaçak iddaa a dog on a leash, even rubbing the underside of my swollen cock head with her thumb. She was a strong lady, I had always admired her strength and beautiful figure when I saw her, but she could not even come close to overpowering me. I turned the tables on her just a bit once we passed the crowd, and put my strong arm across her shoulder and latched my big hands onto her right shoulder. I actually picked her up off of her feet, and led her towards my car. She did not appreciate being overpowered like that, as she reached down and squeezed the hell out of my already sore balls. I did not break though. I carried her all the way to the car on the opposite side driver’s door away from the crowd.

Once I knew we were as hidden as possible. I let her down and grabbed her wrist to make her let go of my balls. She fought hard but was no match now, and I could tell she was pissed at me for taking her power away like that. She had a scowl on her face, and it just turned me on even more. I pinned her back against my car and pushed my body up between her legs and against her breasts. Putting all of my weight and strength into holding her there, she just gave up and let me take over. I put my hand against her jaw and slid my tongue into her mouth picking up on the wine she had had with dinner and feeling her soft lips against mine. She immediately started kissing me back without hesitation and moved her hand to my ass. I pushed my cock into her crotch and reached down with my left hand and worked her skirt up to her belly so she was bare to that cold wind and my hot body.

She did not even blink before she reached in between us and unzipped my long zipper and pulled out my cock. I felt it sink deep inside of her immediately and god was it a relief. I just let my manhood sit in her while she took this all in, and I slowly released her jaw so that I could unbutton her coat and blouse some to expose her nipples to the cold as well. Once I got her unbuttoned, I pulled her tit out of her sheer bra to reveal a swollen, red and rock hard nipple, and I knew it would hurt her, but I just had to pinch it in between my thumb and forefinger so she moaned a bit.

I could feel her sweet nectar dripping down my shaft and its heat was a definite contrast against the cold air that seemed to be blowing directly up her skirt, but I wanted revenge, I did not thrust like she wanted, I just sat there, ball deep inside of her, pinned against my car. She was squirming her hips as much as possible, but I knew she was pinned hard, and I liked it because there was no way I was going to lose that hard-on after all of this. I bet we stayed like that for five minutes just making out in that parking lot like two teens.

I eventually backed off of her a bit and she immediately started to fuck me wrapping her legs around my ass. I just casually pushed the key fob in my pocket to unlock my driver door. I reached around with my other hand and opened the handle. She started moaning no, no, but I took my hands and placed them on either side of her hips and pushed her into the seat and off of my cock. She fought me, but the interior light was on, and my cock was not concealed at all. I backed away and stuffed it back in my pants to zip it up. Shutting the car door and walking around to the passenger side. I knew she would lock me out, so I kept the keys on me. By the time, I got around the car, she had adjusted herself into the passenger seat, so I had to move back around. I was glad she did that because I wanted her hands free for the ride home.

“You asshole, how could you stop that? Finish me off, I need to feel your seed inside of me.”

“I do not want to waste the first shot on you in the dark. Just be patient babe, you will get what you want soon enough. Do me a favor, reach back there and grab that paper sack out of my carry-on. We will get your car in the morning.”

She reluctantly reached into my bag and dug around. I was watching her expressions as I pulled out of the parking lot. I could tell when she found my surprise. Her eyes got wide, and I told her to pull it out. When she saw it, I knew she loved it. It was a brand new Pyrex dildo that I had been searching for several weeks. She was running her hands all over it feeling its smooth and unique finish. I had bought it to match my girth, and when I saw her hand wrapped around it, I knew I hit a homerun. About that time, she stuck it in her mouth and then moved it down to her pussy and under her skirt. She spread her legs on the dash letting me look at her feet and started fucking herself with it. I was watching as much as I could, and it did not take long until I could see her hips bucking and she came hard. I could smell her heavenly scent now and it was driving me nuts.

“Let me have that for a minute baby, I want to try something.” She handed it over reluctantly, and it was glistening with her sweet nectar in the dim lights of the car. I rolled down my window all of the way and stuck it outside to take in the cold air. She saw what I was doing kaçak bahis and froze just looking at me. I held it out there until it was so cold that it was stinging my hand. I pulled it back in and told her to raise her skirt up. When she did, I slid that cold piece of glass all the way into her belly it seemed, and her whole body bucked from the intense pain and pleasure. I did not have to move it inside of her long before she came a second time, as soon as I started flicking her clit with my thumb, and her pussy was so wet and slick that I could hardly stand it much more.

I handed the dildo over to her because traffic got heavier as we closed in on the house. She kept working it on herself, but she was so spent, I think she was just trying to keep it warm. My cock was still hard, I had actually forgotten about my own desperate state during that trick. I think she had too, but all of a sudden, I saw her undo her seatbelt and move towards my crotch, which was not funny because we were sitting in one of the busiest intersections in town, but I really did not give a damn, no one was watching, and if they were, screw them. She undid my zipper and pulled my cock and balls out, placing her mouth immediately on my shaft and her hand cupped my balls. For some reason, I had lost that driving urge to cum that I felt in the parking lot, so I did not mind if she started really fucking my cock with her mouth, and she did not even ask before she did. God it felt so good, it was such a turn on to smell that sex in that car and to feel and see her sucking my cock clean of her juices like she was a hungry bear. She positioned herself in the car to get her body in the back and to come at my cock from the back. When she did that, I reached behind and over her to put my finger in her pussy, I could not get enough of it tonight, it was so tight and hot. I eventually got to the driveway, somehow. I parked and turned the car off. I grabbed her head and started slowing her bobbing down some. I was enjoying it, but I liked this feeling of control I suddenly had over my cum. I did not want her to trigger it again, because more than anything, I wanted her pussy again. She stopped when I put my pressure on her hair and pulled her back. I pulled her up and kissed her passionately again, letting her lick her own juice off of my fingertips.

“Baby, let’s go inside now, I cannot take not having you anymore. I am going to bury my cock inside of you, I hope you are ready.”

“I have been ready all week baby.”

I did not much give a damn about what my neighbors saw. I just crawled out of my car with a full hard-on still sticking out of my pants. I opened the backdoor to help her out, she apparently was still weak in her knees from her orgasms. I helped her regain her steadiness and snatched up that dildo and all of the bags to carry her inside.

When we got the door unlocked she tried to break away from my grip, but I tightened it. I could not take it anymore. I threw the bags down and slid the dildo between my teeth. I took her coat off and threw it down and then mine. I forced her over to the arm of my love seat that was just the right height to match my long legs. I bent her arm backwards over her back, and forced her down where her stomach was the only thing touching, except for her hands. I kept her pinned down with one hand while I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and let them fall to my ankles exposing my still rock hard cock. I then worked my way in between her legs and flipped her skirt up over her to expose her tight ass and bald pussy. It looked so good, but about that time, I remembered something that I had forgotten. I let her know my cock was ready and I just barely penetrated the outside edge of her soaked and hot pussy. I then backed out so that I could reach down into my pants one more time. I grabbed her thong that she had handed me in the restaurant. I had her just barely balanced, so I knew she could not move. I grabbed one hand and then the other, making her teeter on the edge of the loveseat. I crossed her arms behind her back and wrapped that thong around her wrists binding her like my own little slut. She did not fight much, so I knew she was ok with being at my mercy, even though her face was buried now where she had to work to get a gasp of air. Her hair was all ruffled from the earlier blowjob, but it was still in reach.

Once I secured her hands, I pulled the dildo out of my teeth. It had gotten cold again on the tip and back end, but it was hot where my breath had been hitting it. So before it lost that unique feeling, I slid it all the way in her pussy while I grabbed her thigh with my other hand to brace her. She whipped her head up violently as she felt the contrasting temperatures dive inside her body. As it spread her wide, the sweet aroma of her sex drifted up to my nose and began to fill the room. It was intoxicating, and I wanted to lick her, but we were way beyond that. We both needed a hard fuck, and I was determined to give that to her. I worked her over with the dildo long enough until I could see her tell tale cum signs on her body language and feel her pussy pulsing, but I was not going to let her cum just yet. I pulled it out quickly, and she started to bitch and whine. I had a plan and she was about to see it come full circle.

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