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Tell Me Ch. 02

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Eric lay in his bed gasping for breath. His mother had just sucked his cock until he came in her mouth and now she was busily playing with her pussy waiting for him to help her in return. He could hear her saying something but his mind swam with the bizarre set of circumstances that had put him in this position. Only a few feet away were his sister Karen and her husband Rick who were at least partially responsible for what had just occurred in Eric’s room.

Opening his eyes completely Eric looked at his mother, Rachel, who was saying something in a pleading tone to him. As the buzzing in his ears lessened he could make her words out more clearly. His gaze dragged from her face down her chest where one of her slender hands was alternately tweaking a nipple through her blouse and squeezing the entire breast. Eric’s heart quickened as he imagined that it was his hand caressing her bosom. Licking his suddenly dry lips he lowered his gaze even further and became lost in the sight of her fingers sliding through the light hairs of her sex. Rachel had pulled her underwear to the side and was anxiously teasing the area around her pussy. Suddenly aware of what he was looking at Eric looked up at his mother’s face again only to find her eyes filled with hunger and desire.

“Baby, momma needs your help,” Rachel whispered in a husky voice. “You’re going to help momma, right?”

Eric nodded slowly, sitting up and pulling his legs up under him. “I’ve never done this so you will have to tell me what to do.”

“Just kiss momma right here,” Rachel said softly laying back on the bed and spreading her legs wide. Her fingers held open her sex and she circled her clit lightly with one finger. “Right there baby, kiss momma right there.”

Getting on his knees Eric positioned himself between his mother’s thighs and leaned in close to her pussy. He took a deep breath and his head swam again as her scent filled his nostrils. He stared openly at the slickened lips of her sex, the tender folds of flesh glistening just before his quivering lips. He had heard of going down on girls, but kartal escort the idea had never been especially appealing to Eric. Now, just inches from his own mother’s pussy, he knew that this would be something he would want to do again and again. Tentatively he stuck his tongue out and tasted the saturated lips of her sex.

“Oh yes,” Rachel groaned. She slipped her hand behind Eric’s head and pulled him harder against her body. His tongue began to slather haphazardly all over her pussy. Rachel’s eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth hung open limply as her only son explored her sex. His noisy slurping was very pleasing but Rachel didn’t need the buildup, she was ready to burst and couldn’t wait for it to happen.

“Here baby,” Rachel said as her hands guided his face so that his tongue was over her clit. “Lick Mommy there.” Eric grunted in response and his mouth began to work over the slippery nub carefully. As his tongue worked on the soft protrusion he could feel it getting bigger. His mother’s breathing became a series of ragged gasps as he tried to suck her clit into his mouth. Feeling more confident in his task Eric slid his hands up her legs until he was gripping her ass and pulling her pussy harder onto his mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Rachel gasped, “Lick me, lick momma you naughty boy!” Eric didn’t respond, his focus solely upon devouring his mother’s sex completely. His tongue swiped from her clit down into her opening as he tried to press into her as far as he could go and lick everywhere he could reach. Rachel pulled on his hair as he brought her ever closer to orgasm. A moment later he could feel her beginning to tremble. Moving back to her clit, swiping it rapidly with his tongue, Eric could feel the trembles becoming more pronounced.

“Oh god, oh god, here it comes, here I come baby,” Rachel said her voice rising with each word. She pulled his face tight against her pussy, burying Eric’s nose within the folds of her sex. For a moment he wondered if she might suffocate him and then he felt her explode. He worked his tongue furiously trying maltepe escort bayan to extend the wave but after a few moments she pushed him away abruptly, the sensations becoming painful for her hypersensitive pussy.

Eric wiped his face with the back of his hand as he sat back and proudly admired the orgasm he had given his mother. Rachel lay with her blouse and bra pushed up around her neck leaving her heaving breasts open to his view. A light sheen of sweat covered her exposed skin as she regained her breath and began to calm down. Sliding along the bed Eric lay his face next to her’s and kissed her mouth softly. Rachel returned his kiss automatically and for a moment allowed her tongue to slip into his mouth, tasting herself there.

Suddenly Rachel realized the house was silent. The house was dead silent and she hadn’t been at all quiet when she had cum. Her daughter and son in law were in the next room, surely they must have heard. In a panic she pushed Eric away and scrambled off the bed trying to close her blouse and put her bra on properly all at once.

“Oh God, Eric, what are we going to do?” Rachel hissed.

“What do you mean?” Eric said, not lowering his voice at all. Rachel winced at his volume. Crossing the room quickly she pushed a finger to his lips to quiet him.

“Your sister and her husband are right there!” Rachel hissed pointing vigorously at the wall that separated his room from his sister’s.

“Oh shit,” Eric breathed, “Oh god mom, they had to hear…” He trailed off not sure what they could possibly say. He looked to his mother to make it all better. “What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know,” Rachel answered lamely. “I don’t know, but I think I better go.” Rachel turned and walked to his bedroom door. She stopped for a moment as if she was considering something then opened the door quietly, looked down the hall at her daughter’s room and then stepped out into the hall, closing the door as she left.

Eric collapsed on his bed unable to believe what had just happened. He turned out his light and tried escort pendik to sleep but his mind was filled with terror about what his sister would say. After what seemed like an hour in the dark his mind began to replay the image of his mother devouring his cock with her mouth. His fear was soon replaced with erotic reminiscing which was only reinforced by the smell of his mother still heavy in the room. He found his rapidly hardening cock with his hand and masturbated to a lesser orgasm before exhaustion over took him before he could even bother to clean himself.

In the morning Eric woke late for school and was able to escape without having to face his sister and brother in law across the table. Rachel for her part waited anxiously for her daughter or son in law to say something, anything that would let her know they had heard what had gone on last night. But it never came. After breakfast Rick took a call on his cell and when he hung up informed them that Karen and he would have cut their trip short, work was calling and she was a demanding mistress.

Rachel had to suppress the sigh of relief and tried to act sad that their visit was so brief.

“I’m sorry we have to leave mom,” Karen said hugging Rachel as Rick loaded the car with the luggage. “But I’ll call as soon as I get home and I know you will be coming down when it’s my time to deliver.”

“Oh of course dear, you know I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Rachel gushed hugging her daughter tightly again.

“And I want to thank you for the advice you gave me. You made me feel a lot better. What two people who love each other do in the privacy of their own home is their own business and no one else’s.” Rachel tensed at her words, a pensive look crossing her face. Karen smiled warmly and hugged her mother again.

Rachel watched as Karen and Rick drove away, a heavy weight lifted off her shoulders. She turned and went back into the house and busied herself with her daily chores. At one point she was picking up dirty laundry from Eric’s room and found a small envelope on his bed. She picked it up carefully and stared at it for a moment and then peeled open the unsealed flap and pulled out a small slip of paper.

Sounds like you had fun last night. Call me tomorrow, – K.

Rachel stared at the words for a long while, a sinking feeling in her stomach.

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