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Since my boyfriend and I live in different countries (he being in the UK and myself living in the States) and lead very busy lives, we don’t get to see each other very often other than online, so it is hard to have a regular, non-a-sexual relationship. The frustration is like no other, but in the end, it all pays off. Oddly enough, whenever we plan to get together, something always comes up to ruin our chances of sexual and emotional healing. This time we were fortunate, and I got to see my lover.

I have just finished a five- week summer course for school, and on my way to the airport to pick up my lover and confidant of two years. While driving down the toll way towards the city, I realize that I am just as petrified as I am sopping wet. My pussy is drooling so badly that I think I’ve created a stain in my skirt!! I can smell my own scent, which intoxicates me and makes me wetter (and my nipples harder) as I accelerate to meet the switch for the airport. I hit a bump on the ramp, and my 36D tits bounce lightly (I’m not wearing a bra, so my nipples are easily seen through the think fabric of my t-shirt). While scanning for a spot, stress wins the battle against ration, and I can’t find a place to park my car in the international terminal lot… NOTHING IS CLOSE ENOUGH!!! I try to settle down a bit, and I find a somewhat formidable space. I get out, lock the car, and I remember how turned on I am when I am reminded that I can’t walk properly.

I walk through the sliding doors into the somewhat empty terminal and I look to see if his flight is on time…. it is delayed by 15 minutes, so I sit down and open up “The Deviancy Code”, crossing my legs so that I’m a bit less “noticeable”. A half an hour later, I peek up to see if anyone is coming out of the doors… They open, and among the masses I can see my Andrew looking for me above all the other heads.

God, he looks even more amazing than the day I first met him. Andrew is tall, about 5’9’’ with a medium build and dirty blonde hair. His eyes are a piercing, ice blue, and they make me melt whenever I look into them. I shout his name and I race like a madwoman towards him. He looks confused for a moment, and in that instant I take Andy by surprise and I tackle him with full force. Bags go flying everywhere, and I kiss him deeply as I sit on top of him.

I whisper, “well hello lover” in his ear, and he replies with a hoarse but pleased “hello”. I nibble his ear for a bit, licking at its contours, and then I lay another passionate kiss onto his lips. I get up, offering him my hand as I smile warmly, and he gratefully accepts.

We move over to the waiting area, and I inquire him about the flight… how it was, did he sleep at all, etc. Once he sits down and drops canlı bahis şirketleri his bags, I don’t give And a chance to relax. I jump on top of him, kissing him passionately, making up for all the kisses that we have not had.

I whisper that I’ve wanted to fuck him for so long, that I’m so horny I could just fuck right there in the terminal…

In a silent moment frozen in time, I look at him, seeing how beautiful he is, and knowing that he has a plan.

After a short pause, he looks at me with a fire in his eyes, and he nonchalantly replies, “well, love, why don’t we?”. I can feel a devilish grin spreading across my face as I straddle him.

My skirt rides up a bit higher to almost reveal my bare, trimmed, cunt, drooling in all its glory. My nipples ache as they press against his chest…I want him so badly. I purr as I bite his ear again, hearing him moan softly.

I whisper in his ear, “Fuck I love you to pieces… fuck me baby.” I splay my legs even wider on the chairs on either side of us, and my pussy is now fully exposed and sitting right on top of his lap, making my mark with the scent of my hot juices.

I feel his hot cock pressing against my sweet, naked, pussy through the thin material in his pants. While looking straight into his eyes I single handedly reach to pull down his zipper and take that hot rod out in one swoop… with a bit of pleasure and shock, I discover that somebody decided to go commando as well as I reach in and find that there are no jockeys… Just cock and balls.

“Mmmm good boy.”, I say…” I’ve been waiting so long to shove this deep inside of me. I’m sure you’ve been wanting the same.” Andrew nods light headedly, and I move in to kiss him.

I sit down on top of him, making sure that there are no rent-a-cops around, and I slowly begin to ride my lover as we kiss. He kisses me down my neck as he plays with my tits beneath my shirt, pinching and squeezing my nipples.

God he makes me so hot!!!! I ride him a bit harder, squeezing his veiny eight by four-inch monster with my tight cunt. He nibbles at my ear, driving me even closer to my climax. I ride him more slowly again, making the moment last.

I whisper in his ear how much I love him, that he’s my only, and I’m his. I glance over to see a guy a bit older than myself, and I can see that he’s hard as a rock by just staring at us. I stare whorishly back at him. I blow him a kiss, smile, and turn back to my lover.

I look down to him to see how beautiful and sexy he is. He glows with a godly aura as I ride him, and I know that I’m in the presence of a deity. I come back down to kiss him, and our hands join together as we continue to fuck. By now I’m so close, so hot with ecstasy. I’m at my boiling canlı kaçak iddaa point and I’m about ready to erupt!

Andrew bites at my neck as I squeeze him tighter and I let out a low moan. He grabs onto my ass as we fuck, forcing me down on top of him. I ride him harder, hearing his breath quickening and becoming deeper.

I tell him that I’m almost there, and he weakly nods as if to say, “me too”. To make sure my moans don’t echo through out the terminal, I bite down on his shoulder, sending us both into overdrive.

I bounce up and down his pole at lighting speed as we cum together, his cock spasming in my hot hole. We go limp and rest a few minutes before he exits me completely.

Andrew zips up & stands and we take his bags out to where I parked. When I put up the hatch, we begin to load the car…. As we load, I can still feel both of our juices slowly dripping down my thighs.

Before I know it, I feel something else running up and down my thigh…something wet and slippery and sensational… I look down, and to my surprise, And’s lapping up every single drop!!

I gasp as the sensation of his wet tongue sliding up and down my spread legs and lightly over my pussy lips. He stands up, mouth full, and he kisses me, making me even hotter. Our juices taste so good together as we share them in a deep, passionate, kiss. I swallow my portion, lapping up some excess dripping down his chin.

When all bags are in, I sit down on the edge, exposing my hot, wet, bare, bugling pussy to him and the world around us… I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I love it…. I’m so fuckin horny at this point I don’t care if I get arrested!!

Pulling off my shirt and with my legs spread wide, I ask him, “Want to go again stud?”

Wide-eyed and grinning, He says “Fucking God YEA!!!!!”

I demand for him to get down and eat my cunt.

With fire, desire, excitement, and elation in his eyes, Andy replies, “ With pleasure, Jo”.

He kneels down to get a better look at my sopping girl, sniffing my erotic scent. Tenderly, he laps up all the excess juices off of my lips and thighs, making me moan softly as I rub my hands through his dirty blonde hair.

He kisses around my area, teasing me till I beg him to please eat out my hot, wet pussy. He softly brushes his thumb back and forth across my clit for a while, making me sigh with deep, intense pleasure. He replaces his thumb with his tongue, rolling it slowly and lightly around my bulging clit… He drags two fingers up and down my soaking crack, teasing my horny hole, making me want even more.

My juices run down to my ass crack, and I can feel your fingers slowly circling my tiny, puckered hole as you tongue my clit…. At the same time, canlı kaçak bahis I don’t want it as much as I do… “MMMMM Andy, play with my ass like the little whore that I am… ooooooooooh god baby!!! Please… suck me”.

I hear a little, muffled giggle from down below, and before I know it, he’s running his tongue up and down my soaking crack, driving me even closer into overdrive. With my arms tied loosely around his neck, I roll my head back and moan softly.

I can feel his tongue slowly slithering in soft circles into my boiling pussy. I love it when he eats me out. he makes me feel so good. I look back up to enjoy the view of him sucking me off, but he stops!

I yell, “WHY THE FUCK DID YOU ST–“, before I get to finish my sentence, he winks at me with juices dripping down his chin, and he jams your tongue in to my hot, wet cunt.

My ‘STOP’ is replaced with a loud moan as he begins to dart his tongue quickly in and out of me, frenching my hot pussy. As he eats me out, he plays with and grabs my tits, slowly massaging and tweaking my nipples.

Andrew greedily laps up my juices, not leaving a drop to be spared… He stops again, making me groan, this time standing up and ripping down his pants and exposing his huge hard on.

He looks at me and says, “Get on all fours bitch!!”

I obey with pleasure, and with the hatch still up, I can feel him positioning behind me. I look out to see our surroundings, and I realize that our profiles are both in plain view for everyone to see… that makes me so much hotter.

I feel him enter me with full force, not even trying to be gentle. He pumps in and out of me like a piston, so hard and fast!!!

He hollers, “Beg for it bitch, LOUD! I WANT THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD TO KNOW!”. I scream his name, telling him what a great fuck he is and how much I want him to fuck me harder.

I cum again, and again and again losing track of how many I’ve had. My moans are so loud that anyone could hear me cumming from a mile away, and his hands are gripping my hips so tightly that it hurts.

I peek over my shoulder only to find him to be in pure ecstasy, fucking me like an animal. It hurts so much, but it feels so fucking good! I don’t want it to end.

In one swoop and still inside, Andrew flips me over in one motion without stopping, raising my legs up on his shoulders.

He looks so hot and sexy right as he announces that he is going to cum. At that moment, we both shudder in pure ecstasy, me vibrating like no other. When it’s over, Andy collapses on top of me, and we lay against the suitcases as one.

He kisses me on the cheek and says, “I love you”.

Weakly I reply, “I love you too”, and I wink.

After a half hour’s rest, we straighten up a bit and close the hatch, leaving our mess to itself. We hop in the car, and drive off towards his hotel in the city. As I accelerate to merge onto the toll way, I smile to myself as I feel his hand creeping up my skirt again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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