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Texas Tour Ch. 01

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Prabha was sitting on the sofa with bra and almost transparent white satin petticoat. I was standing in front of her, in my lungi (sort of night dress), practicing for the next day presentation.

As I finished each slide, she bent forward to click the “next” button on the laptop. As she bent forward to click the laptop on the center table, I could see the deep cleavage down her bra. Her thali (chain worn to indicate that she is married) rustled with her chains with every movement. The ruffling of her armpit hair, as she slide forward was arousing me more and more.

Slowly, my penis was growing stiffer. Prabha saw the raising tent on my lungi. She gave me a sly smile, and it was exerting me to explode.

I told Prabha “Prabhakundi (pussy), your pose is very enticing. I am almost bursting”. She looked up coyly at me, gave me a charming smile. Bent forward again, and she continued with clicking of “next” button.

We progressed with the presentation for almost 30 minutes. She alternated the click of the “next” button with both hands. I was almost on the brink of exploding, as the hair peeking out of her armpit rustled every time with her movements.

When I reached the end of the presentation, I could feel liquid dripping from my foreskin due to my intense arousal.

Had it not for our gentlemen agreement on the plane, I would have sprang on her and fucked her until she is exhausted. But a promise is a promise. I need to keep it up now, if she has to give herself willingly to me later.

I said “Prabhakundi, that is it. Let us pack things, put the laptop on charge for to-morrow’s presentation”. She said impishly “Yes, Kumar, let us pack. I want to go to bed early”. I said “You know Prabhakundi, my foreskin is brimming with liquid and I am about to come”. She giggled.

I stepped back one step, and bent down, and started scanning the carpet, where I was standing. Prabha asked, “What have you lost Kumar?”

Still stooped down, I just lifted my head alone, looked into her eyes and said “Prabhakundi, you are so seductive, I felt, I had dripped. I am looking at the carpet to ensure that I have not strained it.”

Prabha burst into laughter, making her earrings dangle in the air. She said with a husky voice “Kumar, Kumar, you are so naughty and playful!” I could see her eyes gleaming with desire.

She stood up, just brushed her hand playfully and lightly over my bare, bent back. Prabha stretched herself, with her hands above her head. My penis throbbed as I caught glimpse of her armpit with wavy black hairs, some glistening with sweat beads. Prabha’s breast heaved in her tight bra as she stretched herself, forming a crushed globe on bra top. She took a sharp deep breath to relax and her petticoat slipped down a lit bit. Little of her bush top was now visible above the petticoat.

And I could see silky hair running down from her navel into her bush. I wanted to lick it all the way down. But I controlled myself.

Prabha turned to pick up the projector case to pack. I saw that petticoat had stuck in the crevices of her ass globes. I kept ogling at her buttocks.

With the stuck petticoat, I could feel the depth of her butt. Prabha’s ass was full, plum, firm, round, and big. She had an almost perfect ass: round, smooth and firm with no blemishes and a deep crevasse running down between the round mounds of the behind.

She wriggled her ass a bit, but the petticoat kept stuck. She reached behind pulled it out. Picking up the case, Prabha came to the center table to pack up the projector and shutdown the laptop.

Smiling, I straighten up. My lungi almost slipped from my waist. I lugged at it, to hold it to my waist. I untied lungi and swiftly tied it back to my waist.

As I did so, Prabha, standing across the center table caught a brief glance of my throbbing penis. She sucked a deep breath and looked up at my eyes, rolled her tongue across her lips and gave me a lewd smile.

As we were packing the projector, I asked Prabha, “Prabhakundi, are you enjoying?” Prabha replied, “Kumar, I never dreamt, that I could be like this with you. And I am enjoying each and every second “

I said “Fine Prabha. Do you want to extended it little more, so that it can be more memorable day for both of us?” Prabha asked me “What do you want?”

I said, “You said that, you wanted to be in bra and petticoat only, bahis firmaları as Nagaraj would never dream nor allow you to do that.” Prabha said, “Yes…”

“Now that, we have been semi-nude for an hour like this, would you like to add a little spice?” I asked. Prabha stood in silence for a moment.

She finally said, “Let me hear, what you have to propose. Hope it is not full nude. I do not like being so right now”

She added, “If I like what you propose, we will go ahead. Otherwise, this is how we will be, for the rest of our stay together.”

I said, “Fine Prabha”. I paused for a moment, thinking how to put it across to her. I said “I have “one alternative, no two, no, no, five suggestions to make” Prabha said “Kumar, tell me all the suggestions. May be we can follow one or two, if not all of them”

I said looking at her, “First, instead of wearing bra, how about wearing my baniyan (undershirt), Prabha?” She giggled a bit, and said “Next”

I said, “Prabhakundi, you have been aroused for sometime now. How about brushing your hand on top of your bush, and letting me smell you”

She grinned impishly, and said, “OK, what is the third proposition? Come on, be quick Kumar?”

I said, “Prabha, third one is, I want you to wet your fingers with your cunt fluid, and let me suck your soaked finger. Not just once, but multiple times, Prabhakundi”. Prabha said, “That should not be a problem if I agree to this. What next?”

I added “Just like me, I want you to call me by pet names other than just Kumar. Anna, pulu, Kumarpulu (prick), or anything you wish to call me or wanted to call Nagaraj”

Prabha said impatiently, “OK, what is the last one? Let me then decide Kumar, how we can be for rest of our stay” I replied “I want to watch with you a R rated movie or adult movie one of these days”

Prabha burst into laughter and said, “Kumar, your five proposals, is making me wet. These are some of my desires too, to do with Nagaraj.”

“Kumar, Let me now decide, what all we should do for rest of our stay”, she added. Pausing, Prabha shut her eyes to think. She finally said, “Kumar, I want to add something, if you want me do anyone of your propositions”

I was blown away, and said with joy “Yes, Prabhakundi, tell me, what is your proposal?” Prabha told “Well, it is actually not one but two”. I said “Wow, Prabha, go ahead and shoot it”.

Prabha said “first, Kumar, if I am going to be in your baniyan, you should be in my briefs only. No lungi.” I said with glee “Prabhakundi, no problems at all. I would love to do that”, and reached for her briefs lying on the sofa.

“Second” Prabha told me “Kumar you have to carry me around this room, during our stay. I will not walk” I beamed, “Prabha, it would be my pleasure to carry you around.” Then I added, “I thought Prabhakundi, we were not supposed to touch each other”

She smiled and said “Yes Kumar, you are not going to touch me. But I am going to either ride on your back, or you are going to carry me piggyback”

“Prabhakundi that is very naughty, mischievous and novel idea! I will carry you everywhere in this room ” I said. I added laughingly, “Prabha you have given me so much pleasure so far, thou shall not walk, until we pack and leave.”

I quipped to Prabha “Tell me Prabha, what are the items of mine, that you agree to do”. She said with bemused look, “Of course all of them, Kumar. Do you think, I will miss this golden opportunity to make the stay more spicy and sexy.”

Prabha added “Kumar, I do not know, whether I will get another opportunity to be with you again ever. So, I want to make this stay as spicy and memorable one as possible”.

Saying this, she stopped packing went to the bed to pick up my baniyan. She held it to her nose, took a deep intake of breath to smell it. Prabha murmured “Hmmm, strong and tangy”. She turned, showing her back to me, she reached behind and unclasped bra clip, letting the strap fall.

Prabha cupped her bra to breast from front with her right hand and removed the bra straps from her shoulders with her left hand. I could now see her bare back with full glee. She must be wearing her bra tight, or her breasts are enormously heavy. I saw white marks of bra straps on her back.

With her left hand, now Prabha pulled the baniyan over her head, and slipped her left hand into it. She switched hand in front of her, kaçak iddaa now clutching bra to her breast with left hand.

Prabha slipped her right hand into baniyan then shook her head into baniyan swiftly. Now Prabha pulled her bra out underneath the baniyan, and stretched the hem of the baniyan from sides, to fall over her petticoat.

Prabha turned in leisure pace to face me. I gapped at her side pose and gave a low whistle. Lascivious Prabha was more beautiful than Naidu Hall bra model. I wanted to hug and squeeze her to me.

The baniyan was definitely too tight for her. The armhole hung too low from her shoulder, exposing much of her melon breasts.

I was getting a panoramic view through the large gap between her armpit and her bust curve lines. Prabha’s protruding, golden glob was spilling out of the armhole gap ready to explode.

Little buff of her armpit hair added a nice contrast. The thin baniyan was literally clinging to her body. I could see her nipples vividly in the light.

Prabha turned and faced me. Prabha was definitely aroused by our dirty talk. I could see outline of half an inch long, thick, erect nipples trying to pierce though thin baniyan. The black, hard nipple was in middle of two inches of black aureole of her fully developed swollen boobs.

Busty Prabha walked towards me languidly. Her lethargic walk made me, skip a heart beat. The view of her hard, black nipples with wide aureole swaying against baniyan was worth treasuring in my memories forever. As she walked towards the light, I could feel the rhythmic movement of hard nipples on baniyan. I decided to treasure this baniyan forever. Her oscillating erect nipples inside the baniyan matched the swaying hips hypnotized me.

Prabha saw my gaping eyes, glued to her nipples, gave a cough to bring me to reality and said “Kumar Chellapulu (love prick), when are you going to wear my underwear?”

I came to reality, gave big sigh and “Sorry Prabha, Give me a second. I will wear your panty right away. “

I bent forward and picked up her satin brief from the couch. She must have been aroused; the underwear was still wet at joint even after an hour. I inhaled it deeply and held my breath to retain the smell.

“Hmmm… Chellakundi (Butt love), my head is blowing with your cunt smell. What a strong smell you have” I said.

Her black satin brief had little mesh kind of material at the front for ventilation. It had a thin waistband of elastic at top. She must look very sexy in it, for the scant size is just bare enough to cover her thick bush.

Nagaraj must be really lucky man, if Prabha regularly roams around the house in such scantly clad briefs. I gave a sigh and smelled her briefs deeply once more before putting it on.

Raising my lungi to my ankles, I slide my legs into her underwear. I pulled her satin briefs up inside lungi to my waist, letting lungi go off simultaneously.

Lungi fell down around my feet in a circle. Prabha’s underwear had thin waist band elastic and could not hold my throbbing penis inside.

The black satin brief could not cover the hard erection. I adjusted the briefs to cover my manhood as much as possible. Still top of my erect penis peeked out straining the thin elastic band.

I gave my hip a shake, and my erect pulu rolled left and right, on top of satin brief. Prabha wet her lips with tongue at the sight of my swaying erect penis over her black underwear.

She gave big sigh and whimper “Oh… Mmmm… Kumar, your pulu looks great. I want gobble it down my throat, until it strokes my throat.”

“Kumarpulu, You are supposed to carry me around. When are you going to do it? ” Prabha asked.

I moved towards her saying, “Oh, yeah, I almost forgot Prabha. Her I come to carry you to the couch and a heavenly pleasure”

“How do you want me to be carry you now, Prabhakundi?” Prabha murmured, “Hmmm… Let me think. Hmmm… Kumar, why don’t you carry me on your back as an elephant” and burst into laughter.

I knelt on the floor on all fours in front of Prabha, wearing only her black satin brief. As I kneeled down, my shaft came further out of the scanty brief and wriggled on top of the elastic, creating tingling sensation.

Prabha stepped forward to sit astride my naked back. But her petticoat came in the way to mount my back. She pulled her petticoat to her ankles and tried mounting. Again, kaçak bahis she could not succeed.

Prabha pulled the petticoat to her thighs and sat with one leg on each side of me on my back. She has to clamp her thighs tightly around my waist as the clinging petticoat, did not give her enough room to spread her thighs wide.

Sitting awkwardly, Prabha nudged me to move forward. I kept my right arm forward to move towards the couch. The lurching movement made Prabha lose her balance and tumble.

To avoid toppling back, Prabha braced herself forward and digging her finger onto my shoulders. Prabha dismounted me slowly by spreading her right leg wide off me.

Prabha stood beside as I kept kneeling beside her. She said, “Kumar… Oh. Ho. looks like elephant riding is not going to work. Hmmm…”

After a pause, “Hmmm, Hmmm, Kumar, there is an idea. It will work, but…” she dragged the words. Finally she uttered, “Well… What the hell?” and untied her petticoat knot, and let it fall around her feet in a circle.

My throbbing rod quivered, seeing Prabha standing so close to me, naked below her waist, with thin baniyan clinging to her breast. “Oh… my Prabha…” I uttered.

The panoramic view of her thick, lush, black bush, kept looking mesmerized. The beatific view of her protruding, thick cunt lips, with a small jewel at the top juncture was breath taking.

Prabha now straddled me, with one leg on each side of my waist. Her thick hairy cunt swiped across my bare back as she sat down on my butt. Her shapely bare thighs brushing my waist aroused me further and made my rod burn.

I started moving forward with Prabha perched on my butt. Each step forward, made Prabha’s luscious cunt massaged my back. Her lush, hairy cunt swirled over my bare back, making me tremor.

Prabha kept murmuring with each forward step of mine “Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm, Kumar” After few steps, beside her hairy bush sweep my back, I felt something wet drip on my bare back. Oh God! Looks like Prabha is gushing with passion.

I wished that I had a long tongue, to lick cunt drippings of Prabha from my back. I stopped, to look back at her face. She was beaming with lust. I asked “Prabhakundi, who do you like the ride?”

“Ohhh… Hmmm… Kumar pulukanna (prick love) it is great. I am already gushing down. I want to take your pulu into me ” Jovially Prabha gave a nudge with her hand on my butt to move forward.

I moved forward as her cunt kept whisking and dripping on my bare back, sending tingling sensation to my throbbing shaft.

Each step forward was sending me towards boiling point. I said to Prabha, “Chellakundi, I am so hot, I do not how long I can control. Mmmm, Mmmm”

I felt, I would now spurt at any moment. Luckily we reached the couch. Prabha dismounted me and sat on the couch nearby.

As Prabha got off my back, the scanty brief slipped further back, exposing my shaft more. I did not bother to adjust the satin panty.

I looked from my kneeling position between her shapely thighs. I could perceive the hairy bush where her thighs met. “Ohhh… Prabha, I want to lick your kuthi (cunt). Mmmm… I want to dive my tongue into your secret depths”.

Prabha bent forward smiling, her breast swaying inside baniyan, gave a light kiss on my forehead. With a swift motion, she wiped the off the droplets on my back.

She gave a little sigh and leaned back on the couch. Her bountiful breasts with thick hard nipples vacillated through my thin baniyan.

She opened her thighs little wider and showed her heavenly gates. She arched her back a little and thrust her pundai (cunt) towards me and said “Ohhh… Kumar come on, I want you to suck me to orgasm”

I moved forward to the couch staring between her thighs. I lifted myself between her shapely thighs. I stood up on my knees and gave Prabha a deep kiss.

Prabha crushed her mouth onto mine. She slipped her tongue lightly inside my mouth. Our tongues played with other.

Prabha’s saliva drooled down into mine. It tasted good. After sometime, she pulled back and said “Mmmm… Ohhh… Kumar, come on suck me now”

Hearing this, my pecker throbbed and slipped out of Prabha’s satin underwear. The amorous kiss had made me flow profusely. A few sex drops glistened at tip of my foreskin. Prabha saw bubbles collected on reddish knob inside the foreskin, was ready to drip. She stretched her hand swiftly and caught the droplets inside her palm.

Prabha swirled her tongue over the drop and swallowed my spume. Clicking her tongue, Prabha said “Hmmm Kumar… You are very tasty. Ohhh… Kumar come taste me now.”

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