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Thank you Aunt Lisa

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It all started about five years ago,I was 18 yrs old when my mom had another birthday party at her house. I was over helping my brothers prepare the gifts that everyone had brought over.Everyone else was pretty much laughing and joking and having a good time.Pretty soon I was in the house was alone.I heard my Aunt Lisa come in.Aunt Lisa was at the time 37 yrs old,small B cup breast,petite body,and a gorgeous round ass being held up by 2 of the most beautiful legs one could ever see in his entire life.I had a huge crush on Aunt Lisa for years,but she was family.I heard Aunt Lisa say I have to piss soo bad.She then asked me if anyone was in the bathroom.I nodded,”No,not that no of”She assked me to check for her.As sure as I was,there was no one in there.She walked in the bathroom and left the door cracked open.I was still getting gifts together when I heard my Aunt Lisa call me.She haven’t even gotten undressed to use the bathroom yet.”Come talk to me while I use the bathroom,it ain’t like its something you never seen before.”I haven’t seen her before,not in that state.She pulled up her miniskirt and revealed she wasn’t wearing any panties.”Look baby,no panties,easy access is what I tell my daughter this is”,she explained.She called me over right before she let go and told me to look.”Watch how my pee come out my pussy”,she told me. Just by her telling me this made my dick rock hard. I leaned over and watched the stream of piss flow from her freshly shaved pussy.My dick kept growing and growing.I knew she wasn’t drunk because she didn’t drink.Now I’m wondering where all this is coming from.She london escort stood up while piss was still pouring from her beautiful pussy.”I think someone is getting turned on and I don’t mean me,”she said.She finshed up and wiped and flushed the toilet.”Take caree of that ,Tiger,”she told me.

Later that evening,everyone was starting to leave.I went inside the house to wrap up a takeaway plate for the next day.Aunt Lisa came in behind me and whispered in my ear that she has been holding her piss for hours just for me.My dick jumped straight so fast that it gave me chills.”Take me home and I’ll show you things I need done for future references.”she said softly.So I grabbed my keys and took her home.Besides getting out and going straight to the bathroom,she went and put put on a skimpy pink pastel thong and called me to the bathroom.She asked,”You want to see what I enjoy doing when I’m alone?” “Hell yeah,”I responded sexily.She pulled the thong revealing a thick camel toe.I looked down at he panty clad pussy and she began to piss straight through her pink thong.Isaw the thong getting darker and darker from the saturation of her pee.The fabric could not contain a stream that has been held for hours and it penetrated the thong and was hitting the toilet water like buckshot.Oh my what a beautiful site.I didn’t know watching a woman piss would turn me on especially when they piss through their panties.She started to rub the wet thong against against her clit while she was still peeing.I was watching the whole time while rubbing my hard cock through my shorts.”Let me see it?” she said london escort agency enticingly.I pulled my dick from my shorts and she told tom to come closer.Her warm mouth aroused me even more as soon as it was wrapped around my waiting manhood.I’m about 8 1/2 in long and she took me balls deep.The second time she kinda gagged but dove right back on it like a true soldier.She gagged again,this time she took her time.I felt my cock swelling in her mouth and I was getting close to cumming but I didn’t tell her anything.I started fucking her throat and I came fiercely in her mouth.She opened her mouth showing what I had left in there.She closed her mouth and swallowed 4 times before she got it all down.”Man you taste better than I thought”,she said.I couldn’t believe what was going on so I pinched myself on a sly just to she if it was real,it wasShe removed her wet panties and ringed out the clearish yellow liquid from them.I moved up behind her while she was facing the sink.I put the head of my dick in her pussy and she slammed back into it as she let out a loud moan.I started fucking the living shit out of her pussy.

I kept hitting bottom and tried to go further.She was screaming and moaning in pain and ecstasy while I was banging her guts.All of a sudden she told me to stop and that she wanted to try something new.I was thinking,hell,you’re thirtysomething,single,and beautiful as hell,what haven’t you tried before?I guess I sadi that a bit too loud because she answered”ANAL!!” At first I frowned at the idea,but then I thought …. hmmmm …. maybe its like fucking a tight escort london pussy.But I was wrong.We went into her bedroom and she pulled out the KY Jelly.She lubed up 1 of her fingers and began rubbing around her tight little rose bud.I watched her asshole pucker like a set of lips.Then I watched her finger go in and out of her ass slowly and gradually picked of speed.The she added a finger and did the same process.She slowly removed her fingers and her hole was wide open.She relubed 3 fingers this time and inserted them one at a time until she got all 3 of them in.She told me to lube up and get ready beacuse she want to feel my rock hard dick deep in her asshole.As she removed her fingers,I lounged my dick deep in her ass.She gasped in pain and I was loving it.I had her legs over her head and pretty soon she got use to it.She told me to make her gape wide open while she kept her ass spreaded apart.I was hammering with everything I had.I had her asshole so wide,I took a hairbrush handle and fucked her ass with it and she didn’t notice until I switched back.I kept fucking her gaping hole until U wasn’t hitting the sides anymore.I was about to cum when she reached back and inserted 2 fingers in her asshole while my dick was still in her.It felt as if she was stretching it even more.Finally I came in her ass and pulled out to she her newly ruined asshole that I made.While my cum was oozing from her asshole,she reached back and stuck her whole hand in her ass.I later learned that was called fisting.I jerked my dick and came all over her hand and asshole.The cum ran inside her asshole.I laid beside her.

I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot I left my headlights on.I had to spend a night.We talked until we went to sleep.The next morning is a whole different story…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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