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That Damn Tattoo

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After 8 years of marriage, my wife and I have learned so much about each other in ways never imagined. In the beginning, we were strictly vanilla, and I was the alpha in the relationship. After 3 or 4 years into our marriage we started reading Literotica together. We explored different sex stories and learned that she loved being dominant and in charge and I strangely enough loved being the bottom. I loved serving her and submitting.

We would roleplay with scenarios such as student/teacher, nurse/patient, and pimp/whore. We would verbally exchange thoughts and ideas to each other. She would whisper or yell slutty names or tasks to me. She would talk about selling my ass or making me suck cocks. We both grew to love pegging, cream pies, and bondage.

One night while we were high on cocaine and extremely horny, my wife had me get a tattoo around my man pussy, as she calls it. It read, “FUCK ME.” With the mention of the tattoo I will say, I never imagined those two words along with a pair of panties would start a chain of reactions as it did.

I was on my way home from work and picked up an eight ball of coke. Before I could make it home, I was blue lighted. I never noticed I was driving 77 in a 55. I was nervous and my eyes were dilated. It resulted in a search and arrest. Luckily, I was at least 2 hours away from home and did not worry about the whole town knowing my drug charge.

It was a Friday, so I could not see the judge until Monday. I was booked in and placed in gen population. Strangely, the jailers instructed me not to strip and dress çankaya escort in jail clothes until I was in my cell. Then I was escorted to cell B2. Upon entering I became face to face with my new weekend roommate. He was huge, standing at least 6ft9, he resembled the guy off ‘The Green Mile.’ However, he was polite and nice. He introduced himself as did I. Hours passed before the guard returned and instructed to get ready for shower time.

Me and Samuel grabbed our towels and soap and made our way to the showers. Upon entering I took a quick scan of the showers and notice two other men. They were finishing. I just so happened to look at Samuel at the time he was removing his boxers and his huge fucking cock sprang free. OMG, I thought. The cock was huge. I quickly looked away and began to strip when I froze solid. WTF have I done, I thought. I never realized I was wearing a fishnet blue pair of panties that my wife requested me to wear. The crotch and ass were completely exposed.

I did what the only option was and very quickly stripped. I cover my panties and felt relaxed after believing no one noticed. I turned the shower on and stood under it. I must have been in a deep thought because I never noticed until I felt a big hand grab my ass cheek and squeeze it.

He whispered in my ear “Nice tattoo on your ass he called it, man pussy.” He calmly walked away and continued to dress, and we eventually were escorted back to our cell.

Entering the cell, I hurried to bed and covered my entire body trying to hide myself cebeci escort from the humiliation and embarrassment of the shower incident. Just as I was about to dose off after lights out, my blanket gets ripped off and replaced by Samuel’s hand above my knee. He squeezed it and made his way up my body.

He calmly spoke to me. I knew when I saw those slutty panties, I was going to fuck you, he stated. Then you had to taunt me with your little tatted up pussy saying, “fuck me'” Listen up he said. Two options. One, voluntarily you will please me or two, I will force and take it all. Trust me, Samuel stated. One is more pleasurable for you, and two will only hurt. He continued with saying that by Sunday night I would be begging for his BBC. Choose now.

Scared and out of options, I did the only thing I could. I got out of bed and answered without words by dropping to my knees and reaching for the waistband of his boxers.

Very nice slut was all he said. I pulled the waistband down and was almost knocked out by a monster of a beast. It sprung out so hard I seen spots. It hung down low and had to be the biggest cock known to mankind. Easily thirteen inches plus and thick.

I opened my mouth and started with the tip. At first, I could only get maybe two inches in my mouth before gagging and tearing up. I soon learned with practice and his encouragement that after awhile I could slowly take more. After an hour into worshipping his monster of a dick, I felt pubes on my nose. Amazed I just deepthroated the biggest cock çubuk escort ever, I was silently happy. I felt proud and good about being able to take it all down my throat. I even noticed my cock leaking precum and rock hard.

“Very nice.” he said and continued to tell me things such as I will be his slut and do whatever he says or request. He told me I was a good whore and should be proud and then requested me to answer his question about being his slut. I could only know my head and moan because I was stuffed full of BBC. He wasn’t satisfied, he removed his cock from my mouth followed by the suction pop of it exiting. “Answer me” he said.

“Yes sir,” I said. That was all I could say.

It was then I heard the door clink and open. Amazed at who entered, I was caught off guard as my face was covered with thick hot cum. Unfortunately, even my wife knows how intense my cum fetish is. When that first drop of nectar hit my lips, I instantly swung back around. I took that cock in my mouth and began to devour it. I loved the cum. As Samuel stepped back from being pleased, he was replaced by the jailer who booked me in. He pulled out his cock and slapped my face.

I told you Samuel, the jailer said. After I seen those panties, I knew we would have him. This is going to be a fun weekend he continued stating while face fucking my mouth. Then I was turned` around and stripped. Something was placed in my ass and left. I was interrupted sucking the jailers 7-inch cock by the buzzing sound and the sharp pain on my lower back. OMG, I thought. They are giving me a tatted-up tramp stamp. What was it going to be, how can I stop them, and what is my wife going to think, is all that ran through my head?

All this because of a fucking small pair of sexy panties and a slutty tattoo. What’s to come this weekend and further?? TO BE CONTINUED…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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