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That Day

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I noticed you first thing when you came in the office in the morning. “Wow!” was the one word that I wanted to say but never left my mouth. That short tight fitting dress showing off your beautiful bare legs was what first caught my eye. Then as you walked by, the profile of your large breasts stretching the material to its breaking point. Your hair and makeup just right. My mind foggy with thoughts of desire, words I wanted to say but nothing will come out. Disappointment as the door closed behind you, gone!

Left with my mind spinning at the sight that I believed I saw, or was it just a fantasy. People walking through the door making noise and carrying on, bring me back to reality. However, in the back of my mind, the image is burned. Yearning to see again to verify it was real. With every little break I get, I recall your image and relish in the feeling it brings.

As time goes on, continuing with my work, I resolved myself to never seeing you again. Only the memory which brings a smile and a stirring felt but hopefully unseen.

During a moment with a customer, something in the universe of gods told me to look up. In the distance, I saw you again walking back to your office. This time I was focused. Though the droning of noise around me, I tuned everything out and watched you walk. Every stride you took, purposefully. Everytime your breasts heaved up and down. Your tight smooth leg muscles flexed as you walked in your heels. Your ass, oh that ass, that great ass formed so nice in the dress. Bouncing as you walk raising the hem higher with each step showing more of your delicious upper thighs. As you disappeared again, reality snapped me back. I looked around to see if anyone saw me with my mouth open or the look on my face. I wasn’t the only one that saw you. You grabbed the attention of a couple of other guys as we all looked around at each other and shared a slight knowing smile.


That “knowing” smile from the other guys stirred something in me. Whether it was a little jealousy, lust or both, I wanted you. For the next bahis firmaları couple of hours I thought about you. We’ve talked before in the past, had casual conversation, even shared some personal details. We’ve known each other for some time but now I WANTED you. I want to touch, to feel you. I want to smell, to taste you. I CRAVE you now.

With my mind racing, and my dick getting increasingly harder. I get my phone and find your number. Texting you: “I can’t take it anymore. I want you so bad. meet me in the back storage room in 15min. Knock 3 times.” After about five minutes talking myself in and out of this decision, it’s now or never. I excused myself and asked a co-worker to cover me while I take a break. Heading to the storage room, I’m feeling both nervous and excited. Will you even show up? What will happen? What should I do?

The storage room was a converted small office. There I paced around like a caged animal. My cock harding and then softening depending on what is racing through my mind. Startled by three soft raps on the door, I jumped. With palms sweating and heart pounding, I opened the door and there your were. I step aside allowing you to enter. No words spoken, looking into your eyes, seeing into your soul and the sparkle, I’m lost for a moment that seems like minutes. I notice you smile. That was it. That was the flame to the fuse. Words from my mouth, “I have to fuck you.” I lean down and our mouths meld into one. Lips on lips, tongue on tongue, dancing, sucking, trying to breath. I feel your hand rubbing the bulge in my pants as if checking. I run my hand through your hair as you release a muffed moan. My other hand helping yours unbuckle and drop my pants, releasing my pent up lust. Again you moan as your hand slowly feels my manhood. You break the kiss and start to drop down. I know what’s coming, but no, I can’t let it. Knowing that if you take me into your mouth, I’ll explode instantly.


Pulling you up, I turn you around to face the wall. Knowingly, you push your ass out. I raise your dress to your kaçak iddaa hips. My hands searching for the satiny fabric that caresses your pleasure, only to feel nothing but soft warm skin. My cock pulses at the thought of you not wearing panties all day. I lean forward pressing my rigid member into the crack of your ass as I bend down and nibble your neck, your hair in my face as I breathed you in. I tease you for a minute, wanting you to feel me, feel my heat. As I slowly slide down dragging the pulsing head between your cheeks, I know you’re ready as I can feel you pushing back into me. Dropping down I can feel the heat between your legs. As I come back up I feel your fingers grasp my shaft and guide me. First a little tease of your clit as I moan, then pushing me to the entrance of your pussy.

Feeling your wetness is more than I can handle. With one hand grabbing your breast and the other your shoulder, I breathlessly whisper in your ear, “Your mine!” as I thrust deep inside you. As I’m instantly transported to another existence, my mind swirling. I feel you wrapped around my being, squeezing me, I relish in the pleasure. Like slowly waking from a deep sleep, I start to become aware of my movements. Rhythmic thrusting accompanied by the soft audible slapping against your ass mixed with an occasional moan and grunt. I reach around with both hands and free your heaving breasts from confinement. Feeling the wonderfully smooth soft flesh as they fill my hands. I squeeze them as I tell you, “fuck me.” You respond by matching my thrusts. You’re pussy is so wet, your juices are running down my balls. You moan as my cock grows bigger, harder, readying to erupt.

My mind is racing as I can feel my balls tighten. I have an urge to “mark” you somehow. Thinking if I cum inside you, you’ll feel me leaking out the rest of the day. But that can be a bit too messy as I know I’m going to flood you. As much as I want to cum on your face, that would be impractical as it would smear your makeup and a bit obvious. Breasts. I’ll cum on your breasts. Even though you’re wearing kaçak bahis a dress, you’re showing a lot of cleavage and still feel my sticky cum all day.


As I feel my cock harden like a hot steel rod and my balls churn and tighten, I release your breasts and grab your hips, thrusting even harder and deeper. Seeing your beautiful smooth legs and your wonderful ass shake, sends me to the point of no return. One more hard thrust and I pull out putting a death grip on my cock while telling you to turn around and get on your knees. As I see you kneeling, your breasts hanging out of your dress, your face flush with lust and a slight moisture, we lock eyes. Again I’m lost in your soul. The sparkle in your eye as you knowingly smile as if teasing me. My body convulses as I let out a loud moan and my cock spews it’s pent up desire for you. Stream after spasming stream landing on your neck and breasts. The tops of your breasts shiny, a pool of cum at your cleavage slowly sliding down between. With my legs shaking from my orgasm, my cock recoils from its death throes, I milk out the last remnants as you lick the head.

I help you to your feet and with your breasts still out, I help you rub my cum all over them. I tell you how I want you to leave my dried sticky cum on your breasts for the rest of the day as a reminder of me. With that, I raise your dress again and reach between your legs. You widen your legs allowing me access as I slip two fingers up deep inside your soaking wet pussy. I finger you for a minute, hearing the squishy sounds knowing that I didn’t have to cum inside you, that you’ll be wet long enough. I take my fingers and taste you, telling you that I won’t wash my hand so I can smell you all day.

You put your sticky cum covered breasts back into your dress as I tuck my flacid cock back into my pants. I lean in and kiss you deeply again, as we taste each other on our tongues. Catching our breath, we make our last adjustments trying to resemble normalcy. As we exit the room, I can’t help but reach down and cup your amazing ass and squeeze one last time as you giggle and we part ways.

Later that day, I saw you walk by and as we looked at each other, I raised my fingers to my nose, smiled and winked at you.

What a WONDERFUL day!

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