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That Was Close

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Half awakened by the ringing he tries to sleep through it. On the third ring he actually caught on to what he was sleeping through. He quickly jumped up an answered the phone. Looking at the caller I.D before answering he says

“Hello babe. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Why did it take so long to answer?”

“Sorry about that. Rough sleep I guess.”

“Oh its okay. Well are you going to come over?”

“You know it.”

“Well just come on in I will be in the shower an the door will be unlocked.”

“Alright… I love you.”

“Bye dear love you too.”

Daniel quickly found some clothes to wear. He wasn’t to picky because its only about two hours before Marie has

to go to work. An anyway the clothes would only be on part of the time. He brushed his teeth an set off on his mission.

Smiling as he turned the knob on the front door looking for any nosey neighbors. He was sure a lot of them talked. Damn, what else do you expect when you go to another mans house everyday after he leaves an before his wife goes

to work. Walking in the living room it was a mess. The kids found enough time to pull out everything they possibly could before having to go to there grandma’s house. Walking into the kitchen an turning to the right quietly he opened the bathroom door. Just knowing his love was behind the shower curtain naked with hot water shooting out from the shower head onto her hair running down illegal bahis her face an neck to her breast through the curves an down to her lovely lips. He jerked the curtain back startling her.

“Damnit Daniel… you always do that to me.” she said trying to act ill. But couldn’t hold back her smile. They met in a kiss. He didn’t worry bout getting wet from the shower he wanted her right then an there. When the kiss ended she stepped out of the tub an they walked to the bedroom. When she turned around he grabbed her an there lips met again. He loved to feel her tongue an his intertwine.

But more so he wanted to intertwine his dick with her wet pussy. He laid her down on the bed. An her legs spread revealing her warm cunt. On instinct more then desire. She wanted more then either one of them knew. He took his shirt off an tossed it on the floor. undone his buckle on his belt an dropped his pants an boxers. His shaft half an attention he climbed on the bed in between her long tan legs. Gazing at her blonde hair an beautiful eyes. An hours upon hours of working out has paid for this woman. Her hour glass figure could turn on any man. He grabbed his dick an started stroking. Wrapping his fist around his meat an running it up an down. Then moving it closer too her pussy he teased her lips with it. With the other hand he grabbed one of her hard nipples squeezing it between his fingers she let out a soft moan an said “Baby I illegal bahis siteleri want you.” With that Daniel said to himself its on.

Slowly thrusting his erect member into her wanting dripping cunt he moaned himself. An starting moving in an out. Pushing himself inside of. As deep as he could go. She closed her eyes an started to get into the trance. Moaning an licking her lips. Wrapping her legs around him. Thrusting her pussy up doing all she could to help his thrust go deep as they could. Her breath got shorter an shorter by the thrust. As Daniel probed her cunt with the greatest sexual desire. An her started licking her breast. Around the nipple on the left the putting his lips on her erect tips an sucked an nibbled making her move closer to ecstasy from the attention. Then ran his tongue over to the right an doing the same to that one. Only taking more time then the other. Cause Marie grabbed him by they back of his head an held his face there to take feast upon her chest. As his cock rammed her pussy. Then he pulled out an looked her smiling he said “Ride my dick baby. Sit on me an let me fill your hole with my juices.”

Then he laid with his back on the bed an watched her angelic body rise an sit on top of his dick. He watched as her pussy lips parted as his dick entered her. Felt her warmth again. An she started a motion up an down with perfect rhythm. He put his hands under his head an watch her work canlı bahis siteleri her magic on him. He could tell she was near the edge cause her juices were flowing constant an strong. Her moans where getting louder but no matter how much she got into it she always kept hold of herself she didn’t want the neighbors hearing anything. She started pumping his cock harder an faster. Telling him she want his hot cum inside her pussy. It was on fire an needed to be put out. She dug her nails into his skin as she let out a moan that set his own orgasm into motion. Just has her fluid soaked his dick his hard shaft started to throb inside her. Pushing so much seamen into her you could see it start to leak out of her at an enormous rate. She kept riding. Kept thrust his throbbing member into her. Moaning and panting. She was as turned on by his moans as he was hers an when his cock was done pushing cum inside her she got off an threw herself on the bed an let out a big breath of air an said “Damn baby I love doing this with you.” Just then she was startled by her husbands van pulling into the driveway.

They both jumped up she grabbed her bath robe an Daniel went to the bathroom to put on his clothes. An after unsteadily balancing on one leg putting one pant leg on the other an throwing his shirt on he retreated from his hiding spot. An as soon as he opened the door her husband was reaching for the handle. Daniel smiled and said “What’s up man how’s it going?”

He replied “Pretty good had to come back home for some more parts.”

“Cool.” Daniel replied. Looking over to Marie she returned his smile. An as soon as her husband left they both said… “That was close!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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