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The Addition of Lillian Ch. 1

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I reach up and smoothed the front of your shirt over your chest. “Are you looking forward to tonight?”

You look down and smile at me. “Of course, I always enjoy a night out with you.”

“Every one is meeting for drinks first?”

“Yeah, they’ll be at Canlis’ at eight.” You tuck a loose curl back behind my ear and gently brush a kiss across my lips. I’m wearing a simple, sleeveless black dress that hugs my ample breasts before sliding off my hips to float lightly around my thighs. Even without checking, you know I’m wearing a pair of garters and stockings. It’s my way of tormenting you while we’re out.

I smile, understanding the look that’s come into your eyes. The direction of your thoughts are written on your face as your eyes swept across my body appreciatively. Knowing that you want to put your hands on me is enough to make me wet. I feel at my most complete when you’re buried deep inside of me, your body pressed hard against me, and your hips rocking me higher and higher.

You watch me shiver at my own thoughts and smile. It’s nice to know that you have the same affect on me that I have on you. “Shall we?” You lead me to the car and hold the door open as I slide into the passenger seat, my dress riding high up on my thigh.

Later that night as we sit having drinks with several of our married friends you notice an older woman seated at the bar alone. She’s attractive, in her late thirties or early forties with red hair. Her legs are long and shown to their best advantage by her short skirt and high heels. While accenting her slim figure the outfit was still conservative. You notice that her eyes keep sliding to where I sit sipping a glass of white wine, talking with friends.

You slide off the bar stool, kissing me on the back of the neck as you pass by and make your way to the bar. “Two more.” You indicate to the bartender before turning to the redhead seated next to you. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“Excuse me?” She drops her eyes to her drink and blushes, telling you that she knows exactly what you’re referring to.

“My girlfriend, she’s beautiful?”

“Yes, she is.” She lifts her eyes and smiles shyly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.”

“No problem; I like knowing that other men and women find her attractive. Would you like to meet her?”

She looks surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Just that, why don’t you join us?”

“Why would you what me to do that?”

You stop to think about it and wonder what the night might have in store for us. “I think she would enjoy meeting you.”

“It wouldn’t bother you?”

You smile. “No, in the end I’m the one she goes home with.”

She looks uncertain, intrigued but uncertain.

“Come on. I’ll buy you a drink on the condition you join us.” You offer her your hand. “By the way, my name’s James.”

The bartender brings you our drinks and you turn, indicating our table.

Alright,” bahis firmaları she stands and takes your hand. “My name’s Lillian.”

I watch as the two of you approach and look at you questioningly. You introduce everyone and make sure that Lillian takes a seat on the other side of me. As it turned out Lillian is recently divorced and new to the area. Her job brought her here and she was out trying to find some kind of social life. She didn’t normally go to bars but she couldn’t stand that thought of staying home alone on a Saturday evening. She seemed to blend well with our group and after sharing a couple of drinks agrees to join us for dinner.

After eating the group moves to the edge of the dance floor. You enjoy taking me onto the dance floor, looking over me shoulder as Lillian watches the two of us. At one point you pull Lillian onto the dance floor with the two of us and once she’s relaxed leave her and I to dance alone while you watch from the table.

The two of us are similar in coloring but where Lillian is tall and slender I am shorter with a voluptuous figure. Together we make a stunning picture and you find yourself getting aroused.

You know that I enjoy women almost as much as I enjoy you but you’ve never pushed for me to engage in any sort of threesome. You like being with me and in the end you aren’t one to share. For my part I am more than content to spend my passion upon your body. You know me to be an enthusiastic lover and the two of us find hours of enjoyment with each other. But tonight you’re inclined towards something different.

I knew you were up to something. You’d been watching me for hours and often times included Lillian in our conversation. You also made sure that Lillian and I were seated together and on more than one occasion left the two of us to dance alone. I’m not the least bit surprised when you offer to drive Lillian home so that she wouldn’t have to take a cab.

Lillian had enjoyed her evening and the company of both James and Liz. It was obvious that the couple adored each other as was evidenced by the hundred little ways they touched. It was something noticeably missing from her own marriage and one of the reasons she and her husband had separated. Now, she found herself wishing to be a part of something so special, or at least bear witness to it.

You seem to know the exact direction of her thoughts. Instead of driving Lillian home you take her to your place. After helping both of us out of the car you open the front door and show us into the living room. I slip out of my shoes before sinking down on to the couch, tucking my feet beneath me.

You indicate that Lillian take a chair opposite of me while you go and get each of us a glass of wine. Both of us are relaxed, talking comfortably when you returned and sit beside me on the couch. You brush my hair off my shoulders and run your fingers along me neck. I shiver kaçak iddaa and smile at you before settling back against the couch.

Your hand slides down from me neck, along me collarbone, and into the tender place between me breasts. You can see me nipples harden through me dress and moved to trace the one closets to you with your fingertips. I shift against the couch and arched me back, pressing me breast into your hand. I take a deep breath and let it out on a long sigh.

Lillian sat mesmerized as James continued to stroke and caress Liz. They seemed to slowly enter their own world where no one else existed. She felt her own nipples harden as if James were stroking her instead of Liz. Her breath caught when he took one of Liz’s nipples in between his fingers and rolled it gently.

You can hear Lillian from across the room and smile as you lower your head. You brush your against the tender skin of my neck, inhaling my light scent before pressing your lips against the pulse that beats beneath my jaw.

Your hand, which had been teasing my nipple unmercifully, moves to caress the flat of my stomach before sliding down my thigh. Your fingers move under the hem of me dress and back up the inside of my thigh. You can feel me tremble as your fingers brush above the top of my stockings and reach bare skin. The skin there is softer than the most expensive silk and you know that I will taste even better.

As Lillian watched Liz uncurled her legs and spread her thighs allowing James access to the very center of her being. Lillian could see the moisture already collecting along Liz’s pussy. Her own pussy was wet and she could feel her clit throbbing against her panties. She longed to rub herself with her fingers and before she’d completed the thought her fingers were already sliding up her thigh, pushing her skirt up as she went.

You move me until I’m lying back on the couch. You’re seated between me spread thighs, my pussy open before you. As you sit staring down at me, I arch my back and lift me hips in invitation. You draw the moment out, teasing me with your fingertips along my thigh but never touching me where I want it most.

“Please.” I keep my passion-dazed eyes on you and reach out to try and pull you close.

“Please what?” You drag the tip of your finger around my swollen clit.

“Touch me.” My hands are on my breasts, squeezing them gently.

“I am.”

“More.” I lift me hips, trying to push my clit against your fingers.

“You’ll have to be more specific than that.”

“Taste me. Please, I want to feel your mouth on me.”

You smile and lower your head. Your breath brushes lightly against my fevered skin eliciting a moan of pure desire. My pleasure almost sends you over the edge; your own desire is pressed hard against your pants. You want nothing more than to sink yourself into my warmth but you hold back. You’ve made definite plans for this kaçak bahis evening and you will not allow yourself to be swayed.

My scent reaches out to you as you lower your head to kiss the inside of my thighs, first one and then the other. You run your thumbs up either side of my pussy lips and gently pull them open, bearing my swollen flesh. You reach out with your tongue and start lapping at my juices. I lift my hips and you’re rewarded with a moan of pure pleasure. My hand is tangled in your hair and I hold you close. I’m wet and whimpering for you, seeming to have forgotten that we have company.

But you haven’t. You look over and are pleased to see that Lillian is stroking herself, one hand on her breast and the other under her skirt. You turn back and circle my clit with your tongue. The simple touch begins to undue me; you feel my thighs start to tense and you know that my orgasm is close. You move your tongue over my clit faster and apply a little more pressure while at the same time releasing your swollen cock from your pants.

“Oh, God! James! Please, I need to feel you inside of me.” As you start sucking on my clit I pull on your hair, trying to bring you up and over my body.

“Come for me.” You know the instant when the coil inside of me has wound itself tight and at that very moment rise and thrust your cock into my wet, hot, clenching pussy. You look over to see Lillian with her legs spread and resting on the arms of the chair while she rubs her clit furiously. You wait until she catches you looking at her, letting her know that you know she enjoys watching us, before turning back to watch me climax.

You continue to thrust your cock deep inside of me, angling your body so as to simultaneously stimulate my clit. With my hands in your hair I pull you down and kiss you passionately, tasting myself on your tongue. Your hands are on my hips pulling me harder against you, allowing you to move deeper with each thrust of your hips. My hands move from your hair to stroke down your back and grasp your buttocks. I pull you closer, my orgasm about to shatter, and slide my finger between your cheeks, touching that most intimate place. The slightest amount of pressure and your own orgasm begins to ripe through you. At the moment of our orgasms, you release my lips and turn your head to watch as at that exact moment Lillian makes herself come.

Harder. Deeper. You thrust once, twice more and cum deep inside of me, your orgasm bursting up against my G-Spot. You feel me shudder and the walls of my pussy clench around your cock, wringing the last of your orgasm from your body. With one final thrust you empty into me just before you collapse. The air is heavy with the scent of sex and the only sound in the room is our combined breathing.

Some time later, Lillian comes over to where we lay entwined in each other’s arms on the couch and kisses each of us tenderly. “Thank you,” is all she says. She’s already called herself a cab and sees herself out before either one of us gathers the strength to move. Who knows, maybe we will encounter her again some time?

To Be Continued…

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