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The Adventures Of April Ames Pt. 03

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Alissa looked straight at me then burst into tears. She rested her head my shoulder and sobbed into my t-shirt.

“I can’t believe it,” she said.

“I know, it’ll be okay though. He’s a dick!” I replied trying to sound comforting.

“How could he break up with me, I mean, it was only a couple of guys.”

“Really? Come on Alissa. You cheated.”

“Yea, you’ve cheated and Pete is still with you.”

“I know, but Pete is too dumb to find out. And if he did I’m sure I could just lie my way out of it anyway,” I said.

I ran a hand through her hair as she continued to sob on my shoulder. I glanced at the clock. Two AM, far too early for this shit.

“Did he find out about the professor last week?” I asked.

She shook her head. “He only knows about a couple.”

“How many guys have you done behind his back?”

She looked up at me with teary eyes and make up streaming down her face. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing,” I quickly said. “I was just wondering how much of a slut my best friend has been.”

Her grimace turned into a smile. “Very slutty.”

“How slutty is very slutty?”

“Hmm, one a day. Last week I had two at once, and let’s just say the basketball team are quite energetic.”

“Wow really. I’ve barely had time for cock lately. My hole feels neglected. It’s practically growling,” I giggled.

“Want me to have a play?” Alissa grinned and slid a hand up my bare thigh sending tingles down my spine.

My phone pinged and vibrated on the bed. I picked it up and swiped it open.

“Oooo I’ve got an email from professor Vargas,” I said just as Alissa pressed a thumb right on the sweet spot between my legs making me gasp.

“Oh really,” she giggled and moved her thumb gently around in circles on my clit.

“Look,” I slapped her hand away but the tingling sensation between my legs remained. It had been at least a week since professor Vargas had fucked me with his huge cock. Since then I’d had no time for anything other than uni work.

“Hey!” Alissa hissed. “Was just getting started, all work and no cock makes me a very sad girl.”

“This ain’t work, I said look,” I shoved the phone in her face and her eyes lit up as she scanned the screen.

“Wow. What do you reckon that is?” She grinned.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Not sure. You think we should attend?”

“It’s a party.”

“A gathering,” I cut in.

“Just another word for party. We’ll be the hottest most fuckable girls in the place,” she grinned. “And maybe you can get someone sexy to ride you, or you ride him, whatever tickles your pussy!”

“So we’re going?” I asked.

“Yea, why not. Nothing else to do this weekend.”

“And look, there’s a dress code. Masks to be worn at all times, formal dress required.”

“You have any formal dresses?”

“Yea I’ve got one,” I bounced up off the bed and rummaged through my wardrobe pulling a sleek black dress out of the back. It was low cut, backless, and hugged my toned body perfectly excentuating my slight curves and perky tits.

“Wow that’s nice. I think I’ve got something at home. I’ll go look. Meet tomorrow?”

“Yea sure, what time?”

“About eight that okay?” She asked and placed one hand on my left breast sending another familiar tingle down my spine.

“Yea sure,” I said as she stepped forwards.

“Goodbye kiss?” She asked.

I nodded and leant forwards with my lips pouted.

“Hmm really, on the mouth. Can’t I kiss your cunt?”

I giggled and jumped on the bed. Alissa spread my legs as wide as they would go and before I knew it she was licking my shaved slit and I was screaming her name as I climaxed. The perfect goodbye kiss.


The night of the gathering, or party as Alissa liked to call it, approached faster than it should have. I tugged at my dress nervously. It was practically skin tight and stretched to the floor covering my black high heels. The back showed off the tattoo of the dragon up my spine and over my shoulder blades, and one long slit up the side allowed the perfect view of one long, toned and tanned leg.

“Wow you look gorgeous,” Alissa said excitedly as she took off her jacket. She was wearing a red dress, with a cut of fabric missing from the stomach, the back and one leg, baring her smooth skin to the world.

“If we weren’t going out I would ravage you right here,” I said feeling a twinge of desire get the juices flowing between my legs.

“That’s too bad honey, if this party is a dud, you know exactly what we are doing don’t you?”

I bahis siteleri nodded, her voice got me even hornier as I glared at her perfect body with hungry eyes. She had tied her red hair back in one long ponytail and her pale skin looked so smooth and gorgeous in the dim light of the room.

“Ready?” Alissa asked and beckoned her forwards.

They both ascended the steps together. I banged on the door with one fist and it instantly snapped open.

The butler they had met last week opened the door wide. He didn’t say anything, only held out an arm inviting them inside.

The inside of the house, if you could call it a house that is, it was more like a mansion, looked as elegant as ever.

“Upstairs,” the butler said as they stepped inside.

“Upstairs this time eh?” Alissa said as we walked up a long flight of stairs to the second floor. “I was hoping we were gonna be downstairs again.”

“Hmmm, the professor’s cock was so big I orgasmed harder than I ever have!”

“Me too,” Alissa giggled, then stumbled and nearly fell over just as she reached the top step.

I burst out laughing as she shot me a glare. “Maybe I won’t lick your cunt later now!” She growled.

“Aww come on it was funny,” I laughed and pulled her forwards into a long kiss that lasted long enough for my slit to start tingling.

“Mmmm maybe we should just go home and have some fun on our own?” Alissa groaned as we pulled away from each other. “I’m so horny right now I could do with a good licking out!”

“Sounds like a plan, but we’re here now,” I replied. “We should at least see what the deal is. We might get another taste of the professor’s huge cock inside us again.”

“You think you could handle him again?” Alissa smiled.

“I know I could.”

The door across the hall suddenly clicked open and professor Vargas stood tall in the doorway.

“Follow me ladies.” He said and beckoned them forwards.

We both looked at each other, smiled then walked forwards into the room.

I blinked in the dim light trying to get my eyes to adjust. What I saw in the huge room instantly sent my legs weak with desire as around twenty or thirty men and women were dotted around the outside walls on couches or tables, all of them were fucking.

I didn’t know where to look first. A skinny blonde was grunting as she bounced up and down on a man lying on a table. Another two women were in the corner, either side of man fighting over who should have his cock in their mouth. A tall, black haired girl was bent over on all fours. Her nipples brushed the floor as a man was knelt behind her ramming his cock inside her as hard as he could while she squealed with delight.

“Yesssss fuck my cunt!” A ginger girl squealed as a man lay on top of her, pinning her arms to the floor while he ravaged her insides and sucked on her tits.

Alissa grinned at me, clearly turned on by the sight of everyone in the room having sex, as the professor led us through the crowd.

“What we don’t get to join in?” Alissa giggled and stepped over two women, both licking each other out at the same time.

“Later,” the professor said. “Maybe, that’s not why you are here.”

“Why are we here then?” I asked. “Are you keeping us for your huge cock?”

The professor laughed, but didn’t respond, he only surged to the other side of the room dodging all the people strewn about fucking on the floor.

They reached another door on the other side. He pushed it open and led them both through, shutting it with a click behind us.

There was nothing in this room except for two men, both strapped to the floor by chains. They were both naked, blindfolded, and their cocks stuck up in the air like flag poles.

Another door opened on the far side and a black haired woman with lightly tanned skin, green eyes, and a body to die for entered the room. She was wearing a long, red gown that stretched to the floor making it look like she glided when she moved.

She strutted across to them and stood with her hands on her hips. “Is this the two of them?”

The professor nodded.

“Leave us!” She waved her hand and professor Vargas was gone out the same door they had entered through without so much as a glance at either of them.

“What is this?” Alissa asked.

“It’s true,” the woman said. “You both are gorgeous, more so in person.”

“Thanks,” I said in a confused voice.

“Who are you?” Alissa asked.

The woman started pacing up and down in front of us, eyeing us up and down as she did so. “My canlı bahis siteleri name is Ana Farrel, and I am the owner of this house.”

“Oh shit is the professor your husband?” Alissa burst out sounding worried.

Ana laughed. “Of course not, although your delightful evening with him is partly the reason I wanted to meet you.”

“He told you about that did he?” I asked.

“Told me?” She said. “I saw everything. And what an arousing display you girls put on. You nearly broke him. I’ve never seen such wild animals such as yourselves.”

“What, you saw us?” Alissa sounded outraged, but I knew the idea of someone watching us get fucked into oblivion would turn her on, the thought of it turned me on.

“I saw everything. I was so aroused I just had to be taken by several men that night just to stop my pussy from pulsing!” The woman giggled and stopped pacing. “Now, the real reason you are here. I can’t be sure yet, but I have a good idea of what you are.”

“What we are?” I said sounding confused again.

“Yes. Have your male partners ever told you they felt exhausted after you have finished with them? Are you energised after sex?”

Me and Alissa looked at each other.

“That was one of the reasons my boyfriend dumped me,” Alissa said. “He said fucking me was too much, it was making him tired and drained. I was too much for him.”

“Yea my boyfriend says the same thing. We barely have sex.”

“So how do you feed?” Ana asked.

“Feed?” I said.

“Yes, feed.”

“I have sex with anyone and anything, at every opportunity,” Alissa giggled. “I need it. It makes me feel alive.”

“What about you April? Do you feed, other than your boyfriend?”

I felt myself go red. “Yes,” I said after hesitating. “I have cheated so many times.”

“Now, I have a strong suspicion the both of you are one of us,” Ana said. “Though your powers are not fully realised. I am here to help with that.”

“What do you mean? What are we?”

“You are succubi, as am I!”

“Succubi?” Alissa asked.

“Yes. A creature who feeds on the souls of others through sex. We are a privileged race. We live for thousands of years and our immortality is fed through the sacred art of fucking.”

“That explains a lot,” I said, thinking back to all the partners who had been inside of me, remembering how alive I felt during and after they penetrated me.

“I’m sure it does,” Ana said and gestured to the men strapped to the floor. “Now, there are two men in front of you. I will stand here and guide you through the process. I would like you to use them any way you see fit. Take their life force into you, degrade them if you must. These men are the dregs of society and are not fit to live normal lives.”

Alissa and I looked at each other again, then turned our attention to the men on the floor. I was instantly overcome with a burning desire to destroy the two huge cocks in front of me. I could tell Alissa was thinking the same thing as a look of hunger washed over her.

“Are you ready?” Ana asked.

We both nodded and stepped forwards.

“Then begin your feast my angels of the night.”

Alissa was the first of us to crouch down. She had a smile on her face as she leant over and instantly buried the man on the rights cock right to the back of her throat. She groaned as she began sucking and licking his long shaft with her wet lips.

I crouched down next and took the left man’s cock in one hand. I stroked up and down, just once causing the man to grunt.

“This is new,” Alissa laughed.

“I know,” I gasped as the urge to have the man inside me became too much. I slipped out of my dress, letting it fall to the floor, pulled my thong down my legs and over my high heels. Within seconds my pussy was on him and he was filling me, stretching my walls outwards as I began to gyrate on his hard cock.

“Not wasting any time then,” Alissa said as I noticed she too had stripped showing off her perfectly toned body and screeched as she lowered herself down onto her man.

“It’s been over a week!” I hissed as I started bouncing, sending loud slaps of skin against skin reverberating around the room. The man below me was grunting as I fucked his cock hard.

“Oh yessss!” Alissa hissed as she too was wriggling her hips and sliding her pussy up and down his shaft with a skill unmatched by any woman.

“Mmmm,” I groaned as my pussy got faster, sucking his cock into me like a demon. “I needed this!”

“My guys big,” Alissa gasped. “He’s so deep and deliciously canlı bahis thick.”

“Mine too,” I grunted and grabbed my own breasts as I leant back, forcing the man deeper inside my slit.

“That’s it ladies,” Ana said above us. She was watching the display with hungry eyes. “Take everything from them. Imagine sucking their souls through your delicious cunts.”

“Fuck yesssss!” Alissa screeched. Her movements had turned from elegant writhes and bounces to jerking motions that caused her perfect tits to jiggle on her chest.

I was getting hot now as I bounced relentlessly on top of the man, clamping my tight cunt down on his long shaft, sucking every inch of pleasure in could from him without mercy or signs of stopping.

“I can’t-” Ana groaned above us and when I opened my eyes her perfect face was barely inches from mine. She had removed her gown, and crouched down over the man’s face, burying her pussy on his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” I gasped as my bounces got harder and harder. I could feel the man’s cock deep inside me, pushing and rubbing against my walls causing my juices to dribble out over his legs.

“Kiss me,” Ana whispered with her eyes closed. “play with my firm tits!”

I groaned into her open mouth as we locked lips and massaged our tongues together as my hands reached up and gripped her tits. I pulled on her nipples and squeezed her breasts causing her to cry into my mouth.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum,” Alissa shouted. “I think this guy’s nearly there as well.”

“That’s it ladies,” Ana said through clenched teeth. “Take everything from them. Feed your cunts with their souls!”

“Oh god!” I gasped as I felt my pussy tighten.

“Yesssss!” Alissa squealed. “I’m cumming!”

“Me too!” I shouted as the hard cock inside me grew in length. The man jerked and cried out as I slid up and down. I felt my pussy twinge and then explode in one long intense orgasm that shook its way through my entire body. I arched my back and felt Ana’s mouth clamp down on my left nipple with her warm lips as the orgasm took hold of me.

“Ahhhhh!” I screeched. “Fuck yesssss!”

The mans cock spurted several large deposits of cum into me. I felt the warmth of it hit my back wall and spread through my entire body, but I didn’t stop, I kept bouncing hard and fast not wanting my orgasm to end. My bounces turned into wet sloppy grinds and I gasped for air as I fucked him completely.

I opened my eyes and saw the last of Alissa’s orgasm rock through her body. She jerked and twitched and thrashed around as cries of joy escaped her lips.

“Get up!” Ana growled at me.

I slid off the man with a grunt and fell to the side. Alissa did the same and we watched as Ana’s eyes turned bright red.

“It’s my turn!” She growled and jumped on the man I was fucking. She was riding him in reverse cowboy, arching her back as she bounced up and down with a ferocious intensity. She let out a cry and the man beneath her groaned and jerked.

“This is how a real succubi fucks her prey!” She screamed. Her firm tits bounced along with her as she brought herself to a climax within seconds on the first man with a long loud screech.

A second later she had pulled off him, and with cum gushing out of her cunt she jumped on the other man sliding him deep inside her with a wail. She bounced so hard the man groaned and cried out as his cock got fucked probably harder than it ever had.

Another minute or so and Ana was wailing and digging her nails into the man’s legs as her pussy worked up and down his shaft. Her eyes flashed red and a screech escaped her lips as she rode him.

“Oh god!!!” She screamed and there was a crack, like the rip of fabric. Something black burst out of her back. Ana stretched her arms outwards either side of her as a set of black wings burst from her spine and spread out wide. “Ahhhhh!”

The wings quivered and shook. Her face contorted into a look of beautiful agony as another orgasm washed over her. Her eyes pulsed red as she fed and bounced and gasped for air.

When she was done she rolled off the man beneath her and lay on the floor in front of them, panting and sweating.

“I’m sorry,” she said between gulps of air. “I could no longer contain myself. I was so turned on by the pair of you I just had to feed!”

Alissa and I watched in shock as the wings on her back slowly retracted and pushed themselves back into her spine.

“What the fuck?” Alissa gasped. “will that happen to us?”

Ana nodded. “Yes, with a bit of practice. There is nothing more satisfying than being penetrated in your true form. The orgasm will satisfy your needs, for a time.”

“What happens now?” I asked.

“You will come here, nightly, to begin your training in the art of fucking!” Ana smiled.

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