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The Agency Ch. 01

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Pt 1 – Fuck Me

‘Fuck me fuck me, fuck me, ye that’s good, oh ye …nice; oh yes. Oooh Yees that’s greeeaattt…thanks.’ I started to go through a very satisfactory orgasm which gave me what I enjoy most. I love the feeling when my body start flowing over the clouds as my sexual energy takes control over my body and I get lost in the most intimate pleasures a woman can enjoy in the hands of a great lover. The feeling of being filled up, the friction of the movements between my legs, inside my most intimate part I posses and not control. I feel I’m in wonderland, in the land where everything moves on cotton balls and silk. The moment when my ego takes over, I’m lost in dreams, in fantasy and imagination. The flow of hot blood flowing through my veins, the way my body becomes so active; on fire as the phallus moves in and out of my hot Venus, is what I crave for. I just loved what I just had been enjoying.

‘You like it?’

‘Oooohh yeee, it feels so good moving in and out of me. Fuck me, yessss, I’mmm cummming, cummiinng. Ahhh. Aaahhh.. Thanks… stop, don’t move.’ My body was shaking now with a huge eruption. Tony, that’s his name was on top of me. My ass popped up on a couple of pillows, his hardness has just stopped moving. It was deep inside me filling me to the brink. He was quite long and very thick. He pressed it in as far as he could while my body started to shake, the moment which sent me in total ecstasy. As I tried to relax, another eruption took over as I went through from one orgasm to another. I held him tight lost in beautiful feelings until I started really to come back to normality. ‘Hold it there; feels so good; being filled with your hardness; like to enjoy it while I relax.’ I said as I was flowing back through that fine feeling of blood cooling down slowly.

He was on top of me, his hard member, about 15 – 18cm in length and quite thick was totally embedded in my vaginal duct. The feeling was great, stretched to the limits. I let him wait as long it did not loose its’ hardness. I tightened my vaginal muscles around it like a vice. Then I relaxed them and done it again, repeating them a few times more.

‘Move slowly outwards please, very slowly. I love to feel the friction against the wall of my tube. Yes, right, slower and just stop at the very entrance; good; now just give me a few short trusts, just the head enter and reverse. Ooohh, that’s just great. A few more please; good, now all the way in very slowly. The feeling is great; the stretching of the tube is something I love. Good… keep going… a bit faster, yes that’s right.’ It was going well and the friction started to get me high again. He seemed to be also enjoying it as I started to feel the tension building as his penis started to swell.


‘Ohh I’m cumming,’ he said.

I just felt the head getting thicker, my vagina was more then wet and I was also on the brink of another eruption. I was just hoping that they will coincide together. Then he pushed deeper inside me and the first spurt just shot out of his dick. I was very close but not enough. I held him tight, put my lips against his and waited silently enjoying the shots of cream flowing out of his hardness.

‘Don’t move now, stay as you are. I tell you when to pull out.’ I said as I broke the kiss the moment I felt his cock relaxing. I, sometimes loves to feel the hardness melting, loosing its’ volatility, it’s pridness inside my vagina. On many occasions I feel a silent orgasm, red hot blood flowing through my entire body as illegal bahis the phallus start loosing its’ dignity.

‘That was great, thanks.’

‘Thanks to you, for making it possible.’


‘The pleasure I enjoyed being with you.’

‘No problem. Now start moving out slowly.’ As his wilted cock fell out of my pussy I just woke up, took his cock in my hand, checked the condom if everything was ok, no leakage, no holes, took a piece of tissue paper and pulled it from where it was, saving the semen inside it, rolled it. Then I cleaned him with another tissue and followed me to the bathroom, where the condom ended in the toilette. We enjoyed a hot shower together.

Tony, who is a very nice guy is a businessman who visits this town frequently. The place was a five star hotel room. The price is good and for a student it’s great money. Much better then waiting tables in fast food joints. That’s all happened in the first twenty minutes. During the next part of the hour, there will be sweet talk, about family, about me, sexual encounters, sexual problems at home and many other topics. Men who frequent escort services, when away from home do it for a reason, different reasons, varies from man to man. Some have excuses, some are frustrated. Most are not happy with their sexual encounters at home.

Most of their wives, are not interested in sex except to have one or two kids, some do it once or twice a month, more as a marriage obligation rather then for their pleasure. They are like cold marble statues, they open their legs and after a few kisses and caressing trying to get his cock to hardness, he just enters, give her a few strokes and fill her with cream. He turns over and soon be snoring. Timing usually around her period time.

Naturally a lot of women become frustrated because men just want to fuck, and many times they come too quick and leave the wife without any satisfaction what so ever, except for the semen flowing out of her pussy as she tries to sleep. These things are never said by men. They only crib about the times they are not satisfied or their wives turn their backs on them. Sure women are not so bad and a lot are very happily married. Some also are very hot, so hot that they look also somewhere else for more satisfaction unless they have something hidden in their nightstands.

Before I tell you more about hotel whoring it will be interesting to give you a resume of how it all started. I am 21, live in a nice apartment with three other girls, Melanie, who is in 4th year medical, myself, my younger sister 19 years just joined us and in 1st year and Helga also 21 years. We are all University students, working the weekends like hell as also some evenings in Fast Food Joints. The money is not that good for the hours we put. Keeping such an apartment is not cheap either. Many times difficult making ends meet.

About two weeks ago a few days before the semester started I arrived back from home with my sis hanging by. It was a Friday. I sent my sis to look for a job for the two of us. I gave her my last year’s testimonials while I stayed setting up the room. Just looking into Mel’s room I saw a web site flowing on the flat screen on the computer. It was about sex, girls for escort etc. Suddenly Mel popped out of the toilet and said ‘Hey, what you lookin at?’ Well I did not answer, not because of the sex thing, I mean we have seen various porn pictures, doing all kinds of things, eating each other, fucking the same guy at the same time, friging each other, even using strap illegal bahis siteleri ons, but escort is something else.

‘Mel is you in escorts, now?’ it was a question rather than an answer.

‘You know Joss, he’s the one who built it and just on the net since last night. He thought that this could be good business and ease some of the girl’s cash problems.’

‘Ohh! I see…’

‘There are no escort services in this town and too many business men visit here, some even staying for a week or more.’

‘Seems you done your homework, well.’

She explained how it all started and the surveys they made with positive results. She even visited some clients who, Joss discreetly met in hotel bars. The money is great and had a great time. Businessmen are mostly nice, family people who like to get a bit of action when they are away from home, mostly done discreetly. When she mentioned the money she made in one week I was shocked not mentioning the extras, which I asked for what. At the end of the discussion I could not refuse. Then she showed me the next web site, the escort one. It was attractive, beautiful with nice drawings of naked girls enjoying themselves in the hands of a very attractive male. Naturally the e-mail address was there and Mel explained that the first night it hit about 10,000 plus hits from different parts of the world, especially nationwide.

It didn’t take long before I was escorting Mel to Joss apartment. I knew Joss as also I knew that Mel had been fucking with him for the last two years on and off. But they both had a golden heart for each other. He welcomed me with a big hug and a great kiss on my lips. Welcome Else, it’s great to have you as our first official escort girl. What about your Sis?’

‘Well, about my sis, I do not know yet, except that she is still young and inexperienced, but about myself I like to have a go. Seems exciting. A knew challenge in the work of the dark.’

‘I’m sure you already wet.’ I was shocked with this statement. I was wet. I started to get wet since Mel explained some of the ropes and the excitement of meeting the unknown. Strange people! I will walk the hotel corridors, knock on the doors and a stranger open the door. A stranger whom I knew nothing about. In one way or another I always knew my dates, but these are really blind dates. And on demand.

Joss asked me to play the part. He went into his bedroom, closed the door. I followed a few minutes later, knocked on the door, he asked who’s there. I answered that it is Elsa, so the door opened. I entered, gave him a kiss and he reciprocated. We had a little small talk, agreed on the time, passed the money and I called the office. Of course, it was all a fake. Then I walked in the bathroom and slowly came out totally naked and from there on I made love to Joss for the first time. I gave him a nice massage, talked more, sucked his dick, which was very nice and in the last 20 minutes we fucked again, both times with a condom. I went crazy the second time, I became so hot playing the part that I came and came like I never knew. At the end Joss said that I am a pro escort. ‘Tonight you will meet your first.’

‘What?’ I astonishedly shouted.

‘You heard. Go to your place, put some sexy underwear and at seven knock on door 628, on the 6th floor.’ He gave me the name of the hotel and after I put my clothes on, left the bedroom, looked for Mel who I couldn’t see anywhere. ‘Mel has left. She had an early appointment and another two later on, in the night. I may call canlı bahis siteleri you back. Don’t forget to call when you arrive and after, before you leave.’

I just walked out, alone in the street with a specific appointment which is just an hour and a half away. Arriving at the apartment I met Mel just leaving, ‘Wish you luck Else, just enjoy it.’ I just returned a worried smile. She just kept going. I went up; my sis was not in yet, so I just entered the bathroom and relaxed in a hot bath full of bubbles. I trimmed the bush I had, and which I did not bother to touch the last weeks. My legs were ok, just shaved last night. Then I dressed just like going for an evening dinner with somebody special, where, I knew I’m going to take my clothes off one by one as soon as I enter the door.

On my way out, my sis arrived ‘Hi sis, where you off too? Got a date.’

‘I’m a little bit of a hurry, I give details later.’ And walked off along the street. I knew where the hotel was, so I walked. I had enough time. I wanted to visualize this situation I got myself into. My heart was working overtime. My pussy was wet, dripping. My panties can be squeezed and liquid flowed out of it. At last I arrived. I stopped, took a deep breath, entered the hotel as relaxed as possible and slowly walked to the elevator. Fortunately I was not alone when I entered. The other residents pressed five. I was relieved. I pressed six. I had already made my mind that I will go to another floor if they pressed six. I was lucky.

Soon I was on floor six; I walked slowly, looked at the boards indicating the way to the rooms and followed. I tried to walk normally as much as possible although inside I was scared. I did not know who is the man behind the door, how old he is, is he really waiting for me or it’s just a joke. A thousand and one questions came to my mind. Then the door. I knocked very politely with the back of my finger. The answer came, ‘who is it?’

‘Else.’ I answered. Then the door started to open.


Tony was a stranger to me. My first sex client, in an age bracket of just over 40. He looked gorgeous. He was a foreigner, English speaking of which I was lucky I could speak the language. I liked him immediately and had a great time. I wanted it to be a great time. Thanks, that my ego takes over and I go crazy as soon as someone touches me between my legs, but never thought how good an older guy could be. The hour passed too quickly and to be polite I took my time dressing up, even inviting Tony to pull my panties and lock by bra. When I was ready I called Joss.

‘Hi, Else, how did it go?’

‘Great,’ I answered.

‘I’m happy for you. Now go down to the bar and have a drink and relax. You can also grab a sandwich or something. You have between 30 to 40 minutes free.’


‘You heard me. Go to room548 on the 5th floor.’

I was stunned I couldn’t believe I’m in again on another assignment. It took me sometime to recover. I just answered it’s ok and broke the line.

‘Problems?’ Tony asked.

‘No, everything ok, only that you was my first client.’

‘Really, couldn’t believe it.’

‘Yes, you were the first and seem I have another one just waiting soon.’

‘Wow, you were great Else, The best I ever had. Thanks again and handled me a 50 euro bonus.

‘Thanks, it was a great pleasure and I say I very much enjoyed every moment.’

‘Like to come again tomorrow?’

‘Just call the agency and book me, I will certainly love too.’

‘Thanks.’ He took me in his arms, hugged me and kissed hard on my lips sending again shivers of pleasure through my whole body. Then slowly I made my exit.

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