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The Asshole

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Her honey brown hair was pulled up in a loose bun with stray curls falling freely around her face. The bar stool made a perfect perch. She drank leisurely from her martini glass, surveying the scene around her. There was the band, of course, a trademark for the Naughty Things nightclub. The sounds were loud, hard and pulsed excitement through her body, setting her on fire. She moved with the beat, enjoying herself as she tried to make out faces. The dress she wore had been carefully chosen. Her red mini just barely covered her backside and the black halter dipped so low it was barely hanging from her firm breasts. The whole world had an open invitation to view her impressive cleavage. Jamie had come here for one thing only and she was damn well going to get it.

Those long legs were what caught John’s attention, as well as her completely exposed back. Her skin was flawless and so rich with almond color, he couldn’t help but approach. He wandered over, trying to be sly. Every line he could think of scrolled through his mind as he strutted across the room. He’d had a few drinks but he felt confident that he could win this vixen over.

Jamie locked eyes with the first acceptable man she’d seen all night. Maybe a little bulkier than she had planned but he had such dark eyes. The mystery was enough to perk her interests. She held a toothpick with an olive on it and she sucked on it suggestively as he walked and stumbled toward her.

“Hey there pretty lady, mind if I sit down next to…” His eyes caught sight of her red glossy lips. Their moist sheen had ‘kiss me’ written all over them. She was orally stimulating that lucky olive and John shivered with excitement. His eyes were wide and a sloppy smile was all he could muster. She could certainly work those sensual lips. His mind went instantly into an adult fantasyland.

He was on the short side, but Jamie kind of liked this about him. The dark tousled hair was overdue for a trim, but that didn’t bother her either. She used her tongue to work the olive off the toothpick and then swallowed it whole. She ran her tongue over her full lips. “Sit down big boy,” she said in a seductive voice, “and buy me another drink. It seems I’ve just finished this one.” She ran a long burgundy fingernail over the rim of the martini glass.

“Bartender,” John said shouting over the band and everyone else in the room, “Give this fine lady another martini and for me bring a shot of tequila.” The assertiveness in his voice and the way he shouted his command sent shivers through Jamie’s body. “Oh, he’ll certainly do for tonight,” she thought, biting her bottom lip.

The drinks came and so did the idle chit chat. They both knew that the conversation was leading nowhere. They continued talking to give the alcohol time to work. When Jamie had had enough, she leaned over and whispered into John’s ear, “I want to fuck you now!” She bit his earlobe, making him pulse with desire.

“How about you go grab your things baby?” John said. “I’ll go take me a piss, and I’ll meet you outside in five minutes” His words were rushed. He had wanted to fuck her since he first set eyes on those legs. He had envisioned them locked around his waist adana escort as he ravaged her body over and over. But first, he had to relieve himself or he’d never last the night. From her tone of voice, he suspected that she just might work him over in the parking lot.

He leaned over and gave her a sloppy kiss. That led to several more and then their tongues were probing each other’s throats. Their passion was building with each second and it would definitely be well rewarded tonight.

She pushed him away playfully. “You’d better get your ass to the bathroom or I might jump you right here,” she said in a coy little voice. “I’ll be waiting outside.” She reached down and pinched his crotch, then walked towards the front door.

“Man,” he thought. She towered over him by at least half a foot and the spiked black heels didn’t help, but she was so damn HOT. John watched her round ass jiggle as she headed towards the door.

“Peeing…, yeah that’s what I’m supposed to do,” John thought. He began to regain his composure now that she had removed herself from his company. He found the men’s room in the back of the bar and entered. Naughty Things’ shithole smelled foul, but that didn’t matter right now. He just needed to get in and do his business so he could spend the night in utter bliss.

“Relax, man!” John told himself . He pulled his excited dick from his pants and stood over a urinal. “Calm down and think of something else,” he thought, but it was no use. He kept envisioning Jamie’s firm thighs and round breasts “Man, I’m getting some of that pussy,” he thought to himself. He let out a big sigh and was finally able to relax enough to release his urine. He’d been holding it all night it seemed. The steady stream lasted for some time. Somebody entered the bathroom but his back was to the door. He ignored them as he continued to pee.

The heels struck the grimy tiled floor. The sound echoed through the otherwise vacant bathroom. Jamie looked at the sad picture before her. This short drunk man was hunched over a urinal, actually pissing all over his hands. The bright fluorescent lights flickered. They cast an eerie glow over the one stall in this hellhole. Jamie couldn’t wait any more. She wanted that piece of ass right now, right here.

“I want your cock NOW,” she said defiantly. She stood with her legs spread just enough to see right through her tiny skirt.

He turned to behold this vision. She stood there, the sex appeal flowing from her entire being. John’s jaw dropped in shock. She rushed at him, throwing him against the bathroom wall. He liked this rough play and the way she yearned for him. He felt the heat of her breasts pressing against him as she devoured his face. Her tongue plunged deeply into his mouth, soaking up his very essence. An erotic burn shot through John’s body. He felt his exposed cock lifting from his undone pants.

She could feel his excitement as it rubbed over the thin skirt and pressed against her legs. Jamie’s body tingled with anticipation and desire. She had waited so long. She wanted him more every moment. She shifted her weight, pulled him away from the wall and pushed him into the stall. adana escort bayan

“Feisty thing, ain’t ya baby?” he said, a guilty smile heavy on his face. Her forceful push had dropped him down upon the toilet. He sat there, staring up into her wild eyes. She reached her hand into his pants and pulled out his stiff shaft. She ran her fingernail over the tip, just as she had done to the martini glass earlier.

“Tell me what you want,” she asked and demanded. A wide and lustful smile danced on her face.

“Suck me, baby,” was all his quavering voice could muster. He wanted her so badly. He couldn’t believe the luck he was having. Only in his wildest dreams could he have hooked up with such a fine chick and have things go this well. “This couldn’t be real,” he thought to himself.

She knelt down on the soiled floor and pressed her luscious lips against his hard dick. She traced kisses up and down the base, stopping when she reached the head. She paused, looking directly into his eyes, and opened her lips. She took his full member into the warm, wet cavity of her mouth.

He responded with a moan of ecstasy. Her mouth was sending chills down his shaft and intense pleasure pulsed throughout his body. He wanted more. Again and again, she sucked him into her mouth, gaining speed with each penetration.

“Who the hell was this lady,” John wondered, “and how did she get so good at sucking cock?” He writhed in bliss. He hoped she would never stop. The pleasure was just too much. He basked in the moment, watching those red lips opening, taking him in, teasing and taunting his dick.

Then she stopped, a dangerous smile on his face, “Get up,” she said, “Time to change positions.”

“Pussy time” John said to himself. If this chick’s cunt was even half as good as her mouth, he’d be a goner in no time. He pulled himself off the toilet and pressed his face to hers. She threw him aggressively around the stall as they made out.

Finally, she bent over and hiked up the back of her skirt, revealing a tiny black thong. “Tear it off of me” she said with a laugh, “I want you to want me as much as I want you.”

Her practically bare, round ass wiggled in front of him. He took his hands and caressed her shape. His hands wandered over her smooth backside. John gripped the thong in both hands. With one determined pull, he ripped it from her body and dropped it to the floor.

“You like my ass?” she asked.

He mumured a slight yes and started kissing her firm backside. Her delicate skin was moist from exersion and the sweet scent of her glistening body taunted his nose.

“Do you like my ass?” she asked, more persistently. “I want you to tell me that you want my ass.”

“I want your mother fucking ass right now.” John said.

She tingled from his forceful words, “Then fuck it,” she said. “Put your cock in my ass and fuck the hell out of it.”

“Damn! Is this chick for real?” John thought. She bent over the toilet and braced herself. Her red mini was up around her hips, her hair messy and tangled. Her round supple ass beckoned to his pulsating cock. He couldn’t take it any more. This chick was driving escort adana him mad. He accepted her invitation. He licked his right hand and smeared spit all over his shaft. He placed it against her asshole. “Oh man,” he thought again. “I can’t believe this is happening.”

With one push, his cock slid all the way into her tight ass, setting him on fire. This was so intense. He plunged in again and again, building the rhythm and being swallowed by her warmth.

Jamie began to moan, “You feel so good inside me. Don’t stop yet.” She rocked her hips in a smooth round motion as his cock pushed in and out of her fine ass, creating even better sensations for John.

Damn, he wanted to cum. It was building inside him. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. Somehow, Jamie sensed this. She stood up, forcing John’s cock to slide from her ass.

“No, no, no,” she said, “I’m not through with you yet.”

She pulled John’s belt from his jeans and told him to bend over. “Oh yeah,” he thought. “She likes it rough.” He was having so much fun, he surrendered, bending over the toilet like she had. He expected her to spank him, but she used his belt to tie him to the toilet. “What could possibly be next?” he wondered. The chick was rocking his world. All he wanted to do now was to cum all over that gorgeous face. Damn, this couldn’t be real.

“You know,” Jamie said, when John was securely fastened John to the toilet, “Your ass is even nicer then mine.” Then he felt it for the first time, sliding against his ass, warm and thick like a banana, pulsing and throbbing with excitement much like his own.

“What the fuck?” John cried out in horror. But his fears were confirmed. He felt the member pushing into his clenched ass. “Motherfucker, what do you think you’re doing?” he screamed.

“Ah hun, you did it to me. I thought I’d return the favor,” Jamie said in that deep, sultry voice. “You’ll like it, trust me!”

John began to struggle, trying to free himself from the toilet. Jamie plunged relentlessly into his ass. She was picking up speed. He could feel the cock going deeper and deeper within him. He burned and cursed continually. “This shit can’t be happening,” he thought.

Jamie brought her hand around John’s waist and used it to stroke his still-aroused penis. He was enjoying this more then he knew. Jamie could feel the passion building inside her and knew she was close to cumming. She forced her dick deeper into John’s tightened ass and stroked his dick even faster with her hand.

“Are you going to cum with me?” Jamie asked, sounding almost innocent. It was getting close and she wanted it badly. John was cursing her every move, but Jamie could tell that he was almost there himself. She knew he was about to climax.

It happened. She writhed inside him and came so hard that John’s body was shaking. He was cumming with her. John’s semen spurted all over the toilet, and ran down over Jamie’s hand.

John relaxed a bit, though his ass still held Jamie’s cock tightly in place. She released his shaft and withdrew her own member from his body.

“I told you that you’d enjoy yourself,” Jamie said with a coy smile.

“You bastard,” was all that John could say in retort.

“Ah, you’ll be ok,” Jamie said, kissing the nape of John’s neck. With that, she pulled her red mini back into place and walked out. She left John bound and kneeling on the floor of the men’s room not knowing what to think of his ordeal.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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