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The Babysitter Did It Ch. 01

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It was a heatwave type of day. Thirty-two degrees Celsius and sunny blue skies. I decided to head home.

No I didn’t have a valid reason, but I did have a “good” one. The kids were home with the babysitter and it was their nap time.

The babysitter, who my wife had hired mind you, was breathtaking to say the least. Long blonde hair, eighteen with a cute face – that’s a requirement for me. And she had a swimmer’s body as she was a qualified lifeguard.

In this heat, I figured she must be in something skimpy and I thought I’d pop home and enjoy some eye candy.

I had some free time in the afternoon at work. Maybe I’d have some imaginative time to myself in the men’s washroom.

I parked the car in the driveway and went through the front door so she wouldn’t hear the garage door opening.

Checked on the kids – yep they were asleep. No Krissy in sight though. I looked through the glass door leading out to the deck and pool and could just see through the railings that she was lying down on a beach towel catching some rays. She seemed to be wearing a yellow swimsuit with little material to it.

Sweet! I ran back upstairs to get a better view out the en suite bathroom window. I couldn’t believe it.

I’d hit the jackpot. Krissy was actually sunning topless. I was hard in an instant. Her breasts were gorgeous.

Firm, beautifully shaped with nice nipples that looked hard and ready to suck.

Her face was looking away from me so I was safe. I climbed up on the side of the jacuzzi, carefully positioned myself at the side of the window and pulled my pants down. One hand on my balls I started ever so gently to stroke my dick.

I wanted to enjoy this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity as much as possible, but I realized I wouldn’t be able to last for too long.

I decided to stop and to risk going downstairs for the binoculars. Racing back upstairs, blood was pounding throughout my body. Please let her still be there! Luck was still on my side. My beauty was still there as I raised the binoculars to my eyes. I had to sacrifice having one hand on my gonads but hey, everything comes with a price.

As she came into view, I got harder – I could see beads of sweat on her breasts and imagined their salty taste on my tongue. illegal bahis I scanned down the rest of her body and saw what I hadn’t been able to see at a distance. She’d been in the pool already. I could tell because her swimsuit bottoms were wet and as a result tantalizingly almost but not quite completely see through.

I started to stroke harder. The pressure was quickly building and just as I was about to come a brilliant idea came into my mind and I let the binoculars drop around my neck and grabbed my dick with both hands to prevent an orgasm.

I decided that looking through the window and binoculars was great and all – but a lot like watching the girls on those webcams while there was a living, breathing beauty right there in my yard.

I wanted, no needed to be next to her. If I was quiet enough I might get a really good close up view for a second or two.

I snuck downstairs, using any possible ninja skills I had. I silently made my way closer to where she was and for the first time was happy that my pool pump was fairly noisy. She had the kid monitor nearby but thankfully there was no noise coming from it.

I devoured her body with my eyes from about 5 feet away. I’m not sure why, but I decided to say, “Nice day, isn’t it?”

As expected, this gave her a start. She half sat up quickly which gave me another position to remember her breasts in for later. Perhaps thats why I did it. As expected she was a bit flustered as she looked around to see who it was. She caught my eyes and looked me up and down. What I didn’t expect was her calm answer. “Best day this summer.” I couldn’t believe it but she made no move to cover up her tits! Instead she motioned me to come have a seat nearby. I don’t remember the 1.3 seconds it took me to get there. I took off my socks, rolled up my pants and put my feet in the water. If I were by myself, I might have cared how nice it felt. My feet were not on my mind.

She said something, I must have answered something clever because she laughed. I don’t remember anything about the conversation. I just remember the bouncing of her breasts as she laughed. She reached into the pool and grabbed a hand full of water that she slowly poured on to her chest.

“It’s so hot,” she said.

I followed the droplets illegal bahis siteleri running over her nipples, past her belly button and down to the tiny triangle of her swimsuit.

“You must be boiling in that suit. Seems a bit silly.”

I started to get up, my mind in a fog and mumbled, “I’ll go change into my trunks.”


That simple word cut through my mind, racing around with the potential meaning. I was half-way between standing and sitting, looking like a fool I’m sure. I had sucked, fucked and cheated on my wife hundreds of times with babes galore – at least in my mind – but had never really considered acting out any of those fantasies. Now here was this demigoddess making some unbelievable innuendoes.

I didn’t so much make up my mind as much as turned my mind off. I stood up, took my jacket off, followed by my tie and my Oxford buttoned down shirt. Socks were next. Then, with only the briefest pause I unbuckled my belt and the pants were gone too. So I was down to my boxers which aren’t really designed to hide a hard on. I looked down and then to her and saw that she was looking there too. “Now that’s better, isn’t it?” she asked.

I sat back down. She got up and came and sat next to me – her leg against my leg. Her shoulder touching my arm. We just sat like that for a few minutes and the electricity going through our skins was real. I think we could have powered a light bulb or maybe a dildo.

I was chicken shit and was paralyzed. Thank god she was not. She reached over and started to ever so gently run her fingernails from the top of my knee to the bottom of my underwear. Up and down, slowly. “Don’t come, don’t come,” I started to repeat to myself.

This was it.

I reached across and cupped her left breast. I used my thumb to brush her nipple and then gently squeezed it. She let out a sigh. Now I was in action. I went to kneel next to her, pulled her head back and kissed her sumptuous lips. Our tongues met and swirled but I broke it off. I had another target and my lips closed around her right nipple. I started to suck. I heard her say a guttural “Ooh!”

I’m pretty good with my mouth if I do say so myself. I believe my wife and previous girl friends would agree. I switched to her left breast to canlı bahis siteleri give it some attention too. I fit as much of it as I could in my mouth and suction sucked. I twirled my tongue around and around her nipple.

I felt her finger nails now brushing my cock. I think she knew she had to be careful otherwise some things would end prematurely. She guided my cock through the pee-hole in the boxers and started to use her finger tips. Up and down. “Oh god!”

It was time to go for gold. I jumped in the pool which helped calm me down a bit, went in front of her, lifted her feet and then pushed her legs up by her thighs. She lifted her bum slightly to help me peel off her bottoms. A perfectly shaved pussy was what greeted me. I wasted no time and put my head between her legs, but I didn’t touch her. I just breathed heavily onto her clitoris. This didn’t last long because she pulled my head in to make contact and I traced my tongue from her anus, slowly all the way up to her clitoris. I stopped there and started to flick it with my tongue. I sucked and licked. Sucked and licked. I started to speed up and she started to quietly whimper. She leaned back on her arms and I took a mental snapshot that I would treasure for life. Venus if there ever was one. Her face was contorted but still beautiful. Her breasts started to tremble. Then her thighs and she began to buck. I held on to her ass pushed the tempo of my tongue a tiny bit higher. WIth a “Yes!” she came into my mouth and I hungrily swallowed everything I could.

As her panting slowed down, she told me to get out of the water. She ripped my boxers down and put my cock into her mouth. She knew what she was doing because she used one hand to cup and gently massage my balls while the other held my dick and it was her tongue’s turn to go around and around. She sucked my head and then started sucking up and down the whole shaft, all the while playing with my balls. I started to pump into her slowly while holding her head.

“Ugh” was all I could manage. She pumped me some more with her hands, sucked some more, squeezed my balls and I came in her mouth. My beauty swallowed every drop.

Spent, I kissed her on her lips and we tasted ourselves on each others lips.

Just then, sounds started coming out of the monitor.

She jumped up, quickly put on her swimsuit, gave me one more kiss on the lips and said, “This is going to be a great summer!”

I nodded drunkenly thinking, “Two more months to go. I’ve died and gone to heaven!”

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