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The Big 21 Gun Salute Ch. 02

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Attention Readers: This story contains incest and elements of non-consensual sex verging on rape so if you don’t like that sort of thing please don’t read the story. Please be respectful enough to those who like this and to me and don’t leave nasty comments. This sequel was written because some readers enjoyed the first story and I like to please my readers when I can. This is a fictional piece and all parties are 18 years or older. Thank you and I hope you enjoy it.

Previously: It’s a day for celebrating. She’s finally 21 years old and can do anything she wants. She is driven to a cabin deep in the woods. They arrive at the cabin and she is escorted to a clearing in the woods just behind the structure by her uncle and daddy. The site that greets her innocent eyes makes her want to run for her life. They’re all there…every male member of her family (21 of them to be exact) and they’re all completely naked! This is her birthday surprise…one by one all her male relatives (her daddy first) are going to fuck her nubile virginal body.

“Daddy is gonna take your cherry first. Since my seed made this sweet little body, I’m gonna be the first to plant my seed deep inside that tight wet cunny of yours. Then, for the rest of the day each one of your male relatives is gonna take their turn plowin’ that pussy and plantin’ their seed. MMMMMMMM…daddy has been lookin’ forward to this day for a long time. To see your little fuck hole plastered and over-flowing with the seed of all your male relatives…mmmmmmmmm…girl! That is gonna be somethin’! Happy birthday baby…daddy loves you so very much!”

All the men were gathered around her, cocks in hand as her daddy took his place between her outstretched thighs. She had masturbated with a small toy since she was 18, but she has never had a real cock squeeze inside her tight little pussy. The sight of her daddy’s stout hungry cock struck a little fear in her. It was fat, drooling pre-cum and looked angry as it bobbed atop his full hairy balls. She watched helplessly as he grabbed it and stroked it up and down, readying it to feast on her abused flesh. “You know it was your mother’s idea to make sure you had that tiny toy to get you ready for the real thing. She knew this day would come after she left us all, and she wanted you to be as ready as you could be so your first breeding wouldn’t hurt too much. Yes, you’re gonna be sore after taking all our cocks but you’re gonna learn to love it too.”

“No daddy…please! How did you know about that toy?” She was a mix of emotions.

“We’ve been watching and recording you since that hot little pussy tickler made its way into your naughty little hands. We all watched the first time you touched it to your titties and then that sweet little nubbin between those chubby pussy lips. Hell…we had a little family party to watch the first time you popped that lucky toy inside your sweet little twat, istanbul escort and I can tell you your mother’s pussy took a good pounding that night!” The area was filled with deep laughter, hoots and crude exclamations.

“Now it’s time for you to take your daddy’s cock (he slapped his fat wet cock head on her swollen clitty). Mmmmmm…let daddy spank that clitty first then…OOOOOOOOOOOOO Fuck yes!”

He pushed his hungry tool against her quivering cunt hole until it popped inside. They all cheered and the scene around was filled with men of all ages, naked, jerking their big fat cocks in preparation of their turn breeding her. Her innocent eyes took in her grandpa with his fat belly, wrinkled skin, and hungry stare. She remembered sitting on his lap as a child so he could bounce her on his knee. She looked down at his cock and was surprised at how huge it was, and his large hanging balls that swayed back and forth while he pumped the hot pipe that would be spewing her tender pussy full of his incestuous seed. “Oh you fuck that little pussy good son. That hot tight cunt was made for your cock. And you little girl…you wet your daddy’s cock like a good girl. How’s she feel so far son?”

“Oh fuck dad…she feels like velvet and what a vice grip! I can feel her sweet spot so let’s see if she a squirter.”

During this conversation she was overwhelmed by the tight stretched feeling of her daddy’s hot cock in her tight cunny. All of a sudden she felt an odd sensation like she had to pee but before she could wrap her mind around it her daddy’s cock head started rubbing it and her body started shaking and her hips bucked up on their own and her pussy let loose a gush of sweet little girl cum over her daddy’s raging cock.


The sight made some of her relatives cum right on the spot and those that did shot their loads over her big jiggling tits. “Oooooo…fuck! You little squirter! That’s such a good girl wetting your daddy’s cock like that! And you look so good with your tits covered in cum baby girl! Daddy’s gonna have to pound your little cunt nice and hard now. Boys…keep teasing those pink nipples of hers and hold her steady cause I’m gonna plow this sweet cunt till I empty my nuts!” He started out slow and steady and built up his speed till his slippery squirt-covered balls were slapping her tight little rosebud asshole.

She continued to squirt like a fountain over her daddy’s cock, sobbing and moaning as orgasm after orgasm shook her entire body. She felt his cock throb and grow as his thrusts became more intense until he slammed into her as deep as he could get and with a growl held himself there while he unleashed a torrent of fatherly cum deep inside his own flesh and blood. He pumped his hot creamy load until his nuts were empty and even then he kept thrusting into her wanting to put all his seed cebeci escort right where it belonged…in his daughter. “Take it baby girl…take your daddy’s cum! Oh you were made to take this cock and all my hot jizz. I wanna see your cunt full of cum all the time! I wanna see you taking everybody’s cock till we get your belly full with a baby then you’re gonna feed us all on your milky tits! Mmmmmmmm…isn’t that right guys?”

More shouts, hoots, and graphic exclamations filled the air as her daddy sat up and his fatherly cock pulled out of her well-fucked pussy with a wet pop. “I believe granddad is next. Happy birthday baby girl.” He stepped back and her fat-bellied grandpa took his son’s place between her creamy wet thighs. She was still scared and shocked that her grandpa was eager to split open her pussy too. She wasn’t sure if she was gonna be ready to feel her grandpa’s fat cock inside her young pink pussy, his big hairy balls slapping hard against her rosebud asshole and his hot cum shooting right up against her fertile cervix.

What she didn’t think about was how his fat bristly belly would rub against her already swollen sensitive clitty. He teased her wet cunny first, rubbing his old bloated cock head up and down her slit, “Let grandpa get a little of that cunny cream on my dick so I can slide right in balls deep sweety.” He stretched her cunny wide with his hungry man meat and once he bumped her cervix he wiggled his hips to let her feel how thick he was. This move pressed his belly against her pussy lips spreading them open so he could tease her clitty with every thrust.

“Ooooooohhhhhh!! Grandpaaaaaaaa!” she gasped.

“Mmmmhhhmm. You like that don’t you baby girl. (it was more an accusation than a question). You got a sweet little cunt honey and grandpa wants to feel you squirt all over his nasty dirty old man dick. So come on now let’s fuck.” and with that he started pumping his granddaughter’s cunt like a horny dog in heat. After a few strokes she started feeling that same sensation and soon after she was sobbing and squirting a cunt-full of her sweet little girl juices all over her grandpa’s rutting dick.

“OOOOOO…you naughty little girl, your pussy was made to wet a man’s cock! Oh fuck your cunny cream is bathing grandpa’s balls! You’re gonna make me bust a nut real soon you keep squeezing my dick like that!” She quivered and bucked under his heavy body until she felt his balls tighten up and his cock swell. He groaned loudly and started shooting her full with his thick creamy seed. “That’s right. Take all of pappy’s seed baby girl! Oooooo! Fuck that’s soooo good fillin’ your cunt with my nut! I can’t wait till grandpa shows you a new way to bounce on my lap, playing horsey. Mmmmmm…and we gotta stretch that tight little rosebud too (as he pushed his fat thumb right inside her tightest of fuck holes).”

She squealed and squirted again! ankara escort “Fuck son! I think we’ve found our fountain of youthful honey cream!” The comments became more lewd as there was talk about a threesome where one fucks her sweet rosebud ass hole until she squirts and the other drinking her squirt straight from the source and then spitting it into her gaping asshole. “Happy birthday kitten. I think your uncle wants to taste your sweet flesh next. He’s been achin’ to plant his seed in you since you sprouted those big titties.” He pulled his thumb out of her ass and his deflating cock out of her plump pussy only to have it followed by a little river of her fatherly and grandfatherly spunk that ran down to cover her now slightly gapping asshole.

Her oldest uncle slapped his back, “Dad you sure do know how to fuck and fill a tight little cunt up right. Her asshole is gobbling up all that fine man cream you and brother unloaded in her twat. She’s gonna be marked real good by the family before the party’s done.”

He took his place between the birthday girl’s thighs and then moved up so he was almost sitting on her tummy. “Let’s get me nice and slippery wet between those luscious titties (he leaned forward while the other helping hands pushed her tits around his throbbing cock smearing all the incestuous loads of cum over his shaft). Ya…just like that boys. Gonna get all that brotherly mix all over my cock so you can get what I call a special cock-tail for that tight little kitty to suck on.”

Once he was satisfied he had gathered enough of the family’s cum he shifted back down between her legs and gave her clitty a few slaps before slamming balls deep into her waiting snatch making her gasp and cry aloud. “Now take note my beautiful niece. You really are beautiful…tits covered in cum, on your back, open pussy ready to be bred. MMMMMMMM…and especially now with my cock buried balls-deep in you. Take my cock baby girl and show me how much you love my special cock-tail.” He growled as he began pounding her abused plump pussy hard and fast.

The sight of her big titties bouncing wildly with every thrust fueled his passion and spurred his orgasm on all the faster. Her cunny kept issuing little wet spurts of baby girl juice over him and he just couldn’t hold out any longer and finally spewed the entire contents of his cum-heavy balls into her sweet creamy cunt. “FUCK! Take that load! OH FUCK! She’s sucking my cock good and hard! That’s the way my little cum bucket! Suck all that cream out of uncle’s cock! Damn she got a hungry kitty!”

All of a sudden the orgasms took their toll on the birthday girl and she passed out. Her uncle pulled himself from her velvety wet cunt and stood up. “I guess we will have to give her a little break boys. This old pussy tamer always quiets em’ down!” he laughed and they all hooted and clapped in approval. “Now don’t worry. Everybody’s gonna get their turn today once she’s gained a little strength and drank some water. She sure cut loose with the squirtin’ her girly cum didn’t she.” They all agreed and she slept for about an hour and once she woke up they gave her some water and the party continued.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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