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The Birth of a Mistress Ch. 04

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The Birth of a Mistress

Chapter Four

About an hour later, I texted Jamie and asked him if he was ready. I told him to dim the lights, and play some Taylor Swift tunes. He said he was, and I went to our bedroom. Jamie was sitting on the bed, dressed in white. He wore his heels, and red lipstick.

“Come to me Jayne. You look delightful dressed in satin.” My hands rubbed his very hard cock through his panties. He planted kisses on my neck, as I held him close. I unzipped my leather skirt, and it feel to the floor. I put my LV stilettos back on.

“Go to my closet, and get the strap-on.” He held it in front of me.

“Put it on your Mistress.” Jamie knelt, and clasped the harness tightly. My six inch purple cock bobbed up and down. I held it in my hand.

“Kiss it Jayne…kiss the cock that will invade your pussy.” His lips caressed the tip, as my hand was on the back of his head. I playfully moved it about, so he had to follow with his mouth.

“Do you like my big cock Jayne?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Yes Goddess. WHAT?”

“Yes Goddess, I love your big cock.”

“Show me how much you love it.” I held it in my hand, and pushed his hear towards it. He put the head in his mouth, and slowly sucked.

“Now you’re my sissy cock sucker! That’s it lick and suck, take as much as you could in your mouth. Look at me! Let Mistress see that tongue lapping it.” I felt so empowered!

“Wow, are you sure this is your first cock…you are sucking it like a true slut.” His head was quickly moving up and down, as he looked me in the eyes.

“That’s it, nothing to be ashamed about loving cock.” The harness was leaking my juices. He went at it for a few more minutes, and I slowly pulled out of his mouth.

“Stand up Jayne” Jamie stood and his panties were stained with pre-cum. I put my hand inside, and had a glob on my finger. After placing it on the dildo,

“You made me cum, get back on your knees and clean my cock.” He went back down and without hesitation, he sucked the dildo clean.

“What are you Jayne?”

“I am a sissy cock sucker Mistress.”

“Good girl, and do you love cock?”

“Yes Goddess, I love your cock.”

“Your clitty don’t lie, and from the way it is leaking…you crave it!” Jamie was in another world, I could see it in his eyes. It was like an out of body experience.

“Get on the back of the bed, on your hands and knees, and pull your panties down. I want your pussy in the air.” With my heels, I was the perfect height to line up with his inviting hole. I lubed the dildo, and his ass hole, and held it to its entrance, just enough for him to feel it.

“Just relax…listen to the music and relax.” I pushed slightly, for my initial intrusion. He gasped. Taylor Swift ‘Love Story’ was streaming.

“It will glide in nice and smooth, if you just let it happen.” I pushed again, and Jamie was gasping for air. It was about half way in.

“Look at you taking Mistress’s cock like a good sissy husband. You are like a virgin bride on her wedding night.” He was calming down, and his sphincter was at ease. I pushed it all the way in, and he gasped a low scream.

“Your cherry is busted now; you belong to me…your Goddess!” He was huffing and puffing, and right on cue… ‘You Belong With Me’ played.

“Yes…YES…Goddess I am yours to do what ever you please!” I was getting off on all this, and decided to rock his world. I pulled slowly, then back in. I repeated a couple of more times. He gasped, but it was more of a moan.

“Ahhh that’s it… relax and enjoy my cock. Get used to it, because I plan on fucking you a lot! Your pussy is so nice and tight.” I pumped his ass a few more times lightly, then pushed it to the hilt, and he moaned in ecstasy.

“Do you want me to continue my bitch?” He was rocking on my cock.

“Ohhh YES MISTRES, please fuck me harder! Don’t STOP. My purple cock went in and out of his ass so smoothly. He was in heat, loving every stroke! Jamie sunk his head into a pillow.

“Jayne, if you cum you will be forgiven. Enjoy the ride Mistress will give you.” Now I started fucking him fast and hard. He took the full six inches easily, and met every thrust with his ass. I was spanking him hard, and humping him to the rhythm of the music.

“You like it up the ass my slut husband, I should take pictures and show it to your friends at the air port. Maybe after you suck my boyfriends cock, I will make him FUCK your PUSSY.”

” AHHhhhhhhhhhh AhhhhhhhHHHAAA”…..Jamie exploded in buckets! I grabbed his cock in the middle of his orgasm, and helped him along. The exuberance he displayed was incredible. I slowly pulled out of his ass. I was sweating, and we both collapsed on the bed. A mellow song ‘Epiphany’ came on. We lay motionless and silent for about ten minutes. I whispered in his ear,

“Do you want a couple of days off my love?” He turned on his back, and his cock was pointing straight up to the ceiling.

“Does that answer your question Goddess?”

“Oh my god…if I wasn’t bahis firmaları so exhausted you would be fucking me right now. Let’s go on the patio and have a smoke.” We both put our robes on and went outside. I also brought out a bottle of bourbon, with two glasses. Jamie gave us both a healthy pour, and lit my cigarette.

“I think after each week, we should talk, and let each other know our feelings.” Jamie began,

“I will say this…Taylor Swift will never sound the same to me!” I was giggling.

“I could have played, ‘You make a grown man cry’! We both laughed, and Jamie continued.

“You were amazing tonight…and ALL week! You must have massaged my prostate perfectly…I never had an orgasm like that! AND spanking my ass, and saying those things! You are incredible. It scares me that it felt so good. Everything you did all week…Nicole you are bringing my fantasies to reality, and truly are my GODDESS! I went to him, and gave him a wet kiss.

“One problem Jamie…I am getting very spoiled! You make me feel like a Goddess. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would become a pampered Mistress! But what scares me is, it gets me off… I love it.” We sipped our drinks.

“Nicole, it’s not a problem. I want you to be spoiled and pampered. So if you love it, and I love it, let’s run with it!” We gazed into each others eyes.

“Are you sure? I have some kinky plans for the future, activities that may involve others.”

“There is a saying, ‘Were not here for a long time, so let’s make it a good time.’ Go for it baby!”

“I was hoping you would say that.” We toasted each other.

“Did you make plans with Dan tomorrow?”

“Yes, we are going to brunch at two.”

“You should drive the old Chevy and show it off in town. Wear my black seamed stockings under your jeans.” We were getting back to Mistress/slave.

“Thank you Mistress.”

“Have my car in the drive way in the morning, with the top down. I am going to have another smoke, go change our sheets. You also will lap up the mess from your clitty…Every drop! Hold it in your mouth, so Mistress can watch you swallow.” Jamie moved quickly up the stairs. I put my feet up, and blew smoke with a big smile.

Jamie was still dressed in his white satin lingerie. The sheets were changed and pulled back. Jamie opened his mouth, and showed me a load of cum.

“Jayne you are such a slut! Hold it in your mouth until Mistress allows you to swallow. I want a light breakfast, with tea, served in bed at eight. Sleep in your white satin, after all it was like your wedding night. You served my cock well…with your pussy…and it didn’t go unnoticed how eager you were to suck and lick it. When you serve me breakfast, you will wear my black seamed thigh highs, high heels, and a black lacy bra. No panties. Shut the lights and get in bed. I waited a few more minutes.

“You may swallow now…Good night.” I heard a big gulping sound.

At eight sharp Jamie presented me with fruit and yogurt, and a small glass of cranberry juice. He brought it to me on a tray. I sat up in bed eating, and also noticed my cloths for the day were hung out ready to wear.

“Jayne I love your look this morning! Your clitty looks inviting nestled in-between lace stocking tops. I also like your selection of bra!” His cock was erect as usual, and it bobbed with every movement.

“Turn for Mistress. Your pussy looks amazing in stockings and heels …you will do your chores as you are today. Is your pussy sore? I see it’s a bit red from Mistress spanking you.” My hand prints covered his ass, and it turned me on.

“Very sore Goddess. But it’s a reminder of last night…so it’s a good sore. Your outfit for the day is all set. I thought a thong panty will suit you, since the pants are so tight.”

“Jayne you are so right! I don’t want any panty lines, and they will be yours to worship after my long day.”

“Thank you Mistress. Your car is in the driveway ready to go. I washed it early this morning. Will you be home for dinner?” What a life!

“If the meeting goes late, I might have dinner out. I will let you know later. Prepare my shower, and clear my tray. I don’t want to be late.” While he stood holding the tray, I stroked his rod…just enough to make him moan.

“You are dismissed.” He sashayed out the door in his heels. What a sight!

It had been a while since I wore business attire, and it felt good…and I looked good too. My lipstick matched my red stilettos, and my make-up was light…I didn’t want to over do it.

Jamie was at the sink washing the breakfast dishes; he had my pink apron on. He looked at me with lust in his eyes.

“Jayne, did I tell you to wear an apron” He quickly took it off, and hung his head. “And open the blinds, it’s a beautiful day.” I pulled the string on the verticals. It would be difficult for someone to see inside, but not impossible. I stood in the kitchen with my bag, and pointed to my ass.

“Get on your knees and kiss.” He planted kisses on my kaçak iddaa ass as he apologized.

“I want you to tell me everything that you and Dan talk about today…Is that understood? He answered yes, while still kissing. I walked toward the door.

“Out of respect for your Goddess, you will stay on your knees until you hear me pull away.”

“Yes my Goddess.” I wondered if he would remain kneeling when I left, but from the look of his cock…I knew he did!

I arrived at the office early. My staff and I enjoyed a cup of coffee, before the meeting. The woman complained about their husbands. Most of them were bored, and tired of the constant bickering while working from home. I just sat and listened, feeling very lucky to have the marriage Jamie and I had. If I told them about my marriage, they would have never believed me. I was certainly blessed!

The meeting went long and it was looking good for our company. I noticed one particular gentleman, kept checking out my shoes. So naturally, my legs were crossed and re-crossed many times, sometimes dangling my shinny red stilettos. He is in his forties, good looking, and was the power broker of the group. His name is Jarrod Drance. During a break, he approached me.

“I love your anklet Nicole, you don’t see woman wearing them as much anymore.”

“Thanks, it’s nice of you to say” I would play this cool.

“Are your shoes Gucci?

“As a matter of fact they are…You have a good eye. Do woman’s shoes interest you? His face turned a bit red, as if he was exposed. I had the upper hand. He chuckled.

“My ex spent a lot of my money on shoes, so I recognize the design.”

“She is a smart lady. A woman’s feet and shoes are a very important part of her appearance. Don’t you think so?” I had him now, and the look on his face proved it. If we were alone, I would have had some fun.

“Ummm… yes of course. I think it’s a very important part of their appearance. I totally agree with you.” My shoes were closed toe, but exposed the tops, tightly squeezed.

“After all it’s not easy wearing these… My feet are quite sore at the end of the day.” I looked down at my feet, and so did he. He was searching his mind for words.

“I could only imagine. You deserve a foot massage, for working so hard.” Along came the spider.

“Is that an offer Mr.Drance?” Just then the meeting was called to order. I smiled and went back to my seat. I would have bet he was hard. Now he wasn’t even trying to hide his attention to my feet. At one point, I took one of my shoes off, displaying my red painted toes. He was mesmerized.

At the next break, my immediate supervisor called me to her office. Vanessa and I have a great relationship.

“Nicole… Drance has a thing for your feet! He is the guy who decides this entire deal. Haven’t you noticed??? She was enthused.

“Yes Vanessa I know. But what am I supposed to do about it?”

“Do what ever you have to! Were talking over ten million dollars! I am not saying sleep with him, but a little flirting cant hurt. It would also be an extra bonus for you.”

“Ok, lets see how it goes, I am not guaranteeing anything.” I know, I know, it’s like I was being used like a call girl…but a little flirting would do no harm.

It was late afternoon and the meeting was about over. Drance told Vanessa he would have his decision later that day. He had the contract in hand. That’s when he walked over to me.

“Would you join me for dinner Nicole?” Vanessa was glaring at me.

“I would love to Jarrod. Just excuse me; I have to call my husband.”

“Jayne, how is your brunch going?”

“We are just leaving, it went well…Mistress.”

“Good, we will talk later. I am dining out with a client, so you don’t have to serve dinner tonight. I don’t know what time I will be home. Complete your chores and wait up for me.”

“Enjoy your evening Mistress, I will be waiting…and thank you for letting me know.”

“You are welcome sweetie, see you later.” I was impressed, that Jamie didn’t ask me any questions. I bet he was turned on.

He had a limo waiting for us outside. We went to a steak house on the Upper East Side named Club A. The staff knew him, and we had a table in minutes… Vodka Martinis were served.

“Nicole, I am so glad you agreed to my invitation. As far as I’m concerned, the deal is just about done. I have one request that is a bit peculiar, but I sense you already know what it is.” We took big sips, and I decided to play dumb. I leaned forward, and looked him in the eyes.

“Tell me Jarred, what is your ‘Peculiar’ request?” He gazed into my eyes, and then dropped his head.

“I would love to worship your feet tonight…no sex involved at all. If you agree, the contract will be signed, and you can bring it to Vanessa. You will get all the credit!” I took another sip of my ice cold martini, and said

“Shall we order?” I thing he was relieved, I wasn’t appalled. We talked freely about our jobs and life in general. After our delicious kaçak bahis steaks, we had glasses of cognac.

“Nicole I have a beautiful room in the Four Seasons. Will you join me?” I then decided to take charge.

“Jarred, this is how it’s going to work. I will go with you to your room, and you will have fifteen minutes to worship my feet After that, you will sign the contract and your driver will take me back to my car…Is that understood??”

“Yes Nicole, I am elated.”

It was a fantastic room over looking the sky line of Manhattan. A plush couch was the center piece. The lights were low, and we sat.

“Enjoy Jarrod.”

He removed his suit jacket, and then got on his knees; lifting one foot he kissed my shoe. After removing it, he sniffed, and massaged. I lifted it higher to his mouth.

“You were dreaming of this all day…weren’t you? Smelling and massaging my sweaty feet. Go on… clean them with your tongue.” He did just that, licking and sucking on my toes. What else were you dreaming about?” He was in heat.

“I was dreaming about licking your ass.”

“So you are an ass and feet man. Are you also submissive to woman?” I knew he was, but wanted to give him a memorable fifteen minutes. My foot was half way in his mouth.

“Yes Nicole, I am!” I had him, and he was mine.

“After you finish worshiping that foot, you will sign the contract, and thank me for letting you sign it.” He was licking my heels, and was half way through. He put the contract down and signed it.

“Thank you Nicole, for letting me sign the contract.” This was incredible! Woman should take over the world!

He did the same to my other foot, and then offered me five thousand dollars cash to lick my ass. The fifteen minutes were up. “As an added bonus I will let you wash my feet. Get a warm soapy wash cloth and do it!” When he was done, he put my shoes on me. I stood looking down at him.

“My husband will take care of my ass…thank you….But after I leave you have my permission to jerk off dreaming about it.” I left him sitting on the floor. I was proud of myself for handling him so easily. Never under estimate the power of a woman!

When I got back to my office, Vanessa was still there. I held up the contract, and she hugged and thanked me fifty times. She started to talk…

“Don’t ASK Vanessa! We both laughed.

Traffic was light, and I got home about nine. There was a beautiful bouquet of flowers set in a vase. Jamie was wearing his stockings, bra and heels.

“Those flowers are fabulous, are they for Mistress?”

“I bought them for you this afternoon Goddess. I am glad you like them.” I rubbed his hard cock, and we kissed. I walked up to our bedroom and Jamie followed.

“Mistress had a long day, and wants to get comfortable.” I took off my clothes and shoes, and left them in a pile on the floor. When I came out of the bathroom, they were folded and put away. Jamie held my robe for me… I was dressed in my thong only. I grabbed his rod, and playfully led him downstairs. We sat on the couch.

“How was your day Mistress? Did you have a good dinner?”

“Jayne, we are going on a very expensive vacation this year… Mistress closed the deal. I will tell you more about my dinner date later. Right now, I want you to tell me all about your lunch date. Get some lotion and rub my shoulders. I shouldn’t have to ask, you should offer.”

He sat behind me massaging my back and shoulders. It was very relaxing.

“We both had the salmon, and a couple of mimosas, the food is very good there, we should go one day Mistress.”

“That’s all good and well, but what did you talk about?”

“It was a little uncomfortable at first, but after we put everything out in the open…meaning we are both submissive husbands, the conversation flowed.”

“Go on Jayne, rub some more oil.”

“Dan gave me step by step instructions on pedicures, and manicures. I bought a kit to do your nails Mistress. He told me to use white vinegar on windows, it works best. Serena told him to refer to you as Mistress Nicole, during conversation. So I referred to Serena as Mistress Serena…Was that ok Mistress? Serena was working her magic.

“As a matter of fact, I like that. From now on you will always address her as Mistress Serena…you may continue.”

“Well, Serena… Mistress Serena is sometime quite strict with him. He has chores, as I do, but when his work is not up to par Dan is punished severely.”

“This is getting good… keep rubbing and talk.”

“One time he forgot to put sugar in her coffee, and she emptied a box of rice on the floor, and made him kneel in it naked for two hours.”

“Ouch! I bet he never forgot the sugar again. Go on…

“Mistress Serena’s sister visited last month, and she doesn’t know about their lifestyle, but Mistress Serena thought Dan was a bit rude to her. So after her sister left she put a horse tail dildo up his butt, and made him prance around the house on his hands and knees. While he was prancing, she was using some kind of whip on his ass and back…Dan had welts!”

“Was Dan complaining, or is he into pain? I like the horse tail dildo though!”

“He loves it! He says it keeps him at his submissive best.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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