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The Bistro Ch. 02

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The Bistro Pt 2 – The Long Night

The drive home was long and agonizing. The words Blaise had spoken over lunch left me bewildered; yet aroused beyond belief. The past few months have been wonderful with him, getting to know him. There were times we sat on his couch, tangled up in a heap of legs and arms entwined, watching TV. Never speaking, yet our bodies seemed to have a conversation of their own. The warmth of his chest pressed tightly against my back. The beat of his heart pumping rhythms into my muscles. He would hold me, so gently, yet firm in knowing he’d rather be nowhere else than here with me in the moment. I can’t deny the times I felt his hardness pressing against my rear. I also can’t deny that there were times I would intentionally stretch, arching my back and pushing myself harder onto him. Yet he seemed to ignore it, or push it out of his mind. At time my insecurities questioned whether he planned to ever make love to me, or even better, whisper an offer of the naughtiest intentions, in full detail, right down to the last drop of multiple orgasms.

I sighed, expecting this to be a very long evening. It had been quite a while since I had opened myself to any intimate encounter. I knew when I met Blaise that I was attracted bahis firmaları to him; in ways only a woman could feel for a man. The softness of his hands on my face when he kissed me goodnight ignited a fire that started in my lips, pressed tightly to his, and ran throughout my body, causing me to feel lightheaded when we finally parted. Oh god, how am I ever going to make it through the night?

At home I spent the rest of the afternoon keeping busy. When the sun went down, I decided to take a warm shower then snuggle into my bed and see where the rest of the night leads. The water flowing down ever crack and crevice of my body relaxed me. I began to think of Blaise and the description of his fantasy. My hands ran down the wetness of my body as his words began to penetrate my mind. I closed my eyes and reveled in how amazingly sensual they made me feel. Just as I was about to get lost in the moment, I heard the distant ringing of the phone. Quickly I shut off the water and grabbed a towel, running half naked through my house trying to locate the cordless.

“Hello?” I said, out of breath and panting like I just finished a marathon. In my mind, I prayed it was Blaise, begging to come over and ravish me. Instead, I heard the familiar voice kaçak iddaa of my secretary, questioning the responsibilities I had left her with while I tried to take some much need time off.

“Do you realize what time it is?” I asked her.

“Yes and I’m sorry for calling so late Savannah. I had brought home some paperwork as to not be overwhelmed when Monday rolled around and I realized you wouldn’t be there to help, if needed.”

I listened as well as I could, dripping wet from head to toe, perhaps ruining the Persian rug I saved up for months to purchase. I explained my instructions to her, for the 20th time, or at least it felt like, answered all her questions, then proceeded to tell her I had an early morning ‘thing’ to take care of and I had to go. Disappointed, I dripped my way back to the bathroom to finish toweling off. According to my mood, I chose to wander to my bed, naked, with my hair piled on top of my head, and slid into the warm sheets. I clicked on some smooth jazz, let out a sigh, and relaxed into my pillow. Once again the words of Blaise filled my thoughts……” My mind pictured your beautiful body, he has said, “no way for me to stroke myself without moaning or whispering your name……I found myself growing harder yet not kaçak bahis being able to fulfill the ultimate goal.” Oh god does this mean he wasn’t able to accomplish the goal of self-satisfaction? The picture of him stroking his hard cock filled my thoughts. What I would’ve given to be there, to watch him pleasure himself while gazing at me. I felt flushed, dizzy. My heart began to race as my hands began to explore my body, as if it were foreign. My nipples began to harden; I could feel them contract, so sensitive to my own touch. I was overrun with ecstasy, filled with a lust only a man could extinguish. I reached for the phone, not sure of what I would say, I only knew my deepest desires.

I dialed his number. One ring. Two. Then three. Finally, a sleepy Blaise answered. I peered at the clock beside my bed, realizing it was almost midnight.

“I’m sorry to have called so late, but I wanted to hear your voice.”

“Savannah, honey, what have you been doing?” he asked.

“I want you in my bed. Right now. Please touch me. Taste me. I feel so starved. Only you can fill me. Say you’ll come over. Say you’ll let me explore your body in the darkness with my hands, my tongue. I want to lay back and open myself up to you, to eat until you as well are no longer starved. Oh god Blaise, please come fuck me. There’s no ladylike way to describe this passion. I need you…say you’re coming.”

There was a pause on the other end….it seemed to last forever……

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