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The Brandee Situation Pt. 02

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I threw my t-shirt on the couch in a feeble attempt to cover up the wet spot left by Brandee’s explosive orgasm. My heart was racing; I couldn’t believe this was happening. My wife was NEVER home, like ever, and today of all days she walks in, ready to destroy my world.

I could hear her footsteps coming closer to the pool house. I frantically looked around, checking for any obvious signs of the sexual activities that had just taken place.

Trying to stay calm, I numbly sat down on one of the other couches, in hopes of distracting Tanya from the couch with the jizz all over it. I grabbed a magazine, took a deep breath, and calmly answered her.

“Hey honey, I’m in here!”

I heard the door push open, and I looked up as my wife peeked her head through the entrance. I smiled at her, trying to look as relaxed and casual as I possibly could. Little did she know that less than a minute earlier I’d been tangled up and naked on the couch with Brandee, our 18 year old neighbor. (who was like family to us) Had she not announced her arrival, she’d be walking in on a much different scene right now. I gulped hard, trying to push that nightmare out of my mind.

“Hey handsome” she said sweetly, as she looked at me quizzicaly. “What are you doing out here?” She stepped through the door, and sniffed at the air delicately, her nose scrunching slightly.

“Oh not much.” I said nonchalantly. “I just came back here to take a look, I was thinking maybe it was time to remodel. We don’t use it much, maybe we can make it more functional? Turn it into a gym, or something more useful?” I kept talking, feebly attempting to distract her.

“What’s that smell?” she asked, still slowly looking around, a confused look on her pretty face.

I knew what the smell was. Brandee’s lush secretions had left a very distinct odor, musky and sweet. That, and the body sweat and tanning oil on her skin had mixed a strange but exciting perfume, hanging in the air in the not well ventilated pool house.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, desperately wanting to take her mind away from it. “You look very pretty today. Did you cut your hair?”

My wife grinned at me. “You’re so silly.” she said playfully. “I cut it last week, you know that.”

She walked across the room and sat on my open knee before I could stand up. I jerked back away from her, alarmed that she would smell the strange scent all over my face and hands. Up until mere moments ago they’d both been buried deep inside Brandee’s sweet swollen pussy. She looked at me, staring hard at my face.

“What’s the matter with you Shane? Why are you so jumpy? And sweaty?” she asked, her nose wrinkling up once more, as she touched my damp chest.

“Oh my GOD! SHANE!” she said furiously, as she jumped up off me.

Jesus, here it was. She was figuring it all out. I was already ready to start apologizing, when she lifted her hand to my face and touched my forehead gingerly.

“Your face is all flushed. Are you getting sick?!” she asked in disgust. My wife was very well known for her germ-a-phobia.

“Uhh, yeah…” I stammered, seeing a way out of this nightmare. “Now that you mention it, I’m really not feeling so well.”

She took a horrified step back, covering her mouth and nose with her hand. “You know I love you Shane, but I can’t get sick right now.” She took a step closer to the door. “Come back to the house and go get in the shower.” she instructed. “But you have to stay in the guest…”

Her voice trailed off as she stopped and looked down at the other couch, eyeing my t-shirt suspiciously. “What’s this?” she asked, as she slowly reached down for it.

Fuck! I didn’t know how much more my heart could take. I thought of poor Brandee, just steps away, shoved into the small changing room. “Uh, it’s my shirt.” I answered quickly. “I got hot, I guess with fever, so I just took it off.”

She stopped dead, yanking her hand back like it had been bitten. She sighed, and narrowed her eyes at me. “Just come on, Shane. Let’s get in the house.” She looked around, as if she was visualizing my germs attacking her in the small space, and then walked quickly out the door.

As we crossed back to the main house, I could see Brandee’s things still laying by the pool where she left them.

“Fuck fuck FUCK!” I thought, my heart rate escalating once more. Sure enough, Tanya slowed down ahead of me, noticing the clothes and pool bag for the first time. “What’s all this?” she asked, stopping short to get a closer look.

I cleared my throat. “It’s Brandee’s stuff.” I said, trying to sound casual. She turned and looked at me surprised.

“Brandee’s? Why is her stuff here?” She didn’t sound suspicious, just openly curious.

“Um, I guess Marc and Tandi are renovating the pool, so she asked if she could use ours.”

Tanya looked around for any sign of the beautiful young girl. “I wonder where she went? She even left her phone here.”, she murmured, a look of concern crossing her face.

I coughed loudly, reminding my wife of bahis firmaları my sudden “illness”.

“She probably just ran home for something.” I said, coughing again, more insistent this time. Tanya leaned back away from me, a look of disgust on her face. Without another word she scurried up the back steps of house.

I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, and made my way into the house, and slowly up the stairs.

I climbed into the shower, letting the hot water wash over me, dissolving any evidence of my earlier sins. My mind was racing, so many thoughts and emotions, so much unexpected excitement in such a short time.

I began to go over what had just happened. It had ended as unexpectedly as it had started. No goodbye, no talking about where to go from here. Just me, shoving her naked body into a closet, the look of terror on her young beautiful face as I slammed the door. I know I didn’t have a choice, but still. Not the way I wanted to end our session. I didn’t even get to fuck her!

I was so pissed at myself. I had her, right there, needy and horny out of her mind, and I didn’t even go for it. Not that I regretted the afternoon. Even without the actual fucking, it was still one of the most mind blowing sexual experiences I’d ever had. Even just thinking about it now, even so soon after, I could feel the blood rush to my cock.

I could still smell her sweet wet pussy. I could taste it. I began to breath heavy, my cock starting to thicken and swell slightly. I hoped she was ok, mentally at least. I knew I probably wouldn’t be seeing her for awhile after the scare of almost getting caught. It made me sad. But I had my memories. I smiled as I began to jerk my cock upright in the hot steam, thinking only of sweet young Brandee. Her perfect round ass and matching tits, the taste of sucking on her full spongy nipples, the gratification of her cries of passion as I sucked her pussy into orgasm. Looking into her eyes as she let me jackhammer my cock into her mouth, my overabundant cum spilling over her lips as she tried to swallow it down…

I was getting close, swiftly jerking my stiff cock when I heard a knock at the door. I stopped suddenly, frustrated, trying to catch my breath.

“Yes?” I said, slightly annoyed.

Tanya peeked her head in. “I just wanted to make sure you were showering.” she said, making a face. “Make sure you get all those nasty germs.”

I rolled my eyes. “Is that all?” I asked curtly, wanting her to leave so I could finish the task at hand, quite literally.

“Nooooo…” she retorted sarcastically. “I made up the bed in the guest suite, the one in the finished basement? I put clean clothes and some medicine down there for you too. I figured we’d all be safer that way.”

I didn’t know who the “we all” was she was referring to, since it was just she and I, but whatever. My cock had already deflated slightly, my wife’s sudden intrusion thoroughly killing my mood. I went ahead and got out of the shower as she hurried out and away from my sick germy body. I laughed a little, her phobic tendency so funny and honestly so unnecessary.

I made my way down the two flights of stairs to the guest suite. We’d had this project done about a year ago, and it honestly didn’t seem to me like something that needed to be done. We had no children, no large extended family. I had wanted a home gym put in, but I didn’t put up much of a fight. It was better than arguing with her.

The room was tastefully decorated, in dark blue and grey. The bed was high and soft, with a thick feather comforter. There was a beautiful modern bathroom, with a large Jacuzzi tub off to one side. It was actually a bit nicer then our master suite, now that I was actually looking at it. Not bigger though.

I climbed up into the bed, actually feeling the exuberance of the day settling onto me. I was tired. I drifted off, thinking of Brandee and our sexual encounter as I fell deeper into sleep.

I woke with a jolt. As my eyes adjusted to the room, I heard a quiet giggle.

“Wake up sleepy.” the voice said, pulling me into full wakefulness. I sat up tensely, momentarily confused.

“Brandee??” I asked aloud into the dark room. It couldn’t be. This had to be some kind of dream.

I felt her touch my hand with her soft fingers. “Shane,” she said quietly, giggling again. “are you ok?”

I felt around in the dark until I found the bedside lamp. I flipped it on, and there she was.

Gah damn it, she was so hot. She was wearing some casual running shorts, short and high up on her toned long legs. Her t-shirt was about 2 sizes too small, straining over her big bouncy tits, unable to quite cover her navel. Her waist length dark hair was pulled half up, showing off her the black choker wrapped around her slender neck.

I sat frozen, as she edged closer, her pale blue eyes practically glowing at me in contrast of naturally tan skin.

She looked a little worried now. “Shane?” she asked, as her eyebrows furrowed together. “Seriously, are you ok?”

I looked around, kaçak iddaa still confused. “What are you doing here beautiful?” I asked sleepily, letting my finger stroke her hand. “How did you know I was down here?”

She smiled broadly, her white teeth gleaming under her pouty cherry stained lips. “I like it when you call me beautiful.” she said softly. “And I came back to cover my ass.” she said, laughing nervously. “After y’all went inside I snuck out of the back fence and over to my yard. I ran upstairs and changed, and then came back over here. I apologized to Tanya for leaving my stuff out back, I told her I had a teenage emergency and had to run off. She seemed upset though, so I wasn’t sure. I asked if everything was ok, and she told me you were “sick.” She smiled, her voice trailing off. “That was a good one, by the way. We all know how she can’t stand germs.”

As she talked I was trying to hear her, but it was hard to concentrate; I couldn’t stop staring at at her. I still wanted her, so badly. I could feel the sexual tension between us; it was palpable. I could feel the warm pressure of her hand under mine. I began to move my fingers up her arm. I felt her skin flush with goosebumps.

“Anyways,” she said as I tried to refocus on her words. “Tanya wanted to know if I would mind coming down to check on you, since she “just can’t.” she said, laughing out loud.

I wrapped my hand around her forearm, and pulled her closer in. Her eyes bore into mine, and she caught her breath slightly. I knew what she felt. I felt it to. Want. Need. Desire. The fear of almost getting caught. The adrenaline of knowing we could easily get caught again. The tension was overwhelming.

I pulled her up into the bed, her right leg still planted on the floor, sitting next to me. I pulled myself up fully, making myself taller. I lifted her chin up, and leaned in and kissed her velvet lips. She sighed, giving in and leaning up against me as I took her into my arms.

Our kiss was brief at first, but I could feel the heat in her lips. After just one quick second her mouth opened for me, begging for my tongue. I bit her bottom lip softly, and as she gasped I pushed my tongue deep into her young eager mouth. We began a dual with our tongues, dancing and pushing their way against one another. As it became more impassioned, she moved her arms up, wrapping them tightly around my neck. I pulled her quickly onto my lap, her legs once again straddling me.

I could feel her start to massage her pussy against my already very firm cock. We found an exciting rhythm, quickly working ourselves into a frenzy, moving our hips back and fourth into the others, our tongues thrashing wildly. I was about to reach up and pull her shirt off when it occurred to me: We weren’t alone in the house.

I broke off our passionate embrace, listening intently for any signs of my wife. I’d gotten so caught up in the moment that I forgot that Tanya was still somewhere in the house.

“Shaaaaane…” Brandee moaned softly, leaning forward to kiss my neck. My heart began to race as I sat conflicted. It was my desire to fuck this teenage girl, unlike any sexual desire I’ve ever had, versus my desire not to get CAUGHT fucking this teenage girl. Her dad was my best friend and neighbor. She was practically my niece. There was no coming back from getting found out.

“Shhhh…” I said, shushing her, listening up the stairs.

She pouted, slightly wounded. She started to move away from me, but I grabbed her ass and pulled her firmly back on top of me. She smiled, wiggling herself on my lap.

“Did you shut the door Brandee?” I asked, as she began to rake her nails across my bare chest.

“Yes.” she whispered, her sweet breath on my face, her long hair draping across her body.

“This is very dangerous, what we’re doing here. You understand that, right?” I asked her, my desire building. I tugged at her long hair, making her look into my eyes. “Your father and I, he’s my friend. Your parents; Tanya. They’ll be so hurt and angry.”

She sat up now, the seriousness washing over her face. She sighed heavily, nodding her head slowly.

“I know Shane. I really do.” She sighed and rolled over, facing away from me, settling in between my legs.

She leaned her back up against my chest, looking up at me. I wrapped my arms around her protectively. She absentmindedly stroked my arm. I felt bad. I knew this was hard for me, but I’m sure it was so much crazier for her. She was still a teenager. It was hard to remember sometimes.

“I do understand Shane,” she said softly, nodding her head. “this is crazy. And I don’t want anyone to get hurt either. It’s not like we planned this.” She stopped, laughing a little.

“You know, you were my first school girl crush Shane.” She paused, lost in thought. “Ever since you kissed my knee after I fell off my bike. I never thought any of this would happen though.” she giggled reliving some private joke. …”If you want to stop, I’ll understand.” She continued to stroke my arm, waiting for kaçak bahis my response.”

I couldn’t give her one. I was still reeling from her revelation. I knew this was wrong, on so many levels. And I could feel the consequences weighing heavily on me. We shouldn’t be doing this. It could ruin both of us. But yet somehow that made the desire I felt for her grow stronger even still.

As if she could read my mind, she silently lifted my hands to her mouth. I felt her take my middle finger, and watched as she sucked it into her mouth, and slid it back out again. She repeated this motion several times, as I sat, stunned, my desire creeping back in.

She finally pulled my wet finger out her mouth, with a loud “plop” and leaned back into me, lifting her head to make eye contact.

“I understand Shane, everything that could happen.” she said very seriously. “But…I know still want you anyway.”

I let out a long deep sigh, my blood once again rushing to my cock. I ran my saliva covered finger down her neck, feeling her shiver slightly.

I laughed. “The real question though?” I asked, as I moved my hand past her breast and down to her waist.

“Yes?” she asked, her voice quivering.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Can you keep quiet?”

Before she could answer me I pulled both my arms around her, my hands landing firmly on her lap. She began to push her ass into my cock, as I pulled her thighs apart.

As I reached from behind her, I let my right hand find it’s way down between her legs. Even with her shorts on I could smell her beautiful musk, wafting up and swimming around in my nostrils. I began to gently but firmly rub her little twat over her shorts, teasing it, running my fingers up and down. I could actually feel her clit, getting hard enough to make out the little bump under her shorts.

“Do you like that Brandee? Do you like watching me tease your swollen pussy, getting you all wet and ready for me?” I asked, whispering huskily in her ear, as I probed it gently with my tongue.

“Uhh huh” she moaned quietly, her voice shaking, trying to be quiet, though I could see she was struggling to keep her composure.

“Please don’t stop Shane.” she begged, greedily pushing herself harder into my fingers. “That feels sooooooo good!” She whispered heatedly.

Right as I was about to move my fingers under her shorts to give her a proper finger fucking, I heard a noise from up the stairs. Quick as lightening Brandee rolled off of me and into the chair beside the nightstand. I pulled the comforter up over my legs, hiding my massive erection.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Suddenly Brandee began to laugh out loud. “Oh Shane!” she said, laughing loudly. “You’re so silly!” she laughed, trying to cover up the soon to be awkward silence

I caught on quickly, giving a nervous laugh. “You know me!” I replied, blushing slightly, still flushed with excitement.

I looked up as Tanya stepped into the room, smiling, but keeping her distance.

“I thought I heard you two.” she said, smiling broadly at Brandee. “Let me guess, he’s telling more tall tales?” she asked, giving Brandee a little wink.

Brandee didn’t miss a beat, crossing her long legs and giving Tanya a big smile in return.

“He’s so funny,” she laughed, looking over at me, a tender look in her eyes. “He’s just been telling me horror stories from when he was my age.” she said slyly. “I think he’s trying to scare me away from the boys.”

“Oh Shane,” Tanya laughed, shaking her finger at me. “don’t tease her! It’s hard enough being teenager!”

I gulped, keeping my eyes off of Brandee, feeling my face flush. Thank God Tanya didn’t know just how much I enjoyed teasing Brandee.

“Ok, so, I hate to break up the party, but I’m afraid I have to leave for few hours. I have that office party tonight, remember hun?” Tanya asked, looking at me expectantly.

“Oh, yeah yeah, I remember.” I said nodding in agreement. (I did not remember)

“Well I’ve got to get going too.” Brandee said, rising from her chair. “Big date tonight.” she teased, as she gave me a small wink while she crossed the room.

I smiled, playing along. “Thanks for checking in on me” I said, giving her a casual nod. “You watch out for all them boys.”

She headed up the stairs, Tanya behind her. “I probably won’t be home until very late.” she said, stopping on the bottom step. “You sure you’ll be ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I reassured her, not wanting to give her any reason to stay.

She gave me a quick smile and then headed up the stairs.

My excitement was overwhelming. She was gone for the evening. Possibly hours. Hours that I would have alone with Brandee. I knew she’d been teasing me about her “date.”

She’d probably head back as soon as she saw Tanya leave, which would be any moment.

I felt a small amount of guilt wash over me. I knew I shouldn’t be so excited for this. It was so wrong. But then I began to picture Brandee, naked, writhing around on the bed, and my guilt receded as quickly as it had came. I was still in the middle of fantasizing about her, when I heard light footsteps falling on the stairs. I sat up expectantly, throwing the comforter off of my already warm body.

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