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The Cambion Chronicles Ch. 10

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Sophia had been looking forward to seeing the “Angel” for months now. A Sister Beth kept talking about her massive, black “holy rod” and the flavor of her “holy seed” so much, she couldn’t help but be curious about it. The Novice was no stranger to being on the receiving end of huge cocks, she had been a pet of the nuns at the Camp of Blessing for months. This was all she did. They had already stretched her holes and bloated her insides with cum to levels beyond what most people could imagine experiencing. Sophia knew their cum and craved it, much like all other Novices. So she often wondered how much better Kristanna could taste. How much bigger than Mother Grace could this “Angel” be?

Throughout the past few months being influenced by the nuns, Sophia had gone from being a slightly overweight teen of Colombian descent to having the body of an absolute bimbo. Her bronze skin had never been so soft to the touch, and even though she was merely 5’4″ tall, her curves re-defined the concept of an hourglass figure. It was as if all the fat from her previously round tummy had shifted to her ass, her fertile hips were wide and her cheeks barely fit in the Novice’s habit. Her tits weren’t much far behind. Two juicy orbs, huge and perky, the size of melons.

The Novice’s hair that had always been thin, extremely curly, and hard to handle had turned into a wavy, shiny beauty. Just the way Sophia always dreamed it to be. Like her idol, the celebrity Sophia Vergara, who shared her first name with the Novice. Many of Sophia’s features had developed to model the actress, as someone Sophia considered the ideal standard of beauty. Except that in the Novice’s case those features were severely exaggerated, long having surpassed the actress in volume. Maybe she always wanted to be big like that, or maybe the nuns made her think she did. Whatever the case, Sophia’s ass, and tits were already bigger than any mainstream actresses or models, even in the porn industry.

As she walked into the barn, Sophia’s heart was pounding. The place had been turned into some kind of improvised love nest. Neatly distributed rectangular haystacks worked as couches and tables, many had white bedsheets on top of them. Some cushions were neatly spread around the place giving it a cozy feeling, despite being just a barn. This “Angel” seemed to have put some work into preparing the place for her guests.

But despite all the praise Kristanna had received from Sister Beth, Sophia didn’t know her. The unfamiliar nature of this farm caused some uneasiness. After all, this was still a barn, it was a strange place to receive guests and, even with the decoration, the place made her feel like a farm animal. Those feelings were visibly shared among the other Novices. There was an overall atmosphere of tension.

Maybe it was due to the long trip, or the cloudy, ominous day. Or maybe it was the fact that none of them had ever done anything remotely like this outside the confines of the Camp of Blessing. It was most likely a combination of all these factors that put all Novices out of their element, making them nervous and fearful of what was to come.

Walking in-line with the other Novices, Sophia turned to Ashley who was right behind her, doing her best to be discrete as she whispered, “I hope they don’t pick us first!”

Ashley looked around, watching the black demoness walk right by them, moving to the barn’s double-door and closing it, then barring it from the inside. Ashley breathed with relief as she noticed they hadn’t been heard. The blond Novice still swallowed nervously, hesitant to talk despite the relief she felt. “Shut up or they will hear us! We will end up being punished by Mother Grace instead!” She knew how strict the nuns could be even when far away from their dungeon.

Ashley was taller than Sophia by almost one foot, albeit not nearly as wide on the hips. She also had significantly more muscle, wider shoulders, and a big pair of tits hanging from her chest. The nun’s influence had morphed the former gymnast into the epitome of athletic perfection. Her firm biceps strained the habit, and a bulge was visible by her crotch. Ashley had become what she always wanted to be, with the addition of much bigger breasts as well as an added perversion hanging between her legs. A perversion she had come to enjoy in the past few months at the Camp.

Moments after the barn’s door was closed, Sophia somehow began to feel a bit calmer. She attributed it to getting acclimated, feeling better within the privacy of the closed doors. All windows into the barn were high up near the roof, no one could look through them, which certainly helped. But there was something else, like a perfume in the air. A lingering smell, if one could call it that. It made Sophia unusually aware as it slowly melted her worries away.

As the seconds passed, she felt increasingly grounded to this very moment. The feeling was almost euphoric, growing exponentially, and making her heart pump stronger. Sophia soon felt etlik escort her nipples harden as a sudden shiver took over her body. Where was this high coming from? They were just standing silently at a barn as if some kind of ritual was about to take place. And yet Sophia felt hornier with the passing of each second. She hadn’t eaten or drank anything in the past couple of hours, just sitting on the bus. She couldn’t have been drugged, and yet here she was, feeling a strange mix of emotions from an unknown source.

The reason for her euphoria became more clear once she looked at Kristanna who was now standing next to Sister Beth. The black demoness had just removed her habit and tossed it aside, revealing her naked body. Gasps came from several Novices as they noticed her perfectly huge curves, her defined muscles. Undoubtedly what shocked them the most was the set of black cock and balls hanging from her crotch. Kristanna was still flaccid, her cock was casually hanging like a sleeping beast. And yet one could not help but admire its girth, the veins, and the size of those balls hanging like basketballs in their sack. That cock had an aura of raw power. If this was what it looked like when soft, Sophia could barely fathom what it would look like at its full size.

Contradicting her fear and hesitation, Sophia’s mouth watered the moment she set her eyes on Kristanna’s cock. She didn’t know how, but she knew that it was her that caused the sudden arousal. As if she could smell it even from this distance, despite being several feet away. Kristanna’s pulsating cock called her, each throb of the black beast whispered in her mind: “Sophia”. She could feel the blood pumping on her neck, her cheeks flustered, legs softly wobbled as she struggled to maintain her composure.

For a second Sophia managed to take her eyes off Kristanna’s cock, panning them to the side just enough to see Ashley. The blonde also stared at Kristanna. Her jaw almost hit the floor, her habit was already tenting up as her tumescence began to manifest. Her blond friend wasn’t doing much better, she cleared her throat to try and shake off the sudden wave of arousal.

Sophia could see that, whatever this wave of arousal was, it was affecting everyone inside the barn. Kristanna smiled wickedly as she stroked the base of her black shaft, her eyes left no doubt that she knew exactly what she was doing. Her cock began to rise, pulsating with her heartbeat. Veins engorged beyond belief, some of which looked thicker than Sophia’s fingers. In just a few seconds, her cock reached full mast at over two feet long. The beast was awake and displayed its full demonic glory. A dollop of precum oozed out the tip, slowly dropping to the ground. Better described as a gel or glue, the semi-transparent liquid descended slowly, fighting gravity at every step of the way. Sophia had to use all of her willpower just to stop herself from diving on the ground underneath Kristanna’s cock in an attempt to save that huge drop of pre from being wasted on the floor.

“What has come over me? Why can’t I stop staring at that cock?” The Novice thought. It felt like a weight on her chest, a compulsion. Her mouth watered with desire. She barely noticed but she had already drooled on her habit. Sophia tried to resist, not so much because she didn’t want anything to happen. She wanted it so bad! But that arousal was so strong, the pull of that cock was so overwhelming that the Novice felt genuinely scared of herself. She feared what she could do in the name of that lust. The depravity of the actions that these intense feelings could justify, and how much she could regret later. But the arousal only kept growing, slowly corroding her sense of dignity, chipping away at her reason and common sense.

Kristanna just stood in silence, stroking the base of her shaft slowly. Her eyes danced over all of the Novices. To any outsiders, this view would be somewhat creepy, but no one was an outsider in this barn, gradually becoming enthralled. Soon, Sophia didn’t care much about resisting anymore. The Novice was panting, her breathing accelerated, a river of juices drenched her inner thighs under her habit. She stared at the black cock with nothing but wanton hunger. She imagined the havoc it could wreak inside her, how much her guts would have to stretch and bend just to make room for that massive black beast of a cock! The nuns were so small next to Kristanna! She wanted it, no, she NEEDED that cock inside her, right now!

The silence in the barn was broken by loud moans coming from behind Kristanna, “Oh… yes! Oh, LORD! YES!” Mother Grace had her eyes closed, she trembled in delight as she smiled, clenching her fists. Her free, corrupted cock pulsated and twitched shamelessly, bouncing the Novice that mounted it up and down. The same happened to her other cock lodged inside the Novice’s womb, causing the bulge on her torso to shift.

Affected by Kristanna’s aura, the Mother Superior was unable to hold back. She etlik escort bayan laid the Novice on her back over a pair of haystacks nearby and immediately began to thrust her hips, pounding her cunt without restraint. Her lower cock, the one that was previously mounted by the Novice, was now free. It found its way up to the Novice’s asshole and plunged inside.

With two cocks inside the girl, Mother Grace was in heaven. She screamed in ecstasy, giving in to every ounce of pleasure within her. Her massive ass cheeks shook and wobbled, clapping as the nun thrust into the Novice with a desperate need. Grace’s eyes were wide open, she had a psychotic look to her as her red irises glowed with primal desire, “Ah! YES! Such a tight… cunt! Serve my cocks, whore of Satan! Scream in agony as I ravage your insides over and over again! I’m gonna show you my divine power! I’ll never stop! More! MORE!”

Mother Grace was unhinged, like an animal in heat. The Novice, who had her torso violated by a duo of arm-sized cocks, went over the edge in a ravaging climax. She convulsed atop of the haystacks and screamed, the energy emanating from her was instantly drained by Mother Grace who began laughing in between her shameless grunts and moans. The nun had her mouth open, flickering her tongue in the air, drooling on her bouncing tits as she savored the energy. Immediately Grace’s ball sack bulged and grew heavier, handing lower past her knees as her body converted the drained energy and increased the power of her load. Her thrusts only became faster and more violent.

The Novice continued to cum, unable to stop the loop of multiple orgasms that descended upon her. Willing or not she fed Mother Grace, rolling her eyes and losing her mind to the utter violation of her torso. Her expression was a mix of agony and bliss beyond this world.

Right next to Kristanna, Sister Beth dropped her habit to the floor and tore through the pantihose that contained her cock and her huge balls, “What is this feeling, my Angel?” she inquired, barely resisting the surge of arousal. The Vassal could see Kristanna’s otherwise invisible lust aura, expanding from her like a web of pink energy, touching everyone in the barn. Beth felt her cock immediately surge, hard as a rock, dripping precum all over as it reached it’s glorious twenty inches, “I haven’t even touched it yet! How is this possible, my Angel!’

“Let’s just say I’ve learned a couple of new tricks, Sister Beth. And it seems to work even better on my Vassals”, Kristanna answered with a smile.

The demoness promptly looked at the row of Novices standing before her and pointed at Sophia, “You, fearful one. I’ll have you first. I miss my friend Aisha, you remind me of her.” The Demoness looked to the others and moved her arm to point at Ashley, “You too, come help your friend. Both of you should make for a great appetizer.”

This couldn’t have been a coincidence. Perhaps a few minutes ago Sophia would have been nervous about being picked first. But now she was just glad to have been chosen. Sophia couldn’t help but fall on her knees before Kristanna’s cock, a willing subject to her wims. Looking up at that black beast from this angle and proximity made it seem even more massive. A tower of flesh fully adorned in pulsating veins. It throbbed almost as if it was aware of its majesty. As if it was a cock with agency, teasing the thirsty Novice to worship it.

Challenging Sophia’s resolve, or perhaps simply fulfilling her deepest wishes, a new dollop of thick precum oozed out of the cock-slit. This time she was close enough to stop it from going to waste. The Novice recklessly moved her face forward and stuck her tongue out. The gesture bore fruit as the drop of pre fell partially in her mouth, but also splashed on her cheeks and nose.

The moment Sophia tasted that nectar it felt as if her entire body warmed up. She barely realized that she was using her hands to smear the fluid all over her lips, face and neck. On her forehead, the dark mark of an upside-down cross emerged, it had a dark hue to it, Sister Beth’s brand. Sophia moaned, her senses overloaded as every nerve in her body cried in desperate lust for cock.

Kristanna’s member suddenly came down like a baseball bat. Her cock slapped against Sophia’s face, rested on her nose and forehead, spreading the thick, transparent slime all over. She felt the weight and warmth of that vascular monster, its musk invading her nostrils. There was only Kristanna’s cock. She could taste it, smell it, see, hear, and feel the blood pumping inside of it. Her senses perceived nothing else, “Oh fuck… it’s so fucking good!” The Novice moaned, almost crying in joy and satisfaction.

Kneeling next to her, Ashley wrapped both hands around the body of Kristanna’s member and yanked it from her friend, pulling it towards herself. Ashley’s fingertips barely touched when she wrapped her hands around the colossal shaft, it was significantly thicker than a soda escort etlik bottle. A massive log of flesh. How could such a profane cock even exist? How could it smell so good and look so delicious? The precum that was continuously oozing out of the tip was flung as Ashley pulled Kristanna’s cock and immediately wrapped her lips on the tip, drinking the nectar in hungrily. She trembled and moaned enjoying the taste much like her colleague next to her. A dark-red brand of a moon emerged on the Novice’s forehead, she was Mother Grace’s.

Kristanna smiled wickedly and giggled as she watched the Novices practically fighting over who got to drink the precious precum she secreted, “Now, now. No fighting, girls! Why don’t you work together? You, Aisha look-alike, move to my balls. And you, blondie, keep working that cock.”

Having been trained to obey, Sophia didn’t hesitate. As long as she was licking and touching Kristanna’s crotch she didn’t care. She pulled up her habit revealing her naked body and quickly crawled forward under Kristanna’s shaft to worship at the altar of her massive scrotum.

Sophia smelled the musk from those gonads as they visibly churned inside Kristanna’s sack. She couldn’t believe their weight, their size. She kissed the ball sack, traced her tongue along some of the veins under the skin, burying her face on the base of Kristanna’s cock and back down all over the sack. They tasted of sweat, cum, and perfume. A strange yet somehow alluring mix, overwhelming her senses. Sophia’s relatively small and delicate hands groped the underside of Kristanna’s scrotum, massaging and feeling their magnificent weight.

Just a few minutes ago, Sophia was wondering how much better could Kristanna feel, taste or smell compared to the nuns. She imagined how much bigger she was. Now all doubts had been erased from her mind. Kristanna was unlike anything else, unmatched. Her precum had to be the best thing she had ever tasted! She felt the clarity of purpose, a raw determination to serve. She had never felt this aroused just from kissing and nuzzling anyone’s balls before.

Sophia masturbated so vigorously that her entire fist was already lodged inside her pussy as she massaged and sucked on Kristanna’s ball sack. A whimper escaped her lips as The Novice started to tremble, her knees wobbled in and out. She came almost the moment she touched herself, within ten seconds, just from sucking Kristanna’s balls.

Crouching behind Sophia, Ashley had also gotten rid of her habit and lowered the pantyhose that contained her cock. She knelt, knees and legs resting on the floor in a “W” shape. She kept her back straight and head tossed back as she wrapped both hands around the middle of Kristanna’s cock and stroked it. The tip rewarded her with more precum, the copious amounts of cream coated her face in the increasingly thick substance. In just under a minute, it was more like sludge covering her face, thickened by friction. Ashley looked like a rabid dog, foaming through her mouth as her saliva mixed with Kristanna’s precum. Nasty bubbles popped on her nose as she breathed and spit all over that cock with crazed eyes, mad with lust.

Ashley basked in the smell, taste, and texture of Kristanna’s precum, she couldn’t get enough of it. The Novice’s cock was so hard it hurt, reaching its full erection at thirteen inches, “Ah… yes… this cock, I want all of it!” She mumbled deliriously between swallowing precum and spitting it back over Kristanna’s cock in the messiest blowjob she had ever given. Ashley finally opened her mouth, unable to stop herself as she tried to swallow the head of Kristanna’s cock. A most unreasonable attempt, given its girth. But reason was barely even present in the Novice’s mind. It had been replaced with the raw desire to swallow Kristanna’s cock whole.

Ashley’s jaw stretched open, it stopped at the limit of what a normal person would be able to reach, still short from Kristanna’s obscene girth. But Ashley was an athlete, she was used to pushing limits, trying harder. As the Novice persisted, her jaw dislodged like a boa constrictor when devouring its prey. Ashley barely realized the popping of bone and sinew. In truth, she didn’t care, simply pushing forward. There was some discomfort, a feeling of pushing past one’s limits, but there was no pain.

The head of Kristanna’s cock entered Ashley’s mouth. She sealed her lips around it, trying not to bite on it or hurt it in any way. It was impossible to keep her teeth away, the cock’s head occupied all the available space. But she had to do everything in her power to keep Kristanna happy, make sure she didn’t pull the delicious cock away. Not now, not ever.

When the head of Kristanna’s black monster pressed against the back of Ashley’s throat, she almost pulled back in a gagging reflex. But she resisted and controlled herself, putting in practice the training from the nuns back at the Camp. The excessive precum soon started oozing out of Ashley’s nose like snot as the thick nectar shot straight from Kristanna’s cock and into her throat, clogging her breathing tubes. Ashley coughed a couple of times, tensing all the muscles in her body as she involuntarily spat the thick mixture all over Kristanna’s cock, only to immediately wrap her lips around it again.

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