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The Camping Trip

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I pulled to a stop at the end of the long dirt road before a small clearing, bordered by tall trees. I had escaped from my boring job, and planned to spend an entire week alone, in the peace and solitude of nature. There were nearby mountains to hike up during the day, and a nice nearby lake to cool myself off in when it got hot. I planned to do a lot of hiking and swimming while I was here.

I unpacked my car, and lugged the stuff to the far side of the clearing, where I would be near water. I had filled the car with essentials, so I wouldn’t have to leave the campsite for food or fuel. As the sun had already set by the time I had arrived, I had barely enough twilight to set up my tent and dining fly before I found it necessary to light my lantern. I cooked a quick dinner, and prepared to sleep off the drive. As I entered my tent, I noticed a small “pup” tent in the other corner of the field, in a small depression. I had expected to be alone. I hoped whoever was in the tent would be gone tomorrow. Besides, I had heard that it would rain heavy tonight before clearing in the late morning. Maybe the rains would drive them away, and I could enjoy my solitude.

I entered the tent, and zipped it up in preparation for the inclement weather. It was cooling off in the tent, and I was quite happy to slip into my warm sleeping bag. I always slept naked, and enjoyed the freedom from clothes when I camped. That’s why I had picked this remote location. To be alone, naked, illegal bahis and one with nature. I was soon asleep.

I awoke to the flash of lightening and crash of thunder. The winds had picked up while I slept, and I could hear their howl outside the tent, along with the rain being driven against the stout sides of the tent. I was glad that I had pitched the tent well away from the trees, and staked it down securely. As I lay there, listening to the wind, rain, and thunder, I thought I heard a woman’s voice crying. Soon, I felt the tent shake, and a voice cry out “Hello, in the tent! Is anyone there?”

I unzipped the door, and peeked out into the vestibule. There, before me, stood the most pitiful sight I have ever seen – a young woman, wearing a thin nighty, soaked clean through, her hair in wet knots, and standing in muddy, bare, feet.

“Can I come in and dry off?” she asked. I could hear her teeth chattering, and noticed how cold she must be by her distended nipples – pushing against the thin fabric.

“Oh, my!” I remarked. “Just a moment!” I turned, and rummaged in my pack until I found the large, fluffy towel I had brought. “Take off those wet things, and leave them on the ground.” I ordered. “Then, take this towel, and dry yourself off while I prepare something warm for you.” I said, as I handed her the towel. I watched as she reached down, and stripped the nightshirt up over her head, baring her body to my gaze. She was nicely shaped, with adequate illegal bahis siteleri breasts and a nice trim waist. I could see she worked out, as her tummy was nice and firm.

Taking the towel from me, she began to dry herself off. I turned, and fired up the small cook stove, and soon had a cup of hot water ready. I dumped in a cup of instant soup, and invited her in, handing it to her. “Here,” I said, “drink this.” I watched as she took the cup from me, and sipped the soup carefully. “What are you doing here?” I asked as she drank.

“I just finished my junior year in college, and wanted to get away for a while before school started up again in the summer.” she explained. “I didn’t realize how much trouble it would be setting up a tent and trying to stay dry in a storm.” she continued. “When the rain and wind started up, it just blew my tent away without a warning. I guess I should have used the tent pegs that came with it, huh?” she observed.

Smiling at her, I remarked “Uh, huh.” She was shivering uncontrollably – probably from exposure. “Give me that cup” I said, taking it from her. “Now, take off that towel, and get under this blanket.” I ordered, lifting the cover off the sleeping bag. I was naked, and so was she, but I was more concerned about her possible hypothermia then to worry about clothing taboos at the present time. I rolled on my side, and pulled her cold, naked, body close to my back. “Wrap your arms around me, and go to sleep against canlı bahis siteleri me.” I instructed her. “You will warm up inside from the hot soup and outside from my warm body next to yours.” I explained. I closed my eyes, and listened to her breathing, against my neck. Finally, her shivering stopped, and her breathing slowed as she fell asleep. I soon drifted off to sleep myself.

Sometime in the night, she stirred and left the tent – probably to answer a call of nature. When she returned, she was still naked, but warmer. She snuggled up tight against me, wrapping her arms around me. After a few moments, I felt her hands begin to move down my belly, where she found my firmness. Holding me firmly in her hands, she began to slowly stroke me. I resisted responding – but only for a moment. Then, groaning, I pressed myself into her hands.

“Ah, I see that I’ve awakened you both!” she purred into my ear.

“Yes,” I replied. “And you’ve found something else to keep you warm.” I said.

Giggling, she continued to stroke me until I was rock-hard.

I turned to face her, and pulled her close to me, kissing her face and neck.. and, finally, her lips. I reached out and cupped her breasts in my hands, worrying her nipples until they were hard and erect. My hands slid lower, until I reached her curly fleece, and then I touched her neither lips. I could feel the moisture on them, and the heat, too. I rolled over on top of her, spreading her legs as I did. ” Shall I show you what that’s good for?” I asked, slyly.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she rejoined, smiling.

The rest of the evening, and nearly half of the next day we found interesting and fun ways to keep warm and outwit Mother Nature.

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