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The Chair Ch. 04

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It had now become almost impossible for him to visualize The Chair in his mind without having it occupied by her. Having taken thorough measurements of her at their last meeting, he could now proceed with the detailed design of The Chair. He had already fabricated the individual chair panels. Each panel consisted of a 3/4-inch particleboard base covered with 2-inch foam padding and a top layer of batting, all tightly wrapped with black vinyl and stapled on the underside. He had constructed the base out of tubular steel. This base would support the chair itself in addition to housing the various motors required to automate The Chair’s functions. The only mechanical linkages he had built thus far were only those required to move the leg and arm supports horizontally. As such, The Chair resembled more of a padded table.

When he had called her that afternoon to tell her of the status, she said she was eager to see it. Of course he was just as eager to have her see it. She arrived in record time. She arrived wearing a white tailored shirt with a pair of tight black jeans.

As he let her in the door, she kissed him and pushed her way into the room, anxious to see The Chair. Luckily he had anticipated her impatience and had draped a sheet over The Chair. He wanted to make a formal presentation to her. He also wanted to prepare her before she saw it. He didn’t want her to be disappointed by the actual thing not matching up to her expectations or the visual image in her mind. He explained that it is a work in progress and as it progresses, its appearance will be upgraded.

With the warning out of the way, he pulled the sheet off of The Chair. It was not quite as impressive as she had expected, mainly due to the base being uncovered and exposing the inner workings. Still it had an arousing effect on her. She asked if she could sit in it. He told her that he would be pleased to let her “take it for a spin.” As he said that, another idea came to them both simultaneously – have The Chair spin.

She quickly stripped off her shirt and jeans. As she went to sit in The Chair for the first time, he held onto her in case the chair was not correctly balanced and began to tip. It did not. She said that it felt very firm and secure. She then stretched out flat and he proceeded to fasten the cuffs tightly around her ankles, her thighs, her waist, and her forearms. He then went and set up the video camera to record the inaugural test run of The Chair. This was history casino şirketleri in the making.

He checked to make sure she was comfortable and ready to proceed. She of course said that she was. She was excited, but also a little scared. Of course she trusted him not to intentionally hurt her (at least not more than she wanted) but it wasn’t actually him that would be directly controlling The Chair. The computer would actually be sending the commands to the various motors. The motors that if they were to run wild, could theoretically rip off her arms and legs. It was this fear that served to heighten her level of excitement. She was so excited that her nipples were more erect than he had ever seen them (more than she had ever seen them for that matter).

He informed her that he would be starting with her arms. When he keyed the command into the computer, she heard the motors beneath her begin to whir, followed shortly by movement of the arm supports that her arms were tightly cuffed to. As this was a trial run, he had instructed the computer to make all motions very slowly. In this way, he would have time to react if there was a serious problem. Her arms that had started out straight down at her sides had finally moved to positions straight out to her left and right. After confirming that she was all right, he asked if she was ready for a little surprise. She didn’t have any idea what he had in mind, but as she trusted him, she said yes. With that, he hit a key on the computer keyboard and the two arm sections made a sudden lurch apart. Although the actual movement was only half an inch for each arm, the jolt sent a chill (part fear and part excitement) through her body. Her arms were now stretched out to each side, though not uncomfortable. The excitement she had experienced thus far had caused her to break out in a sweat. As he looked at the sweat glistening on her body, he hoped that it would show up well on the videotape.

After giving her a minute to compose herself, he said they would continue on to the leg sections. He cautioned her to let him know before they moved too far. A few more keystrokes at the keyboard and the leg sections began to slowly separate. As her legs were moved further and further apart, he told her how sexy and helpless she looked lying there strapped to The Chair. When her legs where spread apart forming an angle greater than 90 degrees between them, she told him that was far enough. With a single keystroke on the computer, casino firmaları the motion stopped immediately. He then typed in a command that saved this position as a maximum limit.

He asked if she had had enough for this afternoon and she said that she hadn’t. He then typed a series of commands into the computer and the motors beneath her began to hum again. This time her arms and legs were moving at the same time, and faster. Her arms reached her sides at the same time that her legs came together. Instead of stopping though, they reversed direction and continued moving. She couldn’t see what she looked like, but from his perspective she was making snow angels in mid-air, supported only by The Chair. He let this continue for a minute while the camera caught every move on tape. He then hit a single key that began a different program running. This time her right arm and right leg moved while the left appendages remained in their “at rest” positions. After 30 seconds of this, the same thing was repeated on the other side. After another 30 seconds, her right arm and left leg would move at the same time followed by her left arm and right leg. Her arms and legs finally returned to their “at rest” positions and the motors stopped their whirring. This had completed his test routine. You see this was designed not only to torment her, but also to check out all moving combinations of the chair for any possible mechanical interference conditions.

After uncuffing her from The Chair, he helped her stand up. As she tried to stand, her legs gave out underneath her and he caught her. With her arm around his neck and his arms under her legs and around her back, he carried her over to the bed to let her muscles recuperate. He then retrieved a bottle of massage oil from the bedside stand and proceeded to give her a massage aimed at reviving her weakened extremities.

The massage did have the desired effect, however it also served to excite both of them. After he had massaged her arms and legs back to health, she asked him to continue with a complete body massage. She was laying face down on the bed, so he moved up and began a deep massage of her neck and back. Gradually he worked his way down her back and spine until he reached her beautiful ass. He took great care in devoting an equal amount of attention to each cheek. First he would thoroughly kneed one, and then the other. After each one had gotten its fair share of manipulation, he grasped one ass cheek in each güvenilir casino hand and began to work them in a circular motion while also squeezing them with his fingers. Each circular motion would spread her cheeks and expose her puckered asshole. He recalled how she had previously told him that she likes having her ass gripped and pulled apart like that. After repeating this a few times, he then ran his hand down the crack in her ass with the tip of his one finger just brushing the puckered ring of her asshole in passing. This sent a small shiver up her spine.

He then rolled her over onto her back so that he could continue the massage. He would ordinarily start at her feet and work his way up, but as he had already massaged her legs and feet, he began with her shoulders and neck. He then slid his hands down to her full, natural 34D breasts. Again he made sure to devote the same amount of time to each breast the same as he had her ass cheeks. Not wanting to spend too much time on any one area, he moved on to her stomach. He firmly but gently worked the massage oil over her taunt stomach as he slowly worked his way down to her womanhood. The small neatly trimmed patch of red pubic hair above her pussy was soon coated with oil as he worked his fingers all over her mound and up and down her outer and inner lips but not yet entering her.

His tormenting was getting to her. She was now writhing around on the bed as if her motions could magically suck his fingers inside her, where she longed for them to be. Seeing her in this condition, he couldn’t put it off any longer, so he thrust his index and middle fingers inside her. He then began thrusting his fingers in and out. As he did, her moans became louder. When he added a third finger, they became louder still. As he added a fourth finger, her moans had practically turned into screams. While thrusting his fingers in and out, with his thumb, he then began to play with her excited clit. After only one minute of stimulating her love button, she came. As she came, her pussy clamped down on his fingers, almost trapping them inside her.

As her orgasm subsided, she told him that she really wanted to fuck him, but she was just too exhausted to do anything now. She told him she felt guilty after the pleasure he had just given her. He told her not to worry about it and to just consider it a token of thanks for testing The Chair.

They laid together holding each other as she came down off her sexual plateau. As they held each other, they also kissed. These were not hard, forceful French kisses, but gentle, loving, romantic kisses. They both soon fell asleep like that, wrapped in each other’s arms with their lips pressed together.

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