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The Christmas Intruder

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“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.” Well, in her house, Kandy was the only one stirring. She was wide-awake because of back pain and trying to ignore it by surfing online. Her two dogs and her husband Mathew were sound asleep down the hall.

Christmas Eve is a time to spend with family, however this year; due to the economy they’d spend it by themselves. The plans were to make the best of things, sleep late, and have the traditional holiday meal.

She smirked when she remembered her husband’s remark, “Honey, this meal is guaranteed to spice up our life and expand our waistlines.”

She blushed, frowned and replied, “For your information, my waistline doesn’t need any more expansion, it need more reduction.”

She logged off the computer and went to sit in the living room and watch the twinkling lights of their festive Christmas tree, and the decorations placed around the room. All of it usually cheered her up.

After an hour or so she frowned and grumbled, “Why am I feeling so blue right now?”

Maybe it was because, up until this year, they’d spent this time of year with the kids. The house was always full of children’s laughter, great food, homemade candy, a variety of gifts, and the harmonious sounds of Christmas carols serenading through the air.

She placed her head in her hands and whispered, “Baahumbug! I need something special to happen to me, to rekindle my joyous Christmas spirit.” She giggled and smirked, “Like that’s going to happen.”

She decided to head into the kitchen and see what was good to eat in the refrigerator. Once there, she spotted some eggnog made with rum, poured a cup, and then grabbed the rum and added a bit more to the mix. After all maybe it would warm up her spirit.

She waltzed back into the living room, over to the sofa, and pulled back the curtain to see if it was snowing yet. All she could see was Jack Frost’s handiwork covering the windows, making the streetlight glow with a refracted halo. After scraping some of the ice away she could see big puffy snowflakes coming down. There was about an inch on the ground, its pristine whiteness was enchanting. The many colored lights of the neighborhood reflected against the snow in a holiday spectrum of colors. For a moment she forgot about being depressed this Christmas Eve.

She finished the eggnog and decided to go back to bed. She soon fell asleep, probably due to the liquor.

All of a sudden she was awakened by a something, not sure what it was, she listened closely, and it appeared to be a sound coming from the den. Since she was still groggy, she thought it might be the dogs chasing one of their toys across the floor. Then she froze, because they were in the kennel and their toys were in another room. She wanted to wake up her husband and make him go check things out but knew the only thing that could do that was a lightning strike.

She bit her lip, cursed under her breath, slithered out of bed, and put on her robe. She decided not to turn the bedside light on; because she was shaking so much with fear she might knock it off the table and onto the floor. With her beating heartbeat echoing in her ears like a base drum, she crept toward the bedroom door. Her toe found it first and she covered her mouth to stifle a scream, but nothing came out, she was too afraid to mutter anything.

She peaked around the door in attempt to see what the noise was and didn’t see anything. She eased out, walking cautiously toward the den, shaking so much she thought she’d pass out with each step she took. About halfway through that room, she could see into the living room. To her surprise, there in front of the Christmas tree was an intruder.

She shook her head, because for a moment she thought she’d seen someone in a red Santa suit. Surely, this could not be, maybe the rum was playing tricks with her head. She decided to get a closer look and slowly crept towards the figure, thinking to herself; “If this is Santa, I want to make sure and see him eye-to-eye.”

However the closer she got, the more puzzled she became. She noticed it was a jolly ole man; the curves were all in the wrong places.

She mustered her courage and asked, “Who in the hell are you? Isn’t it supposed to be a jolly fat man who comes down the chimney and stands by my tree on Christmas Eve, as if I believed in such?”

The intruder screamed like a woman. “Oh my, you scared me!”

“I scared you? Lady this is my house!”

The woman asked, “Isn’t this 410 Greenville rd, Brentwood Tennessee?”

Kandy was even more confused than before but answered, “Yes, why you asking?”

“I bahis firmaları have strict orders from St. Nick himself to be here in your house under your tree tonight. I was just about to sit down when you scared the dickens out of me. Pull up a chair I will explain everything.”

Her adrenaline was running crazy as her mind tried to find some rhyme or reason. With a sarcastic tone she said, “I didn’t know he’d send Mrs. Claus [would – to] visit me tonight.”

“I’m not Mrs. Claus; I’m one of Santa’s helpers. He uses us because there’s just too much for him to cover in one night. My name is Nicky.”

Due to the fact she left her glasses next to the bed, she squinted at the clock. It was three a.m. “You’re out kinda late aren’t you? I thought Santa made his rounds at midnight.”

“I’m late because some of the elves and I celebrated a bit too much after supper. I then lost your address, and caused Santa to leave the North Pole late. After all of that I finally arrived to your place. “

She shook her head and blinked a few times. “Pinch me please I want to make sure you’re not a dream.”

The woman reached over, pinched her, and giggled. “I think I’m going to like you a lot.”

“Ouch! What’d you do that for?”

“You asked me too, that’s why.”

Okay, she told herself, play along, this has to be a dream, after all hubby will never believe this, and there is no such thing as Santa Claus.

“Why are you here?”

“You’re joking right, you have no idea who I am or why I’m here?”

“No, I was just thinking I had too much rum in my eggnog tonight.”

“Do you remember what you wished for on Christmas Eve? If not let me refresh your memory, I need something special to happen to me, to rekindle my joyous Christmas spirit…well here I am!”

With that remark Nicky walked over to Kandy, put her arms around her, and kissed her softly on the lips. “Merry Christmas Kandy. I’m yours until midnight, the day after Christmas. I can help you have a sexy, special holiday, in every way imaginable.”

Kandy’s legs felt like jello, [and her body – her body was] tingling with arousal, and she just stood there like a deer in the headlight. Sexy huh, now she couldn’t wait to see what the woman meant by every way imaginable.

She thought that maybe she should wake her husband, then mumbled, “Hell no this is my dream.”

“Nicky, your very pretty, especially that cute dimple in your chin, what do you have in mind.”

Kandy observed the woman’s eyes traveling up and down her body and licking her lips. “Are you sleepy? I’m not; in fact I’m bi-sexual and feeling kind of frisky. By the way, I noticed we about the same size, do you have something I can slip into that is more comfortable than this red outfit?”

The woman’s sexy gaze and lustful words made Kandy’s face turn a nice shade of Christmas red. She began to think of how much she’d enjoy disrobing Santa’s helper, one piece of clothing at a time.

She scurried quietly to the bedroom to get a robe for her to put on. Hoping not to wake hubby after all, she was mine, and he could hear about it later.

“I hope you like blue; it matches your blonde hair and blue eyes.”

Nicky smiled and began undressing right in front of her. When she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra, her hair cascaded down in ringlets across her shoulders.

Kandy noticed the woman’s breasts were not as large as hers were, but already had long, hard, nipples, and wondered if that was because of the snow. Next Nicky winked and removed everything else and stood there nude for a moment.

“Kandy, do you like what you see?”

She stammered at first unsure of what to say then blurted out, “Yes, very much, you’re gorgeous. I must admit however, I haven’t had much experience with a woman.”

“Don’t worry about a thing honey; I’ll take care of you. Now, drop that night gown honey, I want to see your sexy body now.”

She stood up and without hesitation dropped her clothing too. For a while, both of them stood there staring at each other’s bodies. Suddenly Kandy felt that Christmas was very merry again.

Nicky then seemed to be looking around the room. “You don’t seem to have any mistletoe around here. One cannot have a holiday kiss without it.”

At that moment she wished there was some right above them because Kandy wanted to kiss Nicky. “I forgot to buy some this year.”

“Oh well sweetie, I don’t really need it.”

Nicky pulled Kandy close and their lips met. As their breasts touched she ran her fingers lightly down Kandy’s back and it felt fantastic.

She caressed Nicky back mimicking the movements. Her whole body never felt so alive with passion. kaçak iddaa She didn’t know what she was going to do, but didn’t care.

“This is indeed a Merry Christmas Nicky.”

“Kandy, I guess we should go to the bedroom and continue this.”

“Not my room, hubby is asleep and I prefer not to disturb him. Let’s go into the quest room. After all, it’s a known fact that Santa’s helpers usually don’t get much sleep on Christmas.”

Nicky picked up a small red-velvet bag, smiled, pointed at it and said, “I don’t go anywhere without my specialty items.”

They walked arm [and – in] arm toward the room as the words of that old Christmas story rang through Kandy’s head; Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring. With one exception, in her house the only thing stirring here were two females, getting ready for a whole night of sexy fun.

As for Kandy, she didn’t worry whether a sleigh pulled by eight tiny reindeer delivered Nicky. The two women were lying on the bed with just their bra and panties on. They caressed each other’s bodies and each began to tell about what kind of sex life they had and what they did for fun. As it turned out they both had a lot in common; they were always horny, and used there charms to mischievously get what they wanted.

Kandy then confessed that even though she loved her husband dearly, the idea of being with another woman turned her on. She loved the feel and taste of their skin. She frowned and lowered her head, saying that she’d only had one real relationship. Now only was it very dissatisfying and it had ended abruptly.

Nicky snuggled up close to Kandy, ran her fingers through her long auburn hair, looked directly into her sexy, green-eyes, and purred. “Honey this bi-woman plans to make tonight one hell of an experience you’ll never forget.”

By this time, Kandy’s senses were elevated and her pussy was already drenched and throbbing. “Oooooh this is going to be fun!” She then paused, looked around the room and whispered, “However, let’s not get too loud or we’ll wake my husband…and I want you for myself right now.”

Nicky told her that was okay and to lie on her back, and not do anything for the moment. She was going to strip her slowly and turn every inch of that luscious body on. When she removed the bra Nicky leaned over, sucked in Kandy’s right nipple, and bit it gently. She then gave the other nipple the same treatment. Then she removed the underwear, licked her lips, and cooed. She paused, reached over to the side of the bed, and picked up the velvet bag.

Kandy’s eyes were filled with lust, and she asked, “Nicky, what did you say was in the bag honey?”

Nicky dumped the bag onto the bed, and out came all kinds of vibrators, dildo’s, strap-ons, and creams. “My toys baby, I don’t leave home without’em!”

Kandy giggled and kept an eye on a bright red and white candy cane shaped vibrator. She wondered if it tasted like peppermint. As for her pussy it was dripping like a faucet she could not turn off.

She looked at Nicky, pointed to the vibrator, and asked, “Does that one taste like a candy cane?”

Nicky replied, “Yes, now spread those beautiful legs I want to use it on you baby!” When Kandy spread her legs, Nicky squealed, “Oh God honey, your hot cunt is dripping. I cannot wait to slide this toy inside you as I taste you.”

Kandy moaned when the toy was slid from her swollen clit to her puckered asshole. “Ooooh honey, shove it inside me please.”

Nicky slid the toy inside Kandy and leaned over to lap up the peppermint-flavored juices. All she could do was mumble, “Mmm,” as she continued licking up the sweet nectar.

Nicky continued tantalizing Kandy’s pussy. She shoved the vibrator as deep as it could go and cooed, “Cum for me baby!”

She then zeroed in on Kandy’s clit, sucking it in, and nibbling at it, while she fucked her with the toy.

Kandy trembled from head to toe like a freight train out of control, climaxing all over Nicky’s hands, wrists, and up her arms.

They lay there for a moment as Kandy’s climax subsided. She then turned toward Nicky and said, “It’s your turn now. Pick your favorite toy, and then I’m taking those undergarments off you.”

Nicky held up a blue ten-inch thin vibrator that looked like a real cock and balls. “I like this one, do I need to tell you what to do doll?”

“At this point, no, I will just do to you what you did to me!”

“Ooooooooh baby, bring it on, fuck Nicky good!”

Kandy proceeded to kiss Nicky on the lips hard, letting their tongues play the dance of lovers. She then removed the bra and gasped at the large nipples that were bigger than kaçak bahis hers. She licked her lips and latched on to the left one like a nursing baby, as her free hand toyed with the other nipple, then her mouth moved to the right one with her hand on the left hard nipple.

The effect was wild, Nicky began thrashing about on the bed and squealing, “Bite’em hard baby, bite them now!’

Of course she did, and that caused Nicky to tremble harder. Not wanting her to cum without tasting her pussy, Kandy quickly moved downward. She removed the panties and ran the toy across Nicky’s throbbing slit from clit to asshole.

She then mimicked Nicky’s action by sliding the toy in slow and deep, increasing the action with each thrust. Her mouth went down the woman’s clit and began encircling it, then without warning she sucked it in and bit it gently.

“MMMM! Hot damn girl you sure know how to treat a woman. Make me cum baby!”

Kandy did not hesitate to do what Nicky suggested, and all was going well until Nicky grasped her hand, she froze like maybe she’d done something wrong.

Nicky gasped and with a calm voice said, “You’re doing okay baby. I just stopped you because I want you to slide that toy into my ass. Can you do that lover?”

When Kandy heard Nicky’s shaky request, she replied, “Ooooh yes, I can do that.”

Nicky handed Kandy some lube, and then moved and pulled her legs up higher exposing her smooth round ass. “Apply the lube to my ass and the toy, go slow when entering and I’ll tell you if you’re going too hard and fast, OK?”

“Yes, Oh Nicky this is so exciting, because I know how good it can feel being fucked in the ass.’

She did as instructed, and placed the vibrator at the entrance to Nicky’s ass. After seeing it relax she slowly moved the toy inch by inch into the tunnel. When she had a good rhythm going and Nicky told her she was doing ok, Kandy leaned down and sucked on the clit.

Kandy could tell by Nicky’s breathing that she was close to cumming. She began to suck her clit feverishly as the toy fucked her deeper and deeper.

All of a sudden, Nicky shrieked, “Hot-damn, this feels good! Oh keep it up baby, yesssss, fuck, I’m cumming!”

The two women then collapsed in each other’s arms. Nicky pulled Kandy close and asked, “Well how’d you like my way of giving you some Christmas cheer?”

“Wow, you’re right this is one experience I won’t forget. I wonder what we can do next.”

A cough at the door startled them both. When they looked there stood Mathew [start naked -??], with a rock hard cock in his hand. “What in the hell is going on! No wait a minute, I’ve been watching part of it and like what I see!”

Kandy stammered, “It’s a long story, which I will fill you in on later. The short version is that I found Nicky under our Christmas tree, and she informed me that she is a gift from Santa to me!”

“Well I’ve never heard such a tall tale and I don’t believe in Santa Claus!” Just then there was a clatter on the roof of which sounded like hooves. The women put on their robes, and along with Mathew crept toward the sounds to see what it really was.

Before Mathew could say a word, something made a noise in the fireplace, and low and behold there stood a fat-jolly man in a red suit.

“Ho ho ho,” he bellowed as his belly shook like a bowl full of jello. “So you don’t believe in Santa huh? Just who do you think left the wagon your parents couldn’t afford under your tree when you were ten? Didn’t the tag read, from Santa?”

“Well, I, ahh, yes,” he shook his head with confusion.

Santa reached over and touched Mathew, and all of the sudden his mind became clear of who this person standing in front of him really was and he answered, “By golly you’re Santa Claus!”

Santa laughed, “Well now that’s settled I have more work to do.” He laid his finger beside his nose and up the chimney he rose.

Mathew hung his head in shame, until Kandy came over and put her arms around him. “It okay baby, everyone around here needed some Christmas Cheer.”

Nicky walked over to them, looked at them both seriously, and smirked. “You know something?”

Matthew replied, “What now?”

“I can figure out what we all can do next. That’s if Mathew wants to join in on the fun.”

Mathew dropped his robe and there he stood naked with a semi-hard cock. “Ladies, does this look like I don’t want to have any fun tonight?”

Nicky looked at Kandy and both of them giggled and dropped their robes.

Kandy looked at Mathew and squealed, “I’m ready for more fun. In fact Mathew I want you to fuck me from behind, while I’m eating Nicky’s pussy.”

Nicky winked, and the three of them walked toward the master bedroom that had a king-sized bed.

As they slid under the covers Nicky said that famous line, “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite–as for the three of us, who’s sleeping!”

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