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The Co-Worker

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I have to admit that I have fantasies about my three co-workers. They are all pretty hot. But, that is all they are, fantasy. You see I am much older and married. So actually hooking up with one of them is pretty much out of the question. Or at least so I thought.

The day started out like usual. I come in the door and the woman at the front desk tells me what’s broken and I have to fix. After hearing about the problems, I went into the maintenance office to figure where to start. I was sitting there when Paige [co-worker no

] came in and put her stuff down and sat down beside me as usual. We started talking about our weekend and how they went. Mine are pretty dull. Hers on the other hand can be quite juicy since she is 18 and fresh out of high school. As she was talking I couldn’t help but think about her tall slender body. She presents herself as somewhat shy at work. Paige always wears a tee shirt under uniform shirt, I assume so no one can see her small firm breasts when she bends over in front of someone. She has a figure to die for. Her ass is so firm, it never bounces or jiggles. It just sways as she walks. She is pretty tall about 6ft. After our one sided conversation we got up and went our separate ways.

It was a couple of hours before our paths crossed. I had to go out on the roof and check for storm damage from the night before. I needed her to hold the ladder for me. She said ok and we proceeded out side.

I bahis firmaları sat the ladder up and proceeded up to the roof. I yelled down to her that I appreciated her help and that I could tie off the ladder now. She just smiled and waved. After I inspected the roof for damage I sat down behind an air conditioner to have a smoke. I was sitting there when I heard Paige’s voice ask me if this was a good hiding place or not. I looked up at her and said sure, no one can see you from the ground.

I told her to come on over and have a seat. As she did I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t wearing a tee shirt under her work shirt and she was wearing a different pair of shorts to. I asked her why she changed clothes? She replied, “I spilled cleaner on them.’ Bummer, was all I could say as I stared at her perky nipples poking through her shirt. They were big and hard. I had never noticed them like that before. They were very nice. Holy Crap, I thought as I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She brought me back to reality, asking me if I liked what I see. I felt a little embarrassed and stunned by her comment. Paige just doesn’t act like that, she’s very quiet. All I could say was, “Yes I do.”

I just reached up and cupped her right breast in my hand, not even thinking about it. I thought what the hell all she can do is slap the piss out of me and tell me to quit. But, to my surprise she took my hand and put it kaçak iddaa under her shirt. I took her lead and started massaging her breast. My cock was already getting rock hard, when she put her hand on my crotch and started to rub it. I lifted her shirt up and put her nipple in my mouth and started sucking and nibbling. I could here her starting to moan now and move her body around.

I could feel her hands trying to undo my pants in kind of a frenzy. I just kept sucking her tit like a starving baby breast feeding. When she finally got my pants undone, she pulled them down. She didn’t miss a lick and went down on me burying my 9in cock in her mouth and down her throat.

I reached down and took her shorts off with very little effort. I was pleased to see that she shaved her sweet little pussy. I moved her a little bit and we were in the 69 position. I started licking and sucking her clit driving her crazy as she sucked my cock for all it was worth. I don’t think I have ever had a woman cum so hard as she did, her sweet juices covered my face. She went a little limp as I pulled her head off my cock and up to my face. We kissed deeply and passionately for a few moments. She raised up on top of me and took my cock in her hand and gently inserted into her waiting, hot and wet pussy. She was so tight, that I thought I might not get all my hard cock in there. When suddenly she sat straight up and slid all the way down on me. I kaçak bahis had my whole cock buried deep in her. She just sat there for a minute not moving, giving out a slight painful sounding moan. I could tell she hadn’t had anything this big before, so I was going to let her do this at her own pace. The last thing I wanted was to hurt her.

After sitting there a couple of more minutes she started to move her body up and down ever so slowly at first and then harder and faster. She was getting accustomed to the size as she started bucking and riding me like there was no tomorrow. She suddenly and actually quite violently shook all over. She just had a massive climax.

To my amazement I hadn’t cum yet. That was not normal for me. But I wasn’t complaining. Paige just fell flat on me from exhaustion, with my cock still buried deep in her. We just laid there for a minute while she caught her breath.

She got up and immediately pulled my hard cock out of her wet sore pussy and put it in her mouthand started sucking me hard and deep. It was all I could stand and came with a volcano of juices almost choking her. Paige managed to swallow every bit of my sperm.

We both just laid there on the roof naked for about 5 minutes or so.

I looked at her and suggested we get dressed and go before some one misses us. She agreed and we left the roof not saying a word. That is something I will never forget.

Our work relationship did not change after our afternoon of lust on the roof, in fact we have had sex on several occasions since then. Each just as good as the first. As for my other two co-workers, well those are different stories.

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