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The Computer

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My sister Julie and I share the top floor of our parents’ home. We each have our own bedroom. We share a study room and a bathroom. We finally convinced our parents to get us a computer with internet access for our study room. The family has a computer downstairs but to have one in our study would make studying much easier. All of our paperwork, books and projects are spread around the room. I’m a freshman at the local university. Now that my 18 year-old sister has decided to go to the same university and live at home like I do, our parents agreed to spend the money on the computer. We got it a couple of weeks ago. We hooked it up with a high-speed modem. It’s fast.

One night, we were both up late doing homework. Julie was in her bathrobe and I had on a pair of jogging shorts. Julie was working on a paper for her drama class. She was online searching for information on various performers. I was working at my desk when I heard Julie gasp, “Oh my gosh. That’s gross.”

I looked over at her. She was staring at the screen. “What’s gross Jules?” I asked.

“I’ve been following these links and all of a sudden this site came up. Look at this.”

I moved over to look over her shoulder. She was on a site called “Hot Juicy Pussy” that had a long list of free pictures to pull up. They had titles that identified the pictures you’d see like teens, babes, group sex, hardcore, lesbian and more.

I said, “Why don’t you pull one up, let’s check it out.” I pulled my chair up next to hers. She looked at me like the good little girl she is with a look that said “Are you sure it’s ok? We don’t want to get in trouble or anything.” I just said, “Go ahead, pick one.”

She picked one that said “babes”. Boom, just like that … 20 pictures of great looking, nude babes appeared on the screen. I took the mouse from her hand and highlighted the picture of a brunette laying back, tugging on her nipples and arching her pussy towards the camera. Her clit was in full display and looked wet and ready for a good licking. My cock was hot and hard instantly. I must have moaned softly because Julie hit me and said, “Oh stop it you goof.”

I laughed and clicked out of that grouping and selected one titled “lesbian”. Again, 20 pictures came up. This time it was different lesbos in every picture and they were groping each other. Julie groaned.

“What’s the matter Jules, don’t tell me you think that’s gross.”

“It’s gross and you know it. I’m sure I’d want some girl touching me, like, no way.”

“C’mon,” I teased, “you never wanted a babe to lick you down there?”

“Are you nuts. Yech. I would never do something gross like that.”

We clicked out of there and went for a “group sex” title. When it came up, it was a series of pictures of the same hot babe with two studs. They were doing it all. She had one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. The next pic showed her with a cock in each hand, the next with a cock in her pussy and one up her ass. It was hot and she was really great looking. I guess the guys were pretty good looking too because Julie didn’t act so grossed out. She just sat there looking at the pics as I clicked from one to the other. I know this, my cock was about ready to bore a hole through my jeans.

If I wasn’t careful, I was going to cum in my jeans. I knew Julie liked that series of pics because it was her turn to select a title and she picked “group sex” again. When the pics came up, it was two girls and one guy. She had pretty much the same reaction as when I’d pulled up the lesbian screen. She certainly wasn’t in to girl on girl. She clicked out of it and pulled up a “teens” title. This one had a bunch of links to go to but no pictures. One of the links was for erotic stories. I clicked on that and a whole listing of stories appeared on the screen. There were titles behind each story title canlı bahis like group, romantic, incest, non-consent and more. We selected a story and Julie started to read it out loud.

“He walked toward me, his cock was hard. I longed to suck on that monster. It had to be at least 10″ long. I’d met this stud just fifteen minutes earlier and here I was, about to get the fucking of my life.”

She stopped reading and looked over at me, “I’m sure. That’s just stupid. Some bimbo doesn’t even know the guy but she wants to have sex with him right now. And I’m sure his penis is 10″ long too, right.”

“It’s just a story Jules. People read them and they get horny and masturbate or something. This isn’t supposed to be Hemingway.”

“Well, it doesn’t have to be ridiculous either.”

“Try a different one then.”

She pulled up a story titled “All in the Family”. Again, she started reading out loud.

“My dad is so handsome, I understand why mom is horny all the time. I was surprised to find out that mom wanted to share daddy with me though. Here I was, lying in my bed while mom was downstairs telling dad to go upstairs and fuck his own daughter.”

She stopped reading again. “Oh, please. Now we get a girl about to fuck her dad at her mother’s insistence. Maybe later mom will bring the family dog up to her, “Oh hi honey, Fido’s a little horny, will you give him a blowjob while momma watches.”

Julie had me rolling on the floor in laughter. I looked up at her and said, “Man, it was getting me horny.”

“Oh stop it. You and I could write a better story than this stuff.”

I smiled at the thought. “Are you suggesting that you and I write an erotic story and send it to this site.”

She laughed, “Sure, I’d do it. It would be a hoot.”

“Well, let’s write one. What subject should we write about?”

She thought for a minute and then said, “If it’s you and me writing the story, we should write one about incest. We could take turns. First you write a paragraph and then me and then you again.”

“You want to write a story about a brother and sister having sex?” I asked.

“Sure, we’ll get the readers to masturbate like never before. We should both write it from our own perspectives and make it as realistic as possible.”

“Okay. I’ll start.” I moved to the computer and pulled up MS Word. I started typing.

“My sister and I had just returned from a late afternoon jog around the lake. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Our parents weren’t home. They’d left a note on the table that read, “See you tomorrow night. If anything comes up, call us at the Nelson’s cabin. The number is in our address book by the phone.” My sister and I have bedrooms upstairs. We share a bathroom and a study up there also. I told my sister to go ahead and shower first. While she showered, I went to the study and turned the computer on. I was working away on a school paper when suddenly the computer froze up. I called out to my sister for help, she knows more about computers than I do. She came into the study. Her dark brown shoulder length hair was wet and combed out. She had her hair tucked in behind her ears. She had a white towel wrapped around her body. She tans easily, her dark skin next to the white towel really looked great. She stood next to me and asked what I needed.

“The computer froze up. I don’t know what to do about it.” She leaned closer to the computer. I looked up at her, “Mmm. You smell great. What do you have on?”

“Thanks. I use a body splash after I shower, it makes my skin tingle.”

“Okay Jules, you take over.” I stood up so she could sit down and looked over her shoulder. She read what I’d typed, paused a moment and then began typing.

“He got up so that I could sit down. He moved over by his work-desk and looked at some papers. I couldn’t figure out what was bahis siteleri wrong. I glanced over at my brother. He was reading something. He was still only wearing his jogging shorts. Standing there, all tanned and strong from lifting weights, I noticed he was really in fantastic shape. I was looking at his long powerful legs. When I looked up, he was looking back at me. I thought, “Oops, caught checking my brother out.” I turned my attention back to the computer. He walked over to me. He looked over my shoulder. He put his hands on my shoulders and squeezed them. “Oh, that feels good. I stiffen up after a jog sometimes. Mmm. That does feel good.”

“Okay Rob. Your turn.”

Julie stood behind me as I typed. “I was surprised to catch my sister checking me out. She looked so cute in her towel and with her wet hair, I felt a little stirring in my shorts. My 18 year-old sister is a doll. Her brown eyes are alive, her smile is movie star gorgeous, and at 5’4″, she weighs 105 pounds. Her measurements are about 34C-22-34. I walked over to her to see how she was doing with the computer. I put my hands on her shoulders and massaged her as I watched her try to get the computer going. She liked that. I looked down and could see the beginnings of her cleavage. It was dumb, but I kind of wished the towel would fall off so I could see her beautiful tits. She said that we’d need to reboot the computer and then wait to see if everything was okay. She rebooted and leaned back in the chair to wait. I continued to massage her shoulders. When she leaned back, I saw that her nipples were sticking out. I’d never thought about my sister in a sexual way before, but I was now. My cock was rock hard.”

“There you go Jules. Let’s see what you can do with that.” She gave me a funny look and sat down. She was reading as I typed so she started right up.

“When I leaned back in the chair, my entire body tingled from his touch. My nipples ached and my pussy was moist. I wondered if he was getting as turned on as I was. He rubbed my shoulders and then my neck and even my jaw line. It felt wonderful. I sighed. “Wow, that feels great. You should be a masseuse.”

“Would you like me to give you a massage?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I cooed, “that would be great.”

He took my hand and led me to my bedroom. “Lie down on your bed and I’ll give you a backrub.”

I lay down on my stomach. He pulled the towel down so that only my bottom was covered. He went to our bathroom and returned with some oil. As he massaged me, I became more and more horny. I was surprised I did nothing to stop him because I knew I shouldn’t be feeling the way I was. My pussy was so juicy, I just couldn’t ask him to stop. My brother the hunk was getting his sister very aroused.”

Julie stood up and said, “This ought to get them horny, don’t you think?”

I smiled at her. She really is a doll. “Yeah, Jules, it’s getting me horny. How about you?”

She smiled and said, “Type.”

“As I rubbed her back, I knew my sister was getting hot. She shifted her pussy around a few times. I rubbed the sides of her back allowing my fingers to pass very near that beautiful part of a woman’s body where her breasts begin. I massaged lower and lower on her back so that my fingers teased her near the top of her perfect ass. My sister is one hot babe. My cock was so hot and hard I thought I’d cum. She moaned as I rubbed her further arousing me. God, how I wanted to pull that towel away, roll her over and look at my beautiful sister’s naked body for the first of many times to come.”

Julie said, “Get up, my turn.” I looked at her. She looked a little flushed. I stood behind her. I put my hands on her shoulders as she typed fast and furious.

“Oh, when he touched me near my boobs, I longed for him to be brave enough to make it clear he wanted me as I wanted him. I bahis şirketleri felt near orgasm. I wanted to kiss his cock and suck it all the way into my mouth. I wanted to see his big, thick …”

Julie stopped and looked up at me, “Uh, how long is it Rob?”

“Twelve inches.” I said with a straight face.

“No really, we have to be realistic.”

I laughed, “I guess it’s about seven inches.” She smiled up at me and then turned back to the computer.

“I wanted to see his big, thick seven inch cock for the first time. I was starting to realize I had repressed the sexual desires I felt for my brother. I knew now that I’d wanted him for years. He is such a nice guy and so good looking. I’d be the luckiest girl in the world if I could kiss him, hold him and yes, fuck him. I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother. Fuck me Rob, fuck me now. I want to kiss your big, thick seven inch cock … ROB, FUCK ME NOW!!!”

I stood behind Julie reading as she typed. I mindlessly massaged her shoulders. I looked down at the top of her robe. It had opened enough for me to peer down inside. I was looking at my sexy sister’s tits and they were as beautiful as I’d imagined. Her nipples were erect and looked like they needed a good sucking. My cock was so hard and my head was spinning. I looked up at the screen. When I read what she had typed, I almost fell over. I read it again to make certain I was reading it correctly. I slipped my hands down inside her robe and cupped her tits hoping I wasn’t about to get slapped. No slap came. My fingers found her nipples and I tugged gently on them. No words were spoken as she leaned forward and let her robe fall from her shoulders. I looked at my delicious sister’s tits. She looked up at me and said, “Kiss me Rob.”

I kissed her. Her tongue found mine and I sucked on it as she slowly moved it in and out of my mouth. All the while, I fondled her full, firm tits and played with her erect nipples. She got out of the chair and kneeled before me. She reached up for the top of my shorts and in one quick pull, they were down by my ankles. I stood before my sister naked with the hottest, biggest hard-on I’d ever had. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at my cock.

“Oh my God, that’s more than seven inches. It’s about ten.” And my gorgeous, beautiful Julie reached up with both hands and slid my cock into her mouth.

“Oh, Jules. I’m going to cum fast.”

She just stroked me faster and faster as she sucked on the head of my cock. I erupted and pumped her mouth full of cum. She swallowed it all down. She took my hands and pulled me down to her as she lay down on the floor.

“Lick my pussy Rob. Lick it now.”

I didn’t need to be begged. I licked her pussy while my hands reached up to her tits. God, how I loved having my hands on her tits. She moaned and arched her pussy towards my mouth as I ate her. She took no longer than I had. Within thirty seconds pussy juice was drizzling out of her and into my eager mouth. She tasted great. My cock was hard. I wouldn’t cum right away, but I could fuck her with it. I kneeled over her and said, “I want to fuck you, are you ready for this?”

She reached down to my cock and rubbed it against her pussy opening. “I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother. I want to fuck my brother.”

I smiled at her. We were so connected. I steered my rock hard cock into her pussy and slowly but surely, I slid all ten inches deep within my sister. Her pussy was so incredibly tight, I was ready in no time to get off. Her legs were wrapped around me as I pumped her full of my second orgasm. She held me close. I lay on top of her, my cock deep inside of her. She rolled us over. She straddled my cock and fingered her clit to her second orgasm while I stared at her beautiful face and played with her tits.

She leaned down near my face and said, “I guess it’s time for me to take a shower. Uh, why don’t you try to freeze up the computer.”

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