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The Confession Ch. 01

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It was finally done. Jenny had finally told Anthony the truth. They had been married for nearly 6 years, good, loving and very sexual years. Yet, he constantly wanted to know what she thought about, what excited her. She was so happy to be married to a warm, trustworthy man that she had never told the truth, not all of it anyway. Jenny told him that he excited her, which he did. Their lovemaking was the best she had ever had, which was true. But even as kind and loving as Anthony was, she knew he wouldn’t accept the truth. She shied away from it for a long time. Then, over time, Jenny had to admit, at least to herself, that she was curious, maybe even more than curious, about other women. How could she say that to her studly Italian hubby and expect understanding?

Last week, they were making love. Wild, exciting love. They started before dinner, kissing, touching and flirting. Throughout the meal, even while handling two cranky children, they would look at each other and grin, which sent shivers of lust through her body. He put the kids to bed while she straightened the kitchen. He returned in time to walk up behind Jenny and press his erection against her ass, rubbing it and whispering sexy thoughts into her ear. They walked through the house, locking up and turning off lights and necking like teenagers. As they climbed the stairs to their loft, their clothes almost melted off. They showered together, touching and lingering, fingers and tongues busily preparing them for the lovemaking to come.

As they played, Anthony asked again what she fantasized about. He assured her that she could tell him anything, share with him her deepest desires. So Jenny closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and told him. How she liked to look at the shapely women at the gym, how sometimes hugging her friends excited her, that she wondered exactly how a woman would touch her. Once she started, she couldn’t stop. She told him the fantasies in her mind that drove her to her little blue vibrators every time. Just talking about it got her so excited, her breath coming faster and her heart pounding. Anthony noticed the change in her voice and quickly joined in the game. He pretended to be the lovely salesclerk, Carolyn, they had seen a few days ago. He described what Carolyn felt when she saw Jenny, what she wanted to be doing with her. Everything he said was so sexy, so erotic, that Jenny began to come. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever, thinking of that pretty little woman between her legs, lapping at her pink wetness.

Since last week, Anthony has been the epitome of helpfulness. He showed Jenny the chat rooms for bi-curious women, found stories written about women discovering each other, even sent her some pretty graphic pictures from his work computer to hers. Now he was on a mission to have her verbalize her desires. Every night in bed, they made love while spinning tales of women who wanted Jenny. Their sex life had always been incredible, but now they reached new heights in play. The days were passing in a blur of sensuality, she was always wet and ready, aching for a touch or a kiss. While the kids were at preschool, Jenny would be busily on the computer, bahis firmaları observing chat rooms, reading what the bi-curious women were saying to each other. She had not gotten the courage to sign in, join into the sexually-charged discussions, but would just observe, her fingers busily rubbing her hard little clit, sliding into her pink and ready pussy.

One day, the strangest thing happened. She answered the phone and a very lovely voice said hello. A woman began chatting, as Jenny frantically tried to place the voice. The stranger knew Jenny’s name and kept saying it in her sexy, soft voice, while just chatting about totally unimportant things. She inquired about the family and the weekend and various topics that indicated she knew Jenny well. She asked what Jenny was wearing, what she was doing. She kept saying she wished she were with Jenny right now. Her voice became more intimate as she told Jenny what she was wearing. Somehow, her voice lulled Jenny into that sexual haze that seemed constant around her now. She found herself sinking to the floor beneath the phone, relaxing her legs and slipping her fingers into her already wet pussy. Jenny knew this wasn’t right, but she convinced herself that no one would ever know, and that this is what she had been so curious about all these years. The caller continued talking, softly, about her pretty lingerie and then her body. Jenny was fighting to get control over this situation, this extremely exciting event. Finally, Jenny gave up and asked, with a shaky voice, for the woman’s name. She heard her giggle softly and then whisper her name, Mandy. Now Mandy spoke confidently and quickly. “You don’t know me, Jenny, but I know you, I know what you need. Please let me help you, share with you, teach you. I promise you will not be disappointed. I promise you the sexual adventure of a lifetime.”

The throbbing in Jenny’s pussy increased. She knew she should just hang up the phone and return to the fantasy of being with a woman. That was safe and acceptable with Anthony. Jenny was not sure this would be! Fantasy was one thing, something Anthony could accept and participate in, but this was crossing that blurry line. This was something that could hurt Anthony. But she couldn’t disconnect the call, couldn’t let Mandy just leave her life like that. They continued talking, and Jenny could feel herself relaxing and losing her fears. Mandy talked about her husband and children, and told Jenny how she had found the world of bisexuality. The stories were much the same, her curiosity, her desires, even her husband’s understanding. Jenny felt she had found a friend. Mandy’s voice was soft and sweet and Jenny found herself confiding in her, telling her all the fantasies, all the secret desires. Now Mandy’s voice turned even softer as she described her body, her hungry pussy and her busy fingers. She told Jenny about her needy clit and her deep, hot pinkness longing for a woman’s touch. It was so exciting. Jenny could not stop touching, circling her hard clit, flicking it with her fingertips, stroking it in tandem with Mandy. Then Jenny heard Mandy come, heard her deep-throated cries and it triggered her own orgasm, kaçak iddaa her body spasming and throbbing around her little fingers. She listened to Mandy’s breath returning to normal, breathing with her, wanting to continue this conversation, but knowing she had to go, should go.

Mandy promised to call again soon and said goodbye. Jenny sat there, amazed and excited by her first experience with a woman. She pulled her sticky fingers from her pulsing pussy and sucked them deep into her mouth, enjoying the taste of herself.

If she thought she lived in a sexual blur before, now she existed only for it. Every night, her wonderful husband came home and made love to her, making her come until she begged him to stop. During the day, the phone would ring and it would be Mandy, calling to share fantasies and stories and more orgasms. Jenny wondered if people could tell that her mind was constantly awhirl with sexual, sensual thoughts. Mandy was becoming more and more important to her. She loved the calls and the play and the warmth that was Mandy. This was something she hadn’t told Anthony. Although their lovemaking continued to include fantasies of women who wanted Jenny, she still hadn’t found a way to tell Anthony of her phone lover.

Jenny found the days slipping away from her. She had to make lists to remember things, like appointments and playdates. Without writing it down, any information that Jenny had was totally lost. When Anthony said he invited the new partner and his wife to dinner, that also slipped Jenny’s mind. The day of the dinner, Jenny and Mandy spent hours on the phone, sharing fantasies and coming repeatedly. It was mid-afternoon, when the phone rang again. Jenny giggled and thought that Mandy was indeed insatiable. She breathlessly said hello and was surprised to hear Anthony’s voice.

“I just called to remind you that dinner is at 7, but I know you have it all under control and it will be a lovely evening. How is your day going, love?”

Jenny listened to him and realized she had not even registered the evening in her mind. She reassured him that everything was in progress and she was looking forward to meeting his new partner. They talked a few more minutes and then said goodbye. After she hung up, she quickly sprung into action, making a menu and a grocery list. She cursed herself for her total obsession with Mandy. She didn’t like what was happening to her, but was powerless to stop it. The only thing that could make her world stop spinning out of control would be to leave Mandy. As much as she knew that was the thing she should do, she also knew it was the one thing she couldn’t do. She continued rushing through her afternoon, trying to get her dinner party organized. She dropped the kids at her mom’s on her way to the store and quickly bought all the necessary items for a nice meal.

When Anthony walked in the door that evening, the house was lovely. Vanilla candles were lit and scented the air. A fire was blazing, creating a warm, friendly atmosphere. Jenny had made a lovely soup and baked fresh bread, a perfect dinner for a cold night. She and Anthony went together to the loft to shower and dress for the evening kaçak bahis ahead. Jenny was so glad that she had gotten everything done. Not for the first time, she vowed she would break it off with Mandy. It was becoming dangerous, making her forget everything but her lust and need for Mandy’s expert phonelove. Mandy was pressing for a meeting, and it was so tempting to Jenny. She imagined what it would be like to actually touch Mandy and have Mandy touch her. Jenny thought if she made it through this dinner without a problem, she would stop playing with Mandy and become the wife and mother she was suppose to be.

Anthony distracted her in the shower, he always did. As she washed, he followed with his soapy hands, moving over her slick body, touching her and making her respond instantly. She couldn’t control her desires anymore and began kissing and touching him. Her hand circled his cock, bringing it to full attention in a matter of minutes. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers explored her, touched her so knowledgeably. She turned from him and bent over, begging him to fuck her, right now and right here. Her legs spread and she reached up to take his cock and guide it into her hot pussy. His warm hands held her hips and he placed his cock into her curlies, planning to tease her a little. But Jenny was too ready, too needy, and she pushed back against his groin, pushing his hard dick completely into her. She felt his curlies on her ass, tickling her as he plunged into her pink heat again and again. God, she loved the feel of him as he ravaged her. She wanted to feel his cock in her forever, wanted to feel sore during the evening ahead. She heard his breathing stop, felt him growing larger, filling her pinkness with hard cock, then explode in her depths. She clutched him with her muscles, holding him inside her as he poured his come into her. When he finally slipped from her, she stood and turned to him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him.

He tenderly washed her, making her feel fragile and loved. They stepped from the shower and dried each other, kissing and teasing. He helped her pick an outfit for the evening, dusty rose hostess pajamas that accentuated her tight figure and dark coloring. Under the pajamas, Jenny wore a lacy pink bra and satin panties. As they dressed, they discussed his day at work and the new partner. Anthony thought the new man, Bill, would be good for the firm. Bill was a strong worker, pleasant and very bright. He had already presented many great ideas for bringing in business. He was also their age, and seemed happily married, with two small kids. Anthony felt there might be a new friendship for them to enjoy.

As they came down the stairs, arm in arm, the doorbell rang. Anthony opened the door and reached out to shake Bill’s hand and bring him into the house. Beside him was a blonde woman, nearly as short as Jenny, dressed in a blue jumpsuit that looked tailor-made. She was much curvier than Jenny, and the jumpsuit clung to the curves deliciously. She didn’t appear to have any makeup on, yet she was very beautiful, her porcelain complexion perfect, her blue eyes radiant. She had those lips that were made for kissing, soft and puffy, absolutely succulent. She reached out to take Anthony’s hand, then Jenny’s. As she held Jenny’s hand in hers, she smiled and softly said, “Hello, I’m Mandy.”


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