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The Countess Ch. 14

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I was up in my office and looking out the window. Sara was walking around the pool deck checking the decorations and displays. I remembered three weeks ago when she floated the idea for the first party “Sara and Paul’s Fizz Fest.” She took the project on and created an event from almost nothing; while working in her law practice as well as sitting for the bar exam. I knew things were moving forward when the twelve cases of Champagne arrived and the three wooden crates containing the Large Rehoboam bottles which were equivalent to six normal bottles came to the house. They were for display and also were up for silent auction.

There were tables setup around the perimeter of the pool deck for the three Champagne houses who donated the wine. Another table was setup for the caviar vendor who donated several types of caviar. There was also a food table with sushi. The caterers also set up cocktail tables and chairs for our guests to sit.

My attention moved back to work. I had two scripts on my desk. One I wrote the other was my next directing assignment. It was easier for me to make notes on the paper copies, so I was reading the “Rom-Com” memoir of Sara’s and my relationship. I wrote it at her urging, but I was very hesitant to let her read it. She brings it up to me all the time. The next person to read the first draft would be Bret. She has become plugged in to the producing community and could tell me where to market the script.

I decided to go down and see If I can lend a hand to William, Mrs. Kelly, our recently hired Butler/House Manager, and Sara as they finish the prep. As I got to the pool area, I saw the small musical group setting up their equipment. Sara was in her element giving orders to William and Mrs. Kelly and the catering staff. She was dressed in a tight pair of slacks that covered a pair of high healed boots. Sara’s top was red and conformed to her curves. If she was trying to get me cranked up, she was succeeding. The musical group started playing adding some music to the area. The group consisted of an electric guitar, bass and drums. They added the perfect vibe to the party.

“Paul what do you think will our friends like it?”

“If they don’t, they aren’t friends anymore, this is wonderful.”

Sara took me to a secluded part of the pool deck and embraced me. When we pulled apart, she looked at me with a piercing stare.

“Paul you can’t become a wall flower, you need to circulate and encourage folks to submit bids on the champagne. You’re one of the hosts and you will need to act like it.”

I received my marching orders and told her that I would get out and mingle. We were expecting fifty plus people including our new neighbors. Other guests included staff from the production company and the law firm that Sara is associated with. The proceeds from the silent auction would benefit the local women’s center. A representative from that group was scheduled to make an appearance, along with several volunteers. I hugged Sara again, stepped back letting her inspect what I was wearing. I was glad that she didn’t send me back to put on something else. Sara kissed me before she went tearing after some loose detail.

“Save some of that for later sir,” she said as she went to find Mrs. Kelly.”

I went over to a portable PA system and tested the microphone and was happy that the system would fill the space. Sara did not tell me what the budget was, not that it would matter. She used her father’s contacts to get three Champagne houses to donate the wine we would drink and the wine for auction. Sara knew someone who had contacts in the caviar business and got us a supply of Russian caviar and some other kinds. The caterer provided servers and engaged a sushi chef to make different rolls and provided other party food.

Guests were beginning to wander in so that was my cue to mingle. Sara was talking to Lisa Golden the star of my Code Women project, as I walked up.

“Paul you didn’t tell me you were such a slave driver!”

“If you look in the dictionary under director that the definition of the job.”

“Lisa says that you worked the crew for ten or eleven hours,” said Sara.

“So, we could finish on time and I believe the crew and actors were well rewarded for the extra time.”

“You see Lisa he has an answer for everything, please enjoy yourself sampling the Champagnes.”

Lisa and I air kissed before she walked away. More and more folks walked into the pool area. Stopping to fill out the register and get name tags. A volunteer from the Women’s Center applied a name tag to my shirt.

“There you’re official,” said the woman.

I went around the tables to encourage bidding on the giant bottles. I sampled some of the wine and wrote a bid for one of the giant bottles and deposited in the box. I picked up a glass of Champagne and walked toward a very distinguished woman; who happened to be my boss. Bret and her husband were able to find help with the new baby their other kids and finally busted out of their house.

I handed the glass canlı bahis to her and looked at the ring on her right hand it was now sporting a third ruby.

“George re-presented it to me when we brought Mary Megan home. She is doing great. I need to send Sara a thankyou card for letting the kids swim over here it was great to have them out of the way when we were getting the little one settled.”

“Make a bid on one of the silent auction items. If you win, you can invite us to help you drink it,” I said.

“Paul, I saw the final version of your episode and I love it. I knew you had directing chops.”

I broke away from Bret and found some other member of the production crew and we discussed the production. I sampled champagne from another house. I stopped and discussed the wine with some others gathered around the table. I grabbed a second glass and went in search of Sara. She seemed to have disappeared. I couldn’t go in the house because I was one of the hosts. I walked around and several starlets offered to relieve me of the champagne. We stopped when a photographer walked up and took our picture.

William walked by and stopped. “Mr. Rogers, Her Grace is in the house; she asked me to tell you that she is talking to her mother. She wants you to continue hosting the event.”

I had a million questions, but I continued be the host. Mrs. Kelly walked up with a very distinguished woman with her.

“Mr. Rogers this is Mira Williams the development director for the Women’s Center.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kelly. Ms. Williams it is a pleasure to meet you. Sara was called away but should be here soon.”

We walked to a table and picked up glasses of Champagne and talked about the wine to each other. I noted how important The Woman’s Center’s work was. After a few minutes of conversation, she went to talk to someone that she knew. I walked by another table who’s wine I hadn’t sampled yet. William walked up to me and asked that I follow him. I thought that he was going to introduce someone to me, but we walked inside, and he directed me to the elevator. We went to the second floor and into my office. Hanging in the closet was a Tux.

“Her Grace requests that you put this on, I am here to assist you.”

I got out of the clothes that I was wearing and started to put on the suit. William helped me with the bow tie and then inspected me from head to toe. William and I took the elevator back down and I walked out stopping by a table for a glass of Champagne.

“Mr. Rogers you are needed at the microphone,” said William.

I walked toward the microphone and saw that Bret was standing by waiting for something.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to sample some great wine and fabulous food and engage in good conversation. I want to acknowledge our hosts Sara Salsbery and Paul Rogers, let’s give them a round of applause. But we are here for a more serious purpose, to support the Women’s Center. Write your bids for the large Champagne bottles. Also make as large a contribution as you can by writing a check. Mira Williams Development Director of the Women’s Center is here and she will gladly accept your checks,” said Bret as I walked up to the mic.

“Ditto to what Bret said, make your bids as large as you can and then write a large check to help the organization,” I said feeling a little self-conscious being in the Tux.

Ms. Williams replaced me at the microphone and explained the programs that the center supported and again asked for donations. “The Center accepts Zelle transfers so you can donate using your phone.”

Bret’s Husband George walked up and stood beside Bret.

There was a burst of music coming from the PA it was the finale to De Fledermaus praising Champagne. I noticed that Sara was walking toward us in a white cocktail length dress with a weird hat and a veil covering her face. It started dawn on me what was going on. Sara walked up to me lifted the cover and kissed me. George reached into his coat pocket and displayed some official looking piece of paper saying that he can marry people. A waiter came up with two glasses of Champagne. Sara took one and I took the other.

“Even though my kids have already initiated the pool it is time to officially christen the new pool, Paul, Sara please do the honors,” said George.

Sara and I took our glasses and poured the contents into the pool and handed the glasses back to the waiter. I noticed that Mary Barron the editor from the company walked up to join us and stood beside me.

“Now it is time for the real reason that we are here. Paul, I heard the story of the time you proposed to Sara. Something about Sara demanded that you say some words; and you had a hard time saying the words. Paul are you ready to say the words now,” said George.

I was a little bewildered about what was going on, but I mumbled “I do.”

He turned to Sara who was looking a little less confused, she said “I do”

George went into a long speech that sounded like a wedding vow and asked us both if we agreed. He reached into bahis siteleri his pocket and found a wedding band and placed it in my hand. He directed me to take Sara’s left hand and I put the ring on the same finger as the “Star of Hollywood.”

“Paul repeat after me I John Paul Rogers, do swear before this group,” He paused and waited for me to repeat the phrase. “To love and honor, Sara for the rest of your lives,” he again paused while I repeated and said I do.

He then turned to Sara. He produced another matching wedding band and gave it to Sara. He directed her to take my left hand and place the ring on the third finger and repeated the vows. She said I do.

“Now for the both of you. You both agree that you take this commitment willingly.”

We both said “I do”

“By the power granted to me by the state I now pronounce you man and wife you may kiss your bride.”

I embraced Sara and brought my lips to hers. The kiss went for some time, while the crowd cheered. I could see photographer’s flashes going off while we kissed.

“I finally present the married couple Sara Solsbery and Paul Rogers. Please raise a glass to the newlyweds,” said George.

A waiter came up with a tray with several glasses of Champagne. We each took one and attempted to feed each other with the wine. I pulled Sara to me and whispered; “I can’t wait to get you alone.”

“Darling I think that there will be some changes,” Sara said laughing.

We walked around the pool chatting with other attendees and stopped by the food station She and I fed each other a sushi roll which substituted for a traditional wedding cake. The party went on for another hour and a half. Sometimes Sara and I were together other times apart mixing with our guests. There was an announcement of last call for bids and Sara and I opened the boxes and compared the bids. We announced the winners and reminded that the Women’s Center took Zelle so you could pay for your prizes with your phone. Sara kissed me when I was one of the winners of the large Champagne bottles.

“Thank you darling, your donation will help many women,” said Sara.

The party began to die down, the musicians played their last number and started to pack up. I looked around the pool area and saw the mess; I wanted to celebrate our wedding, but the debris around the deck caught my attention. Sara walked up and slipped her arm in mine.

“Paul, I want your best fuck tonight, don’t even think about this; concentrate on making love to me.”

I leaned into her and our mouths met in a long kiss. My hand moved to one of her breasts and massaged the beautiful globe.

“Paul let’s go to our bedroom and make love,” she said as her hand massaged my cock.

“The Countess gets what the Countess wants. You have my undivided attention. Let’s leave our phones in the kitchen?”

“I like what you are thinking sir,”

As we were making our way into the house, Bret and George stopped us. “We have some paperwork to do. I need both of you to sign this” said George.

We found a table and Bret went to get more Champagne. George took a very expensive fountain pen out of his coat and handed it to Sara. She signed the paper with her full legal signature, “Sara Jane Solsbery Countess of Reading” and added a few flourishes to the signature. I added “John Paul Rogers ACE.” Then George and Bret signed, I noticed that Mary Barron signed as my witness.

“Now you will need to hire attorneys if you want to split this up,” said George with a slight laugh.

George folded the paper up and put it in an envelope. “I’ll send this to the registrar.”

We all drank another toast and downed the Champagne. I looked around the area and again the mess drew my attention. Sara brought her hand to my cheek and we kissed again.

“Don’t worry about it, Paul. Worry about making love. You need to entertain Bret and George while I get ready.”

There were some glasses poured and we all took one and continued drinking. William was directing the serving staff to put the unused bottles in a refrigerator in the garage. He indicated to me that he was going to put the large bottle I won in the house. I nodded and thanked him. Mrs. Kelly came by and said that Sara needed me in the bedroom. I said my last goodbyes and headed up to see Sara. I had a bottle of Champagne and stopped by the kitchen and got two of our good glasses.

Sara was in bed with her breasts on display. I was wondering if I liked my wife displaying her wares even to me.

“I believe that you are overdressed.”

“I just got here, and I rescued a bottle for us. By the way how’s your mother?” I said as I popped the cork and poured the wine.

“Sir I think it will be weeks before I will drink Champagne again; mother was a subterfuge to allow me to change, and you’re still overdressed.” she said smiling as I handed her the glass.

“In good time Sara,” I said as I sat down and started to pull my shoes off.

I decided to stretch out my disrobing in an effort to drive Sara crazy. First one sock bahis şirketleri then the other.

“Paul Rogers will you please hurry up I am beginning to think that the wine as affected your ability to perform.”

I continued to move slowly until even I could not wait to get between the lovely legs of my wife. I tried to put the suit on the chair so we could get it back to the rental shop, but things got a little sloppy. I slipped beside Sara and we kissed. I got between her legs and my cock slipped into her very familiar pussy and we kissed again. My hand massaged one of her tits and my mouth found hers and we kissed again.

“You better not have a short night,”

“I’m here for the long haul.”

I kissed my wife again and started to move my cock in and out of her pussy, varying the size and force of my thrusts. I could feel Sara’s climax beginning to build as she stiffened her body and her vagina clamped on my cock.

I reflected on our changed state, Sara was no longer my girlfriend and lover, but my wife. It was a new responsibility. The woman I loved was really connected to me.

“Paul would you concentrate on fucking me!”

“Yes, Your Grace,” I said knowing that it would make her mad.

At the same time, I thrust and felt my cock release a load of cum. I kissed Sara and continued to play with her breasts. Sara moved to release my cock and began working on it to bring on another erection. I jumped every time her fingers hit the crown.

“Sir, I believe that you are ready for another round, make it a hard one.”

My cock found her pussy and I slipped inside. Our mouths met in another intense kiss. My brain was working overtime trying to please her. Sara completed me, she got me out of my shell and for that I needed to thank her.

“Besides fucking me what are you thinking about Paul?”

“My only thought is how wonderful it is to make love to you, Sara.”

“You say that to all the women you fuck.”

“I know that you say that as a joke but any answer I give could be construed as me fucking other women. That is something I do not do.”

“Fuck me Paul I love the feeling you give me when you make love to me.”

“Who am I to say no,” I said as I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy.

We made love again and we both climaxed. My flaccid cock fell out of her and we kissed. I continued to play with her tits just to annoy her and to keep her from sleeping.

“If you could get an erection again, we could fuck Paul.”

“Countess I am working on it.”

I felt her hand start to massage my cock coaxing it to an erection. I was hoping that I had more in the tank as they say. If not, I would after I rested. Our mouths met in a kiss. I moved down to her breasts and sucked on a nipple. My finger invaded her pussy until she pulled it out.

“Tomorrow sir let’s get some rest,” Sara said.

I kissed her again and watched her fall asleep.

At the obscene hour of 8:00am I heard a knock on our door. Sara was still beside me and we were tangled like snakes.

“Your Grace, Mr. Rogers Breakfast is ready,” said William.

I looked at Sara who was still sleeping. I hated waking her up. I got out of bed and found something to cover up, went to the door. I cracked it open and saw William standing just outside.

“William, we will be down when we come down, put whatever you have in the oven to keep if warm.”

William turned and left, and I shut the door and went back to bed, after I used the bathroom. I snuggled next to Sara who was still warm. There was a tapping on my forehead. I looked at the clock next to my side of the bed and saw that it was forty-five minutes later. Sara was still trying to get my attention.

“Is breakfast ready, darling?”

“Yes, William came earlier but I decided not to wake you up.”

Sara slipped out of bed and headed toward her dressing/bathroom. She came out minutes later dressed in pajamas and a robe.

“Get dressed Paul let us go down together.”

I got off the bed and moved to my dressing/bathroom. On the table in the room was a box with the same pajamas and robe that Sara was wearing. I dressed and paused to comb my hair. When I came out Sara was standing by the door. We pulled open the French doors and walked out together.

“William we are coming,” Sara announced. Turning to me she said, “You should have gotten me up when William first came. Paul when you have people serving you, you can’t upset the schedule, or they can’t get what they have to do done.”

I tried to wrap my head around the statemen as we walked down to the eat in kitchen. Sara air-kissed William and Mrs. Kelly before she sat down. William put breakfast in front of us and poured another glass of Champagne.

Mrs. Kelly stood at the table. “The cleaning crew have arrived, and the pool area should be ready soon. Do you expect anyone today?”

“No Mrs. Kelly I think that it will be just me and Paul,” said Sara.

I kept eating and thinking about what Sara said earlier. I finished and announced that I was going to dress. I walked up to the bedroom and went into my dressing/bathroom and turned on the shower. After I showered and dressed, I joined Sara who was in the great room looking over decorating Magazines.

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