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The Countess Ch. 27

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Golfing attire was scattered all over the floor of the bedroom of the rental that we were occupying. Sara and I were intertwined on the bed making love. Sara picked up the phone on the night table and ordered a bottle of Champagne. We did not try to cover up but let the serving staff walk in while we were both naked and in each other arms. They brought the bottle and two glasses and poured the wine and handed us the glasses. They waited until they were dismissed. Sara had one hand on her glass and the other on my cock coaxing it to a suitable erection.

“The serving staff must think we are crazy,” I said as I kissed Sara and sipped the wine.

“The stories I have heard, we are tame compared to the parties that Mark Williams puts on,” said Sara.

“I am surprised that he is not a subject of one of your suits?” I said.

“Because he only invites friends and there is no “quid pro quo” Just people having fun. It is a little hinky but for the most part harmless,” said Sara.

Sara poured more wine in my glass and kissed me. She brought the cold bottle down to my privates, making me jump. I did not think that she would get the results that she was looking for.

“Come on darling I am beginning to think you do not love me,” said Sara.

I leaned over and kissed her and moved to her breasts. Sara was pouring more Champagne. She moved her hand back to my cock and began a concerted effort to bring on an erection.

“What am I going to do with you, darling, if this keeps up, we will be sleeping in separate beds,” said Sara.

I began to feel my cock stir and Sara used her hand to coax it back to life. I played with her breasts and soon Sara was on top of me using her hand to direct my cock into her pussy. She moved my head bringing my mouth to one of her tits. My tongue lashed out on one of her nipples and my thumb on the other.

“Suck my breast darling, make it red as my lip color,” said Sara.

I left her tit and moved to her mouth. I was thrusting in and out holding her head to mine when I exploded. It wasn’t long after cumming that my cock fell out of my beautiful wife. I continued kissing her and we both relaxed. I woke up first and started to rub her back moving from her neck to her beautiful butt. The stimulation was enough to bring on another erection.

I changed positions and got in the classic 69. Sara’s sex was intoxicating. I tongued her pussy, darting in and out I kept stimulating her. I then felt her take my tool in her mouth. I didn’t know If I would go off again but the feeling of having her tongue on my tool was more than I could think about.

“Darling, I really want you in my twat again,” said Sara.

I maneuvered over her and brought my cock to her pussy and slid in for the fourth time since we returned from the golf course. I decided that slow and easy was the way to go. I kissed Sara while I was thrusting in and out of her pussy. I was amazed that I was able to orgasm again and shoot a load in Sara.

All I wanted to do was nap. We returned from the golf course at about 2:00 and have been playing with each other since then. I guess it was the beautiful walk on the course, that stimulated both me and Sara. I have watched the coverage of tournaments held at Pebble Beach on TV. The beautiful ocean views contrasted with the green golf course are great. But nothing beats walking the course in person. Nothing will build up frustration more than playing one of the Pebble Beach courses. Also having a two thousand dollar bet on who was the better golfer was stimulating for both of us. Thankfully we called the bet off on the seventeenth green. I was winning but if I lost, I am sure that another pair of diamond earrings would be needed to satisfy the bet.

Sara rose and kissed me and then kissed my cock. “I am going to get cleaned up sir and then you will follow me. Then we will find William and get some dinner.”

That sounded like a good idea. I heard the shower running and I poured the last of the Champagne in Sara’s glass and left it by the sink in the bathroom. I busied myself by picking up our golf outfits and stacking them on chairs. I heard the shower stop and Sara walked into the room, wrapped in a towel sipping the last of her wine.

“Paul, how many times do I have to tell you that we have people that take care of that,” said Sara.

I passed Sara on my way into the bathroom stopping to give her a kiss. I set the water temperature as high as I could stand and climbed in. I soaped myself and then watched as the pleasure that I just had, flow into the drain. The shower was like a carwash with nozzles pointing from all directions as well as a gentle rain from the ceiling. I was wondering why we didn’t do this at our house when we renovated. That could be our next project, but maybe later. We had one more hurdle coming up. Mr. and Mrs. Solsbery would be visiting next week in time for the unveiling of Sara’s portrait. We informed Paula of the special guests and told her that Wednesday’s dinner needed to be very bahis firmaları special.

“Your upset about something, Paul what is it?” said Sara as she handed me a fresh glass of Champagne which came while I was in the shower.

“I am not upset about anything. Darling if I needed to pay off the bet this morning what would you like?”

“Remember we decided to end the bet, and as far as I remember you were winning. You do not owe me anything, but if you would like to get me something in honor of our game, I could use a nice diamond and pearl pin. Something that I could use to close a scarf. But it is not necessary your love is all I need,” said Sara.

I was so glad that I had the lower score when we finished. I had visions of dollar signs flying out of my wallet, but I knew what she would like. I looked around the room and hoped the staff would change the bed. But now it was time to find dinner.

We walked out and found William waiting by the car and he held the door for Sara. I followed her into the car and then we were off. William pulled into a restaurant without being given any direction and we waited until the parking staff opened the doors. Sara and I walked in and were shown a table. In the background I saw William take a small table off to the side of the dinning room. When the waiter came up Sara explained that Williams check should be brought to our table. The waiter understood and took our cocktail orders soon two martinis were sitting in front of us.

“Darling, William will be taking us to the airport so we can catch a jet for the short ride down to LA. He will go back and pick up our clubs and clothes, he should arrive middle of the morning tomorrow. “

I thought that we had another day here, but I liked the idea of getting back home. Sara pulled her phone out and showed me a graphic “Bubbles, Burgers and Bumps, Maternity fashion show benefitting the LA Woman’s Center.

“This is what Bret and I have been working on. We got designers from around LA to design maternity apparel. Bret put a casting call out and got twenty women who are in the later stages of pregnancy to be our models. It will all come together in two weeks.”

Scouting for clothes, madam?” I asked.

“Of course, darling I have to plan, but the daddy preventor is not out yet,” said Sara.

“It looks good, Sara. How much do I need to pony up?”

“Hummm, five-thousand dollars will purchase ten seats, I am sure that I can get ten women who want to come. The invitations went out two weeks ago to the usual suspects and we are already getting a great response. A single seat is five-hundred, we want to break the record that our wedding made for the women’s center,” said Sara.

“I will get you a check next week. Save two seats for me,” I said.

“So, you do have girlfriends that I don’t know about,” said Sara.

“No, I want to invite Sheela Sampson and Mary Barron, not that either of them will become pregnant soon but it will be good for them to attend events like yours,” I said.

The waiter came and asked if we wanted another round of cocktails. Sara opted for Scotch instead of the martini, I had the same. I asked what she was going to have for dinner, and she said the steak. I was having the same thing and ordered a Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon.

The scotch tasted good and I drank it slowly I almost ordered another one, but I remembered the time years ago that I got tanked and almost ended my relationship with Sara. We both ate slowly and nursed both wines and despite their Valant tries both bottles ended their life’s upside down in the bucket.

“Which one did you like better Paul?”

“I think I like the pinot the cab was a little too astringent for my taste.”

“It could have used about five more years in the bottle I think, but it might be a good wine to buy and put down now that we have the space for something like that,” said Sara.

I fished the bottles out of the bucket and shot photos of the labels. I was finally finding a use for the camera on my phone. I was also amazed that I was becoming a wine snob. The wine room seemed to stimulate my study of wine.

Sara ordered a fruit tart and a glass of a domestic sparkler. I was full and didn’t need any more. Sara finished her tart and made some snotty comments on the taste of the domestic sparkling wine.

“Countess, you are a Champagne snob,” I said.

“Yes, Paul and I am proud of it,” said Sara.

I took care of both bills and we went to the parking area and William was there waiting for us. He quickly got to the Airport and found the FBO where we would pick up the plane. The ride would be less than an hour so we would be home before late. We stepped out of the car and walked through the terminal and out to the tarmac and into the waiting plane. It was a small Leer, but it would get us home quickly.

The moment we stepped on the plane the door closed and the pilot started the engines. We were soon on our way. The majority of the short flight was over the kaçak iddaa Pacific. I felt the landing gear drop and soon we were coasting down the runway with the engines gunned and the reversers deployed. The jet pulled up to the private terminal, and the flight attendant opened the door and we thanked the crew for a nice flight.

I was in Sara’s hands as far as getting us to Che Red Rock. We walked out and found Sara’s green Escalade waiting for us and a familiar face holding the door. Philip who usually drove me when I was directing for Bret, was waiting for us.

“You see darling I think of everything,” said Sara as she climbed into the car.

“Yes Countess, I know.”

Philip got us to the house quickly and waited just outside the garage until we exited. He bid us a good evening just as we were getting into the house, after he parked the car. Sara broke away and climbed the stairs to our bedroom. I went around and checked the locks. I moved into the kitchen to see if Paula left us any messages. Her notebook was blank; so, I set the alarm and turned the lights off and moved up to the bedroom.

Sara was in bed already and I went to my dressing area and dropped my clothes and put on a t-shirt. I slipped beside Sara and spooned my wife. After taking a few deep breaths I fell asleep. It was six hours later when I felt Sara start to move. She got out of bed and moved to her bathroom. I expected her to want service when she returned but Sara left the bedroom. Two hours later Mrs. Kelly was knocking on my door.

“Breakfast is ready sir,” said Mrs. Kelly.

“I will be down in a few minutes. Is Sara still here?”

“No sir she wasn’t here when I arrived. her car was gone when I got here,” said Mrs. Kelly.

I got out of bed and headed to my shower. After a quick clean I dressed and was ready to meet the world. I sat in the kitchen and waited for Paula to bring my breakfast. I pulled my phone out and touched Sara’s entry on my contacts list. The call went to voice mail which was unusual. I called her office and they said that she was not there.

My overactive imagination started thinking about all the horrible things that could happen. I would be a wreck until I found her. Even though it was insane I called Sara’s number again hoping that she would pick up.

Sara Solsbery’s phone, could I help you?”

“Yes, who are you and where is Sara?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m her husband Paul Rogers, and I want to know where my wife is?”

“I am Special Agent O’Quin Sara is being interviewed by the FBI.

“What kind of trouble is my wife in?”

“Not in trouble she is a witness. I will get her to call you when she is finished.”

The connection ended and I was sort of relieved. “Sara you got some splaining to do when I get you alone,” I said to no one. Mrs. Kelly walked back into the Kitchen.

“It didn’t look like you all did anything last night. But I changed your bed anyway, I know you both like fresh linen,” said Paula.

“I didn’t know until last night that we would be home. Sara announced that we were flying home after dinner. I thought that we had one more night, there,” I said.

My phone started playing Sara’s new/old ring tone “God Save The Queen” and I picked it up and almost ate it.

“Ok darling, I know that I am in trouble, but the interview was the reason that I cut the trip one day short,” said Sara.

In a slow measured tone, I explained that I almost jumped out of the tower suite worrying about where she was.

“The FBI told me that I couldn’t tell anyone about the interview,” said Sara.

“Darling I need to talk to the government, that’s all I can tell you now. Would have gone a long way to easing your husband’s anxiety. Do you understand Sara?”

“Yes sir, I understand. I’m sorry if I caused you any pain,” she responded.

“When are you going to be home?”

“I’m leaving now, you can yell at me in a half an hour, said Sara.

The connection closed and I went to my office to wait for her return. There was a list of groceries that I needed to order. I would have something to occupy my hands while I waited for Sara. I just finished inputting the order when a familiar voice greeted me. Sara was settling on one of my chairs and waited for me to speak.

“Young Lady that is not the way to treat people who love you. You could have said that you had a meeting to go to. You just left with out letting anyone know where you were going or when you would return. Since William was not going to be with you my mind went crazy dreaming of all the horrible things that could happen to you. You are my wife and my lover, and I get a little possessive. There was a time in New York that you jumped all over me for leaving you one morning, and you were right.”

“Do I need to buy you a fancy watch darling?”

“Sara don’t be funny,” I snapped back.

“Paul, you know the nature of my work entails that I meet people and not let anyone know where I am going, yes I usually have William with me, but kaçak bahis this was the best way for me to get to the interview. Again, I’m sorry that I caused you pain. I will give you hints in the future that I will be safe,” said Sara.

“I need some husbanservice madam your husband needs a kiss. Maybe my heart will settle down.”

Sara stood and leaned down and planted a wet kiss on my lips. It was so good I had her do it again.

“Heart returning to normal darling?”

“Getting there, get out of here and do some work,” I said.

“I would rather play with you darling,” said Sara as our relations were returning to normal.

My phone rang and Paula said that Sara’s parents were in the great room. I didn’t expect them until tomorrow.

“Sara your mother and father are in our great room,” I said.

Sara bolted out of my office and headed down to meet them. I thought about what Mr. Solsbery would say if Sara was not at home and I did not know where she was. I would also have to explain why William was not with her. That was a conversation that I didn’t want to have. I finally calmed down enough that I could be civil and left my office to greet our guests.

Paula was bringing out a tea pot of hot water and tea bags, cups and saucers for the Solsberys. Also, on the tray was a small sugar bowl and some milk plus spoons.

“One spoon of sugar please ma’am,” said Mr. Solsbery.

“Nothing but tea for me dear. Your Mrs. Kelly, the person who makes this place work,” said Mrs Solsbery.

“Yes, ma’am though I don’t know if I make the place work,” said Mrs. Kelly.

Paula handed out the cups and withdrew to the kitchen leaving only the Solsbery’s and Sara and I in the great room. Paula returned with a tray of small sandwiches and passed them around. She waited to see if there were any other needs. She left the tray on a table. In the background William’s doppelganger was wrestling bags in and Paula helped him get the luggage in the elevator and rode up with him to the third floor to move the bags into the tower suite.

“You do have a room for Charles?” asked Mrs. Solsbery

“Yes, mother there is a third bedroom on the second floor it currently has a futon and an inflatable mattress.

“Dotty I am sure that they thought of all our needs,” said Mr. Solsbery.

Sara’s father rose from the couch grabbed another sandwich and walked to the wine room door and looked in. Sara got up and opened the door and she and her father went in to look around.

“Tell me Paul what are you working on now?” asked Mrs. Solsbery

“I just finished an episode of “Man Hunt” and will start another Code Women episode in a week. I really enjoy directing. I have had a nibble from a local theater company to direct one of their productions,” I responded.

The wine room door opened, and Sara and her father came out, she was carrying three bottles of wine. Sara moved to the kitchen and put the bottles on a table and rejoined the group.

“Paul would you mind freshening my tea,” asked Mr. Solsbery.

I stood and picked up the pot of hot water and poured Mr. Solsbery another cup and handed him a tea bag. I grabbed the sugar bowl and allowed Mr. Solsbery to spoon his own sugar.

“I picked out three wines for the unveiling dinner I hope you don’t mind,” said Mr. Solsbery

“Not at all we will get with Paula and update the menu,” I responded.

Mr. Solsbery finished his tea and set the cup off to the side. He rose and grabbed his cane “I think that I would like to see the room where we are staying.”

I rose and directed Mr. Solsbery to the elevator, and we rode up together. We got to the suite’s door and I held it for him, allowing him to enter.

“Beautiful view of the grounds Paul I am surprised that you and Sara didn’t use this room for your master suite.”

“We have almost the same view from our bedroom, and separate bathrooms and dressing rooms.”

Mr. Solsbery sat on the bed and removed his shoes. “I hope you don’t mind but it is time for my afternoon nap. I will be down in an hour.”

I turned and left him and closed the door on my way out. I took, the elevator down to the second floor and walked to the third bedroom and checked in on Charles. From there I took the stairs down to the great room. Mrs. Kelly was picking up the cups and saucers and moving them to the kitchen. Sara and Mrs. Solsbery were still sitting in the great room.

“Father napping Paul?” asked Sara.

“Yes, he said that he will be down for dinner.”

“The limo will be arriving at 6:30 and will take us to Mario’s,” said Sara.

“Sara do you know where William is, I did not see him return?” I asked.

“He called when you were helping father. There is road work and he should be arriving soon,” said Sara.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the red Escalade pull into the driveway and into the garage. William came out several minutes later carrying our luggage. He left it in the utility room where we would collect it later. Mrs. Kelly walked in and asked if we needed anything. The response was no, and she announced that she was leaving and would arrive in the morning at 6:30.

“I didn’t know Father was taking afternoon naps,” said Sara.

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