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The Credit Card Caper Ch. 01

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The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd Lord knows your mother has trained me thoroughly enough on these cold cases.”

“Oh, that’s right; Martin, you just dodged a bullet.” I said. “And Cindy, I want you overseeing MCD and keeping an eye on Vice; we’ve got a big case in each squad. Okay, what about Teddy Parker? Let me have him; I need to evaluate him, anyway.”

“You got it.” Cindy said.

Part 3 – Investigations

Young Detective Teddy Parker and I were sitting in Myron Milton’s cubicle office in the basement of the Headquarters building on the morning of October 17th.

“No, Commander,” illegal bahis said Myron, “Agent Muscone twisted the FBI Missing Persons people’s arms to let me into their facial recognition system, but a 24-hour search revealed no one matching ‘Dorian Sherwood’ or ‘Diana Shire’ coming up, especially at City International Airport, any other major airports, and the Amtrak Stations in the City and Southport.”

“It was a longshot, at best.” I said. “No prostitute arrests anywhere matching the description?”

“Well, there’s a ton of blonde call girls getting arrested.” Myron said. “But I narrowed the search to women older than 30, illegal bahis siteleri which really cuts the number down. Girls don’t usually last too many years in the world’s oldest profession, and it’s fairly rare to have a woman over 30 streetwalking.”

“They usually go into the private escort business or find a sugar daddy and get married.” I said. “The girls that work the clubs and the street whores are the ones that get burnt out, or turn up dead.”

“Bottom line, nothing.” said Myron. “I’ll keep looking.”

“Don’t waste too much time and resources on it.” I said. “This really is the FBI’s job, though they canlı bahis siteleri don’t seem too eager to do it. I’m not saying that as a complaint: it’s been six months and she was a hooker, however high class. But let them burn their computers on it for a while if you don’t come up with something soon.”


Teddy Parker and I entered the hottest club in the Tenderloin District at 10:00am after our meeting with Myron. It was almost empty, being closed, and cleaning crew were working to get it ready for the evening. There were a couple of black men at the front bar.

I was wearing plainclothes, no tie, and my light raincoat/trenchcoat as I approached the bar. Teddy Parker was in plainclothes also, but unlike Martin Nash, he couldn’t make his suit look good on his body. He looked like he’d just come out of prison with a State-issued suit of clothes.

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