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The Davie and Trina Story Ch. 4

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AUTHOR’S NOTE AND DISCLAIMER: This story is total fiction. The characters do not exist nor are they meant to portray anyone who does or ever did. The story is ADULT in nature. That means its porn boys and girls and therefore not meant to be read by persons under the age of at least 18 years. In fact, 20 would be better. If you don’t fall into this category, GO AWAY! NOW! Go read Dick, Jane and Sally and leave the adult stories to ADULTS! One more thing, if you don’t like descriptions of explicit hard-core nasty sex, you too can go read Dick, Jane and Sally. One reviewer complained about my stories being nasty. To you I say; “NO SHIT?” Just what did you expect to find on a website dedicated to erotica? Mathematical formulae? To the rest of you, please enjoy. Your feedback is welcomed, both positive and negative.

The Wicked Dr. X

In The Davie and Trina Series



What can I say? It turns out that I’m a no-shit motherfucker. Worse, I liked it. A lot. Come to find out my mom, Binny, is a damn good piece of ass. Who knew? The whole thing was a real surprise to me from start to finish. Crap, now I have to tell you about it.

Let me re-introduce myself to those of you who haven’t read of my previous love life. My name is David, Davie to my aunt Trina, my mom’s much younger stepsister who I moved in with after she fucked me to within an inch of my otherwise miserable life when I came back from my stints in the Army and college. Whew! Try saying that in one breath. Anyway, Trina gets Haley, my sweet little All American Cheerleader Girl former high school sweetheart to move in with us, the one that dumped me for someone else after getting into college. As it turns out, the someone else was Trina. Later we meet up with the couple down the street that everyone thought was a married couple but were really brother and sister. Tom and Hanna invite us for a two-day fuck-a-thon, and we end up trading partners. I move in with Hanna while Tom moves in with Trina and Haley. We all get together frequently for nights, and days, of fun and games since Trina still loves me, and I her. We’ve been best of friends since we were both little. There you are, up to date. Sort of.

My mom, Binny has had a habit lately of dropping over to see us all, one house at a time. Worse, she doesn’t bother to even knock she just walks in. For tea, she says. She started this habit right after dad died suddenly of a massive heart attack. Loneliness drove her I suppose, since they too had been best friends and lovers since high school. I find out now that the reason they got married so young was me.

Every now and again Trina would call me and complain about mom’s habit of dropping in unannounced. Sometimes she would try to pre-empt the social call by having me invite Binny over for dinner or some such pretense in order that the three of them could have a rollicking good night of sex without the disturbance.

“It’s not like I don’t love my sister, Davie,” she would say when she was convinced Binny was going to pop in, “It’s just that I’d rather she not drop in and catch me with a vibrator up my twat while I’m sucking Tom’s cock while he eats Haley out in the kitchen. Sooner or later that’s what is going to happen and I’d just as soon it didn’t. Is that too much to ask? I just wish she’d call first, that’s all.”

Since I couldn’t disagree with that, I’d give up a promising evening with Hanna and have mom in for a social/family obligation dinner. Then, of course, I’d have to placate Hanna later since she wasn’t too keen on giving up a rollicking night of sex herself. So you see what I’m up against.

I tried to find some nice guy for mom to get next to, but that’s not all that easy, even when your mom is only in her early forties. I find out that single guys in their middle age are single for a reason, usually. They’re losers. Or assholes. Or both. The ones that don’t fall into that category are so unattractive that a bulldog wouldn’t want them. That’s kind of mean I guess, but Binny is a very attractive woman, if I do say so myself. Good genes I suppose. Brown, almost auburn hair, gray eyes, a great pair of legs, high and well-formed breasts with very little sag to them, and no fat on her anywhere. She has the kind of face that could be called classic. Angular, but not sharp, she could have been a model if she had wanted to. Too bad she decided to make a baby instead.

Anyway, finding a guy for her was tougher than I suspected it would be. I have standards too you see. I’m not going to let just anyone bang my mom, and I suspect that my standards may be getting in the way of her getting laid and happy.

So, one night, well, morning if you want to get anal about it, I come home after spending a few hours with some old Army pals. I wasn’t actually drunk, since I don’t do too much drinking, but I was definitely buzzed. The house is lit as though there is a party going on, and I remember thinking that illegal bahis maybe Hanna is having a friend over just to piss me off for partying with my pals. I go into the house and find clothing on the floor, women’s clothing. It should have sent the bells ringing in my head since the clothes weren’t the sexy stuff that Trina or Haley wears when they’re on the prowl for female companionship.

Thinking that a pair of women to fuck was about what I needed at the time, I turned down the lights in the living room and headed for the bedroom where I could hear moaning and other happy sex sounds. Opening the door quietly, I stole in and began shedding my own clothes. In the low light I could make out Hanna lying on the bed with another woman on top of her, their faces buried in each other’s muff. Being a visual kind of a guy, my cock immediately got hard as a rock.

Easing myself onto the bed behind the other woman, I slid myself into the very succulent pussy that was presented to me. The response was a loud whisper of approval and a groan. Not receiving a scream of horror, I figured, was a good thing, so I continued to do what seemed a natural thing and fucked the hell out of that sweet cunt. With her head bowed between Hanna’s legs it was impossible to tell exactly who it was I was fucking. Frankly I didn’t care very much, although there seemed to be a flicker of familiarity about that body that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Whoever it was had a very talented pussy indeed. I could feel her muscles rippling inside, pulling at my cock, milking it. The contractions were stronger than even Hanna was capable of and I always thought she was the best. It was an amazing feeling and I grabbed the woman’s hips, thrust deep inside of her and hung on, letting her do the majority of the work. I reached around her thigh and began flicking at her clit with a finger and found her cunt dripping with desire, the drops of female cum and lubricant falling into Hanna’s open mouth. The woman began to shudder, her hips grinding into mine as I forced myself deeper into her by pulling her magnificent ass cheeks apart. I could feel her begin to climax and I felt pretty proud of myself until I remembered that Hanna had already been working on that pussy for who knows how long before I got there, so she was probably close to climax before I butted in, so to speak. It didn’t matter at that point because I could feel my balls fill and my cock swell and that sweet, weak feeling in my legs and I knew I was going to fill her sensuous womb with my cum.

Suddenly, the woman’s head arched back sending a cascade of dark hair over her back, her hands grasping at her ass cheeks while her knees splayed further apart for support. I don’t know why, but the movements of her body at that very moment seemed so erotic that my cock fairly exploded, sending a series of huge spurts of cum deep into that sexy woman’s vagina.

In the following two seconds, three things happened:

1) I remember thinking that I really wanted to make this woman a part of my regular fuck group, she was that good.

2) I saw a unique looking bracelet on her wrist that looked very much like the one I had given my mother as a gift, which she very rarely took off.

3) I listened to my mother scream out my name as she climaxed, begging me to never stop.

The realization that I had been fucking my own mother, and by the way really liking it, was traumatic enough until I realized that she knew whose cock it was in her cunt, and didn’t bother to reject it. In fact encouraged it. You’ll notice that nowhere does it say that I tried to pull out of her once I discovered whom it was I was ejaculating into. There are two good reasons for that. First, she had clamped down on my spurting cock so damn hard I thought she was going to squeeze it off of me, and second, she felt so fucking good I couldn’t stop if I had wanted to.

I felt Hanna’s mouth engulf my ball sack, her tongue swirling furiously around the twin orbs, a thing she does very well when she has already climaxed and wants to make me feel all gooey inside, usually just before I shove my cock into her throat and cum into her stomach. There was no way I was going to stop until the orgasms did and that wasn’t going to happen for a while, so I gripped Binny’s hips and continued ramming myself deep into her while she moaned out my name, her sweet pussy clenching at my dying erection.

It was quite some time before we mutually relaxed and parted, Binny rolling off to one side and looking up at me while Hanna sucked my cock clean for a few seconds.

“Thank you, Davie,” Binny said, “I can’t tell you how much I needed that.”

“Mom, I…”

“Binny, David. When your cum is dripping out of my pussy, it’s Binny. Mom just sounds too weird. Later, when we’re both dressed again, you can call me Mom. Not now, okay?”

“Fair enough, Mo… Binny,” I stammered.

“I suppose you want an explanation?” she asked a little sheepishly.

“Not illegal bahis siteleri really.” Things were uncomfortable enough without an explanation.

“This isn’t the first time you and I have had sex, you know.”

Now she had my attention.


“Once when you were about fifteen, and your father and I had fought because I thought he had a mistress, I came into your room to check on you at night. You were asleep and looked like you were having some erotic dream. Your pretty cock was poking out of your boxers, hard as a rock, and you were moaning something fierce. I closed the door and sucked you off, to make a much longer story short.”

“I remember that,” I said. “I woke up, didn’t I? Woke up and saw what you were doing.”

“Yes you did. I told you to go back to sleep and you did, and then I finished you off. The next night I did it again, but you didn’t wake up that time, or any of the other times.”

“How many times were there?” I asked, shocked that there were more than one.

“A lady never tells,” she replied with a wicked smile.

“Anything else?” I asked.

“Well, I got you to fuck me once without waking you. You’re a sound sleeper, Davie.”

“Only once?”

“Once a week,” she admitted finally.

“Did dad know about this?”

“Of course not. He would have killed me if he had known. Not because I was fucking you, but because I was fucking someone else other than him. He was a jealous man.”

“Hi there, wanna fuck?” said Hanna in her sexiest voice. “I’d hate to see that beautiful hard-on go to waste.”

I felt bad that I had been ignoring her, but under the circumstances I think I could be forgiven. I also felt bad that all this erotic talk with Binny was giving me another erection.

Hanna had her hand between her legs, a finger buried deep inside of that soft, firm slit. Her finger glistened with the lubricant her cunt secreted and I found myself licking my lips in anticipation of tasting that sweet moisture. I fairly dove between her legs headfirst. She pulled her finger out of her slit and I sucked it clean before stuffing my tongue deep in its place. I loved hearing her groan with satisfaction as I flicked at the erect bud of her clit and felt her hands grip my head while she lay back onto the pillow, pulling me closer to her mound.

I felt the bed moving behind me and thought mom was getting up to get dressed. Not so, gentle reader, not so! Two hands drew my thighs apart and I felt Binny’s head slide between them, my cock then engulfed between her lips. Her tongue swirled and flicked at the tip, and her teeth scraped gently at the crown of my cock while I desperately tried in vain to drive it into her throat. Suddenly I felt her hand slap my ass cheek. Mom was spanking me! For what? For trying to throat fuck her, or for sucking my girlfriend’s cunt when she wanted to fuck again? I didn’t know, but it struck me as quite funny to have her spanking my ass while she was sucking me off, and I admit, quite erotic as well.

My hands slid up Hanna’s body gripping her perfect breasts, her nipples burning my palms and I felt her legs wrap around my body, her hips thrusting at my head while I sucked the sweet juices from that firm mound.

I felt a pressure at my anus and I relaxed as much as I could while mom shoved who knows what into my ass. It was too big for a finger and I never expected mom to be into sex toys… The buzzing started when she had driven the thing deep into me and I thought my cock was going to swell to the size of a baseball bat as the vibrations reverberated through me. I heard her moan as I thrust my hips at her face driving my prick deep into her throat. I could feel my pelvis grinding against her mouth. Binny grabbed my ass cheeks pulling her face tightly to my groin and I felt her head twist and shake as my cock tried to force its way into her belly. Almost involuntarily my hips thrust at her head, my cock exploring her sucking mouth and throat. I could feel her tongue licking at my ball sack. Such a talented mouth mommy has. She pushed the vibrator deeper into me until it was swallowed up inside, still vibrating its little heart out.

Just when I was sure I was about to deposit a huge load of cum into mom’s throat, she bit me! Not hard, but hard enough to know I’d been bitten. Then she pulled away from me and began to thump at my cock with her fingers, deflating it.

I felt the bed moving again as Binny crawled toward my head, felt her warm hand wrap around my softening cock and begin to gently stroke it. I heard her voice whispering loudly to me although it was hard to make out all of the words over the groans and moans of Hanna’s orgasms and her twisting and churning thighs covering my ears.

“Fuck her, Davie,” said Binny, “Fuck your woman hard. You know she wants it, wants to feel your hard prick deep inside her wet cunt. Cum inside her. Let her feel your cock spurt its load deep into her soft body.”

I was hard as a rock again.

Now canlı bahis siteleri a boy has to do what his mother says. It’s the way things are supposed to be, and being a good boy, I untangled myself from Hanna’s thrusting hips and legs and crawled up her writhing body. I took her head in my hands and crushed her sensuous mouth with mine as I thrust my pole deep into her still climaxing pussy. I rocked back and forth grinding my pelvis against hers rubbing her clit hard. I could feel her fingers rake my back as she screamed climax after climax into my mouth, our tongues fighting the duel of lust.

Once again I could feel Binny’s fingers wrap around my ball sack, squeezing tightly, holding off my orgasm, forcing me to satisfy Hanna like never before. I slid my arms under her shoulders pulling her closer to me as my hips slammed into her, Hanna’s pelvis thrusting back at me matching every stroke, her pussy gushing lubricant onto the sheets in a warm puddle of nectar.

I could feel Hanna’s fingernails cutting into my back, the sweat mingling with blood as we thrashed like some injured animal on the bed. I began to pull my knees up under me as Binny released her death-grip on my balls. Immediately Hanna wrapped her strong legs around my back and I forced us into a sitting position, scooting toward the edge of the big bed. Hanna’s legs splayed wide as she ground herself onto me.

“Cum in my mouth, Davie,” she groaned, “I want to taste it. I want to feel it squirting into my throat.”

“I don’t think so,” I returned as my cock began pumping her pussy full of warm, sticky cream, the wonderful warm rush of orgasm washing over me. I felt as if I were being drained of all bodily fluids. Wave after wave of cum shot deep into her sweet sucking vagina and I could feel her muscles contracting violently drawing the cum deep into her shuddering body while she moaned in approval. We lay wrapped together for some time basking in the glow of consummated lust, our lips brushing against each others

From the edge of the bed I could hear my mother’s whispering voice, “That was so beautiful. You two make love so beautifully, so lovingly. Do me next, Davie. Please!”

Having your mother plead for the release of hot sex can be quite confusing to a young man, but having already dipped my cock into that sweet pussy once that night, and finding out that it wasn’t the first time either, made it much easier to give in to her desires. I reached out to touch her face lightly. Binny placed her hand on top of mine.

“As soon as you can, my dear,” she said with a smile that I could just barely see as Hanna dragged my face between her breasts.

“I want more,” said Hanna into my ear. “I want it in my ass. Fuck my ass, Davie,” she whispered. “Deep in my ass.”

Hanna began wriggling her ass on my lap, clenching and releasing that sweet bottom until I felt my prick begin to harden again.

“That’s just mean, Hanna,” I said as she rose off of me and fed my cock between her ass cheeks.

“Did I ever say I wasn’t?” she asked with an evil grin and then lowered herself onto me driving my cock deep into her butter soft ass, purring like a kitten as she sank to rest on my thighs.

“Oooooh,” breathed Binny as she watched my cock disappear into Hanna’s tight ass. “That looks yummy. Mind if I join in?” She cupped Hanna’s face in her hands and began kissing her. I could see their tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouth. Once I was able to forget for a moment that it was my own mother sucking my girlfriend’s tongue, it became very erotic to watch, especially when I felt Binny’s hand sneaking under my own ass and a finger beginning to stimulate my anus, looking for a way in.

I lifted Hanna off of me while she protested and pushed her to the floor onto her knees, pulling Binny down to join her. “Wet it,” I demanded, shoving my cock at Binny’s face. She smiled sweetly and thrust her head forward engulfing my pole between her lips. She began slurping obscenely, her tongue lapping the underside of my cock as it disappeared into her throat. When she was satisfied that I was wet enough she pushed me away. “My turn,” she purred. “Do my ass like you did hers, Davie.” Hanna frowned as I positioned myself behind Binny and leaned forward pushing my wet cock against her puckered hole. With a satisfying pop, I entered Binny’s eager ass hole while she groaned with delight. To keep Hanna happy, I eased a wetted finger between her pert ass cheeks and into her anus. Eagerly she wriggled her bottom back onto my finger, her hand on top of mine, forcing my finger deeper into her demanding body. It seemed to satisfy her for a while.

With that little problem taken care of I was able to concentrate on Binny’s needs. I nudged my cock deeper into that sweet ass, reveling in the sounds of pleasure she made. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I slammed into her. More sounds of pleasure and delight as my cock pistoned into her. After a few more strokes, I pulled out of Binny suddenly, moved over and stuffed myself into Hanna who squealed when my balls hit her vaginal lips. I went back and forth from Hanna to Binny giving each a few strokes until I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

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