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The Death of a Sales Call

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Ariana Marie

I was sitting at my desk one Wednesday afternoon trying to figure out why the sales figures weren’t as projected when the receptionist buzzed into my office.

“Ms. Foster, Will Preston with Diversified Electronics is here. He doesn’t have an appointment, but he would like to talk to you a moment if you have the time.”

This was not the usual rep. Old Gary must have finally given up his sales call days for a desk job. About time. I’ve had all I can take of his stale cigar smell and wheezy laughs. A new face struck my curiosity just enough to put figures to the side and give this new guy a few precious moments. “Send him in.” I told Brittney, the receptionist. “Maybe he’ll be a bit of eye candy.” I said to myself under my breath.

I wasn’t disappointed. In breezed Mr. Preston. He gave me a ready smile and shook my hand, but I could tell from his eyes, he had had a rough day. Tension was in his every muscle, and he had a few of those. I found myself having a difficult time focusing on what he was saying as I imagined running my hands across his shoulders and cupping his neck and bringing his head to rest between my…

Enough! pay attention! what has gotten into me? God, I hate horny days. I can’t focus on what anyone with a dick is saying. Not when they look like Mr. Preston…who is rambling on about what his product can do for my company…hmmmm…and I’m thinking about another product of his…somewhere in his pants. I think I must have closed my eyes a bit and made a little noise because Willy Boy stopped mid sentence and asked if I was ok.

“Oh. Oh? Yes, I am bahis firmaları quite fine. I’m just a bit distracted today. You were saying…?” Just look at those lips, I’d love to run my tongue…oh, my god I’m getting wet. I’m going to have to go to the bathroom with my bullet vibe as soon as he leaves. The pulsing warmth between my legs is making me want to find a nice big soft bed somewhere and just rub on the sheets like a cat in heat. I think I’d do anything to feel his hands cupping my breast…wonder what he sounds like when he cums. Oh, my god I can’t breathe. I’ve got to do something. I think I’m going to cum right here with him mid sentence.

“Ms. Foster, I can come back another day if you have something else you need to be doing.”

“Mr. Preston…Will? May I call you Will? Please, call me Abigail, or Abi as everyone does. There is something I need to be doing, actually. If you will pardon my forwardness, I really need to be doing you. Right now. Right here. That is, if you don’t mind?”

I made my way around my desk, and as he saw my smooth long legs and black stileto pumps, I knew he didn’t mind. Who wouldn’t want to be fucked by a beautiful, blue-eyed blond who ran her own company? Still didn’t stop the look of shock frozen on his face. I put one hand on each arm of the chair he was sitting in and bent over giving him an amazing view of my DD cleavage. From that view I could tell I wasn’t going to be disappointed this evening…if the growing bulge in his khaki dress slacks was any indicator.

“No one has to know, Will.” I whispered in his ear. His immediate kaçak iddaa exhalation of air sent shivers over my back and I couldn’t help but moan. I ran my hands through is boyishly cut brown hair that fell across his forehead and looked into his blue-green eyes. “Lets have some fun.” Then I covered his mouth with mine and let my tongue play with those damn sexy lips. I had a very willing partner, and my blood began to race through my veins. If I had on any panties, they would have been soaked by now.

His hands were all over me at once. I thought I was going to explode. I straddled his lap forcing my skirt up high…oh god I feel his cock on my pussy…his mouth on my breast and his tongue circling my nipple…I throw back my head and cry out with pleasure…I can’t keep my hips still and I’m grinding my wet pussy on his slacks…gotta get that cock free…I have to feel it.

Somehow I manage to work the belt and zipper while he’s driving me crazy with those lips and that tongue, his hands gripping my waist. Finally!!! Skin! I grasp his fully hard cock in my hands and enjoy the soft feel, rub my fingertips across the top and feel the damp pre-cum…I want to taste it…but I need him inside me more…maybe he can come back again to feed my thirst, for now kitty gets it…

I rub his head against my clit and cry out…he moans and it makes me throb. I feel my muscles tighten in anticipation and I have to have it in me, Right now! Oh fuck! his cock feels so good! I push it in me hard and he grits his teeth as I squeeze him with my muscles. Leveraging my hands on the back of kaçak bahis the chair and setting my spike heels in the carpet, I grind and squeeze and grind and squeeze hitting every nerve ending inside my tight pussy.

He’s holding on for dear life. I wonder if he’s ever had a woman fuck him like this. I know what I want and I take it. Right now, his cock deep inside me is what I want, crave NEED! and I’m getting it.

He has a change of plans. Before I know what’s hit me, he’s picked me up and dropped me on my back across the top of my desk. His cock never leaves my tight pussy. Ah, a man who likes to be in control…even better.

“Fuck me, Will. Fuck me HARD! Ahh!!!” He already was. Pounding into me so hard I had to grip the edge of the desk to keep from sliding off onto the floor. He gripped my ankles and threw my legs up and kept thrusting again and again and again. I let go one hand and reached my clit. I was almost there. All it took was a little touch and I was cumming and cumming and cumming, thankful for thick walls to keep my screams private. Not that I really cared at that point.

He wasn’t too far behind, his cries giving me another jolt of electricity through my crotch. God, I love to hear a man cum.

When he was done, I sat up and rested his head between my breasts. When our breathing settled I bent and licked his used up cock clean then tucked it back into his boxers. I think he was still in too much shock to notice. I helped him straighten his clothing.

“Thank you, Mr. Preston. I do hope you call again very soon.”

“It was my pleasure, Ms. Foster. How does next Wednesday look for you?”

“I think I can fit you in. Have a nice day.”

Funny thing, when he left I didn’t see a bit of tension in his shoulders. Now about those sales figures…hmmmm…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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