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The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 07 – PM

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All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


And now it was a whole-family affair. Mother and son, father and daughters, brother and sisters. Everybody had fucked everybody of the opposite sex. There was never any hint that father and son would want sexual contact, but there was plenty to suggest the girls and their mother might want some lesbian fun.

During the seventh day, Paul had been welcomed into their incestuous group. He was still unsure if he was going to one day wake up and regret having had sex with both his daughters while he watched his son fuck his wife. It was almost too much for him to take in. But right now it felt right, and as he looked around him he began to smile.

It was nearly lunchtime. Sammie had put a cotton nightgown on because she was a little cold, but everybody else was still naked from their earlier session. Or not quite naked. Mike had an apron on because he was grilling sizzle steaks, his semi-boner poking out in front. Suzanne worked beside her son. Paul was still amazed at how tight her arse was, how firm and strong her back. And the tits he loved so much, full and heavy but still pert.

Lizzie busied around beginning the packing. Her he watched with growing desire. As she bent, her tits followed gravity but otherwise they were so youthful and firm that they hardly rippled even though they were the size of coconuts. Her bum was tight and round, womanly and athletic at the same time. But most of all he was entranced by his daughter’s shaved pussy. Completely hairless and smooth, perfectly symmetrical, the split vee at the front and the delicate petal between her legs drew his eyes like magnets.

She noticed. “Mummy? Will you tell daddy that him staring at my pussy is embarrassing me?!”

“Hah ha,” her mother responded, “if it were you’d put some panties on.”

“Mmm. Would you like me to put panties on daddy?”

“No. No I wouldn’t! Lizzie my darling, your pussy is the most beautiful I’ve seen. Apart from your mother’s. Oh and your sister’s. And I just got myself in trouble didn’t I?”

Sammie and Suzanne chorused: “Yes you did!”

Suzanne asked the question. “What’s so pretty? Is it because it’s smooth?”

Mike chimed in. “Does it for me. Hair gets in your teeth.” His dad agreed.

Sammie asked them both: “shall we shave then? Would you like that?”

Paul was diplomatic: “Oh, baby. You don’t have to do that for us. We love you anyway. Right Mike?” He was teasing and they all knew it so Mike took up the thread and played it out: “Right dad. You can be as hairy as you want. Or not, your choice. But I gotta say, I prefer licking skin than hair…”

Suzanne giggled and slapped her son’s arm. “I’ll shave if you two do. Sammie?”

“Yeah, me too. I love the way Lizzie’s looks. I’ll shave.”

When their naked lunch was over, Suzanne reminded them. “C’mon boys. Get hairless!”

There were some practical issues they had to overcome. Both men knew how to use a razor, they’d just never shaved their pubes. And the women knew how to shave legs, but getting smooth like Lizzie’s pussy took experience. In the end it was a family bonding session, each helping the other (although the two blokes baulked at contact with each other’s privates). The result was four hairy balls supporting two hairless cocks, and three shaved pussies.

The experience was all giggles for four of them, but it was a little more erotic for Paul whose voyeur tendencies had been intensified these last few hours. Like Mike on the first day, his senses were assaulted by continuous female nudity wherever he looked. His prick was semi-erect the whole time, but it was him who had the most trouble getting hairless. If any of his girls tried to help, he thickened up and that made the job more difficult.

Suzanne had the solution. “Come here honey. Girls, here’s a lesson for you. Lesson one. Make a man cum quickly. First, make sure he’s already a bit hot. Well, he’s watched us three naked for a couple of hours so, check. Second, cup his balls like so, gently, and squeeze like so, but not hard or you’ll hurt him.”

Paul already knew what came next and his rigid dick rose in anticipation.

“Then, this…”

She took her husband into her mouth and bobbed up and down. Paul groaned at the wet heat.

“My turn to try…” And Sammie took her mother’s place, sucked on her father’s cock and squeezed his balls. Lizzie was next but she squeezed too hard and Paul flinched. Correcting her error she got a Pat of approval from her mother who took over, then announced: “And the final trick. Works for most men even if they won’t admit it. Watch.”

She put her finger in her own pussy for lubrication, then went to work on Paul’s cock and balls some more. As he neared climax, she took her wet finger and pushed it to the second knuckle in his arse.

The two sisters watched wide-eyed and giggling as their mother fingered their father’s arse, still rapidly bobbing up and down on his cock and squeezing his balls. After another minute, he tensed eryaman escort and they knew his pulsing signalled he was shooting into their mother’s mouth.

Then it was over. Suzanne swallowed exaggeratedly so they all saw, licked her lips and smiled, curtseying to their impressed applause. That way they were finally able to get the rest of Paul’s pubes shaved off.

Sammie was most happy at her new look. She got a mirror and looked at herself, rubbing and playing with it there at the dinner table completely without shyness. Then she got an idea. She called her dad over and in complete innocence she asked if he liked watching everything. He didn’t understand at first so she explained. He liked seeing them naked, she liked to be seen peeing, would he like to watch her pee?

The others giggled at her brashness, but her father’s grin told her yes, he would enjoy that.

Sammie’s idea had been to piss in a bucket or something for her daddy, but he knelt between her legs and pulled her towards him. “Fist let me taste your new pussy, darling.”

Her thighs parted and her daddy began licking at her opening. She thought the feeling was intensified without pussy hair, but it might just be her father’s experienced tongue that did it for her.

But her need to pee was quite intense and she warned him she was going to lose control. He didn’t stop, rather he covered her pee-hole with his mouth and licked at it with his tongue.

Sammie shuddered and lost a little pee into her father’s mouth. He swallowed it and patted her butt for more. She relaxed and let more go, again he swallowed it. But when she let go with full force, he had no hope of keeping up and simply watched as his daughter pissed hard onto his chest and stomach.

It hissed and splashed everywhere, over the wooden floorboards and the table leg, all over the chair, and still it came in a silver stream hot and heavy for many more seconds before fading and spluttering to just drips, which Paul licked off his daughter’s pussy eagerly.

It was Suzanne who spoke. “Paul Delaney! I learn something new every day! You never asked me to do that!”

He muttered around his daughter’s pussy lips in reply: “I never thought about it until this gorgeous girl inspired me.”

Sammie beamed and stroked her dad’s hair while he cleaned the last drips from her pussy.

Lizzie spoke. “Mum, um, jeez how do I ask? Would you…”

“Pee on you, or let you pee on me? Yes to both baby.”

“Um yeah, but, well I also want to taste it, to see, OK?”

“Yes it’s OK. Everything will always be OK from here on. You mean now?”

“Watching Sammie and dad made me hot. Please?”

There was no hesitation. Suzanne walked to her daughter who leant back on her arms. Suzanne shuffled her feet forwards so her newly-shaved pussy was over her daughter’s open mouth and let go a little dribble of piss. Lizzie tasted and swallowed. She licked her mother’s smooth lips and got some more, this time over her face.

Looking up at her mother, she said, “It’s not terrible, not great either. Mike, wanna try?”

“Not before I do,” said Paul.

And that’s how it started. Lizzie had tried her mother’s pee, Paul got under her for a taste, then Mike and even Sammie wanted a bit. Paul said he loved it, Mike was so-so, Sammie also. The four of them were on the floor, watching each other’s experiment. Since Paul liked his wife’s piss so much, Suzanne filled his mouth with it, then aimed at her children who got close together and opened their mouths like chicks in the nest. Suzanne gave them each a little pee in the mouth then emptied her bladder all over their chests, making them all glisten in the light.

Sammie kissed her sister, swapping their mother’s pee with her. Mike spat his onto his mother’s pussy while Paul licked at it. The sisters got into 69 and began pleasuring each other. Paul wanted to make the ultimate fantasy come true. The one he’d never told even his wife.

“Thankyou all for giving me these gifts today. The gifts of your bodies, your sex. It has been almost perfect. Suze, you can make it to-die-for perfect.”

“How honey?”

“A double. Me and Mike. At the same time.”

The sisters stopped lapping each other’s cunts to see what would happen. Suzanne smiled. “Oh honey, yes! I can’t think of a better way to express my love for you both.”

Cushions from the little couch were arranged, and Mike lay on them. Paul got behind Suzanne, lubed his dick by pushing into her sopping cunt a few times, then positioned himself at her puckered arsehole. She pulled her butt cheeks wide and relaxed as he pushed gently, taking his time for her tight rectum to receive him. In a minute, he was inside. Mike moaned as his mother guided his prick into her pussy, rocking back against her two men gently.

Lizzie and Sammie were on their sides watching. Inspired, they fingered each other’s cunts and explored each other’s buttholes with the slick digits. Both loved the feel of an invading finger right up their arse, each butt-fucking escort eryaman the other sister in time with their father’s cock-strokes inside their mother’s stretched arse.

Mike was amazed at the feeling. He could feel his father’s cock through the thin sheath of flesh that divided his mother’s pussy from her arse, her tits crushed against his chest, and she kissed him open-mouthed, grunting and gasping into his mouth.

Paul needed little to get him off. He’d dreamed of double-penetration of his wife so many times, but could think of nobody she, or he, would want to share it with. But now there was his son, and it was perfect.

Pushing inside her arse firmly, his jizz boiled up ready to splash inside her bowel. The tightness of his wife’s clenching rectum was one thing, but the knowledge that his daughters were watching him share his wife with their son was mind-blowing. His eyes glazed, his brain turned to red fog, his heart thumped and his cock jerked and twitched as he jetted inside her again and again. Suzanne’s words penetrated the fog just enough to be heard: “Yes darling. Cum in my arse. Cum up in there. Can you fell Mike’s cock in my cunt too?”

Mike felt the spasming of his father’s cock through the skin wall, knowing he was filling his mother’s arse with cum. Paul’s orgasm was intense. Then it was over and he crumpled on his wife’s back in spent relief.

All the while Mike was grinding gently inside his mother. He was focused on his mum and dad, such was the fascination this episode raised in him, and now he became aware of his mother’s pussy clenching at his cock as she neared her own release. Now she really let rip with the gutter mouth.

“Fuck. Oh yes. In my arse. My cunt. So good. Make me cum. I wanna cum on your cocks. Fuck me. FUCKKK MEEE”

Paul stayed hard in her arse while she ground her loins on her husband and her son. Then she froze and screamed loudly, like a banshee, and squirted cum juice, spasm after spasm, leaking form her pussy around her son’s cock, her head thrashing wildly and her thighs jerking uncontrollably as she too got lost in the mist of orgasmic delight.

Gasping and panting, Suzanne’s body went limp as her climax retreated. Mike pushed his hips up, and Suzanne began again: “Mmmh. Oh yes. Hold it there. Mmmh. Mmmh, MMMHHH!!”

Her men felt her spasm some more and clench her tunnels on their cocks. Now Paul pushed hard, then Mike, then Paul… She couldn’t stand it. “Oh my fucking god. Oh no. Ohh, fuck. I’m cumming again. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. NnngghhhAHHHHH!”

And cum she did, her third orgasm rippling through her in waves her husband and son could feel through their cocks. They stopped thrusting and let her bask in an afterglow that lasted some minutes. Suzanne was in sexual heaven. The other four let her be until she was ready to rejoin her family back on earth.

Gently she reached behind her and patted Paul’s rump. At her signal he eased backwards to let his cock withdraw from her tight butt, careful not to pull out too quickly and make her tunnel collapse painfully. Mike, on the other hand, was still underneath his mother and buried in her cunt. Paul understood. She would be sore in the back passage but he knew from experience how much sex her pussy could tolerate.

Suzanne whispered something he didn’t hear to Mike, who nodded and let her slide noisily off his cock. He hadn’t ejaculated, somehow, but he agreed to his mother’s request. She wanted her husband inside her now. Laying on her back where her son had been, she pulled Paul on top of her, stroking his still-hard cock, and placing it at her entrance before he slid easily inside. He’d cum recently, so they settled in for a long, slow fuck.

The three siblings however were still unsatisfied. They left their parents in privacy and went outside, naked in the cool night air, carrying cushions to protect their bums from the rough bark of the fallen tree.

“Wow!” said Lizzie. “I’ve never dreamed of so much erotic sensation. So much lust. So much fucking pleasure! Is this real? I’m hot just thinking about it. Oh we’re so lucky. Do people in love, love each other like we do? All of us?”

“Sure!” said Sammie. “In their fucking dreams they do! Y’know I thought about sex before, all the usual stuff, but what we’ve done her in just a week! Well, it’s like a lifetime of lust all squished in together!”

Mike agreed: “Yeah. I still can’t believe it. Who knew having their bums penetrated got girls so hot!”

The sisters looked at each other. Lizzie again: “I have to admit having Sammie’s finger up there was really sexy. How about you Sam?”

“Yeah, I felt the same. But when mum came – what was it – three times with dad up her arse! Phew! I wanna try it!”

Mike raised an eyebrow: “Sammie darling, your pussy is so tight I bet your sphincter is tighter. I’d never get in…”

“I’m wet and horny and ready. If not now, then when?”

Lizzie surprised them all: “Maybe this will help.” She produced a tube of lube she’d sneaked out with them. Without warning she flipped eryaman escort bayan the cap, covered her hand with it, and pulled her sister towards her. Sammie squealed with delight, bent over the tree with a cushion under her, and opened her legs. Lizzie lubed her sister’s arse cheeks, slipped two fingers past her anus and got them inside up to the last knuckle. Sammie moaned: “Mmm. It’s nice. Mike? Try, OK?”

He couldn’t have said no if his life depended on it. His erotic charge on maximum, he stood behind his little sister while Lizzie coated his cock with the lube. Planting his cockhead on Sammie’s anus, he pushed gently and easily past it. As his cock entered her arse, Sammie squirmed slightly but her pleasure at this new feeling helped her stay relaxed.

Her sphincter was, indeed tight but the lube made sure that even her brother’s thick cock slipped past that too, then he was all the way in. “Am I hurting Sammie?”

“A little. But it’s OK. More than OK. I like it. Gently, OK? Fuck my arse?”

Pushing and relaxing gently, Mike began fucking his sister’s tight butthole. Once he pulled back too far and slipped back past her sphincter, but she’d stretched enough that gentle pressure popped her insides open again and he resumed his anal intrusion.

If her pussy was tight and warm, her arse was like a tube of molten lava clamped around his cock. His thrusts went in and out easily, and she began mewing and squeaking in the prelude to her orgasm. As it rose, Mike wondered how he had fucked his mother’s pussy then his sister’s arse and still not cum. His mum had cum three times. Even that didn’t set him off. Now his sister was getting off on him, pushing her buttocks back firmly to sink his cock inside her, and her howls were slitting the night. No need for quietness now.

“Oh Mike. Mmmh. I’m loving this. I’m gonna cum Mikey. Make me cum Mikey…”

Her brother did as he was told. Sammie’s thighs rippled against his. Her spasms started, clasping his cock in her contracting arse in waves of incestuous climax. Gasping and panting, her pussy squirted creamy stuff while her arse took her brother’s length.

Even his withdrawal gave her erotic pleasure – like a slick log she’d shitted stroking it’s way through her bowel. She stood and kissed up at her loving brother, holding his cock tenderly, then looked over at her sister sitting on a cushion, slowly flicking her own clit while she watched them.

“Poor Lizzie! Mike, Lizzie got left out. Got some of this for her?”

“Whaddya say, sis? Anal or pussy?”

“Ooh anal. If it’s good enough for my mother and sister, I wanna try it too.”

She lubed him as before, and Sammie returned her earlier favour by slicking her sister’s arse tunnel with lubed fingers for her brother’s entry, which was likewise easy and swift.

Unlike her sister though, Lizzie went crazy almost immediately. Guttural moans escaped her clenched teeth, animal-like and feral. “Unkhh, gnnhh, umpf… Fuck yeah. Ooomm. Oh Mike. Fucckkk.”

Mike took a cue. He was gentle with Sammie, but he was going to fuck his twin sister’s arse hard and fast. His thighs slapped against hers, rippling her butt cheeks and making her tits grind against the cushion on the fallen tree. She screamed in pain/pleasure, reaching back to spread her arse cheeks wide and allow his brutal invasion to get full access. Mike watched his cock plunge into his sister’s angry-pink hole, then her innards clasped it as he pulled back before plunging in again. His thrusting was relentless. Lizzie lost her mind.

The feeling of her brother’s cock deep in her anal passage made her grunt and groan while she threw her head back and forth in time with his movements. Her pussy leaked juice constantly – Mike could feel it running down his thighs. Sammie was concerned: “Lizzie?” Lizzie turned her head to look into her sister’s eyes. All Sammie could see was pleasure and animal lust while her sister’s body was jerked forwards with each push of Mike’s hips: “Ssammie thiss iss fuck..ing…great…I’m gonna ccum sso fucking hhard.”

Mike felt her stiffen in the early buildup to ecstasy. Still he pumped her arse. Lizzie slapped her own arse a couple of times, hard enough to leave angry marks. Mike did the same.

“Oooahh, hhh..ere I g-go. Fffucckkk.”

Her orgasm was one long grunting squeal through clenched teeth. Her pussy spat gobs of creamy juice back onto her brother in spasms, she lost bladder control and pissed on his thighs as well. He didn’t slow down, because he was there too. Jets of goo erupted from his balls straight up his sister’s bum, still pulsing as her piss flow stopped and she flicked into another, lesser climax when she felt her brother’s cum splash inside her.

Breathing heavily and sweating, they laughed with each other but stopped when the motion caused Lizzie’s butt to crush Mike’s cock in her arse. In his recoil it flopped out, pulling sticky semen with it. They laughed in delight again, Lizzie taking the moment to push hard and finish pissing backwards over her brother’s legs. He watched it in fascination, a triangle of clear liquid as it emerged from her pussy lips to merge into a steady stream that hissed and splashed over him. Sammie giggled in delight at the sight and put her hand into her sister’s stream, licked it, then offered a fresh amount to her brother who licked it too.

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