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The Diaper Spa Pt. 12

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Angela could not believe what she was seeing. Maria, the person she was closest to at Padded Bliss, and the one person she felt she could count on her to see thing her way, had just called her a terrible word. Worse still, she apparently didn’t realize she had sent it to her. Angela figured Maria realized her mistake and wasn’t responding out of sheer embarrassment. She knew Maria would be at work the next day, and she so wished she had the day off.

Angela came home with a heavy heart. Not even the sight of Judith, clad in a thick Dry 24/7 diaper, making fettuccine alfredo for the two of them, was enough to fully bring her out of her malaise. Judith had heard about Angela’s plan and liked it.

“It’s not like I’m saying no wipes,” she reiterated over dinner. “It’s just, let’s think about what we’re doing here.”

“I think I rubbed off on you,” Judith replied.

“How so?” Angela asked.

“Remember the first time I changed your poopy diaper?”

Angela smiled for the first time in hours. She had pooped in her Bambino while watching TV with Judith. Since she was sitting down, her mess got smushed, going all over her ass and even on her thighs. When Judith got her changing supplies ready, she told Angela she was going to do more with less. While she definitely had to use an ample quantity of wipes to clean Angela’s dirty butt and more, it was far fewer than Angela used when Judith pinched off an average-sized poop in her diaper earlier that night.

“I would really go overboard like that,” Angela admitted to Judith and herself. “It feels so long ago.”

“Just because we’re wearing diapers doesn’t mean we can’t grow up,” Judith replied. “Speaking of which, I have a deposit to make.” Angela knew Judith’s dinner would get their bowels going. Upon Angela’s request, Judith stuck her diapered ass in her face.

“You want to smell a nice load of fresh poop?” Judith asked sexily.

“Give me your biggest load ever,” Angela pleaded.

Right as Judith was about to release, Angela realized she had to poop as well. They agreed to a diapered 69, with Angela on the bottom, feeling Judith’s diaper get lumpier right on her face as she let keçiören escort loose. Meanwhile, Angela’s own, softer mess was being inhaled by a very grateful Judith.

“I’ve never smelled a mess this good,” Judith said like she was in absolute ecstasy. “But I think we need some diaper changes.”

“Lemme just push out a little more,” Angela requested as she forced out a little more poop.

Since Judith had the bigger poop, she was first to get changed. Angela had everything she needed, with a fresh diaper and plenty of wipes to clean up Judith, who looked dazzling, lying on her changing pad in her loaded Bambino. However, she wasn’t seeing Judith just then. She was seeing Maria, and while she usually loved to see her friend lying on a changing table, this wasn’t a particularly happy vision.

Angela snapped out of it and proceeded with the change as normal. However, something happened as she placed Judith’s old diaper into her pail.

“I’m not a bitch,” Angela said under her breath.

“Who said you were?” Judith asked, rightfully seeming a bit confused by the comment.

“Maria,” Angela said, feeling a little silly to be sad while wearing nothing but a full diaper and changing her girlfriend. “She got mad because of the new wipes policy.”

“And she said that to you?” Judith asked in shock.

“No. I mean, she texted me, but I think it was an accident,” Angela said as she got Judith in her new diaper.

“Well, I know three things,” Judith said. “One, your wipes policy makes total sense. Two, you’re not…that, and three, you need to get out of that diaper before we both pass out.”

After getting her diaper changed, Angela checked her phone. There was a message from Maria. She knew she only called if something was really weighing on her.

“Hey, Angela. It’s me. I mean, of course it’s me. Listen, I didn’t mean to send that text to you. But I also shouldn’t have written it in this first place. So, I guess this is my karma. If it makes you feel better, I leaked into my jeans earlier tonight. Anyway, let me know if you wanna talk.”

Angela was touched by Maria’s humility but still upset by kızılay escort the comments. She sent her a quick text saying she would, but she kept it fairly terse. That was as friendly as she could be at the time.

The next morning, Angela woke up with an upset stomach and came into Padded Bliss in a loaded diaper. She normally didn’t arrive like that, but her nerves got the best of her on the way over. For the rest of the drive, she was paranoid she’d get pulled over and have to explain the smell.

Even for a place that handled over 1,000 diapers a week, Angela’s Abena M4 caught attention.

“Yikes, Angela. I might not need this,” Delilah said, gesturing towards her coffee.

They were the only two there so far and Megan wasn’t there yet to draw up the schedule. Delilah changed Angela, who complimented her on her wipes conservation.

“Yeah, I really appreciate it,” Delilah said,” She showed Angela how many more wipes she had available compared to recent weeks.

“I can’t believe I used to go through so many wipes. Luke had a poopy diaper last night and he noticed I was using a lot less when I changed him,” she said, referring to her boyfriend.

Soon, other Diaper Specialists started to trickle in. First came Fatima, followed by Megan, Tiffani, and Brooklyn. Maria came in just before they were set to open. When she arrived, Megan called them all over for a quick meeting.

“So, Angela’s new wipe policy is really working for us. We’re going to keep with it. I think everyone was here yesterday except for you two,” she said, pointing at Kyla, the newest hire, and Maria.

Megan decided to pair Delilah with Angela and Maria with Kyla. She hadn’t changed Delilah’s diapers in a while before, but she loved a chance to wipe her pierced pussy.

She was glad to not be working with Maria that day, but she wondered how well Fatima would vouch for the new system. Could the text from earlier have been intended for Fatima?

Things had been slow, and much of the first hour was spent between the Diaper Specialists, talking about their romantic lives and showing each other funny pictures.

Angela was keeping kolej escort her distance from Maria, who seemed to be more focused on Kyla anyway. She was just out of college and was one of the larger girls at Padded Bliss. She made a lot of jokes about how big her diapers were, but Megan had her size and larger all available.

When customers starting coming in, Angela finally had something else to concentrate on, or so she thought. She had quite a few wet diapers to change, and eventually some poopy ones. But she was mostly thinking about Maria, especially when she heard her telling clients to get comfy and untaped their diapers.

She brought herself back to present focus for one of the most-demanding changes: a double-up. Padded Bliss had a special offer where, for a little extra, those coming with a friend could get their diapers changed simultaneously. In this case, it was a frequent client named Karine and her friend, Lada, visiting from Russia.

Karine spoke effusively of Angela to Lada. Switching between English and Russian, she told Angela about how she told Karine why she should use her diapers to full capacity so she could get changed by Angela. She was a full-time diaper wearer, going back to even before Padded Bliss opened. Angela wondered why she didn’t just try to get a job there, but Karine said she liked being a customer too much.

They also requested naked changes, so Angela watched as these two Russian bombshells took off their tops and bras and showed their glistening, thick tits. Their skirts coming off highlighted what they had done to their previously white diapers.

“You’re so poo-poo,” Karine said to Lada, who pulled back Karine’s diaper and shook her head in mock disapproval.

“Let’s get your dirty butts changed,” Angela said. “I’m going to start with Lada,” proceeding to undo the tapes on her stuffed diaper. Just as she was turning to open Karine’s diaper, she heard the tapes break open.


“Hey, Angela,” I asked Karine earlier if I could change her. I hope you don’t mind. I just really wanted to showed Karine our new wiping system, and I figured you could use some help.”

“Sure, Maria,” Angela said with a smile.

As the two friends cleaned up the soft white bottoms of these other two friends, and fitted themselves into two new Molicares, it felt like Padded Bliss was back at peace, especially when Angela saw how much Maria could do with just a few wipes.

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