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The Drawing

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During my first year in college I had become really close friends with Carl and Faith. Most nights we would be at Carl’s apartment studying, talking and occasionally drinking ourselves silly. I had met Carl in my photography, as we were paired up by the professor on the first assignment. We both shared a love for motorcycles and that stood as the foundation for our friendship. I knew Faith in high school since she was friends with an ex-girlfriend and after that relationship ended, we continued to talk and became really close buddies. I introduced Carl to Faith and the three of us quickly became inseparable.

I would be lying if I said that Faith’s looks had nothing to do with the reason why I continued to be friends with her after my break-up. Being a black guy, I fit right into the stereotype of liking a nice round butt and have actually turned away a sure fuck because of a flat ass. Faith is Vietnamese and not much about her was stereotypical.

Yes, she is short with long, straight black hair but if you saw her from the back you would think she was Brazilian. At just over five feet tall, Faith’s ass almost seems impossible on her tiny frame. Her parents also own and restaurant and when she turned 18, daddy’s girl begged for and received a pair of 34C’s from the best plastic surgeon in the state. Faith’s incredible body, uniquely beautiful face and slight accent made her the most exotic and lusted after girl at my high school.

The three of us were at Carl’s getting tipsy one night when he asked if we would help him with a school project.

“I want to draw you two,” Carl said. Carl is an amazing artist and was taking a figure drawing course.

“Cool, who are you gonna do first?” Faith asked.

“I want to draw you both, together.”

“I’m down,” I said, taking a heavy swig from my run and coke.

“Yea, let’s do it,” Faith added.

I looked at Carl and he gave me a ‘You owe me big time’ grin as he got up and headed towards his bedroom.

“We’ll do it in here,” he called out to us.

Faith and I grabbed our drinks and playfully raced into his bedroom. Carl was sitting at his small computer desk setting up a small easel.

“What now, van Gogh?” I asked.

Carl told me to sit on the bed, facing away from him. “Now take off your shirt,” he instructed.

As I did, I saw Faith sneaking a peek at my toned chest and abs while she sipped her drink. Throughout high school I played basketball, football, ran track and lifted weights which were all paying off now.

“Okay Faith, I want you to sit in his lap and put your head on his shoulder.”

She put her cup on the ground by his bed and jumped on me. I immediately started to tickle her sides and we wrestled momentarily while Carl started a playlist on his computer. We stopped when he started giving more instructions.

“Now wrap your left arm under his and grab his shoulder… Yea, that’s perfect now both of you turned towards me just a little bit.”

I had to pick Faith up since her entire weight was in my lap. I did so by placing my large hands on both her ass cheeks and moved into position.

“I can palm a basketball but your ass is too big even for these,” I joked, holding my hands up. Carl burst out laughing and Faith glared at me. “Are you sure illegal bahis you that plastic Dr. Gordon didn’t give you boobs AND a black girl’s ass?”

“Har har, you’re so funny,” Faith said sarcastically, as she pinched one of my exposed nipples.

“Okay Faith, look at me and tilt your head… The other way… A little more… Wait, something isn’t right.”

“What wrong?” Faith asked.

“Your shirt… Can you take it off?” Carl asked.

“And bra?”

“Yea,” Carl quickly answered.

There was a pause as Faith contemplated the request. In my head I had my fingers crossed and promised to give up a few bad habits if she agreed.

“Sure,” Faith said. I did owe Carl big time.

She climbed off my lap and turned around and pulled her shirt off, her slender back arching with the two sexiest dimples now showing right above her ass. Then Faith reached back with both hands and unclasped her bra. She used one arm to cover herself and turned back around. Suddenly there was a completely different mood in Carl’s bedroom. Her playful demeanor had been replaced by an electric, sexual energy that was radiating from every inch of Faith’s body. I tried to act like it wasn’t a big deal but in reality my heart was beating louder than the music.

She climbed back into my lap, keeping her arm in place until she was pressed firmly against my chest. Faith quickly pulled her arm from between us and I felt her erect nipples pressing against my warm skin.

I couldn’t stop the reaction in my pants. I felt myself begin to get harder with each heartbeat and could only hope that Faith wouldn’t notice.

“I’ll let you know when you can move your arms but right now don’t move,” Carl said.

“Maybe you should tell your little friend that,” Faith said quietly while shifting her hips slightly.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” I whispered with obvious embarrassment.

Carl began sketching and told us when it was okay to reach for our drinks as we all wanted to keep our buzz going. Whenever Faith reached for her drink, she moved enough for me to make out the tops of her nipples.

Carl finished in about 15 minutes and we both got up to stretch. Faith used one arm as a tube top and Carl spun the easel so we could see how it turned out.

“Oh my god, that’s awesome!” Faith said excitedly.

Carl’s work never ceases to amaze me and even though he was a little tipsy, the drawing was incredible. Faith was really impressed.

“Can we do another one?” she asked.

We ended up doing three more drawings, all in different positions. Each drawing was better than the last and Faith only grew more excited as she saw the results. Over the course of the drawing session, Carl had us gradually disrobe down to just underwear but not without the help of more rum and coke. I had on a pair of boxers and Faith was wearing a black g-string. She had no problem showing off her ass but was still using her arm to cover her tits. The sexual tension between us built as each new pose involved less clothing and more contact.

“Faith, back in his lap,” Carl said.

He wanted Faith to lean back from me and drape her left arm off my shoulder. She listened to every command and for the first time, her breasts were exposed. I tried every trick in the book illegal bahis siteleri to stop from getting a hard-on but it was no use. My dick was now pressed firmly against Faith’s ass, like the plank of wood on a see-saw. Two thin pieces of material were the only things stopping my cock from burying itself deep inside Faith’s pussy.

“Now tilt your head onto your shoulder and let your hair hang down off your arm,” Carl instructed.

Faith’s right hand was not in view of the sketch and Carl told her she could leave it in her lap. Carl began to sketch and she moved her hand to my stomach. I was simply enjoying the view, from her legs to neck line until we locked eyes. It was an intense moment that I’ll never forget.

There was a mutual recognition of the sexual tension that had been building up over the last two hours. I no longer cared if she could feel my erection and I could tell she was turned on by her hard nipples. Faith’s hand slowly inched down my stomach until her fingers rested on the elastic of my boxers. I had to remember to breathe.

She used two fingers to trace the outline of my cock through my boxers. The trail ended at the sheer, black fabric covering her pussy and Faith massages my shaft a few times before she started to slowly rub herself. I could still here Carl behind me making swift strokes with his pencil. My body was blocking his view of the show I was getting.

Faith moved her panties to the side and exposed her trimmed bush and glistening pussy. She dipped one finger into her hole to get it wet and began to make small circles around her pleasure button. She bit her bottom lip and closed her eyes as the motions her fingertips made began to affect her entire body.

“Do you guys need a break?” Carl asked.

“No, I think we’re good,” I answered. Faith gave me the sexiest smile as Carl continued to draw.

She began to slowly move her hips and ass backwards in my lap. After shifting an inch or so my dick sprung up since it was no longer being held down. There was a visible wet spot on my boxers, directly at the tip of my cock which was now pointing at Faith’s splayed pussy lips. Using her free hand, she reached into my boxers and freed my aching black meat, tip wet with cum.

Faith firmly gripped my shaft and started to stroke it from base to tip. She slowly moved her hips forward until she could use the head of my dick to massage her engorged clit. I was so turned on that every time she stroked me more cum would leak out, landing all over Faith’s hot cunt.

Her pussy lips, clit and the head of my dick were frothy white and she started to gather it all at her wet entrance. Faith aimed my cock directly at her opening and began to move forward. I watched as all my gathered cum and fat cock head slowly disappeared inside her love box. She moved at an excruciatingly slow pace so Carl wouldn’t realize we were having sex on his bed. It was like torture.

Faith got me about halfway in and started to rub herself again. I had to remain frozen, even though I wanted to bury myself into her tight pussy. I watched her facial expressions and could tell she was nearing a orgasm. The position did not let her work me all the way in but I flexed my cock hoping it would help push her over the edge.

Faith’s canlı bahis siteleri entire body tensed up and I felt her tighten around my shaft. Small beads of sweat slowly trickled down between her breasts. We looked at each other as the silent ecstasy washed over her body. Carl continued to draw as I flexed my cock over and over. I knew it was helping her get off and I was hoping I would be able to cum from the added pressure.

Faith looked down and whispered to me, “Did you cum?”

It sure as hell looked like I did. The few inches of my dick that weren’t inside Faith were covered in creamy white precum. Girls had always been either turned on or freaked out by how much cum I was able to produce. Only one girl has ever been able to swallow my entire load without having to jack me off, like so many others had resorted too. I have always been proud of my loads. Usually five or six thick ropes able to fill pussies to the brim but I hadn’t cum yet.

“No,” I answered grinning.

We both jumped a little when Carl’s phone rang. Carl stopped drawing and looked at his caller ID.

“Hello? What? Can you hear me? Hold on, let me go outside. Quick break guys, it’s my mom.”

Carl left the room quickly and we heard the front door to his apartment open and close. We could hear him talking since his bedroom window looked out onto his front balcony.

Faith didn’t waste a second. She pushed me backwards and repositioned herself, taking the last couple inches of my dick into her pussy.

“You’re big,” she said.

“You’re tight,” I replied.

She smiled and placed both hands on my chest and started bouncing her ass up and down the entire length of my cock.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” I warned.

“I’m on the pill, I want you too,” Faith said.

I grabbed Faith’s ass and pulled her down on me, sinking my dick into her depths. She came again, moaning so loud I thought that Carl may have heard. Once again, I felt her pussy muscles contract around me and I could feel an epic orgasm building in my balls. As I am one or two strokes away we both hear the front door open and close.

“You guys need a refill?” Carl asked from the living room.

I sat up quickly, still deep in Faith, “No, we’re good.”

I was still so close to cumming and Faith could tell. She continued to grind her hips into me as we returned to our pose.

Carl walked in a moment later with another drink in hand.

“This one is almost done guys and my hand is starting to cramp so this is the last one,” Carl said.

“Well, we better make it a good one,” Faith said looking right at me.

She grabbed my shaft and stroked it into her cunt. It didn’t take much and the pressure finally released inside me, shooting up through my dick and directly into Faith’s pussy. She milked my throbbing cock since I couldn’t move, depositing a huge load in her tiny Asian love tunnel.

“I can feel it,” she whispered.

I was completely spent, feeling like she had drained me of a gallon of my seed. I began to soften and we both watched as my cock slipped out of her, leaving her pussy gaping open. Thick, white blobs of my baby batter started to ooze out of her well used fuck hole. She slowly began fingering it out and wiping it off on my boxers but there was so much that she gave up on getting it all out and covered herself with her panties.

Carl finished and we were able to get dressed without Carl noticing anything unusual. The last drawing, we all agreed, was the best one of the night.

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