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The Elevator

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“Yay! Books!” I squeed happily, as you pressed the button to call the elevator. “So many books for mee!”

“It’s mostly manga,” you pointed out. “Not really “books” in the usual sense of the word.”

I stuck my tounge out at you. “You read just as much as I do.”

“So? I didn’t say I didn’t.”

I opened my mouth to retort, but was cut off by the *BING* of the arriving elevator. I managed to get myself and all of my books inside without dropping anything as you pushed the button for the ground floor of the library. The doors slid shut as I continued to sing a little song abut books and how much I loved them under my breath. Halfway through the second verse, there was a slight jolt, and quite suddenly, the lights went out and the elevator ground to a halt. I gave a startled squeak.

“Well, shit. Rachel, how is it that you break things just by looking at them?”

“It’s not MY fault!” I protested.

Your hand brushed against me in the dark. “I know, love. I was only teasing. Well, damn it, I can’t even see to hit the call button.”

“Isn’t there some kind of regulation that says you have to make it glowy?”

“It’s an old elevator. Aha, found it.” The speaker came to life with a crackle. “Um? Hello? The elevator broke? Hello?” Static is the only answer. “Well, that’s just great.”

“And it’s dark so I can’t even read my books!” I slid down the wall and sat on the floor, setting my pile of books down beside me. “I guess we’ll just have to wait.”

I hear and feel you sit down beside me. “How boring.”

I giggled suddenly. “I just had a marvelous idea.”

“Uh-oh. I hear the evil in your voice.”

“Evil? Meeee?”

“Yes, you. Spit it out. What’s on your twisted little mind?”

I grinned, even though I knew you couldn’t see me. “This,” I said, reaching out and running my hand along your body until I found what I was looking for. I felt you stir under my touch,

“You ARE an evil little canlı bahis girl.”

I leaned forward until my forhead touched yours, leaving my hand resting comfortably between your legs. “Of course I am. That’s why you love me.” I touched my lips gently to yours, but you reached out and enfolded me in your arms, kissing me hard. I had to come up for breath eventually, and gasped, “Hey! Who’s idea was this?”

You grabbed my arms and pinned me gently against the wall. “Oh, you know you like it rough.”

“Maaaaybe.” You kissed me again, and I opened my mouth to your tongue and thrust mine into yours. My fingers twisted into your hair, as I tried to pull you impossibly closer as our tongues twined around each other’s and I nipped your lips gently. You finally broke away, both of us panting, but before I could catch my breath, you bent to suck on my neck, which didn’t help my ability to breathe in the least. You traced a path to my ear, and nipped it softly and licked around the lobe. I squirmed and let out a little moan of pleasure.

Your hand wandered down to rub a breast as you returned your mouth to mine. Your hands worked clumsily at the buttons on my shirt as you kissed me. “Why,” you whispered, “must you always pick the days we have sex to wear shirts with buttons?”

“Sorry, love. Why do you always pick the days I wear shirts with buttons to have sex?”

“This was your idea!” The last button came undone, and you pushed up my bra to reveal my breasts. “Finally!”

I felt your mouth descend on one of my nipples. I sighed as your ran your tongue around it, a sigh that turned into a moan when you bit it gently. “Shit, Ryan, that feels…mmm…really good!” You pinched my other nipple with your hand, and I squirmed against you and ran my fingers through your hair. You bit harder and I squeaked in surprise and pleasure. You transfered your attentions to my other breast, and I felt your hand slip down and up under my skirt. bahis siteleri Your fingers brushed against my clit and I squeaked again. “Ryyyyan!”

You sucked hard on my nipple and slipped your hand into my panties. I groaned loudly and thrust my hips up against your hand. “Well, someone’s wet,” you said. I could hear the smile in your voice.

“Why…” I panted, “does that…surprise you?”

“Oh, it doesn’t,” you said, and thrust a finger inside of me. I nearly screamed. You wiggled it slightly as you worked, my panties off with the other hand, no easy task considering that I wasn’t exactly staying still. You flipped my skirt up, slipped in a second finger and began to pump them in and out as your other hand played with my breasts and I thrashed and moaned on the floor. “Ooooh…Ryan, I’m so close…I…”

Quite suddenly, the fingers were gone. “Ryyyyyaaaaaaan!” I practically screamed in protest.

“You’re not coming until I fuck you good and hard, my lovely little nympho!”

“Oh, really? Well, then, come HERE. We must make sure that you get fuck-worthy!” I pushed you down against the floor and worked buisily at your zipper. I yanked your pants and your underwear further down your hips and reached forward to wrap my hand around your cock. “Why, hello! You’re happy to see me, aren’t you?”

“Oh, always.”

I let the tip of my tongue barely touch the head and swirled it in tiny circles as I grasped it firmly with one hand. I smiled inwardly at your sudden intake of breath, and let my tongue trail down the length of the shaft and then back up, first slowly and then more rapidly. “It’s a cock-sicle!” I said cheerfully. I barely let you begin to agree before I quite suddenly deep-throated the entire thing, pleased to hear the beginning of a “Yes” trail off into a soft moan. I very slowly lifted my head, sucking at it gently, then took it all into my mouth again. I picked up the tempo, bobbing up and down on your bahis şirketleri cock more and more rapidly and wiggling my tongue against it.

“Rachel…love, if you don’t stop that soon..I’m going to…”

I stopped at once. “Not until you get me off, you’re not!” I gave the head of your cock one last lick for god measure, and demanded, “Now come here and thrust that hard cock of yours into my pussy!”

“With pleasure!” You reached forward and lifted my hips up to you. I felt the head of your cock against my slit as your rubbed it against me.

“Damn it, Ryan, put it IN!”

You rammed it in to the hilt almost before I finished my sentence, and I moaned and thrust against you. You picked up the rythem and lowered yourself onto me as I made little noises of pleasure and lifted my hips to try and make you go deeper. I dug my fingers into your back, trying to squeeze you as close to me as I could, as your thrust your cock into me, faster and faster, rubbing against my most sensitive spots. My breath came faster and my body began to tremble. I pushed up at you, and you fell back against the wall, with me on top, grinding myself against you, pushing you as deep as you would go. I grabbed onto your shoulders for support, and you lifted your hips slightly to give me better leverage. I bit my lip as I felt the orgasm beginning to build up inside me. “Mmmm! Ryan…” I gasped. “I’m…going…”


The first wave of it hit me, tearing through my center in an explosion of heat and deep, ticklish pleasure. I groaned and ground myself against you as hard as I could, to make it last as long as possible. I felt your shoulders tense under my hands and you let out the almost surprised gasp that you always make when you climax. I felt you come inside me as I flopped against your torso, exhausted and happy. I licked your ear gently. “That…was very nice, ” I whispered.

“I’m glad you agree,” you said softly.

Just as we had relaxed into our contented, post-orgasmic tangle of arms and legs, the lights suddenly flashed on and the elevator began to move once again. We looked at each other, wide-eyed.

“Dress very, very fast.”

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