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The Enforcer Ch. 11

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I was awoken by the unique feeling of two mouths playing with my penis. I had not been asleep long. Their hair was still wet from their shower. I looked down and saw Candy and Maya giving me a double blowjob, I had not had one of those in years. So I relaxed and enjoyed it. They continued for a few minutes, their tongues meeting often as they played with the head of my dick. I had opened my eyes and finally they noticed. Maya was first, she smiled and continued her attentions; soon Candy also became aware that I was now awake, she smiled, but never stopped.

The girls had me at the brink of an orgasm within seconds. I softly said: “I am about to cum, unless you stop.” They just continued, driving me over the edge. They shared my staff as I came. When I was finished they deeply frenched, sharing my semen, their faces filled with love and lust. I said as they kissed: “That is one hell of a way to wake up.”

They continued their passionate exchange and had actually started to fondle each others ass. I sat up and, since they were still straddled over my mid section, I was able to caress their soft butts as they kissed. They were obviously getting more aroused by the second. I could smell their juices and could feel them dripping onto my thighs. I permitted my index fingers to slip to their rosebuds, not entering them but pressing lightly, I felt their bodies tense. I lovingly slid my fingers further down, and soon found their dripping pussies. The angle was less than comfortable, but I was able to slide my index fingers into their love holes.

I explored their soft openings as they kissed, their hands now playing with each others bosom. After several minutes they broke the kiss, both out of breath, and looked toward me with their faces filled with love and tenderness. Maya said, between gasps: “That feels great Vinny.”

Candy added: “Please keep going,” her sentence was punctuated with a deep gasp, “I am so close to coming.”

I was happy to keep up my efforts; I was surprised a little as both girls climaxed simultaneously. I kept my now sticky fingers sawing in and out of their bodies as they came. It was no surprise when the girls collapsed. I let them rest upon my chest as they recovered. But I was not done yet and had moved my saturated fingers to their anuses. Applying light pressure my index fingers made their way inside the girls’ body.

They were both quite loose and soon I added a second finger into each asshole. Maya and Candy had recovered enough to speak and they both inhaled deeply, letting an elongated ‘Yes’ escape them. I continued my explorations of their most private holes. Their hands moved to my face, caressing it lovingly as I continued. As they recovered and the weight of their bodies shifted from mine they began to kiss again. Their rosebuds were soon relaxed enough for me to effortlessly slip a third finger into each. They moaned loudly as I continued to stretch their willing holes.

Maya was almost blissed out when she said: “Vinny, I am about to cum again, please leave your fingers in us after we cum.” I nodded my understanding, as they both climaxed again. I felt their sphincters tightening, and held on for the ride as their bodies convulsed violently. They once again fell against my chest afterward. I was a little curious why Maya wanted me to keep their holes filled, but I did as she asked.

Their bodies were quite relaxed as they recovered. It was an interesting experience to have two beautiful women basically passed out on my chest with three on my fingers in each of their asses. As they recovered their strength Maya smiled and said to Candy: “I have a double dildo here and want to fuck your ass with it up mine.”

Candy smiled as she replied: “So that’s why Vinny has three fingers up my ass. For a moment I was starting to feel like a bowling ball.” I giggled softly as they looked at each other smiling.

I took the liberty of removing my hands and offering: “How about I go and get the dildo, and some lube if you have any?”

Candy replied: “The dildo is in the dresser, bottom drawer, in the box at the back.”

Maya added: “And the lube is beside the box.”

I moved over to the dresser as they positioned themselves on all fours, ass to ass, and awaited my return. I found the dildo; it was as thick as me and eighteen inches long, made of latex and had a light colour. I got it out and grabbed the bottle of lube also. When I turned to the girls their eyes widened as they realized just what they were planning. I smiled and said: “Is this the one you wanted? It looks a little small.”

They leered at me as I moved closer to them. I quickly applied lube to their relaxed anuses and to the heads at both end of the toy. I positioned it at both their asses, bending it in the middle to accomplish the task. Then I said: “You girls ready?” They nodded. I slowly slid it into both their bodies. It took a little effort but soon the apparatus was straight again, with maybe half of it still exposed between them.

I bahis firmaları added: “That’s all I can get in unless you move closer, or have me move it.” Their asses began moving closer together, slowly burying more of the fake meat into their eager openings. They stopped when their cheeks met and now only an inch or two was left outside their bodies. They were both breathing hard, sweat covering their bodies. They began to move their rear ends away from each other, sawing the dildo into each others body. I took the opportunity to start teasing their clits with my fingers.

Soon enough they had developed a good rhythm, and both started to moan loudly as they enjoyed their violent movements. My hand dripped with their juices as they went at each other with abandon. I felt their bodies convulsing once again as they climaxed. Maya was first, but Candy soon followed. I was a little surprised as they both were able to keep their arms extended when they finished. I said in shock: “Hey, that’s a first, you’re still standing.”

Candy replied: “For the moment, I am about to fall here.”

Maya added: “Yeah, I’m not doing much better.” With that said they both started to collapse. I quickly moved my hands between their breasts. I caught them both, arms spread wide. I was able to hold them till they recovered, but it was hell on my arms. As they got up and I could finally relax, I felt a stinging pain as my arms were cramped in position. It took me a few seconds to be able to move again. But I was happy to have caught them, so the pain didn’t bother me much.

They tried to rise to give me a hug but the dildo in their asses stopped them. Candy said in a soft tone: “Love, that was fun, but do you think you could remove that monster from our asses so we can get up?” I was happy to help them. It came out with a soft pop. As soon as they were free they stood up, turned and hugged me. We all enjoyed the post orgasmic bliss and rested. They each placed a kiss on my lips and then Candy said: “That was fun, what’s next?”

Maya replied in an enthusiastic manner: “How about a few hours of sleep?” Maya pointed to Candy and herself as she said: “Unlike you, we have been up for just shy of twenty four hours.”

Candy replied: “For once I think that sounds pretty good.” And with that we all went to sleep. I awoke first, Maya and Candy were snuggled to my sides, but as usual I had to go really badly and was forced to pry them away. I quickly went to the bathroom and relieved myself, then I returned to find the girls had moved closer together and were now hugging each other. I decided to leave them alone and headed downstairs.

When I got there Max offered me a cup of coffee, which I gladly accepted. Then I said, in a low voice: “Who’s up?”

Max replied casually: “My assistant is getting supplies from the storeroom right now, but I haven’t seen anybody else yet. He may be able to provide us with more info.” As he was finishing Adolph made his way to the door. I went and opened it and helped him bring in the stuff he had. Max then said: “Adolph, is anybody else up?”

Adolph replied: “The four Majors are passed out in the mess hall, Ed and Frank are talking with the builders and Allen and Paul have gone to pick up a few things in the city. Frank asked me to tell you and Vinny that he would be bringing in a reefer later. But I did not understand why that was important; almost all my boys have a joint or two on them.”

I replied in a calm voice: “Adolph, that’s not the type of reefer he was talking about. You see a reefer truck mean a refrigerated one. I am pretty certain that since he said he was bringing a reefer rather than a reefer truck, that we will be having a large refrigerated storage unit dropped in.” Adolph’s face filled with embarrassment.

Max added: “Do you think we will have to get a power source, or do you think he will bring one too?”

I replied: “That’s already been taken care of; we have four military power plants being trucked in as we speak. They should be here this afternoon.”

Max asked: “Is that courtesy of the Majors?”

I replied: “No, actually, they’re surplus we bought a year ago and repaired. They were barely at twenty percent of capacity, but the boys had a few of the more gifted mechanics look at them, and they were able to completely restore the engines. I then sent a few of the engineering students from the local university, in exchange for a few favours, to see what they could do with the generators. They were able to get the units up and running, with a two hundred percent increase in output. Only cost me a few grand to. ”

Adolph asked: “Vinny, exactly what are you? There’s no fucking way you’re just a biker.”

I smiled and replied: “This is only your second day, my friend. It will take you a little while before I answer that question for you.”

Adolph replied in a submissive tone: “I am sorry if I was rude. I will wait until you are willing to tell me more.” With that he set about putting away all the kaçak iddaa stuff he had brought.

Max then added: “So Vinny, when exactly are the boys going to get the power lines for the new building runs? I mean there is no way that the current line will be able to power the new buildings.”

I relied: “Actually, since this place has a rather nice climate with plenty of wind and enough open space for solar panels, we were thinking of building our own power plant.” Max looked at me incredulously. I smiled and added: “Well, there’s an added bonus, since this place is still mostly marshland, and we are willing to throw in a part of the investment, about a quarter of it, the government has indicated interest in funding a research project to analyse the viability of a marsh gas power plant. After all, the amount of methane produced by the rotting vegetation is sizable.”

“Added to that, they want to see what kind of power output the area could produce with wind or solar power plants, so they will help with the initial set up and let us sell the power if we pay for the upkeep. Chang and his daughters are finalizing the details, if all goes well, we could start construction on the power station in a month, and of course we would be plugged into the power grid, and would make money from it.”

Adolph looked at me in disbelief, while Max just sighed deeply and said: “You never cease to amaze me Vinny.” He paused then added: “When were you planning on telling me?”

I smiled: “Actually, Ed was going to talk to you about it later today. But the entire thing was suggested by Daniel.” Max looked at me quizzically. So I added: “The Mayor!”

His face filled with understanding as he said: “Why’d he do that?”

I replied: “He was supposed to find a place to get this done, and it was a burden to him, but I saw it as an opportunity, so he introduced the government reps to Chang at my request and well everything has fallen into place. They’ve even agreed to pay to pave and expand the road to your house so they could truck in the equipment.”

Max smiled and added: “You really don’t do anything small do you?”

I replied: “Not my style, but I like having control and have made certain that I keep it during this little endeavour, so I get to organise all the building crew and deliveries. They’ve even agreed to pay me to do it, seeing that I have will have the correct education. As an added bonus, since we will need to bring in many large truck loads, they have asked for Daniel’s co-operation. He has explained that since his police force will be in training that he will not have enough men to do it. So they will send down eight RCMP units who will deputise another three of the gang members to help them.”

“Daniel has agreed to provide us with another eight squad cars, so we will get thirty-two clean officers to help with the clean-up efforts. Added to that, no officers will be left off the black list by then, Daniel’s boys have already started to ship the worst ones out and the training course will take eight weeks. So of course Daniel is overjoyed with the turn of events.”

Max replied: “He must be really happy. Not only will he be able to take responsibility and thus the fame, but it will also give us our patsies to share in the fame. Heck there won’t even be any questions for us to answer; it will all just be a nice coincidence.”

I replied: “Yep, it should be interesting to see what happens.” I felt hungry so I added: “I would not mind a little breakfast Max, but I have to call my aunts to see if they will come to help the majors.”

Max replied: “I would be happy to make you breakfast, I mean after all the good news you have given me today, and I would feel bad if I did not. I will also make some for the girls.” I thanked him and headed into the living room so I could talk on the phone without being interrupted. Max and Adolph started making us breakfast.

I got out my naval phone and called my aunts, Camille answered: “Hello, who is it?”

I replied: “Hi aunty, how are you?”

Camille replied: “Vinny, I have told you never to call me that, you little tease. I am only two years older than you. It makes me feel old when you do.”

I continued: “Camille I need help with a little extraction. Actually dad’s old squad needs help busting him out.”

Camille’s voice filled with joy as she said: “You found him? That’s wonderful news! How is he? Where is?”

I replied in a calm voice: “The exact location is being traced as we speak, but his general whereabouts place him very close to where he disappeared. He was able to send us an encrypted message a week or so ago.”

Camille hollered to her sisters: “Amanda, Valerie, Jillian, Roxanne, they found the old man! They found him and he’s still alive!” She then returned to me as I heard the girls celebrating: “So Alpha Company is going to retrieve their leader after all these years?”

I replied: “Yes, and since it will be a military operation in hostile territory they would not mind kaçak bahis a little help.”

Camille hollered to her sisters: “Girls you want to be part of the retrieval operation?” They all hollered ‘Yes’, Camille then said: “Yeah, we want a part of that. When are we going to need to be there?”

I replied: “The guys are cleared to leave as soon as they are ready, and the coordinates should already be in their hands, so let’s say the operation should take place early tomorrow morning, but they will still have to organise the drop. How long will it take you guys to get here?”

Camille replied: “Give me a minute to talk to Val. Here I’ll put Roxy on while I talk to her.” As she said this she passed the phone to her sister.

Roxy’s joyous and excited voice rang into my ear: “Hi Vinny! It’s been a while since I last spoke to you.”

I replied: “A couple months, I have been a little busy. I have a new girlfriend; well actually, I have a pair.”

Roxy replied in a motherly tone: “Vinny, you should not toy with a woman’s emotions.”

I replied: “Maya and Candy are lovers. Heck I only met Maya because of Candy.”

Roxy replied: “I have to meet these girls. But that will have to wait till Daddy’s safe.”

I laughed as I said: “You know he hates it when you call him that.”

Roxy giggled back: “I know, that’s why I use the name.”

“So Roxy have you seen my mom recently?”

“Yeah, I spoke to her yesterday and I will be attending her graduation in a few weeks.”

“I thought she still had a semester to go!”

“She was able to get the three credits she was missing by doing a part time co-op job for her teacher. It has been made official; she will graduate in two weeks. She asked me to check with you and see if you could make it too.”

“I’ll try, but I have my own graduation coming up next week and a major government project to finish the negotiations on. But with a little luck I should be able to go.”

Roxy replied: “You’re graduating next week? Damn, she really wanted to see you graduate. I will have to see if I can get her a flight so she can visit you for that.”

“Don’t worry about it Roxy, just have her give me a call, and I’ll set up the transportation. I have a friend who owes me a favour, he should be able to get her here in time, I’ll call him to make certain a little later.”

Roxy replied: “Oh Cam’s back, she wants to talk to you again.”

Camille took the phone and excitedly said: “We can hitch a ride to Borden tonight; there just happens to be group of Harriers and a transport plane heading there for a show. Can you get us a ride from there?”

I replied as I was motioning to Ed to come see me: “One second, let me check.” When Ed was beside me, I covered the mouthpiece on the phone and asked him: “Ed, I need you to go and pickup my five aunts in Borden. They will be carrying covert ops gear too.”

Ed replied: “I’ll grab Paul and we’ll leave immediately.”

I replied: “Take a few of the boys with you. Actually make certain Phillip takes point with Randal, they both need the road time.”

Ed replied: “Will do, I’ll take another four guys, two from each gang.”

I replied: “Sounds good to me. Have Phillip and Randal pick the best, I know you would be better, but I want to see if they are actually watching their boys.”

Ed replied: “I am off. I’ll take my cell; just give me a buzz when they arrive there.” I nodded and Ed left to go round up the boys.

I removed my hand from the phone and said: “I got my boys on the job, they’re heading out to Borden as we speak. How long will it take you to get there?”

Camille replied: “We’re on the HMS Britannia right now. The flight crew is prepping, so we should be off in less than an hour. We’re currently on manoeuvres in the Atlantic, and the jets will all be sub sonic, so maybe 4 hours, give or take. We will be refuelling once on route, so it may take a few minutes more, but we’ll be there early afternoon your time.”

“How many time zones off are you?”


“By the way, why are all of you on the same ship?”

“We are on vacation, more or less, and we decided to meet the new recruits who are undergoing navel training for the espionage division.”

“Isn’t your commanding officer going to get upset if you leave on such short notice?”

“Actually, she wants to join us on the mission.”

“Who the hell is your commanding officer this year?”

“It’s our mother Vinny; she has been put in charge of our division. She misses her son in law, and she always did like your dad.”

“She has not been in the field in years!”

“No, that’s why she can join us, but she will try to be at your graduation.”

“Cool, I haven’t seen her in years. Let’s hope dad’s up to it too.”

Camille replied in a teary voice: “That would be really nice. I know your dad would be so proud to see you graduate. Fuck, I promise to bring him back for that.”

“Thanks Camille, I really hope you can keep that promise, I know dad’s fine.”

Camille could not talk anymore so Jillian picked up the phone and said: “We will see you soon. Hopefully tonight unless the guys decide we should head off to the mission, but we will see you soon.”

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