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The Family Business

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This story is a piece of fiction loosely based on something that happened to me a few years back.

The problem was going to be explaining to my son exactly how I made my living. Since his mom and I divorced 9 years ago, we have only communicated by phone and email, and the only thing I told Zach about what what I do was limited to “I’m in computers.”

Little did he know.

But he turned 18 a few months back, and in December asked to move into my place here in southern California to attend the winter semester at the local city college. I couldn’t exactly say “no,” but his arrival meant a change in my business plan. Or so I thought.

For the last five years I have run an on-line porn business out of my home. I’ve been lucky enough to make a fortune filming guys jerk off on camera for one website, and guys fucking chicks on camera for another. To say I enjoy my work would be an understatement. Every now and then I even include myself in the male-female fuck flicks, pulling my dick out during filming and getting a blow job from one of the lucky girls while she gets plowed by one my hired studs. But with Zach arriving, I figured I was going to have to find a new place to film.

Zach arrived right after Christmas. I hadn’t seen him in nine years and was absolutely floored by the handsome man he had become. Thick, dark, wavy hair; in great shape without being too chiseled, a thick goatee, and a smile that was stunningly killer. Because it was the holiday season, I wasn’t doing any filming. I felt that gave me some extra time to grow some cajones and tell him what sort of “computer business” I was actually in.

I had a few friends over for New Years Eve, including a couple of guys who model for me (Pete and Mark) and a woman they both fucked for me in a tag team clip I directed last summer (Maya).

After we toasted in the new year and most of the guests had left, these two guys and their pussy play-thing were in the kitchen helping Zach clean up. As I approached with a few plates I overheard Zach telling sincan escort Maya what great tits she had.

What? Has she hauled her tits for my son? I walked around the corner and into the kitchen to find Maya fully clothed and the guys washing dishes. “What’s this I hear about Maya’s tits?,” I asked.

Pete and Mark grinned as Maya took a swig of her beer. Zach turned around and was up front and blunt: “Dad, I ran across your website last year.”

And there it was. He knew. AND he had watched.

“Ok, but how did you know it was my company?”

“Because you filmed one of the clips in the bedroom and I could totally see you working the camera in the mirror next to the bed.”

Shit. So, he knew. My worry was that he’d think I was some sort of deviant. Then again, he was just complimenting one my model’s breasts.

At this point, Pete was trying to get my attention. I put down the plate I was carrying, and asked him to help me carry out some trash. When we got to the alley, Pete looked at me with his bad boy grin and said, “Wayne, dude, Zach asked us how he would go about being in one of your videos.” My jaw hit the ground. Zach? My son? Fucking on camera? For me??

“Get the fuck outta here,” I said.

“Seriously. He came up to Maya and me and said he knew what sort of company you ran and that he’d seen us in the three way video with Mark. Then…get this…he hauled out his dick and said he thought he had what it took to make movies.” Pete started laughing. “And Dude,” he said, grabbing my crotch with his hand, “Like father, like son. The kid’s got eight inches on him, at least!”

The shock of what was just said to me wore off briefly as a spark of pride went through me. It must have showed because Pete looked at me and said, “Hey, it’s business. He’s got the goods and wants to participate. I think you should do it. Really make it a family business.”

I raised my eyebrow. “Yeah?”


Back in the house, Mark, Zach, and Maya were in the sincan escort bayan living room talking. Mark had a huge tent in his jeans so I could only imagine what the conversation was about. Without beating around the bush, I came right to the point.

“So, I’m told by Pete here that you are interested in starring in one of my films, Zach.” Instead of being shocked, like I thought he would be, Zach grinned from ear to ear and said, “Fuck yeah! You mean you’d be ok with that?”

“Well, now wait a second. Just because you’re my son doesn’t mean you have an easy in.” Pete looked at me. He knew Zach had an easy in, but I wanted Zach to think otherwise. “You have to audition first.” Pete smiled, knowing now where I was going with this. “Mark, Pete, and Maya are three of my more popular actors. I need to see you in action with them before I can put you on the website.”

Zach was stunned. “You mean…”

“Yup. Everybody get naked while I get my camera. We’re gonna do a New Years Gang Bang for Zach’s audition tape.” With that I went to get the camcorder.

When I got back everyone was naked. I couldn’t resist taking in Zach. Swimmers build with a set of muscular furry legs and a dong on him that any father would be proud of. Standing firm at 8 inches and quite thick, Pete was right, his dick was very similar to mine.

“Ok, the trick here is to be as natural as possible,” I said. “Just let things take their course. I will film it all from different angles. When I need close-ups, I will let you know before putting the camera into the middle of things. Got it?”

“Got it,” Zach said.

And with that, the guys sat on the sofa, and Maya got down her knees and started blowing them, Zach first. I pointed the camera at her extraordinary fellatio work and slowly moved up Zach’s torso to catch his eyes rolling back in his head.

“Like that, Zach?” I asked. He looked directly into the camera, grinned, and said “Fuuuck! She’s an expert.”

Maya moved on to Mark and as she did escort sincan I focused the camera on Zach’s wet, hard member. He started to jerk it but I reached over, said “don’t,” and held it in my hand for a minute in order to get a good long shot of this perfect specimen of manhood. Damn did he have the most perfect dick I had ever seen. Perfectly shaped, big and impressive without being obscene, he did his dad proud.

Mark couldn’t take any more, pushed Maya off his dick turned her around, got behind her, and started fucking her moist pussy. Horned up from admiring Zach’s dick, I pulled my cock out and fed it Maya, who started sucking it like the pro she was.

I moved the camera back and forth between her sucking me off and Mark plowing from behind, noticing all the while that Zach’s eyes were glued to my cock. Pete noticed too and said, “See, I told you. You and your dad have twin dicks. They’re almost exactly identical.”

“Let me see,” Maya said. Zach got up and stood next to me, in front of her. She took one of us in each hand. I filmed a close up of the two dicks and couldn’t believe how almost exactly the same they looked.

“This gives a whole new meaning to the term like father, like son,” Maya said into the camera, then, before I knew it, she us both in her mouth. And there, on camera and in front of two of my closest buddies, my dick and my son’s dick were being blown by one of the best cocksuckers in LA.

Zach and I couldn’t believe what was happening right at that moment. Feeling each other’s dicks inside this awesome and talented mouth, I put down the camera for fear of dropping it, placed a hand on Zach’s shoulder for fear of falling over, and started pumping a load of cum into Maya’s mouth. Just as the orgasm shook every fiber of my being, Zach started shaking and groaning and I could feel the warmth of his jiz surrounding my cock inside Maya’s mouth.

Pete and Mark dumped their loads on Maya’s ass and then we all collapsed on the floor in a hot, sweaty heap.

I think 5 minutes must have passed before anyone moved or said anything. “Well?” asked Zach. “Did I get the part?”

After a quick chuckle, Pete, Mark, Maya and I all said, at the same time, “Hell yeah, you’re hired.”

And with that it was decided we’d all meet the next day for a full, official video shoot.

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