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The Family D’Enfer Redux Ch. 10

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Prudence Tailleferre entered the D’Enfer home where her niece Justine and her nephew Justin lived with some trepidation. Justine’s return from Europe had been almost two months ago; Prudence had been left out of their lives almost from the instant Justine returned. There was one magic night with the three of them together right after her return, with a promise of more such evenings, but they never materialized. Prudence had spent a lot of time around the twenty something kids, and this felt rather odd to be left out of the loop for an extended period of time. Chelsea had also been left you out for the most part: she reported a couple of shopping trips with Justine soon after their return, but she had been left out of their lives as well.

Justine answered the door, dressed down in sweats and white socks, compared to the grey business suit Prudence spent wearing the entire Monday at her chief librarian’s desk. Justine greeted her aunt with a warm squeeze and a lingering, open mouthed kiss on the lips. “Come this way, Auntie Pru. Justin will have dinner ready in about five minutes. Would you care for a glass of sherry?”

“Yes, of course, Justine.” Prudence followed her niece down the corridor, down to the den where Justine poured her aunt a glass of sherry. The younger woman bubbled with stories of her adventures overseas and her return to the States. Prudence replied with a few innocuous stories about the library, including gossip about a couple of librarians she suspected of carrying on an affair. She sipped the glass of sherry, and when she finished it, her niece poured another. “So, Justine, do you have any news of your parents?”

Justine’s good humor drained away momentarily. “No, last I heard they were getting used to life in Morocco. My cousin Chelsea heard a wild rumor that they were going to have another baby, but knowing my mother, there’s no way she’d agree to that. My guess is that my father has a harem set up and my mother is running it for him, keeping his pole greased and terrorizing the women he’s not keeping busy that night. They may be fucking each other more than once a month, but I don’t believe they’re going to have a baby in the desert.”

Justin appeared at the head of the stairs and announced: “Dinner is served.”

As they came to the table, Justin was wearing a white shirt and black slacks, his hair combed neatly. The meal of spinach salad, prime rib with asparagus, and cr‚me brule‚ was accompanied by a dry red wine and light conversation. Justin talked about running his new nightclub, which was quickly becoming the most popular in town with a younger crowd, and Justine continued to babble about her travels in Europe, including how she started a riot on a Roman bus by giving a bus inspector a hand job. Prudence talked more about the state of her Aunt Adele, Justin studiously avoiding their eyes as she talked about the old woman, and the upcoming tax issue to support the Public Library she worked in. Justine appeared to pay attention to every word her aunt was saying, but a sharp gleam in her eyes distracted the older woman as she spoke.

At the end of the meal, Justin excused himself to go down the club to do some paperwork while it was empty. Justine and Prudence spent a few moments clearing up the table and putting the service in the dishwasher before returning to the downstairs den. The younger woman got them both drinks and settled on a sofa next to her aunt. “Well, Auntie Pru, I never thought he’d leave,” she said before kissing her aunt hard on the lips, pawing her torso and pushing her knee into her aunt’s crotch. They made out for several moments before, Justine started to peel off layer of Prudence’s business suit; when she got down to the underwear, Justine peeled off her track suit to reveal nothing underneath. It was a contrast on the couch: a dumpy older woman in her mid forties with graying, light brown hair laying on her rumpled business suit being mauled by a lithe, naked young woman with chestnut hair, nicely proportioned hips and breasts in her early twenties. Justine ripped open Prudence’s bra and kneaded her huge, pendulous breasts urgently. Justine’s hand buried itself in Prudence’s crotch, pushing and pulling and pinching as the older woman reveled in the attention; as the older woman approached climax, the younger suddenly backed off and pointed to a hook in the ceiling. “Let’s try some of our old games together,” she said. Prudence was lost in her frustrated orgasm, and peeled off what was left of her clothes to place her wrists in leather cuffs that were attached to the hook in the ceiling which depended from a large wooden beam. With a wicked grin, Justine fastened them tightly and hung them from the hook in the center of the room.

Prudence hung there with her arms directly overhead for several minutes before Justine returned with a roll of duct tape, a whip, and a small red box. “This is a fine Italian whip I picked up while I was there. Do you like it?”

“It looks lovely,” Prudence replied. “Where did you sincan escort get it?”

“Florence. It cost a pretty penny. Would you like to help me break it in?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“No,” Justine said with a small pout on her face, as she walked around behind her aunt. She snicked the whip and a light red mark appeared on the older woman’s left hip. Red stripe after red stripe appeared on Prudence’s hips as her niece worked around her huge ass, curling around her thigh toward her crotch. “I’ve been hearing about things that have been going on here while I was gone. You’ve been a naughty girl, Auntie Pru.”

The whip landed harder. Prudence’s unwilling abstinence made the blow more painful, she let out a yelp as it landed across her stomach. The next blow reached up and touched her right nipple, drawing another yelp of pain. Justine swished the leather around, making its presence felt without touching its target. “You’ve been fooling around with Justin. My brother.” The whip laid another angry line across the huge mammaries. “You’ve let him do things that I’ve only done to you. You’ve sucked his cock, swallowed his sperm. He’s been fucking you, fucking you up the ass. You’ve done him at your office, you’ve done him at the club, you’ve done him at your house, and you’ve even done him here.” The whip landed several times in quick succession across Prudence’s tits; she screamed at the sudden assault, her body swinging on its bonds and dancing vainly to get away from the leather.

Justine walked around in front of bound woman and grabbed her aunt’s clitoris, savagely squeezing it and twisting it. “I also know you’ve been sleeping with my little cousin Chelsea. She’s been at your house a lot since I got back, sneaking out while I was spending time with Justin. You’re involved with the two people that are closest to me, and I’m not sure how much I like that.” She dropped the whip and dug her sharp nails into her aunt’s right breast. “You always tried to teach me to share when I was little; never though I’d have to share my lovers with you. Perhaps I should be grateful. Justin might have gotten hooked up with someone else, someone my age he thought was prettier, someone who might have given him VD or gotten pregnant. Why should I be jealous of you, a fat, lonely old woman desperate for attention? Why should I be jealous of an ugly old crone in a nursing home? Yes, I know that he’s been visiting Great Aunt Adele, and she’s more than proud of the gummers she’s giving him.”

Justine abruptly let go and went over to the duct tape and the small box she brought over. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Prudence hung silently, looking at her niece with big, sad eyes. “Just as well, I don’t care what you have to say, anyway. He’s mine and you’re mine.” She peeled off a piece of duct tape and taped her aunt’s mouth shut. “I’m taking my brother back, you’re only getting him when I don’t want him. To prove the point, I’m going to give you several points. Oh, I know you hate needles; Mom writes about it in her diary. You can’t stand to get them, you can’t even bear to watch somebody else get stuck. Well, watch this, or I’ll make you regret it.”

The box contained several two inch long needles with different colored plastic ends. Justine shoved the open box directly under her aunt’s nose, before drawing one out and waving it wickedly in front of her. She gave her aunt’s left breast an open handed slap that sent it wobbling momentarily before she grabbed it roughly and thrust the needle directly through the aureola. A muffled scream reverberated behind the tape, and continued as several more were stuck through it and the skin of the breast. Moving over, she slapped the right breast several times before planting four needles in the aureola and a few more around it. Tears ran copiously down Prudence’s face as she moaned through her taped mouth. Justine grabbed her mouth and squeezed it hard. “Do you think I’ve made my point, yet? Well, watch this.” Prudence’s eyes clamped shut, and Justine commanded, “You watch this or I’ll get the electric wand I have in my room and tickle the metal in your pincushions.”

Prudence’s sobbing subsided, and her eyes came open again. Justine was cupping her left breast in her left hand and holding the nipple up. “Doesn’t this look tasty, you old dyke? Don’t you just love the perfectly proportioned curve and bounce of this tit? See how this little nipple is perking up for you. You’d love to swathe this little baby with your wet affection, wouldn’t you? Well, see what I can do now.” With that, she drove the pin through her left nipple, and moaned.

Prudence’s eyes went wide with horror, and Justine put another couple in her left aureola. “You would rather anything happen to you rather than I get hurt, right? You can’t bear seeing me in pain. Well, I’ve discovered something about myself in Europe.” She placed several more in the skin of her breast above, running up toward her neck. “Doesn’t that look cute, sincan escort bayan Auntie Pru? Oh, we have to match them, don’t we?” Prudence was shuddering and tears still escaped the sides of her eyes. The younger woman cupped her right breast with a wicked smile, held another pin teasingly in front of her before jabbing it hard directly into Prudence’s left breast, sticking straight out. Then, she pinned her own right breast several times, teasingly, admonishing her aunt to watch under threat.

The door slammed upstairs, and Justine hurriedly removed the pins from her own breasts. A voice called out, “Where are you, Justine?”

“We’re down here, Justin. Auntie Pru and I are having a little tete a tete.”

Justin came down the stairs into the den and saw his naked sister pirouette to face him, with beads of blood oozing from her mammaries. A look of horror came over his aunt’s face as her nephew saw the scene, and looked away as his eyes traveled up and down her figure, criss-crossed with angry, red trails, and punctured by many small needles. He put down his briefcase and sat on the arm of the couch. “Well, this is a hot scene. Mind if I watch?”

Justine walked over to her brother. “I’ll let you do more than that,” she said as she walked over to him to embrace him and bury her open mouth in his. The long French kiss brought moans of outrage from the older woman. They broke the kiss and Justine reached to fondle Justin’s crotch as she looked at the bound woman. “I’ll bet you’re horrified by this, aren’t you?” The older woman nodded her head gravely. “Justin and I have been lovers for a long time: we bathed together until we were teenagers. I took his virginity a couple of weeks before I left for Europe, and we’ve fucked like rabbits every day since I’ve come back. We know each other’s bodies very well, Auntie Pru. I’m the best cocksucker and the best fuck he’s ever had, and his dick is my dream come true. I wish I’d given him the best handjob he ever had, but he says the ones Mom gave him are still best. Still a goal, still something to work on” Fresh tears rained down Prudence’s face.

Justin turned to lick his sister’s ear, and said, “I feel up to a nice game of darts. What do you say?”

“That sounds like a splendid idea, baby brother. Pity we don’t have a dart board around?”

“I think that Auntie Pru would be happy to offer us her huge ass as a dartboard, wouldn’t you?”

“I’m sure she would. Here’s a box of projectiles that I think will work just fine. But little brother, you’re overdressed here. Let me loosen your belt.” Justine knelt before him to unbuckle his belt and undo his fly. As she pulled his pants off, she took his limp penis in her mouth, licking and savoring it broadly for Prudence to see as she unbuttoned his shirt for him to pull off. Prudence shuddered as she watched her niece’s mouth hungrily devour her brother’s meat, and her nephew’s rapt expression as his sister serviced him. His shirt went back over his shoulders and his sister curtailed her oral attentions. Taking his hand, she picked up the box and led him around to the other side, out of Prudence’s sight.

The older woman jerked and jiggled as the needles hit the target, bleating through the duct tape over her mouth. The young people carried on gleefully, laughing and giggling as they flicked the projectiles to bury themselves in the huge mound of flesh. Beads of blood trickled from some of the punctures. A couple went down the leg and one hit directly where the hips met the lower back, drawing a squeal. Prudence’s backside now looked like a pincushion

Justine stood in front of her aunt once again. “What’s the worst thing you don’t want to see? Well, the worst thing we could do right here, right now? I think we’ve done enough to hurt you physically, and it’s been really hot for us. Or have we? Let me get out another couple of toys.” She reached into the drawer of an end table, pulling out a wicked looking set of clamps on a chain and a riding crop. “We’ve haven’t gotten to these yet. You’ve played with these before Auntie Pru, haven’t you?” Prudence nodded weakly. Justine traced circles on her right breast with the closed clamp, while her aunt looked on. “Your tits look busy enough, though. What if I attached these to myself?” Her nubs were fully erect, and she placed the clover clamp on the right one, then rubbed the left one with the other. “You know how these feel. You know what happens to them when they’re pulled or yanked or jiggled.” Prudence nodded. Justine teased her left bud a little, then set the other clamp on it. “I’m going to prove something else to you, Auntie Pru. I’m not only the best domme you’ve ever had; I’m a better painslut than you are. You’ve done this for him; I’m going to show you that I can take it, too. Justin, come around here.”

Justin came around from behind his aunt’s field of view, grinning manically. He took the whip from his sister and moved around behind her, caressing her body from behind escort sincan with his huge dick rubbing her crotch from behind, Justine reached around to stroke his erection to line it up with her cunt. “Justin, whip me while you fuck me doggy style. Let’s both watch Auntie Pru as I prove to her who’s in control here, who can take dish out the most and who can take the most. Slip your precious pecker up my twat, baby bro.” As she bent over, Justine took the center of the chain between her breasts and held them in her teeth. Justin gave her buttocks a light couple of taps as he aligned his member for penetration, then entered her with one thrust, causing her head to jerk up in bliss, pulling the clamps tighter.

Prudence could not believe what she was seeing. She looked on in horrified fascination as Justin drove his cock deeply into Justine’s cunt from behind, tapping her behind alternating sides. Justine closed her eyes in bliss and winced slightly at each blow, pulled her clamps a little tighter. “How can that do that?” Prudence thought, “how can they so casually fuck right in front of me? My God, he’s hitting her butt harder and harder with each stroke, and her head is all over the place. Her nipples must be on fire right now. They’ve done this before, they’ve done this regularly. How awful. I thought I was bad. How lovely she looks like that. She’s going to explode soon, I can see it. I’m over here just watching, can’t do anything. Can’t stand it, can’t stand it. So near and yet so far. What kind of parents did they have to let them end up like this? O my God, how can this happen?” Right before climaxing, Justine spit the chain out of her mouth to buck wildly against Justin and writhe wildly before her orgasm sent her jaw quivering and her body shaking. It seemed to go on forever before she half-shifted, half-fell to the adjoining sofa, her brother falling out of her with his dick standing out its full ten inches, glistening with her glaze.

Justin came over wordlessly with a clean white towel and started removing the pins from Prudence’s breasts, putting them on a ornamental plate on the table in front of him. He blotted any bleeding, then moved around to start removing the ones in from her backside. Gentle touches pacified her somewhat, until with an effort he picked up her lower torso and put her feet on an ottoman nearby, so she was bent over with her wrists still cuffed above her, with her pelvis roughly at the same level as Justin’s. Justine looked up at her, then at her brother and nodded her head. He put his hand up his aunt’s canyon; despite everything she had been through her crotch was soaked and her vagina slick.

“What shall I do with her?” Justin asked.

Justine snuggled herself on the sofa with her eyes closed. “I’m done for now. If you want to do something about your hard-on, you’d better fuck her. Right now.” With a sudden thrust, he penetrated his aunt’s cunt fully and began pumping her with slow strokes, accelerating gradually. Justine looked bored for moment, then stood in front of Prudence staring at her. Justin reached around to squeeze Prudence’s huge jugs as he enthusiastically pistoned her, and she moaned through the tape still stuck to her mouth. With a sudden movement, Justine ripped the tape off in one motion. Prudence let loose a scream.

“Having fun yet, Auntie Pru?”

Prudence shook her head. “You two are out of hand. I’m appalled that you two are sleeping together.”

“What about both of us sleeping with you? How is that better? You seem to be enjoying Justin’s donkey dick filling your cunt right now. You’re bucking back against his thrusts pretty well. How is it wrong for us and right for you?”

Prudence winced and sighed. “It isn’t right. At least I know it’s not right that I fucked you both. I couldn’t help myself: I’m so lonely, and you’re so young and vibrant. Ah,ah,ah. You don’t know what these years are like, or maybe you will, sweetheart. No one will want to stay with an arrogant bitch like you. You’ll end up a lonesome old woman, just like me.”

“Arrogant bitch. I’m never going to be a loser like you,” Justine screamed, and reached out to twist Prudence’s pained nipples. “I can dish it out better than you and I can take it better than you. You’re nothing, Auntie Pru, and ugly, old bag with nothing. You’re not the best at anything. I bet that I can beat you at a torture contest any time, any place.”

Prudence started losing control as Justin was approaching his liquid outburst. Justine slapped Prudence’s tits with her open hands, one after the other as her aunt’s legs started getting weak and the orgasm made her a shuddering mountain that threatened to come unglued. Justin yelled as he pumped his sperm deep into his aunt’s uterus once again for a full four minutes before he subsided and pulled away. When he regained control, he reached up and unstrapped his aunt’s wrists, directing her to sit on the couch nearest to her.

Justin came around to where his sister stood face to face with their aunt. The two young people towered over their aunt, who was still shaking and oozing from dozens of little punctures. He tapped his sister on the shoulder: “Hey, Justine. Do me a favor and lick this off, would you? It’s real sensitive right now and your tongue on it would send me into orbit.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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