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The Family Reunion Ch. 05

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Before today, Zack reflected, he’d never had sex with a teenager. He’d never had sex with more than one person in a day, never had a threesome, never had anal sex, never had sex with someone more than a few years older or younger than himself, never had sex with a family member…and he’d certainly never come more than six times in a day.

It had been a day of new experiences.

He was laying back, exhausted. He’d been undressed and practically raped by his aunts…of course, he hadn’t said no, but he suspected they wouldn’t have stopped even if he had.

Over the last hour, through the orgasms, the wild and varied positions, the cum-showers, and the hard, animalistic fucking…two things had remained constant. Isabelle and Carol’s submission to him, and their constant rivalry. Even undressing him had been a competition…Isabelle was sure that she’d won when she had been the one to rip his pants off, but that just gave Carol first access to his cock.

Zack’s cock was filthy – covered in a mix of his own cum and Becky’s juices, a concoction which would have had enough of the Virus to turn even his virginial cousin Fenella into a raging slut. Carol didn’t know what had hit her as she slurped it all down – the Virus lit up the pleasure receptors in her pussy so quickly that she almost came just from licking Zack’s cock clean. She moaned, and leant back just for a second – enough time for Isabelle to take the opportunity to take over.

The majority of virus-filled fluids were gone, but there was still enough to turn Zack’s Aunt Isabelle on. Her eyes rolled back in her head as Zack’s cock hit the back of her throat, and she started fellating him with increased enthusiasm, gagging on his cock, her own drool spilling out from the sides.

Carol had sulked for a few seconds as she became nothing more than an observer of Isabelle worshipping Zack’s cock with her mouth, but she quickly worked out how she could distract her younger sister. She slipped down to where Isabelle was fiddling with her clit, pushed her sister’s hand aside, and replaced it with her mouth.

Zack was annoyed. He’d been laying back with his eyes closed, etimesgut escort enjoying the wet, messy blowjob from his aunt, but just as suddenly as she’d begun, she’d stopped. He started to sit up, but before he could say anything, the blowjob resumed.

He looked down to see why his aunt seemed…distracted.

The view of his strait-laced aunty licking her first pussy made up for the less than adequate blowjob, Zack decided, and he grinned as he watched his Aunt Isabelle try to continue fellating him while writhing around, enjoying the administrations of her inexperienced sister.

This is easy, Carol thought. You just do what you’d like someone to do to you. Maybe if someone had mentioned how much easier homosexuality was, she’d never have gone back to men. She’d only been going down on her younger sister for a few minutes, and she was already cumming. It wasn’t only easy; it was HOT.

Carol tried to switch her brain off and go down on her sister with increased intensity, see if she could make the orgasm a double, even a triple.

‘What is she DOING?? Isabelle asked herself internally, as everything went white with pleasure and she forgot about the cock she had been so determinedly serving a few seconds ago. She felt like she was going to pee…oh god, she couldn’t hold it in. She was…she was…

Another first, for all three participants. Zack had never seen a woman squirt before, Isabelle had never squirted before, and Carol had certainly never made someone squirt. It didn’t taste too bad, she thought, smacking her lips. Almost…sweet.

Seeing his aunt squirt awoke Zack’s animal instinct once more, and he grabbed Carol by her hair, and brought her to his cock.

“See this?” he growled. “You’re going to fuck it.”

Even as she happily lay naked in front of her nephew, with her sister’s juices all over her mouth, a part of Carol’s brain still questioned the morality of what she was doing. Oral sex – that was fine, there was no chance of pregnancy and little chance of disease. Lesbianism, that was something that she’d been interested in for a while. But fucking her nephew? etimesgut escort bayan That could end in her being knocked up, with a child that had a chance of deformity, a child that would be very difficult to explain to her husband Mark (especially since he’d had a vasectomy a few years back…)

Unfortunately (or, depending on how you look at it, fortunately) that part of Carol’s brain wasn’t in charge of her body. The rest of her brain was listening to her pussy, and her pussy wanted a cock in it, wanted to be taken, roughly, again and again. The rest of her brain found the idea of being knocked up hot, found the idea of cheating on her husband incredibly arousing.

The rest of her brain was currently lowering her wet pussy over Zack’s cock, fucking him without him even having to move, providing sex to the nearest male as a service, as her body was built to do…

After a few minutes, Isabelle came out of her blissful reverie, to the sight of her sister bouncing up and down on her nephew’s cock. She moaned – she wanted that to be her. She wanted to be the one feeling that thick cock inside her, filling her up, rubbing against her clit, pumping in and out and in and out…

As she played with her tender pussy, Isabelle’s competitive nature reared its head once more, and her eyes gleamed. She disappeared into the en suite bathroom, her hand never leaving her wet cunt, and returned a few seconds later with a bottle of hand lotion. So Zack thought fucking Carol was hot? Wait until he got a load of what she could provide…

Zack was getting close to orgasm, getting close to filling up another pussy, when he felt a tapping on his foot. He stopped his thrusting for a second, leaving Aunt Carol frustratedly grinding against his cock (she had been close too) and looked to see what his Aunt Isabelle wanted.

Carol grunted in annoyed frustration as he pulled out of her and casually tossed her aside. She just wanted to be filled up with his cream, knocked up, a million of her nephew’s tiny sperm racing to her eggs…instead, she was laying on a bed, her hole that had been full of cock a escort etimesgut few seconds ago gaping, open, while her lover…she looked up to see what had caught her nephew’s interest.

Carol almost laughed. Her sister was such a slut – she must have picked it up in Europe, because their shared upbringing had always been quite conservative. She was bent over at the end of the bed, her head between her knees, her hands holding her arsehole invitingly open – already lubed it up, while Zack lubed up his cock as well, ready to drill into her.

How could Carol compete with that?

The next hour followed the same pattern – one of Zack’s aunts would get him close to cumming, and the other girl would find a way to distract him and make him switch which Aunt he was fucking. He’d fucked Isabelle’s arse until Carol distracted him by deep-throating her own fist. Isabelle had pulled him away from the blow-job with her feet, which was a fetish Zack hadn’t even realised he had – Carol had retaliated by double-penetrating herself with a hairbrush and a can of deodorant, and Isabelle had won him back by giving Carol a rim-job.

He’d come for the first time deep in Isabelle’s arse, while she continued to rim her sister. Carol had sulked, and Zack had tried to make it up to her with a titty-fuck, but before he’d finished, Isabelle’s years of yoga came in handy, as she showed Zack a position that he’d never imagined was possible.

This had continued until Zack got sick of the game, and took control – his commanding voice had sent chills up both the women’s spines, and they had meekly obeyed his every order. He’d blindfolded the pair, had them make out, and then inserted his cock into whichever orifice struck his fancy, until coming for the third time with his aunts, onto their tits, and having them lick it off each other.

He lay back, reflecting on what was happening. Clearly something was happening, something that made him a sexual god, or had just made his family unstoppably attracted to him. Before his mind started to wonder too hard what was causing this strange turn of events, Isabelle’s fingers made Carol come, and her hand tightened around his still-hard cock. He’d think about it once he’d taken his aunts once more – he still hadn’t come in his Aunt Carol, and he knew that she’d get sulky again if she didn’t get her fair share.

Of course, if Aunt Isabelle tempted him away before he was finished, it was up to Aunt Carol to up her game.

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