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The Fat Chicks Ch. 00: Intro

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This story has been sitting for a year, and I like the characters, but I’m not sure how to progress it. So I’m posting what I have as an intro, with the hope that people will suggest something that helps get it moving.

All characters are over age 18.

* * * * *

At nineteen, Randy Morre was a year out of the foster care system, and two weeks out of his last stint in juvenile detention. His next arrest would put him in the adult system, something he wasn’t looking forward to.

‘Happy fucking birthday.’ He thought as he opened the door to his apartment and stepped out into the breezeway. Right into Lucy Tate.

Lucy was bent over at the waist picking up the cans she’d dropped when the bottom had broken on her grocery bag, her ass pointed at Randy’s front door.

Randy didn’t see her and walked right into her, knocking her forward. Lucy stumbled across the breezeway, barely managing to stay on her feet. She hit the door of her apartment with a thump and fell in a heap.

“Shit, this is just what I need.” Randy muttered as he looked down at her.

Lucy moaned, holding her head as she tried to get to her knees. Randy looked down at her, trying not to laugh as her ass stuck up in the air.

She was a big girl, he couldn’t tell how tall, but she had a broad, well-shaped ass. As she turned, he saw that she had large breasts, heavy hangers, the kind he loved. She had a belly too, but it fit her frame, and gave her a nicely rounded look.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.” He said, stepping over and holding out his hand. “Here, let me help you.”

His eyes moved over her as she turned toward him, and he felt a hard-on growing in his pants.

“Th…thank yo…you” She muttered as he pulled her to her feet. She swayed, almost falling again, and Randy had to put his arms around her to hold her up.

Lucy leaned back against the wall, pinning his arms behind her and making him lose his balance and press up against her. Her head was still spinning from hitting the door.

Her soft, warm body molded itself to him, the full, fluffy mounds of her breasts flattening against his chest. The rich swell of her belly pressed against him, and he had to stifle a moan from how good it felt.

“Uh…I think I…you can let go of me now.” Lucy said softly as she rested against the wall. She liked the way he felt against her, and she could feel something poking her leg as he leaned into her.

“No, I can’t.” He laughed, his breath warm in her ear. “My arms are pinned behind you. I can’t move until you do.”

‘Wow, she’s pretty.’ He thought as he looked at her. She was a little taller than he was, so he almost had to look up at her.

She had short brown hair, and a round cherubic face. Her green eyes glistened as they met his.

“Oh…I’m so sorry.” She said, blushing furiously, looking away. She tried to lean forward to stand up, but his weight was holding her to the wall.

Her body moving against him made his cock throb in his pants, and he hoped she couldn’t feel it. Shifting his hips back just made his upper body press her more firmly against the wall.

“Damn, it looks like we’re…” He said.

Just then, the apartment door beside them opened, and a tall blonde girl stuck her head out.

“Hey Lucy.” The blonde grinned. “Couldn’t you wait till you got him inside?”

“Patty, thank god…we…we’re stuck, and…”

“Want me to get a bucket of water or something? That’s what they do with dogs, but I don’t think…”

“My arms are pinned behind her back.” Randy laughed, leaning back to look at her. “I was helping her up, and we fell. Can you give us a hand?”

“Yeah, I would, but I’m not wearing any clothes, and this is the closest she’s been to a guy in months…” Patty laughed.

“Patty! Would you…”

“I won’t look if you come out, I promise.” Randy said, turning his head toward the door. He pressed his hips forward, grinding his crotch into Lucy’s. “But I don’t mind waiting if you want to put some clothes on.”

“Okay, why don’t you two stand there and hump each other while I figure out what to wear.” Patty chuckled. “I’ll be back in a few.”

“God, this is so embarrassing.” Lucy whispered, laying her head on his shoulder as she rested her hands on his hips.

“Awwww, it’s not so bad is it?” He laughed lightly. “I mean, I can think of worse ways to spend the morning…I kind of like the way you feel under me.”

“No you don’t. You’re just saying that.” She muttered.

Before he could reply, the door opened and Patty stepped out wearing a baggy t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants.

She came around behind him and grabbed the back of his shirt, pulling him back roughly. Randy was jerked upright, and he pulled Lucy along as he fell back into Patty.

‘Jezzus, this is nice.’ He thought as he felt them pressing against him from both sides.

“Uh…now you can let go of me.” Lucy said, pulling her arms from around his waist.

“Do I have to?” He asked softly, looking at her.

Lucy looked at him, then nodded as she pushed him illegal bahis away. She bent over and picked up a couple of bags, then darted into the apartment.

“It’s okay.” Patty laughed, slipping her arms around his waist from behind. “She’s kind of shy. But I think she likes you, she’d be crying if she didn’t.”

“Yeah well, tell her I’m sorry.” He said as he bent down and picked up a can of green beans. He handed them to her, then smiled and went back into his apartment.

“Fuck, I can’t believe that just happened.” He muttered as he leaned back against the wall next to the door.

Reaching down, he adjusted the hard-on poking against the front of his pants. His cock throbbed as he tried to move it to a more comfortable position, and he knew he’d either have to jerk off or take a cold shower to get it to go down anytime soon.

Sighing in frustration, he popped the button on his jeans and eased the zipper down, then pushed them down over his hips. His cock jutted out, throbbing and jerking as he wrapped his hand around it.

Closing his eyes, he leaned back against the wall as he started moving his hand slowly up and down over his cock. He smiled as the image of Lucy’s ass formed in his mind, and he moaned as he remembered how good she had felt pressing up against him. Groaning, he started moving his hand faster, and in seconds, felt his balls quiver in their wrinkled sac.

“Oh yeah.” He grunted, humping his hips up at his fist. He pictured Lucy laying under him, her face screwed up in a mask of ecstasy as he fucked her.

His cock pulsed, then throbbed powerfully in his hand. He felt the first delicious burn at the base of his cock as his balls pulled up tight under it.

“Fuck!” He grunted when heard the knock at the door, then felt it start to open at the same time. Trying to stuff his cock into his pants as he turned, he tried to block the door with his foot, but missed. Looking up, he saw Lucy staring at him.

“Oh my god!” She gasped, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth. “I…I’m so sorry!”

Randy blushed as a spurt of cum spat from his cockhead. He let go of his cock and tried to close the door, but she had taken a step inside, and her body was blocking it.

He groaned as his cock jerked, and another knot of jizz erupted from his piss slit. He watched as the spurt of sticky cock cream splashed across the front of her shirt, and up her arm.

“Oh shit! I…I’m sor…” He began, but she was backing away, staring at his cock as it throbbed and jerked in front of him. The last thing he saw before the door closed was her back as she turned and ran into her apartment.

* * * * *

“Oh my god! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!” She whispered as she slammed the door behind her, then turned to lean against it.

“So what did he say?” Patty asked as she came out of her bedroom. “Does he want to come over for dinner? I’d like to eat him up, but I’ll settle for getting you a little action.”

She stopped when she saw Lucy wiping at her arm, tears running down her cheeks.

“What happened?” She asked, as she took a step toward her. “What di…”

She didn’t get a chance to finish before Lucy ran by her, sobbing as she pawed at her arm.

Patty was about to follow, when there was a barely audible knock at the front door. She stared after Lucy as her bedroom door slammed behind her, then went and opened the front door.

“Uh hi…I uh…shit, I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean…” Randy said, blushing furiously, then sighing with relief when he looked up and saw that it was Patty. “Can I uh…can I talk to her for a minute?”

“What happened?” Patty asked, looking him up and down. “She wanted to apologize, and invite you to dinner to make up fo…”

She looked him up and down slowly. He was about five-nine, trim, but well muscled. His tight t-shirt clung to him like a second skin. Her eyes moved down, and she smiled slyly when she saw the prominent bulge and the wet spots on the front his pants.

“You little perv.” She laughed. “She caught you jerking off didn’t she?”

“My uh…the door didn’t latch, and it opened when she knocked.” He said softly. “I was…I didn’t mean…shit, she just walked in…”

“So do big girls turn you on, is that why…” She asked, taking a step closer.

“I…I don’t…I never…you know…”

“Jerked off and shot off all over a girl you just met?” She finished for him.

He stared at her, then turned and started back to his apartment.

“Dinner’s at seven, we’re having beef tips in gravy, so bring a bottle of red wine.” She said at his back. “It doesn’t have to be good wine, just make sure it’s red.”

Smiling, she closed the door and went to check on Lucy.

* * * * *

“Stupid, stupid, stupid.” She was muttering as she soaped up her arm for the third time. A shiver ran through her as she thought back on the scene. She giggled as she remembered the look on his face when he saw her. She didn’t know if he was in that big a hurry, or if the door just didn’t close. He was turning toward her when something illegal bahis siteleri hit the front of her shirt, then her arm, and she’d looked down and saw his cock as he shot off on her again.

Leaning back against the shower wall, she dropped her hand between her legs as she pictured his cock.

It wasn’t huge, but from what she saw of it, she was sure it was bigger than average. His balls were big, and judging by the load he’d shot on her, very active. She tried not to giggle as she wondered if he did kegling exercises to get it to shoot as far as it did.

“God, he must think I’m a complete loser.” She said to herself as she ran her fingers up and down over her pussylips.

“Probably not.” Patty said from the other side of the shower curtain. “He came over to check on you. Either that or to apologize for shooting off all over you.”

“How uh…how did you…”

“He still had a hard-on, and the front of his pants were wet.” Patty laughed, sitting down on the toilet. “I think he likes you. Why else would he be jerking off thinking about you?”

“He wasn’t thinking about me.” Lucy said as she stepped back under the spray.

“He sure as hell wasn’t thinking about me.” Patty laughed. “You’re the one he was laying on when I looked out. And judging by the way he was looking after you when you went inside, I’d say he was sorry to see you go.”

“He uh…you know…he was hard…I could feel it.” Lucy giggled as she wet her hair again. “He didn’t try to…”

“He was having a good time baby girl.” Patty laughed. “He didn’t mind having that hot body of yours mushed up against him one little bit.”

“I’m too fat for him.” Lucy said as she turned off the water. “Give me a towel, will you?”

“You’re not too fat.” Patty told her for the thousandth time. “You’ve got big beautiful tits, a big juicy ass, and a little bit of a belly. You’re barely a size twelve for crissakes. You’ve got a thirty inch waist which is hidden by those thirty-eight triple E cannons you’re packing. You’ve got to get over that shit-fer-brains Steve. He just said you were fat because he wasn’t man enough for you.”

“Lots of guys would be glad to go out with you if you let them.” She said as she pulled the towel off the rack and handed it to her. “Lots more would be glad to just fuck you.”

“That’s all they seem to want to do…you know…that’s why I…”

“Yeah, I know…why do you think so many guys do the walk of shame out of here?” Patty laughed. “I don’t care if they just want to fuck. That means I’m getting fucked, and believe me, it beats playing with myself. I may be a cheap date, but I make ’em work for the pussy. I wear their asses out before I let them out of here.”

“But how many come back, or call you again.” Lucy asked as she slid the shower curtain back. She ran the towel through her hair as she stepped out onto the bathmat.

“One in three.” Patty said as she watched her dry herself. “But if I had tits like yours, it would be half, if not more.”

“But how many of those just want to get laid again? I mean have any of them ever as…”

“Wanted to be my boyfriend, or something more serious?” Patty asked, getting up and moving to the door. “More than you’d think. But I’m only twenty-six, and I’m not ready to settle down yet. I want to live a little, and I like just being a piece of ass right now.”

“I’m gonna go put away the groceries.” She said. “Don’t make any plans for tonight, I told him dinner is at seven. And I think he’s gonna show up. I’m so sure of it, I’ll bet you dishes for a month that he shows up. Just to see you.”

“He’s not going to come to dinner, Patty.” Lucy said as she slipped her robe on.

“Then take the bet. Dishes for a month…hell, I’ll go two months, that’s how sure I am.”

“Two months. You’re on.” Lucy said quietly. “Now get out of here, I need to pee…”

* * * * *

“So who is she?” Robbie Burton asked, looking over at Randy from his perch on the back of the truck.

“What?” Randy asked, putting a box on the pallet in front of him.

“The girl you’re thinking about. It’s obvious you’re not thinking about what you’re doing.” Robbie laughed. “The last three boxes you unloaded go on the next pallet.”

“Just a girl I ran into…she lives across the hall from me.” Randy told him, moving the boxes to another pallet. He moved the one he’d been working on into the building, then moved the next one into position behind the truck. “I was coming out of my apartment, and she was bent over picking something up, and I knocked her down. I helped her up, and she leaned back against the wall…and my arms got pinned behind her.”

“Is she hot? She’s gotta be, considering she’s got you thinking about her.”

“Yeah, she’s pretty. Short brown hair, really nice green eyes…” Randy said quietly, picturing her in his mind.

“I didn’t ask if she was pretty, I asked you if she was hot.” Robbie laughed. “The chick across the hall from me is pretty, but I don’t think she’s hot.”

“I think this girl is hot.” Randy answered. canlı bahis siteleri “It felt so good feeling her against me. I was embarrassed as shit, but I was really enjoying being stuck like…”

“So are you going to ask her out? Dating the girl next door has its ups and downs, but…”

“They invited me to dinner. You know, to apologize.” Randy laughed. “I thought that was really nice, since it wasn’t her fault.”

“Who’s they? I thought you said you ran into the girl from across the hall.”

“She’s got a roommate. She came out when she heard her hit the door.” Randy told him. “She’s the one that asked me to dinner.”

“So are you gonna go? If this babe is that hot…what’s her roommate look like?” Robbie laughed.

“She was pretty too. A little heavy, but she has a wicked sense of humor.” Randy grinned. “I liked her too.”

“I don’t like fat chicks.” Robbie laughed, getting up and pushing the last of the boxes over toward the door. “I’ve been looking for a nice older woman that wants a cute little boy toy to pamper, but that ain’t happenin’ yet.”

“You need to clean up your act then. Shave, get a haircut, wear nicer clothes.” Randy told him. “It helps if you can keep up your end of the conversation, and like to eat pussy.”

“So havin’ a ten inch dick ain’t gonna do it huh?” Robbie laughed as he closed the door on the back of the truck.

“You have to get in the door first.” Randy laughed, moving the pallet aside. “And you ain’t gettin’ in the way you look now, that’s for damn sure.”

“Yeah, like you’d know.” Robbie laughed. “Fuck it, I’ll see ya on Thursday. Be kewl dude.”

“Later Robbie. See ya Thursday.”

* * * * *

There was a note on his door when he got home that read:

Dinner is at seven, don’t forget the wine. You can get a nice merlot or a cabernet sauvignon for around eight bucks at Publix.

Dress is casual, jeans and a button down shirt is fine. Come on over after you get cleaned up.

P & L

He looked at the note for over a minute before he turned and walked back to his car.

* * * * *

“I’ll get it.” Patty said as she wiped her hands on a towel. “You finish getting dressed. You’re gonna wear the blue print dress I laid out for you, right?”

“Yes mother, I just put it on.” Lucy laughed. “I’ll be right out.”

Patty grinned at him when she opened the door.

“You’re early.” She said as she ushered him into the apartment. “I didn’t get your name earlier. I’m Patty. Lucy is still getting dressed, she’ll be out in a few minutes.”

“I’m Randy Morre. It’s nice to meet you Patty.”

She took the wine from him and led him into the living room. “Dinner’s going to be a few minutes, so you can have a seat. We usually get high before we eat, it helps improve the appetite.”

“I uh…I ca…don’t get high…”

“Don’t? It almost sounded like you started to say can’t.” Patty said as she sat down in a chair. She pointed at the couch, motioning for him to sit. “No one is going to massage your throat to make you inhale it, but you’re gonna get a contact buzz unless you step outside.”

“You don’t get high?” Lucy asked as she came into the room. “I can’t get high if you don’t, cuz I don’t like being high around people that aren’t. And there’s no way I’m going to be able to relax around you if I don’t get high, at least until I get to know you.”

She looked over at Patty, then back at Randy. He got to his feet and spoke up before she could say anything else.

“If it will help you relax around me, I will definitely get high with you.” He said as he walked over and stood in front of her. “And before we do anything else, I want to say I’m sorry for what happened this morning, it was all my fault. But I’m not sorry for getting a chance to meet you. If I had known that there were two pretty girls living over here, I would have found an excuse to run into you sooner.”

He shook his head and grinned at her.

“Let me get all my apologies out of the way. I didn’t introduce myself.” He said, reaching out and taking her hand. “I’m Randy Morre, I just moved in a couple of weeks ago. Your name is Lucy, is that short for Lucille?”

“Just Lucy.” She said, blushing because he was paying so much attention to her. “I was named after my aunt.”

“Is she as pretty as you are?” He asked as he waited for her to sit down. “You look fantastic in that dress by the way. I like women in wraparound dresses, they let all the curves show.”

“Th…thank you. I uh…I just threw it on.” She said, looking over at Patty.

“I need to check on dinner.” Patty grinned as she lit a joint and took a hit off of it. She stepped over to the couch and handed the joint to Lucy. “You two go ahead and talk, I’ll be right back.”

Randy nodded and smiled at her. He watched Lucy take a hit off the joint and took it from her.

“Don’t exhale too fast. Just blow the smoke at me. It’s been a while since I got a buzz on, so I’m kind of a light weight.”

She nodded, turning to face him. She exhaled slowly, and he leaned closer, inhaling through his nose.

Smiling at her, he handed her the joint.

“Why don’t you hold onto this.” He said softly as he turned his head and exhaled. He leaned close, inhaling again. “God, you smell incredible, what’s that scent?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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