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The Ferraro Family Ch. 02

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Night had fallen and Kelly was all alone in the living room of her suburban home.

Sagging against one arm of the couch, the nineteen year old had her eyes on the television screen but was actually paying very little attention to the sitcom that was running. There was something preying on her mind right now, something that was far more important.

To her dismay, it was beginning to look like she had seriously screwed up her relationship with her little sister by having sex with her that morning.

How else to explain the fact that Lori had been avoiding her all day? Or, that she hadn’t been able to meet her eyes since their misadventure in the bathroom? It was so bad between them, in fact, that right now, with the siblings all alone in the house as their mother was out on a date, the younger woman was hiding in her bedroom behind a closed door.

It was all her fault, too. It was she who had started all of the trouble, after all.

The sound of a door opening caught her attention and she sat up quickly, listening to the light footfalls padding their way along the hallway. Her sister had finally emerged from her room!

Walking around the corner, Lori stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of her big sister sitting there, looking down. It broke Kelly’s heart to see how uncomfortable Lori was in her presence now and her instinctive reaction was to find some way to fix this, but she would not be given the chance to apologize.

Raising her eyes again, eighteen year old Lori softly wondered, “What are you watching?”

“What?” Television was not what was on Kelly’s mind right now and so the question confused her for a moment, and then she had to look at the screen to see what was on. “Oh, it’s ‘The Big Bang Theory Of How I Met Your Mother.'”

“Cool. That’s a pretty good show.”

Lori started moving again then, coming the rest of the way into the living room and sitting down. She might have been willing to join her sister on the couch, but it hurt Kelly so much to see that she chose to sit as far away from her as she possibly could, leaning against the opposite arm.

“Look, I’m really, really sorry about what happened this morning!”

The younger teen seemed surprised by her sister’s sudden outburst. “You are? How come? I mean, I thought it was pretty incredible!”

Kelly was startled. Her sister really didn’t have any problem with their incestuous encounter? “You liked it?”

“Of course, silly. If you’ll recall, I didn’t do any complaining at the time! For that matter, until mom showed up and almost caught us red-handed, I was even prepared to go jump into bed with you! What on earth would give you the stupid idea that I was upset over our little toilet romp?”

“You have been avoiding me all day, Lori.”

The younger woman blinked. “What? I haven’t been avoiding . . .? Oh, wait a moment! I get it now! You thought that because I’ve been in my room so much today.” Lori laughed a little. “I’m sorry about that, Kelly. The truth is that I did that because of my own hang ups, not because of you or because I regretted what we did.”

Kelly let out a huge sigh of relief, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders by this revelation. “What hang ups?”

Lori’s cheeks flushed warmly and she looked away again. “Having mom practically catch us in the act like that just kind of weirded me out. I mean, can you imagine what would have happen if she ever found out that her daughters were fooling around? I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be pretty!”

“So you weren’t hiding from me,” the other girl ventured, “but you were hiding from mom?”

“Sort of, I guess.”

After all of the worrying she’d done, Kelly needed one final reassurance. “So, we’re cool then?”

Lori smiled warmly. “We’re cool.”

This was a warm and fuzzy moment for both of them and the two teenagers spent a little time just enjoying it, each of them reaching out to take hold of a hand and give it a squeeze. They were doing nothing less than reconnecting and, though no words were spoken, none were needed either.

Then, with a smile on her face big enough to light up the whole room, Lori shifted so that she could stretch out on the couch, her head coming to rest on her big sister’s lap.

Kelly was a bit surprised by this move, but was also obviously quite pleased. She had such a huge smile on her face now that it was starting to make her cheeks hurt and could not have resisted the impulse to stroke the other girl’s hair even if she’d tried.

The purr of contentment that rose from Lori was eloquent.

The television show was by now completely forgotten as Kelly could not tear her eyes away from the beautiful young woman’s profile for even an instant, carefully brushing the long hair back so that she could have an even better look at it. There was an undisguised expression of adoration on Kelly’s face right then, though Lori couldn’t see it.

Kelly petted her sibling’s hair with long, smooth strokes, marveling at the intensely sensual etimesgut escort feeling that was provoked as the silky strands flowed easily through her fingers. It only increased the pleasure she was taking in all of this tenfold when she could see for herself that Lori was enjoying this just as much as she was.

There was a sweet, even romantic atmosphere between them that night, a magical feeling that neither of them could remember ever being able to enjoy with any of their boyfriends. There was a spark here, a chemistry that was close to overpowering.

Without even thinking about it, Kelly now let her fingers drift to that face she had been enjoying so much. As light and gentle as the caress of a feathers tip, the teen slowly traced out all of those lovely features she had been admiring – the gentle slope of her nose, the full curve of the pouting lips, the point of the chin, the softness of the skin and so on.

With a long, deep, and very happy sigh, Lori let her eyes flutter closed at these intimate little touches, focusing her full attention on savoring every last one of them to the fullest.

When her older sister’s fingertips trailed ever so gently down to the underside of her chin, Lori lifted her face a little to make sure the other girl would have full access to her slender neck. The younger girl couldn’t keep a little moan from escaping her lips as she felt that stroking hand slowly and lovingly examine every inch of her throat before drifting down to her chest.

As she laid there and enjoyed all of those tender caresses, Lori was amazed to realize just how aroused she was getting. She had never felt anything like this before in all her life and she was astonished. With just a few little touches, her sister was getting her hotter than any of her boyfriend’s enthusiastic but inexpert attempts at lovemaking had ever done.

She put it down to the fact that she was now with someone that she knew without question loved and cared about her, not to mention that she was absolutely certain that she could trust her with her life. Of course, it also helped that Kelly was making so much more of an effort at foreplay than her guy ever had!

In truth, Kelly was every bit as turned on as her sibling was and, with her wandering hand already straying closer and closer to them, it was only natural that the teen’s gaze should eventually drift down to the pert bosom that filled out her sister’s top, her eyes zeroing in on the erect peaks. It pleased her no end to think that Lori had come to see her this evening without a bra, probably hoping to show her breasts off to her.

Even if their mother had been standing over them, watching every moment of this inappropriate touching, there was no way Kelly could now have kept her hand from moving down to gently but firmly take hold of one of those firm boobs.

A gasp escaped Lori as she was grabbed and her hand shot up to grip her sister’s wrist tightly. Kelly hesitated, wondering if this meant that she was going too far or too fast for the other girl’s liking. She waited for a few excruciatingly long moments, but when Lori did not try to push the hand off her breast, Kelly finally understood that it was okay to continue.

What happened in the bathroom that morning had been fast and kind of violent, leaving very little opportunity for sensuality or exploration, so Kelly now took her own sweet time in fondling her sister through her blouse.

As her stroking, caressing hands carefully examined the shape of that firm young bosom, as she fingered the hardened nipples that were threatening to stab holes straight through the other woman’s top, Kelly found herself breathing harder and harder and thought her heart might be about to pound it’s way right out of her chest. She was boiling, feeling so hot that she wondered how she wasn’t just bursting into flame right there.

To put it bluntly, she was very, very aroused – much more than any of her boyfriends had ever gotten her, much more even than she had gotten at that riotous slumber party.

Kelly would soon grow weary of having the thin cloth of that blouse between her and what were now her favorite toys and so she started unbuttoning the younger girl’s top without a second thought.

A whimper of pure pleasure rose from Lori and her grip on the other girl’s weakened, her hand finally falling away again as her shirt was opened up. Though she was careful not to move from her place on her sister’s lap, Lori shifted her position slightly so that she was on her back a little more, hoping it would make it easier for the other woman both to see and grab her breasts.

In the meantime, the movement certainly didn’t seem to slow Kelly down and she soon had every last one of those buttons undone. Without a moment’s hesitation, she pulled the front of the girl’s blouse wide open to expose those firm breasts to her hungry eyes.

Looking up at her sister’s face, Lori found nothing but undisguised adoration and intense desire there. It was an expression etimesgut escort bayan that made her heart skip a beat and she knew that it was mirrored on her own face. Getting one hand underneath herself a little awkwardly, she pushed herself up from her sister’s lap for just long enough to give her the sort of deep, passionate kiss that a person could feel from their head to their toes, leaving them both breathless and with dancing eyes.

Kelly’s hand found it’s way back to the other girl’s heaving breasts then. Burying her face in her big sister’s neck, Lori moaned deeply as she felt her newly bared bosom being skillfully manipulated by nimble fingers. However much she may have enjoyed being groped before, the pleasure seemed to be tripled when her blouse was out of the way and it was flesh on flesh.

Once more, Kelly was not to be hurried and she spent what seemed like an eternity slowly running her handover every inch of both of her sister’s breasts, paying particular attention to those large and by now painfully erect nipples. With just the two of them in the house, Lori did not try to muffle any of the noise she was making, moaning and whimpering as she was taken to heights of arousal she had never dreamed existed.

Squirming and writhing, almost undulating as she enjoyed the other teen’s ministrations, Lori soon lost her balance and collapsed back onto her big sister’s lap. However much she may have been enjoying this though, the time had finally come when she needed something more and she used both hands to hurriedly and clumsily unfasten her jeans.

Lori was enjoying the manipulation of her tits so much that she had been planning on stuffing her own hand down her pants so that it could continue, but Kelly had been watching what she was doing and managed to get in there first. The younger girl was disappointed when her sister abruptly gave up on her breasts, but was only too happy to open her legs wide nonetheless.

Sliding her hand inside her little sister’s jeans and her panties, too, Kelly took possession of the boiling, sopping wet cunt she found within.

“Oh, my God . . .”

As Kelly’s fingers slid firmly over the soaking wet and superheated flesh inside her sister’s pants, she revealed that she was going to be in no more of a hurry now than she had been before. Given the fact that Lori was already about to explode, the younger woman was quite annoyed when she realized that her sibling meant to stroke and caress her down there with the same thoroughness she had brought to her breasts.

There was a needy, pleading tone to Lori’s voice as she chanted, “Please, baby! Make me come for you! Make me come for you! Make me come . . .”

Kelly was merciless though and did not give her the relief she was begging for, not even when one of Lori reached down there herself to desperately but clumsily paw at her sister’s exploring hand from outside her pants. She did her very best to get her big sister to focus some attention on the very erect and practically vibrating clitoris, but Kelly just seemed to ignore the flailing and fumbling hand as she proceeded with the caressing of Lori’s cunt.

The young woman was going out of her mind. She was amazed at how her sister was able to maintain such precise control over her highly aroused and extremely excited body, keeping her from the release of an orgasm while running her fingers over every last fold and crevice of her juicy pussy. Still unaware of Kelly’s experience at the slumber party, she imagined herself to be her sister’s one and only lesbian lover and wondered how she could possibly know how to do such things to her.

That control was lost however when Kelly finally dared to try to continue her explorations by going inside.

From the moment she felt that first fingertip slip even a little ways up into her, Lori finally exploded in a massive orgasm, the biggest of her young life. Her whole body convulsing, writhing, and bucking, she nonetheless managed to once more lever herself up, throwing an arm around her sister and burying her face in Kelly’s neck.

With a wide grin on her face, Kelly chose to just sit tight and ride out the storm, keeping her hand still in the other girl’s pants while Lori endured her earth shaking climax, the joyous scream she was trying to utter coming out as nothing more than a choked groan. Wrapping her free arm around her little sister, Kelly embraced her tightly, helping to support her.

It did seem to take an inordinately long time, but gradually the orgasm Lori was enjoying so very, very much began to fade. Left gasping breathlessly like a fish out of water, seeming to practically glow from a mixture of sweat and ecstasy, she could do nothing but lie there sprawled and savor every last trace of the pleasure that was coursing through her limp body.

As Lori finally started to settle down again, Kelly slowly slipped her fingers back out of the clutching, velvety warmth of the other teenager’s pussy, letting her fingertips stroke ever escort etimesgut so lightly across the swollen clitoris in passing.

Still very aroused after being so wonderfully caressed by her sibling and with every inch of her super sensitive even now, this little bump was all it took to set Lori off again. Though she didn’t feel like she even had the strength to lift her eyelids, she suddenly found herself having an orgasm that was even bigger and more powerful than the last one!

Kelly yelped when the other woman inadvertently bit down on her collarbone while she was being consumed by this second climax, pulling back just in time to keep any blood from being drawn.

Cradling her sister close until the storm had passed, pressing tender kisses to her lips, Kelly felt incredibly proud of herself.

Raising the hand that had been down the front of her little sister’s pants to find the fingers dripping with Lori’s juices in the aftermath, Kelly made Lori watch as she licked and sucked until they were clean of every last drop.

The other teen did watch, too – her eyes wide and very interested. Lori was feeling utterly spent and exhausted after being taken the long way around to those two powerful orgasms, but this sight had her stirring back to life already. She had all the stamina and energy youth had to offer, backed by a hormone fueled boost of lust and passion, so she had her second wind in what may have been record time.

Rolling off the couch and indeed her sister, Lori rose up on wobbly legs to give the other girl a smoldering look with her blouse still wide open and her pants slipping slowly down her legs. The young woman took a deep breath as she prepared to pounce, planning on giving back everything she had just been given.

She was going to devour Kelly’s juicy pussy! She was going to worship Kelly’s generously sized breasts! She was going to kiss Kelly so deeply and so thoroughly that their grandchildren would still be able to taste it! She was going to give Kelly so many orgasms that she would be feeling them for the rest of her life!

Just as she started to move though, everything came to a screeching halt thanks to the sound of a door being opened. It was the back door, the two teens knew, the one leading out to the garage, and it could only mean that their mother was back early from her date.

With a panicked squeal, Lori tugged her top closed over her body with one hand, hauled her jeans up with the other, and took off for her bedroom at a dead sprint. Terrified of being caught in such a compromising position, she was practically out of sight and slamming the door behind her before her mother had even closed the back door.

Kelly sat frozen on the couch and watched her go, so shocked that she was unable to get any of her muscles to work.

She’d been left feeling more than a little frustrated to be sure, considering that she had gotten pretty wound up herself while fondling her little sister, but she was also dealing with quite a strong sense of deja vu. Hadn’t her last lovemaking session with Lori been brought to a premature end in exactly this same way?

It was only when her mother came around the corner and entered the living room that Kelly began to think about what she looked like. She was certain that she must have been a mess after everything that just happened, that her erect nipples must have been obvious as they poked through her shirt, and that the love bite she had earned must have been very vivid. Her mother would figure out what she had been doing with just one glance!

Grabbing up a throw pillow, she pressed it to her chest quickly, trying but failing to make it look like she wasn’t hiding anything.

She looked so suspicious sitting there clutching that pillow that it was very fortunate indeed that her mother hardly even glanced in her direction as she passed, giving her only a distracted wave as she stomped by. From where she was on the far side of the room, Kelly couldn’t quite hear what her mother was muttering under her breath, but it sounded very much like she was cursing all things male.

As soon as her mother vanished from sight, Kelly tossed aside the pillow and made a dash for her own bedroom, pushing the door shut behind her.

Breathing hard after her close call, the young woman made her way over to the mirror to see for herself just how bad she looked. She decided that she didn’t really look as awful as she’d feared, but thanked God even so that her mother hadn’t taken a very good look at her. The wound on her collar bone was just as big and purple as she’d feared however and she couldn’t help but wince when she lightly touched it.

The bite meant that she would have to be careful about what she wore for the next few days so that her mother didn’t see it, but she didn’t really mind that, considering the injury to be nothing less than a badge of the special, if secret love she now enjoyed.

She had just turned away from her mirror when she was given a serious start by the door next to her suddenly flying open. Launching herself into the room in her nightshirt, Lori paused for only a moment to slam the door shut again behind her, then grabbed her sister and shoved her down onto the bed. Without wasting a single moment, she started working to get Kelly’s jeans pulled down, jerking and tugging hard.

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