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The First Encounter

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Your hand holds mine. Your lips touch my fingertips. Your eyes hold mine, locked with intense heat and the promise of passion.

you touch my face, grazing my cheek, cradling it in your hand as you pull me closer into your embrace. With a tenderness so powerful, you hold me to you, and gently kiss my forehead, each of my eyelids, my cheeks, and the tip of my nose. Looking into my eyes and smiling, you lean into me and take my lips with your own.

Slowly, gently, you combine our lips. I trace your bottom lip with my tongue and you use this gesture as an invitation to probe deeper. You intensify our kiss. Our tongues dance wildly as our arms tighten around each other.

I feel your hands slide up my body. As one hand rests on my hip, pulling my hips into yours, your other hand travels to my hair. You grab a handful and pull my head back, exposing my neck.

Your mouth leaves mine to kiss my neck. Keeping my neck open, you kiss, lick and bite everywhere. The hand you had on my hip reaches up to grasp my breast. Pinching the nipple through my clothes, bahis firmaları you push me back against the closest wall.

My hands in the meantime, have been busy working at your pants. Sliding my hands deep under the cloth to feel the skin inside. I grab your hips and pull myself close to you. You let go of my hair to remove my shirt and bra. My hands groping wildly, feeling down the front of your pants, pushing them down your legs.

You grab the front of my pants, still kissing me deeply, and rip the front open. They fall to the ground at my feet. You place my arms around your neck and slide your hands down the sides of my body to rest on my hips. Grabbing fistfulls of my panties, they seem to fall away from my body with no force at all. You then grab my ass and lift me to my tip toes, against the wall. Your fingers feeling under me, searching my pussy. Grabbing the backs of my thighs, you spread my legs and lift me so I’m wrapped around your body. Your fingers still seeking my pussy, letting my juices drip down your hand.

You brace my kaçak iddaa back against the wall and position my body slightly above yours. After what seems like an eternity of pent up anticipation, you look into my eyes and slam yourself into me. I scream with immediate ecstacy, clinging to your shoulders and burying my face in your neck.

I can feel your body shake with laughter at my reaction. You start to move within me. Your body performing an erotic assult on mine. You slam into me, bracing me against the wall, going at a constant speed. The only thing I am capable of doing at this point is hold on. Your hands, however, have repositioned themselves. One is helping to hold my legs up and around you, the other is producing outrageous sensations on my breasts, by pinching and squeezing my nipples.

My range of motion is slightly hindered by our position, but I try my hardest to match your thrusts. My actions get more wild as I grow nearer to orgasm. I clutch and claw at your back and shoulders, trying to bring you closer to me.

As it finally hits, kaçak bahis I scream loudly. My body shakes with spasms as the extreme pleasure races through my body. You’ve slowed down now, that my orgasm has begun to dissapate. As I slowly come down, you hold me there, against the wall, waiting for the right moment.

Just as the muscle contractions beging to slow, you move again. Slower this time. Deeper. My body already super sensitive, shoots pleasure spikes through me again. You move with more intent now. It’s your turn. I pull my head back to look into your eyes. I kiss you, my hand holding your head to mine. I explore your mouth as you work towards cumming.

Holding my hips now, your speed begins to increase. You pound into me, over and over again, until you feel the familiar sesations well up in your body.

You finally tense. Arching your back, and pulling me to you in little spasms. Your body shivers as I clench my inner muscles to intensify your orgasm. After a while, you lean forward completely against the wall. It seems like an eternity that we stand there. Finally you lower my legs and pull out of me. You step one step away from me and smile brightly.

“Nice to finally meet you face to face” you say, as you take my hand and lead me toward the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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