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The First Time We Met Ch. 2

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In our passion we had both forgotten about the footfalls from the elevator. I look up and see a stewardess standing at the passenger door of my car. Her bags are at her feet and her hands our massaging her breast through her uniform. I look at Gyz and smile at her. She looks a bit shocked and unsure what to do.

I take the lead and say, “So you like what you see too huh… If you haven’t guessed we are meeting for the first time and just couldn’t wait for the hotel room. Care to join us?”

Gyz looks taken back, but then remembers all of our conversations and a smile spreads across her face. The stewardess steps around the car and moves Gyz’s skirt and starts to lick up my spent cum. Gyz starts to writhe and moan with the new attention and my cock starts to stiffen again.

As she finishes licking up my cum she looks up and then looks at Gyz and moves up to kiss her. Gyz is a bit reluctant, but then accepts when she realizes that her mouth is filled with my cum. After they kiss Gyz looks at her and says, “Well, since I am sharing my new man at least we can know your name?”

“My name is Jill, in fact I was on your flight from Oregon to here. I noticed you go to the restroom and come back a little happier. Now I know why. So how long have you two known each other?” Gyz and I exchange looks and she answers for us.

“Only a short time really, but we got close real quick and thought at least we would meet and see what comes of it. But I don’t want to talk anymore Jill. I want you and Dunchad to fuck me some more.” She grins evilly and grabs Jill’s hand and places it on her own breast.

Jill starts to rub her breast as I watch with awe and amazement clearly in my eyes. About then I can hear a car coming up the ramp and move away from the ladies. I lean between them and say, “Why doesn’t Jill join us at the hotel, and while I drive us there, you two can become more aquatinted in the car. If that is okay with Jill that is?”

“I have no where to go. My roomie is out on a flight for a couple of days so I would enjoy joining you if I were welcome. Is that okay with Gyz?”

Gyz just looks me in the eyes and moves off the hood, her skirt drops around her legs and she feel my cum slide down her inner thighs. She giggles like a schoolgirl and grabs Jill’s bag and throws it into the front seat. They move into the back seat and start to get comfortable. Jill’s short skirt is lifted and her panties are stripped off and on my floor before I can even start the car.

I try to ignore the action in the backseat, but look back to see them having fun in the seat. Their hands buried in between each other’s legs. They are kissing like old friends and their free hands are all over each other’s breasts.

Gyz is well endowed, but Jill is a bit smaller, but not by much from what I can tell. Before too long my car is drenched in t he over powering scent of two very wet and horny pussies at play. I listen to them playing and chittering like schoolgirls. I am extremely hard and very thrilled with the idea of having both women.

Finally we arrive at the hotel and I pull into the underground parking and into a space close to an elevator. The ladies extract their hands from each other and offer me their wet fingers. I quickly lick the juices from each of them and smile widely.

I help them out of the back seat and offer to grab their bags. Jill grabs hers and says that she can handle it. I retrieve Gyz’s from the trunk and escort them to the elevator. As we ride to the 18th floor, Jill and Gyz turn on me at the same time and start to massage my stiff cock through my jeans. I moan as their hands rub and grab my cock and roll it around in my pants.

The door opens to our floor and I am pushed out of the elevator and into the hall. Obviously these women are impatient and ready for more action. I open the door with the magnetic card and let them in. As soon as the door is closed, clothes are flying all over the room.

They are quickly naked and kissing each other as I stand there in shock and total thrall. They look at me and almost in unison say, “What are you waiting for, an invitation or something. Get that body naked and join us or your out of luck for the night.”

I don’t even hesitate another second and start taking my clothes off and add them to the piles. I look at both of these amazingly beautiful women and rush them. They look at me in surprise and giggle again as I push them onto the huge bed.

Very quickly our bodies entwine and we are touching and licking and kissing each other. We become so enraptured with the moment that no one pays attention to who is kissing or touching who. My hands move from Gyz to Jill and back again. Then I can finally take no more and move Gyz around so that I can take her from behind.

I lift her sexy ass and hips up and slowly push my cock into her wet and dripping cunt. She illegal bahis looks over her shoulder at me and moans out… “Yeah you big stud you… Take me like you want me… What should we do with Jill?”

I look at Jill and motion for her get underneath Gyz. As Jill moves under Gyz they are now in the perfect 69 position. I can feel Jill’s tongue lick my length and then guide it into Gyz again. Gyz feels her tongue too and her body shacks with the knowledge that a woman is licking her and Dunchad at the same time.

Gyz drops her head between Jill’s legs and starts to lick and suck her first pussy. She enjoys the scent and taste of Jill’s pussy. She was afraid that it wouldn’t taste good, but she is pleasantly surprised.

I start to push further into her and fill her with my large cock. Jill is licking from Gyz’s clit to my balls and then back. She starts to concentrate on Gyz’s clit and pussy lips, licking them fast then slow. I continue to pump into Gyz and enjoy the sensations of a tongue on my cock as it pulls out of Gyz’s pussy.

Gyz is in total ecstasy, she is getting fucked the way that they had talked about so many times and it feels even better than she had dreamed possible. She tries to remember to pay attention to Jill’s pussy as well, but she is just too much into the pleasure that Dunchad and Jill are giving her.

I look down and see Jill’s hand start to caress and knead Gyz’s ass. I can imagine what is to come next and feel my cock throb instead the tight orifice of Gyz’s pussy. I start to thrust harder into her and she starts to push back against me. I can see Jill’s fingers and how wet they are from Gyz’s pussy and watch her slowly insert a finger into Gyz’s ass.

Gyz feels the finger slowly and gently push into her ass and she pushes against it and Dunchad’s thick cock. She is about to experience her greatest orgasm yet, she can tell already. By this time she has completely neglected Jill’s lovely pussy, but knows that Jill is not concerned and is intent on pleasuring her too much right now.

Dunchad can feel his sperm move form his balls and starts to pump harder and faster into Gyz’s cunt. Jill realizes what is about to happen and starts to lick Gyz’s clit and lips as well as finger her ass faster and deeper.

Gyz is overwhelmed with all the sensations going on in her pussy and ass and just lets it all release. She feels her orgasm build and another one right behind and another behind that one. It is like a tidal wave of pleasure rushing through her body. Jill takes her clit deep into her mouth and rolls it around in her mouth as well as push her finger deeper into Gyz’s ass and pushes the thin membrane between her ass and pussy and rubs Dunchad’s cock.

Gyz is hit with her orgasm and for the first time in her life that she can remember, she screams out with the release of the orgasms. She has never felt such pleasure and so many orgasms all at once. As her pussy walls tighten with the release, she grips Dunchad’s cock and feels his sperm release right afterwards.

Dunchad feels the most intense orgasm he has ever had. His cock shoots load after load of cum into Gyz’s pussy. He continues to fuck her as hard as he can and starts to feel their juices slide out around his cock when he pulls back. Jill is right there and licking up their juices and swallowing as much as she can. Dunchad doesn’t think he has ever cum so hard and with so much before in his entire life.

Jill takes their juices into her mouth and swallows their combined nectar and relishes in the taste. They both taste so yummy and she knows that she wants more of their juices. She finally takes a big mouth full of their cum and crawls out from under Gyz. She stops at Gyz’s mouth and deposits some of the nectar to her and then goes up to give some to Dunchad. As she kisses Dunchad, she deposits the rest of their juices into his mouth and watches his face. He is not repulsed at all, but greedily takes all that she has to offer. Finally, they all collapse on the bed and holding each other.

Dunchad wrapped Gyz in his arms and Jill nestled up behind him. They quickly fall asleep in each others arms and totally exhausted after our escapade.

The Morning After – by Jennaya

“Mmmmmmmmm”… as I try to move my arms above my head and my legs apart for my morning stretch, I can feel your warmth on my back… and your hand on my breast… My eyes open wide and a grin comes to my lips as I remember just where I am and who I’m with. “Dunchad… mmmmmmmm… and oh yeah…” my eyes open even wider and I can feel a blush stain my face, “Jill!”

The sunlight is shining brightly through the windows… ooops we forgot to draw the drapes… and as I try to turn in your arms to look at you, I feel you start to stir. I quickly look over your shoulder to see if Jill is awake yet… but notice that she’s not there… and as I look around illegal bahis siteleri the room… I notice that her clothes are gone as well. “Hope she left her number”, I think to myself and notice what looks like a note pinned to the pillow on the other side of Dunchad.

You’re breathing starts to deepen just a bit and I know you have slipped back into sleep again. I smile a wicked little smile… thinking of how much … or should I say how little … sleep you got last night!!!

You roll onto your back, flinging the arm closest to me above your head. “Great”, I think to myself, “easy access”!! I want my own hands and lips and teeth … and oh… other body parts to be free to play and you’ve just made that possible.

I’ve decided that I love to watch you… even while you sleep you have that cute, sexy little grin playing over your mouth… and your face looks so soft and peaceful… ahhhh… “I’ll have to change that”, I softly giggle under my breath.

So slowly so that you do not wake… I lean over your chest to lightly blow on your nipples. As first the one and then the other start to harden, I quickly look up to your face to find out whether you are waking up yet… but no… you seem not to be.

I bring my hand up to my mouth, stick a finger inside to wet it and place it on your nipple… rotating it lightly… making it harder and longer… MMmmm… I want to taste.

As I lean over to take it lightly in my mouth, my fingers softly play with the hair on your stomach… brushing against you, back and forth and up and down, getting closer and closer to the object of my adoration ~big grin~!!! I can tell…he’s getting happy to see me.

I can feel your breathing start to hitch a bit … and I wonder if you are truly asleep or just faking it… “ummmm” I think to myself, “maybe I’ll just have to find out” and grin around the nipple that is still in my mouth.

I try to scoot backwards down the bed to get to the end while keeping my eyes on your face. Once I reach the end… I softly start to massage your feet… lightly rubbing each toe and then the instep and heel. I lean down to lightly suck just the end of one into my hot mouth… looking up the whole time to see your facial expressions.

You still haven’t moved much… just the natural shy away when I first started touching your feet. As I move my mouth to your other foot… I start to lightly move my hands up to your calves… softly massaging them… lips start to follow as I begin to move higher and higher between your legs.

I can see your cock… “oh so hard,” getting harder and harder the closer I get to your groin with my hands. As I lick up the inside of your thighs, I feel you twitch slightly and your legs start to move wider apart… quickly looking up… I notice that your smile has become more pronounced… but you eyes are still closed.

“Little bugger’s awake” I think to myself. A mischievous grin starts to play over my mouth and if he had only been looking at me… he would know… pay backs are hell!!!

Trying not to give you a clue about what I’m going to do… I scrape my long nails against the top inside of your thighs… almost to your balls… then lightly scrap even those… when suddenly I plunge my mouth over your cock to take you into my hot, wet mouth…

Your eyes pop open wide and a groan escapes your lips as your hips surge upwards so that you are pushing even more into my open lips. “Brat,” you moan out loud, “you nearly fucking killed me sexy”.

“Mmmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmmmm” I hum before taking your wide cock out of my mouth, “Pay backs are a bitch aren’t they lover,” I whisper while licking the head of your cock and looking into your eyes…”just how long have you been awake?”

“Oh yeah … uummmm… I wouldn’t want to incriminate myself,” you say while chuckling under your breath and fisting your hands into the sheets as I quickly plunge my mouth back down onto you while my fingers and nails start to again play with your balls.

My mouth starts to move quickly up and down, faster and faster, and as you start to move your hips in time with my mouth… I quickly pull my mouth and hands off of your cock. Stand up on the bed and slowly start to walk upwards… until my hot, dripping pussy is right over your cock.

As one of my hands come up to play with my nipples… alternating back and forth between the two, my hips start to grind in a dance as old as mankind.

I slowly start to bend my legs until you have a nice view of the cum starting to leak from my cunt. And as I notice your hands start to move towards me, I lean over to take your mouth in a hot, wet kiss… tongue rubbing over your teeth and tongue… my lips trying to take your bottom lip between mine so that I can nibble and suck.

“Nuh un un” I say against your mouth, grabbing your hands and pushing them behind your head, canlı bahis siteleri “you’re not aloud to touch, this is your punishment you bad boy for making me wait for your hard cock!”

Again, with that cute little grin on your face, you advises me that you will not move so much as an inch… “Yeah right” I chuckle softly to myself.

I resume my position, my hand on my breasts, my legs drawing down to bring my cunt closer to your cock… my other hand starting to circle on my belly… bringing my fingers closer and closer to the center of my universe. “What would you like lover… can you see how hot I am for you Dunchad, can you see how my cunt is practically weeping for you, it wants that… ” I say as I move my hand down to lightly stroke the tip of your fat cock, “inside of it.”

I slowly move forward just a bit and rub my hot juices all over your stomach… “can you feel that, can you feel how much I want you? Or… ” I look up into your eyes and murmur, “would you like to taste me?” Still looking into your eyes, I reach down between my legs, to scoop some of my cum onto my fingers and bring them up to my lips… “Mmmmmmm… I taste so good, would you like to taste too” I ask as I dip back in and move my fingers up to your face, “Ahhh … can you smell that… can you smell me, smell my hot cunt?”

I bring my fingers under your nose so that you can take a long breath in… “OH yeah…” you groan aloud, ” you’re killing me again Gyz, let me lick your clit for you, let me taste your sweet honey,” you beg. I lightly run my cum covered fingers over your lips… “taste me baby…taste what your missing.”

I again move myself up your body until your nipple is brushing at my clit… “oh…what feels so good… just like a mini little cock” I moan… my eyes closing and both my hands going to my breasts… I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to keep this up… I turn my head to look down at your cock to see your reaction…

“Oh God,” I moan, you’ve got precum on the tip of it and it’s starting to run down the sides. “I can’t wait anymore,” I whimper, and quickly stand up to turn my body around, dropping down to lick your hot cock while placing my cunt right above your mouth, “Eat me baby,” I moan, “lick that hot cum out of my cunt and make me beg for your cock.”

You must assume that I have given you control as you quickly pulls your hands from behind your head and spreads my lips apart to dive right in, licking and sucking and using your teeth on my clit. Licking up the sweet nectar from my hole and ahhhhhhh… placing two fingers right inside and then plunge them in fast and furious.

“Do you like that my hot, sexy lady?” you ask, “Do you like my fingers fucking you and rubbing you and my tongue dancing on your clit? Are you going to cum for me now… are you going to fill my mouth up with your hot cum? Come on, you know you want to… fill my mouth.”

My head lifts off of you and a scream builds in my throat, my hips push downward to try and take your fingers in as far as they will go. “Fuck yeah, fuck my hot cunt, ram those fingers in and out of me,” I beg, ” lick and suck my clit… oh honey… I need to cum.”

My breath starts to deepen and as my hand starts to move up and down faster and faster on you and my lips lock around just the tip of your cock… I suck you hard as an orgasm ripples through my cunt.

“Yeah baby, fuck my fingers and suck my cock,” you groan, “make me cum with you. I can feel your muscles milking my fingers and yeah… wish it were my cock…so suck me honey and make me cum!”

I focus all my attention on plunging your cock in and out of my mouth as my hips grind down… trying to get you still further inside of me. My lips wrap around you and as I take you further into my mouth, my nails start to lightly scrape against your balls while my other hand moves opposite to what my lips are doing.

I try to move quickly and suck you at the same time… I know how close to cumming you are, your hips are bucking up into me as if you’re trying to fuck my mouth… “Ummmmhmmmmm,” I hum against you as I feel you start to tense… “cum for me baby, cum in my mouth… I want to taste you so much.”

“Oh yeah… suck me… take me into your hot mouth and let me fuck it” you moan, “oh… I’m going to cum baby.” Your cock jerks in my mouth and I feel the hot cum pouring down my throat, I’m trying to swallow but there’s so much that it’s leaking down my chin and back onto your cock.

After sucking and licking the cum off of you… I collapse exhausted sideways off of your body… our breathing deep and ragged… my hand moving to touch your body… wanting to keep in contact.

“Why… did we wait this long to meet” I gasp… “hell, it this were any better, it’d be illegal,” I chuckle.

You sit up, grab my arms and slowly pull me up the other way around so that I’m able to lay my head on your chest…

“Well, you haven’t seen nothing yet,” you advise and reach over to pick up the note Jill had left on the pillow, “Jill has invited us to a party tonight at her place…wanna go?” You grin at me…

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