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The Gate

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You were going home from that environmental conference on the West coast and me, from meetings in the Northwest. How ironic that we found out our planes would be landing at the same airport in some non-descript city at about the same time – each connecting from one place to a different one. You discovered that first and that, although we would only be on the ground at the same time for a grand total of about one hour and five minutes (according to the schedule), you thought maybe we could find a way to meet for a quick coffee or a drink. I, on the other hand, had a better idea.

It is always nice getting the bump to first. After a hectic day of meetings, I was able to finally unwind with a couple of drinks letting the day settle in behind me along with the fading sunset. I hate traveling in a suit, much preferring the comfort of jeans but there was no time to change before rushing to my flight. At least I can loosen the tie, kick back and listen to some tunes as I anticipate seeing you at the airport. I am in a heightened state of arousal thinking about what is going to happen in the next hour or so. My flight lands about 10 minutes before your scheduled arrival which gives me enough time to deplane and hustle to meet you at your gate. My semi-hard cock bounces free beneath my suit pants as I walk quickly towards you…I conveniently ditched my boxers when I visited the lav on the plane.

Your plane pulls into the gate at precisely the scheduled arrival time. Gawd how I love this airline – always on time. I’m nervous and excited since it has been some time since our paths last crossed. I glance at my watch and see that I have exactly 1:05 until my departure…luck you have a longer layover. I quickly calculate that it’ll take about 5-10 minutes to get to my gate. They promptly close the doors 10 minutes prior to departure leaving us a total of 45-50 minutes now. You are among the first to depart making me wonder how many people you bowled over either boarding or getting off the plane. You look great dressed in tight fitting jeans, a nice loose top barely concealing your beautiful breasts, your nipples hard with anticipation and your sexy short hair shining.

The thought leaves me as you come out the door, your eyes quickly scanning the gate area until they lock onto mine with laser precision. You hurry to me as I drop my bag and take you in my arms. Words now escape us both as our lips lock and we embrace tightly. The feeling is electric as I can feel our hearts pounding as we pull each other tighter. You let out a soft approving moan as you feel my hardness pressing into your pelvis. It seems my cock has some innate radar as it immediately grows stiff as soon as it is surrounded by the warmth of your crotch. I smile knowing it’s going to be a little awkward once we let go. But time is marching on and I’m sure some of the other deplaning bahis firmaları passengers are either jealous or about to tell us to get a room as we finally break apart. You tell me how great I look and how much you’ve missed me. My eyes quickly scan you up and down appraisingly and all I can muster is a rather mischievous “Ditto” as I take your hand and guide you quickly through the terminal with a smile on my face a mile wide. I hold the bag in front of me as much as I can thinking now that keeping those boxers on might have been a good idea. People rush past us going the other direction and I see the occasional smile and nod. I’m not sure if it is the tent in my pants or our flushed smiles that have tipped them off. You ask where we are going but I just say, “You’ll see,” as I pull you briskly alongside me.

Finally I see the sign for the airline club lounge ahead. I know the place well as I have transited through here no less than a hundred times in recent years. We enter the club and I quickly flash my club credentials to the door keeper and we go through. I pull you quickly through the sparsely filled club towards the bathrooms. Up ahead is the Men’s and Women’s and right in between, conveniently is the Family Changing Room. I look furtively left and right to see who might be watching but everyone is going about their business checking email, getting drinks, a bite to eat, and even a shoe shine. You start to protest that you don’t need to use the bathroom but then as I make a beeline to the middle door and my hand hits the door knob I figure you might be starting to catch on. You are so smart! The door is unlocked – a good sign – as I bull though pulling you in behind me and quickly shutting and locking the door behind us.

In the room there is a chair, a fold-down baby changing station attached to the wall and a low counter running the width of the room with a room size mirror behind it. I glance at my watch and see that my flight departs in 38 minutes. We drop our bags and our bodies quickly mash together in another embrace, this one more passionate and urgent than the one before. Our tongues are intertwined now as you grind your crotch into mine. I can feel precum leaking from my cock as I grab your ass and pull you in tighter. You step back a step as your hand goes for my hard-on as you grasp it through the material. My gawd I have never been more excited as my hands roam over your body brushing your tits as you fondle me. We continue to kiss deeply as you start to unzip me and then reach in my pants to free my throbbing penis from its confines taking it in both your hands. My hands explore underneath your pullover and then under your bra at last finding the hard nipples I so desire.

You undo my belt and unbutton my pants and they immediately fall to the floor. I reciprocate by unsnapping your jeans and slide them over your kaçak iddaa ass and I see you are wearing my favorite thong. Yum! I kneel in front of you and slide the jeans down your legs and I catch the fragrance of your beauty emanating from your barely concealed mound and pussy. Mmmm. I gently help you get the jeans off and I stand up…we are both naked from the waist down as I lift you up and place you on the counter in front of me. It is the perfect height for what I am about to do to you, with you. I lift your legs up and place your feet on the counter with your knees bent towards your chest and apart presenting your thong clad pussy to me. My hand finds the outside the front of your thong and I feel the warmth and wetness growing hotter and moister by the second.

My lips again find yours as I move closer to you, the head of my hard missile seeking to gain entrance to your woman cave. Our tongues briefly disengage as my left hand pulls the fabric of your thong to the side as my right hand, full of my glistening steel, guides the head towards your wet cunt. I glance at my watch and it is :32 minutes ’til wheels up. I gently rub the head of my cock up and down your moist lips to lubricate it and pause briefly to rub it on your hard clit. Then all at once I bury my cock deep into your hot pussy hitting bottom immediately causing you to gasp. I rip your thong further to the side shredding it and I make a mental note that a Victoria’s Secret visit is in my near future.

I slowly then furiously pound my cock into the farthest, deepest reaches of your pussy as you grunt each time the head hits bottom. My hands are on your knees for support as I use them to pull your cunt farther onto my shaft, watching it slide in and out in rhythm with your hot breathing. There is enough room for you to start rubbing your clit as your back is now pressed against the mirror behind you with your shirt and bra pushed up over your tits. We both watch the piston-like action of me fucking your pussy furiously. “Yeah baby, fuck me harder…you know I love it like that,” you hiss to me. I pick up the pace as I pound your pussy, my heart-rate no doubt reaching some sort of danger level. My balls are beginning to tighten, I know that pretty soon I am going to blow a 5 day old load deep inside you. I also know that you are approaching climax as the double pleasure of your fingers on your clit and my pulsing member assaulting your sopping pussy is getting the best of you.

“I want you to cum for me. Will you do that for me?” I whisper to you.

“Yeah, I want to cum for you,” you moan as you near orgasm, your eyes closed and your breaths coming faster. All at once I feel your pussy muscles suddenly tighten around my engorged shaft as your body begins to shudder and quake at the onset of your orgasm. Perfect timing as I lose control and announce that I’m cumming as kaçak bahis my cock shoots a jet of hot cum deep into your cunt. Another comes next, as forceful as the first one. I’m still pumping but as your body shakes, you move slightly and your pussy releases me as another load shoots – this time onto your fingers which are still rubbing your clit and your swollen labia lips. I grab my cock trying to put it back inside you but not before another stream of hot sticky cum shoots onto your taut abdomen. I push my pulsing penis back into you and I fill you with the remainder of my load as your spasms start to subside. We are both panting heavily and are sweaty from this fast furious fuck session in this small enclosed room.

You take your cum coated fingers from your clit and bring them to your mouth. Looking me in the eye you erotically, you gently lick my thick man yogurt from your sticky fingers. This turns me on as you savor my juices on your tongue. I smile as I kneel down in front of you and press my face to your wet hole. The scent of our bodies, our sweat, our love juices fills my senses as my tongue touches your sensitive clit causing you to jump. My tongue gently licks up our juices as I eagerly clean your pussy savoring the moment. I rise up, pausing at your navel to scoop up the cum that has pooled there with my tongue. My face is wet as our lips meet and my tongue enters your hungry mouth as we mix our mingled juices in each other’s mouth. I slip my still half-hard cock inside you as our tongues continue to explore, you pause to kiss and lick my cheeks when we are shaken from our entranced embrace by a knock at the door. We freeze not even breathing for what seems like a minute. Another knock and a woman’s voice asks if anyone is in there. We try to stifle a laugh as you say, “We’ll be out in just a couple of minutes.”

We scramble to get our clothes back on, not even bothering to try and clean ourselves up. I look at my watch and I have 14 minutes before they close the door to my plane. We give each other the once over to make sure we are presentable. I kiss you deeply as you open and walk out the door and find a woman with a small baby and bag in her arms waiting to use the changing room. She expected to see a toddler in tow with you when to her surprise, I follow you out, along with the musky, humid scent of raw sex wafting out the door behind us. Her look of surprise turned to a faint knowing smile.

We hurry towards the exit without looking back. Outside the club, we embrace one final time before my mad scramble to my gate. We kiss deeply and passionately, again tasting our juices. You gently wipe your hand across my still damp cheek and smile. I kiss you and tell you, “I’m glad you came for me.” I turn and begin walking briskly to my gate…12 minutes. Halfway down the terminal I stop and turn and see you standing there gazing intently at me. I look at my watch – 11 minutes. I stuff my boarding pass in my jacket pocket. There’s a later flight and there’s a hotel next to the airport. I smile mischievously as I start walking back to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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