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The Gift Box

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Female Ejaculation

“Here babe…lick this for me.” Shayna unwrapped and ran the red and green striped candy cane across Caleb’s lips, her eyes dancing with merriment as his tongue darted over its sticky surface, wetting its curved hook then its length. “Mmmm…peppermint, my favorite. How did you know?”

“Lucky guess…” her voice trailed off as she met his warm lips in a peppermint kiss.

“Come on, open the rest of your stocking, Sweetheart.”…Shayna broke away from the kiss prematurely and pushed the bursting colorful red Christmas stocking at Caleb.

“K honey…what is all this?” he pulled out dark chocolate, cashews, other typical stocking stuffers…ohhh batteries. For what Shay?”

“For your flashlights! Hehe.” She playfully responded.

“Yes, they will come in handy when I need to look for you under the sheets at night,” Cale winked and returned to his bounty…stuffing his hand into the bottom and retrieving what must surely be a mistake deep in the toe of his stocking: “Oh? A red lacey thong…” he raised his eyebrow at Shayna.

“Oh, Santa must have found you extra nice to include that…” her lids lowered as she turned a little pink in the cheeks. Caleb loved to see Shayna blush. It didn’t happen often but when it did, it made his heart race. He could not help but think of the rosy hue on her cheeks similar to that of when they made love. How he loved to see her face flush from cumming, knowing he did that to her.

“Your turn,” Caleb turned to her upon turning the stocking upside down and shaking it out to make sure all had been found.

Shayna plunged her hand into the worn woolen sock her late grandmother had lovingly knitted when she and Baylee were young girls. She had always loved the stretchiness of the knit as a child, knowing it could fit far more stuffers than any pre-formed store-bought model. But now, it was the sentimentality of it all…this was the last remaining memory of a past time, bringing back memories of homemade gingerbread cookies and burying her face in her grandmother’s apron to smell the smells of a kitchen full of aromas.

Shayna was lost in a reverie of nostalgia. She and Baylee used to have contests about who could crayon the prettiest picture for their grandma. In the end, both pictures hung side by side on the old corkboard by the back door, signed and prominently placed for Grandma’s visitors to notice and coo over.

“Shayna? Go ahead…I am so excited for you to go through your stocking.” Caleb hissed as his lips grazed her hair in a kiss that got her tingling. She had a mind to toss the stocking aside and drag him off to bed.

But instead she retrieved the goodies: a container…looking like night cream…body chocolate with the directions “Spread evenly and enjoy. Warning, may contain nuts.” Shayna giggled. Followed by an aerosol can of whipped cream. And oh, a luminescent cock ring. ” Ah, Caleb…no need for that flashlight in the sheets!” She quipped.

Her hands found her favorites: the December issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, Lindt chocolates, emery boards, a variety of scented candles, charcoal gray stockings. “Oh Cale, these are thoughtful gifts! Thank you!” Shayna threw her arms round his neck and kissed him deeply, their tongues meeting and dancing, darting together with the promise of more. She broke away again prematurely to perform the upside down stocking shaking ritual.

Empty. She duly noted, except her eyes flew to the misshapen toe of the red knitted stocking. No, there was something trapped. Her small manicured hand glided inside the length of the stocking to discover a box, oblong and flat. She pulled it out and smiled at Caleb “More?”

He nodded, his eyes begging her to open it. She flipped the top, revealing not one, not two, not three, but four identical red silk scarves. Her eyes flew to Caleb’s quizzically.

And as she took the long trail of silkiness from the folds of the bright gold tissue paper, he was on her, helping her.

“Here, let me show you…” he gently slid each scarf from the box, looping them around her extremities…her wrists, then her ankles, tying each one loosely, illegal bahis but securely around her milky colored wrists and ankles. Her body was tingling now with the sweet anticipation of a child awaiting Christmas morning! Her head was spinning, her senses filled with the possibilities.

“Oh Cale…what are you planning to do to me?” Shayna’s voice trembled as she grinned and blushed. There was that rosy pinkness that melted him again. Caleb pulled the scarf on Shayna’s right wrist in an upward motion, signaling that she rise. She unfurled her legs folded beneath her on the leather sofa, and rose on command. Cale was leading her up the stairs.

“Grandma always told me that a silk scarf was a girl’s most useful accessory.” Her voice trailed behind him as he pulled her up the last step and towards the bedroom.

“And did she explain why, Shay? Did she tell you how useful it would be for tying you to the bedposts while I make you beg for mercy as I gently lick and prod you but not quite make you cum?” Caleb prompted, an evil grin playing on his lovely pink lips and he snickered.

“Uhm …no…” she simply said…and with that Shayna’s voice caught in her throat as she entered the bedroom and noticed the huge red foil wrapped box bearing a big red bow sitting right in the middle of their four-poster king size bed. The huge tag that tumbled over the side read: “To: My sexiest Shayna, With lust from: Cale”

“Lie down.” Caleb commanded this time, a tad more forcefully. She obeyed, but quizzically motioned to the box in the middle of the bed.

“Next to it.” He smiled…”Just pretend it’s not there.” His hand waved away the box as though it didn’t exist, and in so doing he released his grip on the scarf with which he was leading her. Shayna made a dive for the box and suddenly felt herself being pulled back by the scarf on her right ankle. “No, honey, not now.” He gently cautioned. “Patience. All good things cum to those who wait.”

“Oh but won’t you let me open it so we have more room on the bed.” Shayna tried feebly to coerce Caleb into letting her in on the contents of this gift box.

“Lie down!” He commanded anew, this time more forcefully and his tone meaning business.

Shayna loved being directed, being told what to do, knowing this play was harmless and yet such a turn-on. Still she tested: “Just a peek…?”

Her query was met with a playful shove onto the bed, quickly followed by Cale pulling the various scarves to their respective bedposts. The one on her right arm cut across the side of the bright red foil wrapping, gouging into the corner and marking the paper, but still not revealing the box or a hint of its contents.

Shayna lay prone now, her white robe askew, her legs spread, her sex moist and glistening in the bright light of the morning sun streaming across the bed. Caleb had a second thought and turned to go back downstairs.

“Wait! I might break free and open the box while you are gone,” Shayna taunted. As if reading her mind, Caleb was onto the ties, ensuring their tightness on her and on the bedposts.

“I don’t think so, but try….” His voice trailed off as he bounded down the stairs, returning a few short moments later with the lacy red thong that had been in his Christmas stocking and the various containers of chocolate and whipped cream from Shayna’s stocking, in hand.

“Put this on for me, Babe.” He commanded. He tossed the thong on the bed beside her.

Shayna giggled: “And just how do you propose I do that?”

“You’ll find a way…” and with that he turned on his heel and went into the adjoining master bathroom where Shayna heard the shower start.

Well, if she could do that, surely she could open the box and take a quick peek. She tested the restraints, pulling them taut in an effort to free herself, knocking into the heavy box as she tried to wriggle her right wrist free. “What could be so heavy?” Shayna wondered. She was trying to guess what Caleb would buy for her and leave parked here in the middle of their bed just when they would be making love.

Shayna heard the pulsing jet of the shower running illegal bahis siteleri and decided she had ample time to work her hands free. She pulled again at the restraints, this time her wrist coming into contact with the box. She could wedge it between her hip and her wrist and maybe work the top off as she realized the lid was fitted but not secured. Curiosity was overcoming her. She was not at all focused on the task of putting on the lacy red thong.

Suddenly the box tipped over, something heavy falling inside against the lid, loosening it. The box lay on its side now, the lid spilling off but towards her feet. “Damn it!” Shayna muttered! The thrum of the water running from the shower lulled her back to her designated task. She looked forlornly at the thong on the bed at her hips. “Really, this is impossible…just how does he expect me to put this on?”

Shayna pulled at her left leg which surprisingly seemed light and airborne as her knee flew up to hit the box square on the red bow on it tilted open lid. She had to look down at her ankle to make sure it was indeed free of the restraint earlier placed on it. “Oh, now what can I do with one leg?” Shayna mused aloud, pulling her right ankle towards her and surprised to see it break free. “Two free legs!” she exclaimed, beginning to feel that she was playing a strange version of the game Twister.

She could hear Caleb’s voice rising above the shower jet in a rendition of ‘All I Want for Christmas,’ the words which she was about to supply unbeknownst to her. She began to buck her hips now towards the box. Luckily she was agile from the karate classes she had been taking these past years. Although not quite yet a black belt, her flexibility was a plus here.

Her agility served her once again as she inched towards the left wrist restraint and was able to unfurl it, slipping her hand back towards the inside of her wrist, and then free!

“Oh! Now to just work the knot of the remaining tie!” Shayna vocalized, still aware of the steady hum of the shower. She knew she had better work quickly…surely Cale was getting pretty waterlogged.

Try as she might, Shayna could not undo the knot with her long French manicured fingernails…they were just too long and unable to get into the tight knot in the remaining silky restraint. But she brightened as she realized she had three free limbs to work with. Her first order of business was slipping on the thong, which she did quickly. Knowing his weakness for red lace, certainly Cale would go easy on her once he realized she had carried out that simple request.

Using her free left hand, and curling her legs up under her, the shower still reassuringly running, Shayna pulled the box towards her and quickly flipped off the lid. “OH MY GAWD!” escaped her lips so loudly she was sure Cale could hear through the pulsing stream of water.

Shayna wedged the box into the curve of her right hip and slid her left hand inside to pull up the heavy object. Her excitement was growing as she managed to lift it upright then use her leg to push the end of the box, still hugging the heavy object, onto the floor. The box hit the floor with a thud. Shayna winced, hoping Cale would not hear.

She righted the object near her hip and smiled, a quiver coursing through her body like an electrical shock, her sex tingling anew, her mind reeling with excitement. Mindful of the remaining restraint, she inched the object over towards her right arm and then met it with the rest of her body. Now she could easily maneuver.

Shayna remembered the bedside power bar resting on her night table. “How convenient!” she thought. And with that she plugged in the cord and listened to the sybian’s soft hum fill the room in chorus with the still-running shower.

She slid a hand between her thighs and pushed the material of her wet lacy thong aside for access. She then lowered herself gently onto the humming Sybian, feeling the long flexible phallus enter her pussy deeply while a finger attachment came into immediate contact with her hard clit. Oh, she was in heaven here! What a wonderful and thoughtful canlı bahis siteleri gift Cale had given her!

“No, no. Not yet, sweetie” a dripping wet Caleb was on the bed, pulling her out of her reverie and off the machine, tying her once again securely to the bedposts. He would make her wait. “Remember what Grandma said about a scarf being a girl’s most useful accessory…” Droplets of shower water fell onto her heated skin while Cale applied the chocolate to her body with a soft brush, lightly touching Shayna’s sensitive places still begging for a release. He sprayed a dollop of whipped cream on each of her glowing pink nipples. She gasped. It was cold; it caused her nipples to harden while a shiver ran down her hot body.

Caleb’s tongue teased Shayna, lapping up the chocolate, starting from her calves, moving up towards her inner thighs and then back down behind her knees. Her body trembled violently. Her sex was throbbing with a wanting so strong that she wished she could pull him up and into her. His hardness caressed the length of her leg as his tongue rolled up her hips, along her torso and around the globes of her full breasts. He lapped up the whipped cream, his tongue darting on her nipples. It was more than she could take, but she could do nothing but wriggle and writhe tied as she was. “Cale…” she pleaded, “Cale, I want to cum…” Shayna felt taunted.

Caleb was tempted but he would not give in. “You opened the box, Shay; you shouldn’t have. It has you wanting. Now you must wait.” He grinned and gently plunged his warm velvety tongue into the wetness of her tight pussy, sending more shivers through Shayna. She did not miss the fact that he was carefully avoiding her sensitive clit and she longed for his tongue on it, longed for him to suckle her to sweet release.

He stopped and began to mass his own hardness, taking the long meaty shaft in this hand and deftly pointing it at her gaping pussy. “You want this don’t you? You want to wrap YOUR box around this?” He smiled and drove his precum-coated tip into her clenching moistness, but only the tip, adding to her wanting and frustration.

“Ride me hard, Cale” she implored, her eyes wild with wanton frenzy. “Take me deep to my G-spot.” She was desperate for the release of the aching in her sex. Instead he pulled out after a few moments, torturing even himself with an aching wanting tearing at his own throbbing member. Even this ‘gift box’ could wait, he grinned to himself.

Caleb untied the red silk scarves and gently lowered Shayna onto the sybian, and letting the phallus go deep, but detaching the finger before it could touch her sensitive love button. “Oh, so unfair, Cale!” she exclaimed as she was very close now. He turned the on switch to its lowest setting, then decided to turn it up higher as an afterthought. He was met with Shayna’s utter delight and complete delirium.

Caleb’s eyes took it all in: the red silk scarves tied like Christmas bows on each of Shayna’s limbs, the way her body arched and bucked on the fucking machine, the way her sweat beaded on her silky smooth skin, the way in which she threw her head back, sending long auburn tresses cascading down her back, and the way her gushing musky sweet sexual scent permeated the morning air.

Caleb reattached the finger on the sybian and positioned it on Shayna’s hard clit. “Cum for me baby…” echoed in Shayna’s ear. A still humid Caleb was behind her, his own index finger finding her anus and working it while she rode the sybian. He opened her just enough to slide in his wet tip, making her arch her back to meet him. She was so filled now. Her wet gushing pussy riding the sybian, her ass filled with Cale’s hardness, the finger tickler dancing on her hard clit. “I feel the vibrations with you, Sexy. Let’s cum together.” Shayna arched her back more and settled her shoulder blades into Cale’s firm pectoral muscles as they flexed.

“Mmmm…thanks for the pressie, babe.” Shayna cooed softly amidst guttural moans rising from her belly. Her sex trembled with a wave so fierce she was thrown into Cale’s torso as he held her tightly. His own pulsing began and he pulled Shayna off the sybian, rolling her onto her back and quickly entering her box. “Yes, this is truly a gift,” he thought to himself, “a gift box,” he pumped her harder, and sent his hot milky release into a shuddering Shayna.

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