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The Girl with Brown Hair Ch. 01

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**Disclaimer- I do not condone engaging in sexual activities with underage people or non-consensual sex. All people within this story are of age, and names have been changed to protect privacy.**

The Bioscience Girl. Chapter 1

I don’t know why I offered to fill in for Chris. I hate people, I hate groups of people and more importantly I hate young university students. I do not want to teach them for the last four weeks of semester, especially not in Bioscience.

I got to class 15 minutes early, I wanted to make a good impression on these young students. I didn’t need attitude from them, which would just make these four weeks unbearable. A few eager students walked in, taking their seats and introducing themselves.

By 5 to six I introduced myself to the class and started marking the roll. Racheal, Laura, Bradley, Thomas, Christine…


I look up to see this girl rushing, clearly not wanting to be late, clumsily trying to juggle everything in her arms. As she looks up at me she realises her mistake, blushing. Her face illegal bahis drops, allowing her hair to cover her face like a satin certain. I walk over and pick up a book she dropped, handing it to her I introduce myself. She blushes as she looks up at me, stumbling around an apology. She’s beautiful in her clumsy awkwardness. She takes her seat, and I leave her to overcome her embarrassment.

I finished the role and the class starts working through their work books, determined to finish so they can go home. I help a few students and mosey around the classroom before settling to finish some of my own work.

“Craig, can you help us with question 2?” She briefly looked up at me through her eye lashes as she raised her hand and called for my help, not really paying attention to my answer.

As I walked over towards a late straggler walked in. He was confident with himself, sauntering over towards her desk shaking my hand as he walked past. She smiled warmly at him as he took the seat next to her apologising for being late. She was catching him up as illegal bahis siteleri I got to her desk, walking to the other side of her. I stood their awkwardly not knowing how to get her attention, I wasn’t even sure of her name. “Crystal!!” Another girl threw a pencil lead at her, nudging her head in my direction. She looked startled, pulled from her conversation smiling at me.

“Hey, I’m Crystal. Can you help us with question 2?” Crystal I rolled her name over my tongue, tasting it. Crystal suited her, it was unique, elegant, and beautiful.

Smiling at me, she waited patiently for my explanation, while I studied her features. Question 2 was easy, I explained it to them simply. Allowing them to elaborate on the answer together. As they began working to answer the questions I worked my way around to each group, answering question and helping a few other students who demanded my attention. Surely enough, it was soon nine O’clock and the class was starting to pack up.

Most people had left and I was getting ready to leave as Crystal walked canlı bahis siteleri over to my desk. She handed up her groups work books, thanking me for my help. She smiled warmly and again apologised for calling me Chris. I smiled as she blushed at her mistake, and asked her where she had parked. We started walking out together, talking about how she was going with the subject and about the exam at the end of the semester. She seemed confident, which was attractive. As we stepped outside the cold air hit bluntly and she pulled her jumper tighter around her shoulder, articulating her curves. She was magnificent, tall, and slender in the waist with a full bust and wide hips. Her jeans snugged her arse, perfectly outlining her strong legs. Her hair was long and wavy, falling down to the small of her back, bouncing as she walked.

She turned to say goodnight, and we bumped into each other. I instinctively reached out to prevent her from falling over, and as I pulled her towards me she ducked her head letting her hair separate us. I reached out and lifted her chin, pulling her eyes up to mine. I searched her face for feeling as I felt her breath. She smiled shyly and whispered goodnight, apologising again, for her mistake as she turned and walked towards her car. Leaving me panting, wanting, waiting…

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