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The Godfather

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I arrived at the home of my old college friend on a Thursday afternoon. John was my oldest and dearest friend and we had spent several years as best friends at college. That in itself needs an explanation because we are fifteen years apart in age.

I went to a Montessori school and began my freshman year at 16. John had already been teaching a freshman class for three years after receiving his doctorate. He was a research biologist and moved on to a research job as I graduated. Since this was also my career choice, we became friends (despite our age difference) when I volunteered in the lab he was running. We both arrived as novices and departed as experienced men in the subject of sex. In our opinion anyway.

John and his wife Liz were godparents to my two daughters and Liz and my wife were friends. My wife and I had to split up for the week because her brother was turning forty and John was throwing a combined 50th birthday bash with a small reunion of our closest college friends.

I had to put in an appearance here because not only were John and I very close friends but I was Godfather to his two children, Robert (my namesake) who was back from college for the week and Laura who was the youngest at 18 and had just finished high school.

A flurried looking Liz greeted me at the door, apologising that she could not stay and catch up with me. Somebody was setting up a marquee tent in the back yard, someone else was setting up a Hawaiian themed bar and she had hired a maid service to set up the extra beds in the house and help with the food and drinks.

She explained that they had subdivided the basement and most of the guests would be sleeping there. That was fine with me, the basement was large and airy, well lit and we had spent many hours watching videotaped experiments from other labs and universities there. As well as watching sports and drinking beer.

As she explained, it seemed that to her embarrassment, she forgot about me and had made up an extra bed in the room off Robert’s room. This room was once intended to be a bathroom between Robert’s room and Laura’s room, however they had never got around to installing the bathroom, so both kids had eventually used it as a place to store their school sports equipment and other rubbish.

Liz assured me with a flushed face that the rubbish was gone and that they had moved Robert’s double bed into it, and that it really would work as a bedroom. I had my doubts, but I thanked her and went to put down my bag and perhaps find a place to unpack my clothes.

I knew where the kids bedrooms were and the door standing open between them was obviously the door to the middle room. I walked in and saw one of the hired maids busy making up the bed. I greeted her and asked where I could put my clothes, she pointed to a cupboard behind the open door. It would have to do as a closet. The room had three doors, one leading to Rob’s room, one leading to Laura’s room and the third out into the hall, through which I had just come from.

The maid looked to be about twenty and of Spanish descent with olive skin and black hair. She was pretty enough with large breasts and a lovely rounded backside.

I closed the doors to the room and stepped up behind her. Shocked by the feel of me standing so close behind her, she straightened up and turned between the bed and me (a tight fit) to face me. Without a word, I bent my head down to her lips and kissed her a few times. She immediately kissed me back and soon I had her pouty lips parted and was flicking and swirling my tongue in her mouth. She had a t-shirt on with black pants and as I discovered, no bra. I must have been inside her mouth for all of five seconds when I felt long hard nipples poking my chest. The naughty maid was aroused, and I helped her become further aroused by sliding my hand down her back and caressing her backside. The flesh just under her shirt was smooth and hot and I pushed tighter against her so that she could feel my erection pushing into her stomach.

As we parted from our kiss, I wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her down on to the bed with me. She started complaining that she had just fixed the bed and I rolled her over onto her back. Now I was lying on top of her, while I gently moved my hips in small thrusts so that she could better feel my rock hard cock.

“You’re a naughty little maid aren’t you? You like feeling me against you. You like this big cock don’t you? Yes you do.”

I pushed her t-shirt up over her breasts and ran my hand over them, rolling her long nipples between my finger and thumb. She shivered uncontrollably and her complaints lessened. I sat up straddling her, she helped me get her t-shirt over her head. Her large round breasts were revealed in all their glory. Beautiful and perky with dark brown nipples with such long points my mouth watered at the thought of sucking on them. I slowly moved down between her legs and she gasped feeling the size and the hardness of my cock, and it wasn’t even out of my pants ataşehir escort yet.

I lowered my mouth to her delectable nipple and flicked it with my tongue. I made my tongue hard and rubbed up and down over her nipple, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. Then I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked hard, she flung a hand over her mouth to stifle a scream of joy.

Once I had aroused her properly, she helped me get her pants off. Underneath she was wearing the sexiest red satin thong. I pulled it to the side savoring my first view of her fat, red, wet pussy before I had her push it down over her hips. She was shaved between her legs which only heightened my excitement of having her. I instructed her to take off my pants and she obeyed.

I pushed her obedience a little further by ordering her to open her pouty little mouth. I moved up and straddled her chest, then ran my cock around her lips and the little wench’s tongue came flicking out of her mouth searching for a taste of me. I patted her head and then held my cock in front of those swollen lips, teasing her. She immediately began to lick and nibble my head and brought her head forward to suck my cock into her mouth. I could not deny either of us that treat and she sucked me like a real little slut.

“You’re a little cock slut aren’t you? You just can’t help yourself when a man with a big cock comes along.”

She whimpered in a sexy, girly way while she had half my cock in her mouth. If I pushed in further it would go down her throat. It would be delightful to have her gagging on my cock, but that ass of hers was what I noticed first. I knew she would love a big, fat cock in her ass. And that’s where I wanted to put it and then fuck her hard. I could tell from her enthusiasm with my cock in her mouth that she would love it anywhere. I let her amuse me a while longer, pumping her head back and forth. I held her hands next to her head so she couldn’t play with herself while she was trying to get more of me into her mouth. Such a dirty girl.

I pulled out of her mouth and laid back down beside her, even as I was doing this, she complained about losing her toy. I told her what I wanted and she smiled at me. I told her she was not to play with herself while my cock was in her asshole and she looked at me sadly. I told her I would play with her while I screwed her and she brightened up again straight away, nodding and smiling.

I turned her over and she kneeled for me with her head on the pillows and her ass in the air. I wet my cock on her pussy, sliding it up and down her crack and she wriggled and shivered as I rubbed over her hard clitty. In one swift move I drove my cock into her ass and she squealed in delight. I grabbed her round hips and pounded her ass for her. She jumped, pulled and pushed herself, all to get my cock in her until my balls were touching her pussy.

I put my hand around her on her cunt and she did the rest. She swayed back and forth with me impaling her ass, she writhed and squirmed getting her clit rubbed while her asshole clenched around my cock. She squeezed every last inch of me until I felt myself beginning to cum in my balls, I rubbed her wet pussy furiously and she came immediately and hard, her asshole clenched and relaxed as her cunt throbbed and her throbbing caused me to explode deep inside her, spilling into her ass.

She was lovely and when we had recovered and dressed again, I told her I would keep an eye out for her, and if another opportunity arose, I would screw her again. She grinned happily and said it would be her pleasure if I would screw her again and then complimented me on the size and thickness of my dick. This of course led me to inviting her – once again if the opportunity presented itself – to have a threesome with me and somebody else. The light in her eyes when I told her that was positively wicked.

I then went in search of John whom I found at the pool busy setting up a Tikki bar. After we had shaken hands and hugged, I sat down and enjoyed a beer with him. Catching up on the latest news. During our conversation several other guests arrived, some I knew only by sight, some I had met before. It really looked like it was shaping up to be a good week and as the Tikki bar filled, I excused myself claiming to need a nap.

I intended to find that fine Spanish woman again but instead as I was quietly searching for her in the house, I found my god-daughter Laura instead. She was in her father’s study, but she hadn’t closed the door properly and through the open slit I could see her humping her fanny on the arm of the sofa. The little minx!

I pushed the door open slowly but I still startled her and Laura, beaded with perspiration and panting wildly, jumped off the sofa as if she had been bitten. She looked at me and then looked at the floor, blushing bright red.

“Honey, who taught you to masturbate on the sofa like that? It must be one of the least pleasurable ways to climax.”

She said nothing but the blush on her kadıköy escort face turned crimson from embarrassment. I walked up to her and gently tilted her head up to look at me but she pulled away and turned her eyes back to the floor. I grasped her chin again, more firmly this time and with a great struggle finally managed to get her head up. Without wasting time, I kissed Laura. First softly and gently, telling her with my lips that she shouldn’t be ashamed of her needs and then I kissed her harder.

I parted her lips with my tongue and searched for her tongue inside her mouth. As I did this my hand cupped her perky little breast and rubbed my thumb over her small nipple, which quickly became hard and pointed. I abandoned her little breasts and sucked her tongue hard into my mouth, at which Laura cried out in surprise in my mouth. I broke off the kiss and laughed, while I guided her hand down to my cock, which was erect again. As she caressed my cock she looked at me and blushed again. She was so beautiful when she blushed like a virgin. I claimed her mouth again, pushing my tongue in and biting her lip. My arm closed around her waist and I pinned her hand between my cock and her crotch.

I put my hand against her backside and crushed myself against her. She made her wants very clear to me. She pulled her hand away and pushed herself against my sex. I wanted Laura very much, so I had no problem complying with her wishes.

I broke off our kiss and shut the study door properly and then locked it. I told Laura to take off her dress and panties, while I in turn dropped my pants for her, then I suggested that she sit on my lap and she did. I held her in one arm and with the other I played with her little boobs. Her entire nipple was no bigger than the nail of my thumb and I mentioned this to Laura.

I told her that she should stretch her nipples while bathing and that when she had sex, she should insist that the man pull her nipples and then rub them between his finger and thumb as I was doing right then. Dear Laura was panting hard and nodding as I said this. I knew I would find a wet pussy when I slipped my hand between her legs.

I also told her that it was easy to get a man to suck her breasts during foreplay because most men will do anything as long as they’re going to get laid. I told her that she had very small little boobies and that men liked more than a handful. I even suggested that she stopped wearing a bra for a while. I then sucked her nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. Laura grabbed a cushion and stuffed her face into it. She didn’t want anyone to hear her screams of ecstasy. I sucked her tits until the nipples were red and then with Laura’s permission, I slapped her breasts until they were red and she was groaning in a low, horny voice.

I told her that I would continue slapping them every time I saw her, until I was satisfied with their size. Laura froze and thrust her crotch at me several times, her whole body was stiff. Then she fell back into my arm with her legs splayed open. She had climaxed and I hadn’t even touched her.

I was angered by this and swiftly turned her over on my lap and spanked her backside for cumming. Her response was to splay her legs wider and lift her ass so that I could spank her pussy as well. I regained control of myself and admonished her. I told her that I did not play at spanking and if she wanted a real beating, I would whip her. Laura told me that she had been naughty by masturbation and then cumming and wanted to be punished. As she was telling me this, I was sliding my finger in and out of her pussy, it was dripping with her juice and being young, she was still tight.

I asked her if her asshole had been fucked yet and she said yes, however she hadn’t liked it very much. It turned out she and her boyfriend had only tried it the one time. I asked her if he had ever spanked her and Laura was trying to answer me and squirm against my finger in her pussy. The little whore wanted to cum again, so I took my finger out and Laura promptly burst into tears.

I hate it when a woman cries, so I popped my finger into her mouth and told her to suck her juice off. The crying stopped and she feasted on my finger. She pushed her fanny into the air again and I was forced to take my finger out of her mouth and hit her backside hard, so that she would understand how serious I was. She squealed, then mewled and then finally put her backside back down on my lap.

She told me she had tried everything she could to get the same boyfriend in question to spank her, but he only swatted her lightly and said it wasn’t his thing. I told her she had chosen a pussy as a boyfriend and that if she was still seeing him to break it off. He could never make my Laura happy. But I could and suddenly I knew just how.

I ordered her to get up and stand against the wall. I then put my pants back on and tears began to fall from Laura’s eyes. I told her not to worry, I’d be gone for only a minute. She was to stand there and bostancı escort bayan wait. I told her that she was not allowed to play with herself or get dressed. I unlocked the door, opened and closed it and locked Laura in the study. Then I went to find the maid.

Luckily I caught her disappearing ass as she walked into the kitchen with an arm load of my soiled bedding. I grabbed her and the bedding and explained what I wanted her to do as we hurried back to the study. The naughty maid was quite willing and giggled perversely as I unlocked the door.

Laura was standing against the wall as ordered. I locked the door behind us again and the maid was already pulling her pants over her ankles, jiggling her big, round ass at me as she did. She quickly took off her t-shirt and I showed a very surprised Laura how big this woman’s nipples were. I told her that this was what her goal should be for her breasts. Then I ordered Laura to kneel with her legs spread as wide as she could. As soon as she had done this, I ordered her to rub her pussy, while she watched me rub the maid.

I stood behind her, so that Laura could see exactly what I was doing and do the same. With one hand I cupped the maid’s breast and pulled it until I reached the nipple. I then squeezed it and rolled it until it became a hard long point. Laura did the same to her breast, pulling her tit as hard as she could, gasping with pain and delight as she did so. She rolled and rolled her little nipple until it was blood red.

I put my finger on the maids clit and rubbed her nub furiously. The maid yelped and then stuffed her fist into her mouth as her legs buckled against me. Laura copied me and diddles her clit with her finger. She was bucking as she did and I knew she was dying to stick a finger or two inside her cunt but I wasn’t going to let her. The maid came and I dipped my hand between her legs and spread her juice all around between her legs. Laura dipped her own hand and I shouted at her to get it out. She obeyed reluctantly. I told her to rub her clit with one finger again and she did so.

I walked up to her and stuffed my hand into her mouth and ordered her to suck it and lick it clean. She did and began to buck again as she rubbed herself. I instructed Laura to stop diddling herself and indicated to the maid to step forward. Then I ordered Laura to lick and suck the lovely maid’s pussy clean.

Laura was very hesitant and I had to guide her head into the right position. The maid started appealing to God in Spanish and as my little god-daughter dutifully ate her first pussy, I rewarded her by wetting my fingers on her dripping cunt and then shoving them into her ass. Soon Laura was struggling wildly against my fingers as the maid was gripping her head and grinding her pussy into Laura’s face as she came again. I was sure would spend the whole day fucking but Laura and I were due to appear at the poolside sooner rather than later.

As soon as the maid had finished climaxing, I told her she could go. Laura had also cum and was kneeling on the floor on hands and knees getting her breath back. I locked the door behind the maid again and sat down on the sofa while unzipping my pants. My rock hard dick jumped out and was throbbing strongly. I reminded Laura that we had little time and promised to give her the beating of her life later. She perked up a little at this and crawled over in between my legs. She took my cock into her mouth and began to suck on it.

That’s when I realized that she had only practiced her cock sucking on one dick as well. I lifted her mouth from my cock gently and asked her how many men she had sucked off. She said two, I didn’t believe her. I told her that I would try my best to teach her how to suck cock before the week was over. But she would probably have to come home with me for another week or two before anyone could proclaim her a world class dick pleaser. For now I would have to settle for her pussy because as I explained to her, I wanted to take my time fucking her ass. I wanted to do it right, so that my girl would have years of pleasure up her ass. Laura got up and threw her arms around my neck, kissing me and thanking me.

I positioned her cunt above my cock and told her to drop herself onto it. And drop she did. All the way in she grabbed my neck and yelled into it. Until I was buried in her up to my balls. She kept on saying how big and fat and hard it was, the girl was almost beside herself. I told her to ride my cock like she had never ridden one before and with my hands under her backside, I helped her to plunge harder and faster, her legs were shaking as she rode me and finally I felt my climax starting.

With wild abandon I grabbed her tits and pulled them and Laura screamed into my neck and hoisted and dropped herself even faster. I felt my cum spurting through my cock and into Laura and when my climax receded it was replaced with that warm, sated feeling that starts in the belly and ends in the toes. Laura was collapsed against me, panting and heaving and I felt a single drop of cum drip onto my thigh. I thanked her by kissing her passionately and promising that we would be together again that same night, because my room connected to hers. Laura giggled and asked if I would spank her then. I said no.

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